Itt: We talk like nu-males

itt: We talk like nu-males

>yes I'm a _____, and no I don't ______
>okie dokie

take this crap to Cred Forums boot nigger


Ugh, this is like super offensive

I'm a male feminist and LGBTQ+ ally

this. so much
repost this a million times
so good.
i cant even right now
Literally making me sick
Literally crying right now
Seeing the name trump makes me want to vomit

Indie game dev. Boyfriend. Feminist.
Just trying to be a little less problematic every day.

I suck cock

>you do realize

How do you say "dae"?

It's a blanket blank kinda thing, you know?

Check your privilege.

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>I want to gas the kikes and be part of the race war.
>Say okay dokey.

Have I been living a lie?

>I tried a great microbrew last night

check out this cool toad I found on cheezburger

haha he's crying

so epic FTW

yikes dude

>shitty human being

ummm let that sink in k bye

>mfw i say yep and nope sometimes
should i just kill myself?

>Because of the fucking digital world. Internet and smartphones have killed society. This is ultimate redpill .Digital Jew is worst that happen to mankind.

>No worries
>No, you're good

Fuck Trump.


"This thread screams (blank)"

"(Blank) as fuck"

>As a [insert demographic here], X

Icky thread.


>ctrl+f toxic
>0 results

whaaat, has anyone ever said that lol
I mean like literally wow

>it's a binary
>i bought it at the collective
>monsanto is bad
>let's pack a bowl

>i support assigned male on Kickstarter

troll'd hard my dude

I have trouble sustaining an boner
>no worries

Cheers is a britfag term

>can someone please black my girlfriend

Yeah, but nu-males in America have appropriated it. It's fine when Brits/Aussies say it.

This. Absolutely this.

whenever i hear about some generation lost during a genocide or all the brilliant people killed in a war I wonder if we weren't losing a generation but rather being spared a nu-male generation

this is wrong on so many levels
his sexuality is valid
I dont know what to say anymore *throws hands in the air*
Why are you buying this? Dont you know that this is by Nestle (Monsanto / Coca Cola / etc.).
I only buy organic food
Why is Movie Character X not gay (black / transgendered/ disabled)?
The whitewashing of character xy is so racist.
What? Heimdall is black? Why is this even a problem to you?

>Is this *literally* a thing?

>hyped for some comic book movie

Systemic racism
Gentrification is bad

>I salute you, good sir

This comment is problematic
go back to Cred Forums you greasy neckbeard
Now excuse me while i defend women on twitter

>>monsanto is bad
>implying monsanto is good

Really? People talk like this?


do you reddit?

Have you seen what those racist alt-righters are planning on Cred Forums?

Shaking my head.

Yeah I was molested by my white uncle. My whole family is white but my uncle, who is white, specifically

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EDIT 2: my cat died of cancer a year ago. This helped pay for his memorial service!! We did it reddit!

Where did this buddy bullshit come from. What kind of person thinks it's okay to call someone else buddy. Why do they do it so frequently.

"Yeah, no, it's okay"

or just "yeah-no" in general

The moment you realize that everyone is saying it is the moment you go mad

I can't believe you guys are being so mean to people that are being progressive. Like I can't understand you bigots I'm literally shaking right now

>I like the contrast

>it's a people in glass houses thread

>Daily carry thread. Anyone else here love shooting street with your significant others?

Oh wait, that was just /p/. Hard to tell the difference these days.

>What the ACTUAL fuck?


>I just like the contrast

I have to admit I say awesome sometimes.

>signal boost
>wrong side of history
>can i ask you a question, though? I'm just curious


THIS. Every hipster argument ever if somebody dares to disagree with them.

This just sounds like a women


Psychologist here, this thread is everything wrong with America. Racist, sexist bigots writhing on the bottom of America's boot. Seek help

Growing up in Staten Island and then later Jersey I heard this all the time. Fuck you buddy, etc. Not really a nu male type thing

>Only my generation has twats, every generation before mine was better


thanks f-am





whats your snapchat?

aha-ha-ha-haa duuuuuuude

yo hmu mane

This is how blacks talk though

>tfw i saved my brother from becoming a nu-male.
He almost went full atheist fedora, anti trump, pro bernie weed smoker.

>this thread

So in other words, they say shit everyone says. Wow, really got my synpases sparking.

No. It's okay to say okay dokey. Not okay to say okie dokie(how Obama says it.)

Me and my wife's son are going to the new avengers movie. Good thing the prius is small for easy parking. We can pick up some starbucks on the way there.

yeah, white liberals talk like blacks fampai

they jus tryin 2 b cool

>literally shaking right now, I can't even


How do you honestly see the US in 50 years when you inexplicably blind retarded niggers over reproduce and completely unevolve the frontal cortex and destroy each other?

>okie dokie

nothing wrong with any of these, you loser.

Dude just behaves normally.
>you are a prime example of toxic masculinity.

I'm guessing like day? No idea what it means though


I've been saying "no worries" my entire life. Before nu-males even existed. I don't really care if you think it's some fag appropriated term. These type of threads of people worrying about how the fuck they talk is ridiculous to begin with. Just like the faggots that are worried about growing a beard just because it became trendy among male feminist faggots. Unless you were growing a beard to be "different"(which would make you a faggot), why would you care if other people also use it or not? Same with words. Just don't get this mentality.


>Climate change
>Coffee addiction

Basically a walking robot that reproduces the jewish cultural Marxist agenda

So hype for the next Nintendo reveal!

>start a conversation
>racism/sexism/bigotry/[other non-existent thing]
>it's *really* hard/true/bad
>surrounding words with * * like *that*
Also shitlibs manage to use swear-words in the most immature/cringe way possible, like ESLs on steroids.

>anime and mango

I'm Canadian.


So my SO lost the key to my cock cage and is out with her other boyfriend right now. What do I do?

okie dokie absofukinglutely retarded thread

Only faggots use that word.

Thats something I've been wondering about, I noticed that a lot. This unflinching "Everything Nintendo does is GOD" thing of hipsters.

>itt: We talk like nu-males

Well done OP.

Couldn't tell the difference.

That's a reddit thing, not a nu-male thing. Though admittedly there is some overlap, it's really from years ago, when reddit was all about le fedora ragecomics. If you ever want a faff and a laff, try searching for "DAE LE GEM" on google.


>dae Reddit?
>racist, biggot, xenophobic, white supremacist
>I'm a feminist
>Come on bae *said in a retarded baby voice*
>But it's !
>I'm on the strugglebus today, hyuckhyuck!
>Drumpf is racist, I'm man enough to be With Her ©
>Black Lives Matter is a legitimate movement
>DOGGIES! or PUPPIES! *again said in a shouting baby voice*

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, but I'm around too many of them at work unfortunately.

Please remember where we are. *sigh*

>can you not
>person of color
>Fallout 4


Except basement dwelling fags on Cred Forums do the same shit, and they hate hipsters and SJWs.

>person of color
I always retort with: "Do you mean: A Negro?"
("Neger" in german) and enjoy the shocked faces.


Fuck off leaf

Bolt cutters.

Just remember to snip the tiny rod of the bolt and not the tiny rod beneath.


Exactly a hundred posts apart and such excellent posts they are. Damn.



It's actually about virtue signaling. Women love Nintendo for obvious reasons, so associating with it signals to women that you're a suitable beta cuck for her and you'll gladly orbit her showering the dumb cunt with praise for her gamer gurl interests in the gay console for faggots. It also signals that you're a consumerist moron and an entertainment junkie incapable of independent thought, just like all women.

Australians are currently banned because mook is a triggered cunt spread the word


Awesome sauce

Amaze balls

>deus vult

x is racist!


I heard someone use this word in the nu-male context on the telly the other day and it immediately triggered the Cred Forumstard inside me

This thread is amazeballs

>visiting cheezburger in $CURRENT_YEAR

Assigned male has a kickstarter now?

>a women

Literally what?

Do you seriously think that just because something is considered "normal" in a given culture, that means it's okay and totally harmless?



Just fuck my life up senpai

>literally Hitler
>so awesome
>tfw no gf
>*talking about video games*
>that was rad
>hey, want to go for a coffee later. I mean, it's ok if you don't want to. Oh, you already have plans, well ok...
>I want us to be more than friends
>I think I'm in love with you


Good work leaf. If only we identified virtue signalling in liberals 20 years ago hey, imagine how our world would be

Does anyone know why "person of color" is better than just saying "non-white"?

>Women love Nintendo for obvious reasons
What did they mean by this?

Remember when faggots ruined all the best names we had like Bruce and Lance and Julian? Now they're coming for your vocabulary.
I think things will simmer until they try to take our memes.

I read that fappucino, laughed, upvoted, read again, laughed at my own stupidity, then upvoted again.

Fuck you I say no worries

Fight me

Does anyone really believe that the views expressed in the first panel lead any individual to undertake the actions represented in the third panel? The gay community is not monolithic, the pride parade types are usually not the ones who want to be seen as "normal".

Because it places whites in a special place which is very problematic given how much privilege they already own. The point is to empower the oppressed minorities.

>virtue signalling
Never heard the term but this seems to connected to this "pretend to be progressive, non-racist and gay-tolerant"-phenomenon to get some brownie points with politically naive (read: leftist) girls.

Try asking a liberal why "person of colour" and "coloured person" are different and why one is racist.

Look at how a lot of people act and think lately. Women like you are upset because it sucks being female because you are biologically shitty walking incubators. That is why in a fit of "if I can't have it no one will", you are destroying yourselves and modern society. With allowing people to do whatever they want and mass immigration/race mixing and no unified culture the US will collapse and destroy itself.

kys m8

all leafs should have been banned after this.

Like OMG you won't believe what Trump did THIS time!!!

Epic post anonymouse xD
I LOVE falafel

How have you never heard of virtue signalling? Your entire government is cucked by it.

>me rn
>statement with a bunch of unnecessary question marks after it?????


This is the main reason why I hate reddit.

Why does everything bad have to be censored? Why not just put it at the bottom or [hidden[ instead?

There's two kinds of virtue signaler and both are worthless. The hypocrite kind who are all "refugees welcome" and then threaten to move to a white country when things don't go their way and shithouses who don't really believe in the cause they're talking about, but still say they support it because they're absolutely terrified of thinking for themselves and having someone disagree with them/make a claim they're X (generally bigot/racist/xenophobe/delete as applicable).

Theses cunts are appropriation my strayan culture.

Ya meant to say cheers to foreign cunts when they do somethin for ya at the shops an that. Ya also call em mate all the time so they will pick up the habit and fit in and stop eating curry and shit.

>No worries
Silly non-aussies use this wrong all the time. When someone asks you to do something for them you respond "no worries" it makes you sound like you intend to fulfill their request when in reality you aren't going to do anything and your just telling em not to worry about it because you don't give a shit.

>No, you're good.
What the fuck is this shit?
The correct way is to say "Yeah nah, that's pretty shit ay"
This is used when someone says something you disagree with but you want to softly tell them that you think their opinion is shit. You start by giving them a false yeah as if to agree, then quickly switch to nah, like ripping off a bandaid. Then you tell them that their opinion is shit. This works in many context. Like let's say the cunt you are talking to likes some cunt, but you think that cunt is a dickhead, you could say "yeah nah, that cunt is a dickhead ay".

I just want to say that if some american hipster cunts are appropriating my language and misusing the cunt you should tell em to go an get fucked ay.

You are fighting against leftist (read: the "good" side) world views. Everything not alligning with this has to be censored (obviously)

>muh 1984

I don't think there's anything wrong with it user

Only faggots drink bud light.

Its a bit like Benedict Cumberbatch, who made this inane speech for tolerance towards rapefugees, someone who will never ever have to face the consequences of such bullshit.

Leftists are the new religious establishment.

And yet the pride parade types still want to have marriage.

Also a favourite: imagined Illnesses

>I'm lactose intolerant
>I need glasses (actually good eyesight)
>is there ingredient xy in this product?
>where was this produced? Is this organic?
(questioning a poor supermarket employee, who couldn't care less)

Thanks for the information on Austalk

>HAH! YOU sir have won the internet!

Should I just say 'fuck it' and use american slang? You guys seem to have trouble with it at times. Trying to be polite here.