The story of Kekism so far

Shadilay brothers. I ask that all fellow kekists please compile the current story of kekism so far on this thread. Shadilay and thank you.

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So it all starts with StarCraft.

"kekeke" became a joke/typo way to type "hehehe" and was said to be how koreans type hehehe

this later became abbreviated "kek" which is a joke/typo way to say "lol"

in the meantime, someone came up with pepe, a cartoon frog. this would enjoy some moderate success on the imageboard Cred Forums

in recent history, the mods of Cred Forums, an alt right board on Cred Forums, instituted a filter that changed all instances of "lol" to "kek"

Here you go:

Links to the history of kek on a different website and some other shit, the dude updates it every few days

>user ties frog to balloon for the lulz
>frog nearly dies out of malnutrition and exposure to the elements
>somehow manages to survive
>bows to kek lay waste to the human race till they can't lulz no more

There are also a few other places talking about how Pepe is one of the Buddhist gods.

Its a mistake to overanalyze kek. He is of the void and prefers it that way.

this was while donald trump was running for president. soon, Cred Forums's support for donald trump and their repetive use of meme magic propelled trump to the top of the republican primary polls

you missed out on the WoW part, where it became way more popularized

>In the online multiplayer role-playing game WoW, released on November 23rd, 2004, players can choose to play on either the Alliance or Horde factions, which are considered enemies within the game’s universe. Players of separate factions are unable to communicate with one-another, as their typed text is run through an in-game translator. For players of the Horde faction, typing the letters “LOL” results in members of the Alliance faction reading “KEK”.

at some point, someone realized that the ancient deity, god of chaos, was named Kek, and represented by a frog. it was thus that it was discovered that the use of meme magic was channeling this ancient deity, and that Pepe was his avatar, and Trump, the "Chaos Candidate" was his champion

>hillary's shills trying to obtain the powerful gift of kek
it wont work

Threadly reminder that while this statue is of an egyptian frog god, it's Heqet, not Kek.



>propaganda for children

Did you pray today?



This. Even the alliance just started saying kek instead of lol

It's a bastardization of cuck



Koreans, huh? Should have known.

It all starts around 1850 when Theo Herzl decides the chosen people need their own state.