Gtfo Canacucks.

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Éternel franco!

Fix your corruption, Coneland.

How can you have a quebec thread without Canadians?
Le Quebec est encore (pour le moment) une partie du Canada

Why do your french sound so different from france french?

Salut les tafioles
ca roule ?

Fuk man. I went to montreat last year. Holy shit. Niggers and pakis everywhere.

You have to uncuck yourself and become un pays.

They use a bastardized, retarded patois that's a mix of gibberish, french, and English.

It's because there's a common theme between all French nations and pseudo-nations: Cuckoldry.

The way it was explained to me is that, besides hundreds of years separated from France, Quebec is basically hick French and the popular version of French from France known internationally is Parisian french, the most high-falutin' type.

Saed a guy who's capital mayor name is Sadiq Khan


>Québécois d'origine Syrienne
>Contre accueillir des réfugiés


Im quebecois in holiday. But Montreal> London> Paris.

They deserved all of that, and more!

We wouldn't have them here but you idiots failed to eject them from the country.

whatever man

It's that time again.

We deserve to be genocided in 1755? Fuck you mate.

Juste un trou d'eau

Not genocided, but kicked out of future Canada, yes.


you deserve to be genocided in 2016 too. were doing a pretty good job of it too by filling your "nation" with nonquebecers.

good luck winning the next referendum.




Im not british u fag.

La francais est le plus cucked dans tout l'europe.

then why you have UK flag nignog?

>Claims to hate Anglo's and their countries
>Goes to the UK on vacation

Like pottery.


Because the Quebec government never tables legislation to remove kebabs, amirite?

Besides, oh surrendermonkey what abandons its children, you should remember we created the Just for Lulz festival and that Kek is with us.

Visit uncle actually.

But how us london not better than paris?

Le québec pourrait être indépendant et ensuite rejoindre les US non ?

>No conservative government since 1892 (((based))) Quebec

Why tf would we do that?

Juste une idée. Ce qui me fout la gerbe c'est que les québécois sont des sujets de "sa majesté" cette pute mondialiste

>Quebec goes so far left they wind up near "alt right"
Good ol horseshoe

But Canada belongs to Quebec. It's like England separating from it's colonies. The rest of Canada just needs more Quebec.

We want to leave canada because they are culturally different from us. L'Etats Unis would be nightmare. Mais c'est possible.

Damn forgot pic

Except all anglophone media shits on Quebec. Except when the referendum is there

Yea anyway you need to be independant 1st. Oh and I'm fucking proud of your flag

Ontario is rightful Quebecois clay

non, vous deviendriez juste Louisiane 2.0.

Then, you would become anglo at an even worse rate I am sure.

Make no mistake, us speaking French in Canada has Nothing to do with France or being French. We are happy « d'être des sujets de sa majesté. »

The media was run by separatists (PKP). The people aren't fooled.

We will be indepebdent one day


Remember the 1995 march? Illegal.

yes, yes

Own by a separatist with no power over it. He got bashed by his own employee. This guy was so weak.

Y-yeah that's how it works




Give us our flag. Garanteed its the anglos who are the shitposters

Quebecois, rendez-vous au PJQ.


U have a leaf

Quebec becomes a sovereign nation. Kek wills it.

wtf is a un pays? These faggots want gibs from the UN now?

Here's everything you need to know about Quebec and why we hate Canada.

(wish the mods would give us our own flags so we're not posting as A FUCKING LEAF everytime)

Un pays = A country. Faggit.

Ah cousin sentent la pisse. Super et toi?


Salut ptite couille, va boire du pastis (sperme de baleine)


How does it feel to be cucked by a fucking Leaf?

Cucked by them? Mate, we gave them Trudeau. It's the biggest practical joke ever pulled on a country.

I'd say they're getting cucked by us. Meanwhile, we just focus on provincial-level politics and ignore the federal government like always.

> implying that 90% of the bluepilled anglo cucks don't fucking love Trudeau

half of your province didn't even want him it's Ontario cucking the rest of the country

oh another rasheed proxypierre thread
your dorable






Nope, we talk the old french, the one that was use in France when kings were still around. French people talk with way more English word then us, way more!

No, I meant he comes from Quebec. As does Thomas Mulcaire.

Friendly reminder that if Quebec was independant in 1995, Mulcaire and Trudeau would probably not even be in the Canadian political landscape.

Oi, Quebecois. What is your stance on a free Louisiane republic? We are still your Cajun blood, just with more niggers.

(pls help, there's so many)

t. Cajun who's mother never taught him French.


I love Louisiana, they're our long-lost brothers.

Keep the language alive!

> were doing a pretty good job of it too by filling your "nation" with nonquebecers.

You see now? It's the anglo who are pro-immigration and liberal cucks. They are the shitposters Cred Forums hates, not Quebec.


During the early half of the 1900's, there was a wave of "Americanism", and teachers discouraged my grandmother from speaking French outside of the home, so she only spoke it with her mother, when she had my mom, she taught her a bit, but also discouraged her from speaking French, by the time I came along, my mother never spoke it outside of meeting old friends or old family members. It's really sad.

Friendly reminder that nobody was stopping you cucks from voting in that referendum


Liberals spent millions in propaganda campaigns, publicity stunts, they even illegally used public funds to bring people over the other provinces in the "montreal love-in".

Basicly using taxpayer's money for party-oriented politics and bring anglos here to show us how much they love us and don't want us to leave.

Also rushing the immigration process to let a shitload of new immigrants in at the last minute to get more votes.

And then we lost by 0.5%

No1 cares faggot, your leader himself said that if it wasn't for all the niggers in Quebec you would have left, other countries can pull off anti-establishment referendum's all the time stop being a faggot and a welfare cuck and do it again

nah, we're stuck with you forever now.

Enjoy having your political scene destroyed as revenge.

>yfw Maxime Bernier has good chances of winning the Conservative leadership race.
>yfw that would make yet another Quebecois running a federal party

The meme about Canada having no culture is true. Everything you have you own it to Quebec it seems, your people are too bland to make good leaders.

I mean, fuck, remember Harper? He looked like a wax statue that swallowed a valium. That's literally the best Canadians have to offer.

Man, I miss Chretien
He wasn't the best, but he was usually good for a laugh

Let the renaissance begin!

Never happening. The separatists peaked in the late 70's. It's over, that moment has passed.

Je pense que le Québec sera indépendant, surtout si Cuckdeau continue à islamiser le pays. Mais le Québec peut être trop cucked de voter l'indépendance alors. feelsbadman.jpg

Yep, kill yourselves, all of you this time.

Can't wait

>beep beep

Yes. Just as you do today.

Delusional. Those peppers, they never miss an opportunity to whip out the face paint. Temps du pays. Gotta love em, they're like mischievous children, one day they'll grow up. Actually they won't, genetics have seen to that, still, gotta love em, gives this otherwise dull and pedestrian nation a bit of pizazz.

Got to have some balls to tell Bush and Blair that their proof of WMDs in Iraq wouldn't even convince one of his municipality judge.

>shown nothing but unwarranted mercy ever since they got their asses kicked the 7-years-war
>allowed to stay and given a very large portion of Canadian land despite being incapable of fighting for it
>given more specific privileges over the years
>established a quebecoi favouritist sentiment in politics
>uses their fuckhuge population to vote in terrible leaders, fucking over Canada as a whole
>almost all of worst policies in Canada, usually of a politically correct nature, were instated by prime ministers originating from Quebec
>accepts billions in equalization payments from the federal government, overall less productive than other provinces not including territories
>when discussing seperation from the rest of Canada, they still want to maintain all the benefits of being a Canadian province (including the equalization payments and banking systems) without actually being in Canada
>mostly liberal viewpoints among it's people, along with poor work ethic
>have a superiority complex and snobbish smugness over the rest of Canada, specifically towards the western prairie provinces, whose economic productivity and food production is the only thing keeping the overly urban Quebec and eastern Ontario afloat
>very few volunteers from Quebec in World War 1, Canada's most glorious war and a defining point of Canadian history, with the excuse that it was "the Anglo's war"
>meanwhile the rest of Canada stood by and let them do this
>yet they still have the audacity to say that we aren't treating them fairly
You pseudo-frogs really have no idea how obnoxious and haughty you really are. You will be the first people to die out when the increasingly heated political situation your yourselves created culminates in an inevitable nation-wide SHTF situation.

I'd prefer this over Cucknada desu

Centuries of BAC (big anglo cocks) slurred their speech

most redpilled Quebecois who ever lived

>shown nothing but unwarranted mercy ever since they got their asses kicked the 7-years-war
>allowed to stay and given a very large portion of Canadian land despite being incapable of fighting for it

Just how much have you read on the subject? Not much uh? So you wouldn't know, faggot. So why do you write like you're teaching us something or maybe an intelligent point. You aren't. So why?

Let me elaborate a little. We were outnumbered 100 to 1 as far as population went but the majority of Canadiens at the time were soldiers or part time soldiers with a strong loyalty to the french crown, whereas the average British colonist was a pacifist cuck with little loyalty to the hannoverian royalty.

During the 7 years wars you managed mostly through naval actions to take successfully take our best fortresses but our armies were still in the field and outnumbering yours due to the heavily militarized nature of the french settlers.
That and the soldiers were buddies with all sorts of Indian tribes while used to guerrilla warfare.

France is the country who signed the peace and traded the claim to North America for the Southern Islands that they lost. Back in North America the British had no choice but to compromise because there was no way they could enforce any sort of mass expulsion and they couldn't deal with the decades of warfare any genocide attempt would trigger.

With the 13 colonies as unstable as they were the British crown played ball and found it to be rewarding when we defended Canada for them decades later.

The main problem of course is that you can't trust a Brit's word and over time they will always try to slowly erode your strength. Like a jew.

I recently visited Canada and Quebec was the nicest place I went besides Algonquin park and easily the most red pilled. Not to mention they have made the rest of Canada their bitch.
Toronto was a multiculti hell hole and Ontario was chinkland meanwhile Quebec was 90% white people outside in a pleasant society only achievable with no niggers.

You're just as full of shit skins as the rest of Canada now start speaking English like a good little province of Canada, else we'll cut your food supply off for a couple months and see how many of you are still alive.

When you gonna liberate Ontario?

soon as they stop fucking with Alberta. Probably never

That's what we're doing. While we uncover ours, yours stay out of sight of the public.

>cette image

Essaies-tu vraiment te faire passer ceux en faveur du droit de posséder/porter des armes comme étant des idiots?


those frogs forced us to turn us into a mere leaf though

>maori and chinked shithole trying to talk smack


U visited Montreal? It's a hell hole.

>We speak like retards but pretend we're more sophisticated than the actual French people.


>you should remember we created the Just for Lulz festival and that Kek is with us.

Pourquoi mentionnes-tu cela? Tu réalises que tout le monde s'en fou et que tu nous fais tous passer pour une bande d'idiots qui trouve fierté dans tous ses accomplissements, aussi insignifiants soient-ils?

Not even the strip clubs are good anymore, a lot of shit skin dancers now

Strippers are strippers.

I'm talking more about niggers in the street and arabs.

It's old french basically. A lot of words used here are basically ancient from when the colony was first set up

quebec est un peu fou et je l'aime a etre fou

>. French people talk with way more English word then us, way more!

Montréal mieux que Londres? Ah ah ah

Tu es pas sorti de ton trou sale. Tu utilise proxy. Tu sais pas c'est quoi le reste du monde.



Yes please