Are right wing whites cowards?

I was just thinking, we could easily take over the whole social system and actually make something happen. All we'd have to do is begin openly dropping hard red pills in public like we do here. And we would win.

Then I thought about it: the only reason none of us are doing that is because we make the excuse that "we're living in a time when it will get us in trouble! Wahhhh!"

We whine. We make excuses for why we're too scared to risk our reputation to save our fucking country and to save the planet. What do we actually stand for? What do we actually believe?

As far as I can tell, we're just a bunch of fucking faggots who are too scared to come out and stand up for what's right. "Don't show ur power level bro!! Everyone knows that!! You might lose ur job!!"

If you care more about keeping some shitty job and looking normal to the asshole leftists in your life, and keeping "reputation" than saving this nation, you're just as bad as the fucking leftists. You're as bad as the fucking commies.

I am working to save up every ounce of bravery in myself to begin dropping HARSH red pills on my social media and to everyone in my life. It's taking everything I have. If you think there's any other way to WIN and to REALLY make a change, you're fucking wrong. I can't do it if I have to do it alone. I can't put myself out there if nobody is going to do it with me.

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Fuck, you really are faggots

YES and I do. I red pill people every day, every time I go out in public. I just do it slow and don't try to shove big pills into people's faces.

I ask pointed questions, or point them to videos. I've converted alot of people lately.

I'm not talking about tiny teeny pink pills. I'm talking about speaking the actual truth. I highly doubt you really speak the truth in public. I mean Bell Curve, Race and IQ, JQ truth. Maybe you do. I am just saying, the majority of us aren't. And that's not going to work. If you actually want to make a difference on the world you have to get out and speak those things you actually believe. I'm not fucking around.

I know it's hard, but can we actually realistically do anything if we don't take that risk and put ourselves in the SHIT? The REAL shit? Do you think that the great people of history did anything without actually combatting evil in the flesh?

We're a bunch of fucking man babies sitting around giggling and our accomplishments are fucking disgusting and pathetic. We're actually pussies. All of us. We're fucking idiots. They're destroying our fucking way of life and our future and we're too scared to stand up and do anything because we think that when they call us racist they're right. We have as much GUILT as they do, and we let them use it against us when we should be SMASHING the living shit out of their ideas. They should be BEGGING for us to stop.

We're too fucking PUSSED out to do anything about it and we pretend to be cool and strong, WE AREN'T.

Y-you can destroy my nation and people! J-just please... I don't want to be seen as racist, please! Please don't! Destroy my nation please! You can! Go ahead! I won't do anything!

I'm just a racist bigot! You're right! White people do deserve to die!

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why do anything when you can just watch the world burn?


You can do that. Go ahead. Memes don't come from being an edgy faggot though. They come from actually doing something great. You're nothing more than a complacent, cowardly little bitch.

Yep, I do. But I'm not autistic. I don't go around screaming "NIGGERS ARE STUPID"

I lay the groundwork. Bring topics into conversations, and slowly give info and where to find more. Just this morning I had a convo with my wife and liberal inlaw about the article about rick black kids doing worse in school than poor whites.

I asked the question of why she thought it was, by the end of the conversation she was really questioning the truth, and was pissed at the media for claiming its because of racism.

You cant tell people the truth when they have been brainwashed for 50 years, you have to have them find the truth on their own.

It doesn't work. It's pretty long but this what happens most of the time

Affecting change does not work in the way you are proposing my lad. Go look at how the lodges affected the changes they desired throughout europe in subverting christianity. It took hundreds of years, and required immense coordination ran by highly intelligent operatives controlling lesser footmen. To affect real change you need coordination and organization.

To go out on your own and "drop redpill bombs" on normal people and risk your own livelihood and position is counterproductive, and will only be met with failure.

I talked red-pill wrt the state of the economy for several years to a bunch of Obama hugging hippies. zerohedge level stuff without the gold love.

People just tune you out. They think oh-yeah THAT guy.

Just to have a beacon of rationality and hope like this board of peace is all that is needed. If the present outside world view is true and memes are escaping, particularly well enough to influence anything real, that is good enough.

People will find us when they are ready.

I think our current problems are much deeper than even we realize. Much whiskey has yet to be consumed on late nights debating with you douche bags figuring things out.

Think of the evolution of ideas here. Was it 'truth' 5 years ago. Do we have it 100% right now. Probably not. Getting there though.

That may be true. However at a certain point, that stops working. If you think we can change things without getting out there and being called racist, fascist, sexist, and so on in public, you're wrong. Real change WILL NOT take place. NONE.

That's the ONLY way to actually take back our society. Everything else is just minor, small movements that do fuck all in the long run. It will be 100 years of small little red pills before real change is seen. And by then????

We have to start to emulate and learn about the virtue of courage and bravery. We have to learn to be strong and to stand up in the face of adversity. This isn't going to just be easy. We will face REAL challenges. I have myself faced them. At times serious. I've put myself out there. And not just in a small, safe way.

It's not that bad. When people start to hate you, you realize how worthless they are to you in the long run. You learn.

I'm not advocating you go out and use the word "nigger." Why would I? I don't smile on the use of that word. I'm advocating you get out and explicitly state your positions out loud, proudly, and strongly, in front of everyone, without backing down. When we all use our bravery like that, and say "FUCK YOU" to the people who we KNOW are wrong and who who are IN the wrong, then we show people the truth. There's simply no other way to take back public spaces.

At least consider letting yourself be the strong, brave, courageous person you are, and to work on that side of yourselves every day. I know I am. I'm a fucking pussy when it comes down to things. I am. I want to be brave and stand up for what I know is right.

They think "that guy" because none of us actually go out in public and speak these ideas without shame. We don't band together. We don't do anything. We let them control every fucking inch of the public space without anything being done about it.

We're faggot cowardly little bitches. We're PUSSIES.


It works man-- it might not be apparent to you, but it introduces a potential seed of doubt that can eventually flower.

>All we'd have to do is begin openly dropping hard red pills in public like we do here. And we would win.

First: witnessed.

Second: that's fucking dumb.

I don't see how it's dumb, tell me please

Just try to get trump elected, we'd control all branches of government of the most powerful nation on earth.

I mean you speak as if the left has controlled the social debate just by talking, they worked for decades to take over academia and the media.

What you need is not facts or telling the truth, nobody gives a shit about that, what you need is power and people in the media.

you must be a big guy.

I can FEEL the low IQ of those people.

You want the real reason or some idiot's reason?
The real reason is that people look towards authority.
>people look towards authority
Justification is not truth, but backing.
>justification is not truth in the minds of the masses
The authority sways people is more powerful than truth.
What is it?
You can conceive of something powerful, but if it is not powerful, you'd be deluded to put it out there asking for more attention than is appropriate.
Anyone who does something that is not absolutely perfect is a coward as well, but the difference is, everyone will know that you are not rational.
>if you do not influence people, you'll be viewed as irrational, no matter how more 'right' you are.
When it is discouraging to be right, you'll have to be magnificent (that means scoring on this test:
Saddam Hussein (189)
Henry VIII (178)
Idi Amin (176)
Adolf Hitler (169)
William the Conqueror (165)
Saint Paul (157)
Jesus (157)
Winston Churchill (155)
Napoleon Bonaparte (153)
Emperor Nero (151)
Oliver Cromwell (136)
Margaret Thatcher (136)
George Washington (132)
Elizabeth I (130)
Abraham Lincoln (123)
Mahatma Gandhi (119))

I'm viscerally outspoken against Marxism and the decline of western civilization but I recognize that regular people that aren't attending a political rally or listening to a podcast can only take in so much before it becomes inappropriate or counter-productive. You don't have to go full McVeigh to make an impact.

As always brothers, fortify your defenses, redpill your loved ones and prepare for the happening. They will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Is that some kind of charisma score?

This is the only right answer:

Nah, I'm a coward too. I just don't dress it up in "muh edgy nihilism"

If there is no purpose to life, then all the better for painting it with your forceful influence than sitting back and letting beautiful things die

the psychopath test
(how much intrinsic value you hold yourself to)

There are all kinds of brave. We need it all. That's all there is to it.

Because we have hobs and families.

You're completely right, OP. Adolf Hitler faced the same adversity as we do now, but he stood up for his beliefs and the truth and soon the people followed. We must learn from our forefathers and not sit idly by while they take our lives from us. Join your local NatSoc group.

fighting pits?

It takes effort and I'm lazy. Also I think a better strategy is just to save money and separate yourself from the niggers till they destroy themselves.

I feel like this guy is just shilling and baiting us to reveal our power levels

no you're wrong. I'll tell you why.

Nuance. The left won for so long because they knew how to do it. They were in our position in the 80's and they had to learn to slowly give the blue pill to people. Thats why all the liberal comidians were able to do it so well, without anyknow realizing they had just swallowed a liberal talking point. The concervative writers and comidieans sucked for the last 30 years because they had no idea how to do this, it was always obvious and anoiying when they tried it.

But times are changing. Liberals have been in power for too long, and the new generation of writers and comedians have never needed to learn this skill, this is why when the old guard retires and is replaced by the new faggots, they cant deliver. They never needed to try before, and have lost the skill.

WE need to take the reins. WE created memes as a weapon, as an effective weapon. Now we need to move into the tv shows, into the news rooms, into the movies and into the universities. Its the only way to win. We're losing right now, but the momentum is in our favor.

is this satire?

You realize most right wing whites are military men and women who fought in wars, right?
I'd say that is far from coward compared to a NYT's Jew who claims to get PTSD from firing a gun once in his sad little life.

It's interesting however I remain completely unconvinced. The left does what they do because they all think their intrinsic value is higher than ours.

We sit in the shadows and let them stomp around telling everyone what to think and demonizing all that we believe. We let them take control of the bars, cafes, culture clubs, and everything else. We don't do anything about it. We don't stand up for ourselves. We don't treat ourselves with any measure of respect.

We let them fuck us up and allocate us to the dumpsters of society. What else is this place? I love it here. I do. The thing is, it's a fucking dumpster. This isn't a nice, enjoyable place to be. We aren't surrounded by accepting peers and music. We aren't hanging out together and enjoying our lives here. We're sitting in the fucking shadows and our lives are passing us one second at a time. I just want to see us in public. I can't stand to see white people continue to act like fucking slaves to the system.

Only one way to defeat that and it is to recognize that you HAVE to put yourself at risk. Do you think that the great warriors of time have won by sitting around like faggots drinking iced coffee and sitting on the computer playing Icewind Dale? They won by fucking RISKING themselves for what they believed in. They won by BEING called racist. By BEING hated. They won by STANDING UP against what is WRONG.

i don't want to lose my job

I do this too, but you can't undo a lifetime of indoctrination shouting at people's faces. You need to work your way in and show people how seemingly unrelated topics are bound in modern society (((and be documented / have proof)))

wtf am I looking at?

> I'm talking about speaking the actual truth
Go ahead and have a one-on-one conversation with anybody and "drop the actual truth"
See how fast you're dismissed.

Presenting these ideas takes gradual acceptance, just like the kikes slowly introduced integration into society. If they came out and just said BLACKS ARE TOTALLY EQUAL IN ALL WAYS YOU CANNOT DENY THEM ANYTHING after the 13th amendment it'd never fucking happen. But you do this here, that there, convert this one that way, inch by inch suddenly you've covered the track.

In fact, people like you who "want the real truth out" are what make the rest of us look so fucking crazy. You're the batshit homeless man wearing a tinfoil hat screaming about the end of the world.

this is what numale genitals look like.

You see him here in his natural responce to a threat, he quickly presents himself to the attacker in hopes that his manjina will be good enough gift to avoid injury

OK then just admit that you don't care. You want this nation to burn, you want the white race to die. You're a greedy, pussed out faggot coward. Just admit it. I don't have a problem with you doing that, so long as you ADMIT IT. When you can CALL yourself a cowardly little faggot, then maybe I'll let it go. Until then YOU DON'T GET OFF FREE

Correct. I don't think we have to be like that because the USA and Nazi Germany are 100% different. I'm not saying that. I'm not saying to be a national socialist even. OK? Don't fucking put words in my mouth. I'm saying you have to actually SPEAK THE TRUTH

If the truth is that whites are a good thing, SAY THAT LOUDLY. If the truth is that Western Europe is a good thing and that is because of race, SAY THAT. If race and IQ are connected, SAY THAT. And stand up, forcefully (as is your fucking duty) for all of those things. The truth is our DUTY. Not some fucking thing to just flap around.

I'm a coward, I already admitted it. I want to do these things but I'm too fucking scared. I know what will probably happen. I know that everyone who I know will truly hate me and reject me. My life will be more difficult. BUT IF I HAD PEOPLE TO SPEND TIME WITH AND FALL BACK ON, IT WOULDN'T MATTER.

We have to CREATE things in public, so that when we do things, we actually can work together.

I am too, that's not an excuse for saying that I'm wrong.

You're too paranoid. This idea is destructive.

People are more afraid of being socially rejected by their peers and community than being shot at in military combat.

It's a risk that has to be taken. Yet few have the balls to do it.

Demoralization strategies only can work if "regular people" let it work. You don't want to be seen as a regular person so you push yourself away from the "normies." With no up-down authority like the left has, we let the fringe "regular people" lap on to the ideas. If you can hold people together, then you can mold your community. Being an outspoken person may affect things if you are chad, but if you act and make the overall feeling of what you do cultish, people will see it the same way.

Best of luck.

Nah you completely misunderstand me. I want to take back public spaces and in numbers if we all speak the pure truth at the same time, people will recognize that the "norm" isn't exactly what they thought it was. Either way, if we have numbers IRL then we can befriend eachother instead of resorting to friendship with leftists who hate us.

Normies respond to social influence. When they see 20 people in a room joking around and acting normal, and also notice that those people are white nationalists of some measure, then they realize that it's OK and won't resist it. They might even decide to join because they realize we're the cool people.


That's the thing. You ARE going to be rejected by your peers unless you aren't. Test the waters, don't act cultish, be persuasive.

Be the Jew.

try it op

stop resorting to some collective responsibility

you're still an infant lefty at heart

I feel so deeply terrified of being seen as racist. I'm horrified of it. I don't want people to think that. I don't know what will happen if I say what I believe. Anything can happen. I can't handle the fucking pressure. I want to, I just can't. Not when I know that everyone I know will see me in the most negative, evil light. I can't put myself through that. Or maybe I can.

>Nah you completely misunderstand me. I want to take back public spaces and in numbers if we all speak the pure truth at the same time, people will recognize that the "norm" isn't exactly what they thought it was. Either way, if we have numbers IRL then we can befriend eachother instead of resorting to friendship with leftists who hate us.

Make sure you have the right audience in mind. That's all I can say.

Some people will not care for truth. MOST people will not care for truth above the influential person.

So measure up whether you care enough about your convictions to stop being what you were to feel at home here.

If you care, then learn to adapt. Pray to your Holy Spirit and ask for persuasion.
Become what you see as necessary, fit into your puzzle. And don't waste time reading motivational crap., If you want it, go get it. ie
>Stop pretending.

Let's practice. What do you see as a problem in your immediate community?

alright, please record yourself going to your place of employment and redpilling people, then to a black neighborhood and redpilling negroids on how things are, then share it with us, so we know how you want it done

if you have people around you who support you unconditionally, now's the time to start. don't test their loyalty be expecting them to change their minds for you until you are the person you see yourself as.

i don't try convincing my brother to think the way i do. but i'll tell the black guy at work i don't care about him or his. i admit i don't like homosexuals to homosexuals.

i've always just told the truth and it's gotten me into trouble more than once. best of luck.

This. You're not about to make yourself some kind of a hardass, OP. You're just psyching yourself up to make an ineffectual ass of yourself.

>dropping HARSH red pills

JUST PLAIN DOESN'T WORK. Full stop. If the Marxists were even half as obtuse and desperate as the OP, their decades-long march through the institutions would never even have been possible; they would have blown their load before the Berlin Wall even fell, and faded quickly into ill repute and obscurity.

I single smiling youth parying in a MAGA hat and cracking jokes about ethnic drumming majors pouring coffee at Starbucks until they're 40 will do more damage to the Left in a single night than a hundred clumsy OP's could do in a whole lifetime.

This. You have to coax people. Takes time but it's n cheese more solid is you build an information foundation for people before "dropping uber hard redpills brah".

Freedom is at risk. I feel that freedom of thought is completely being attacked by the leftist crusaders for identity.

The truth has to be upheld.

>leftists accuses me of racism

Race is real, and the science and reality of life backs this up. There are realities of life which have to be investigated with a rational perspective.

>holy shit you're racist dude wow bigot

(here is where I start to get confused)

Potential responses:
-Africa is a shithole
-Asian, Jew, White IQ in Bell Curve
-IQ connected to race
-European responsibility for civilization
-White Europeans founded America
-Race is relevant to the culture created

>leftist resents me severely and everyone sees me as a bigoted, freakish racist who has to be avoided
>potential attacks on my character challenging me to prove that I'm not just racist against other people and hate them all
>I start to feel like the bad guy and feel horrible and guilty for speaking the truth and begin to believe that I really am the horrible hateful racist they all see me as, and want to kill myself

(here is where I've lost the game if we subscribe to the current model of thought in the right wing)

Potential solution:
Instead of seeing this as a loss, see it as a victory. I stood up for the truth, I said what HAD to be said and what I actually believe. One person spoke out in support of the reality of life, and now other people might do the same thing. Yeah, I lose every single one of my leftist friends. And I mean LOSE, kaput. Yet I might earn some new friends, people sympathetic. Do I lose my job? Do I get to go on TV? Do I get to go to the cafe without being assaulted? I don't know.

Other possible leftist responses:

>oh let me guess, you hate the Jews too

(This is the one that really destroys everything)

Possible solution:
Well, the Jews have a huge amount of influence. Zionism is Jewish nationalism based on race. I don't hate Jews or anyone else, I simply would note that there is a disproportionate amount of influence by Jews on society, perhaps due to IQ, or perhaps due to Zionism and the function of their group-interest in their religion. If you look at who is writing the most leftist information in media, it's Jews. That's a fact.

(this is not going to work - immediately inspires images of Nazis and I have officially become a Nazi)

Possible solution:
The Nazis weren't all bad, the image that has been created of them is a wild fantastical vision of what they really were, if you actually read history. A lot of people are influenced by ideas of the Nazis simply untrue. Such as lampshades, soap, and the like being made from Jewish bodies. Most people accept those things as truth when they just are not. So there are inconsistencies and falsehoods, yet we're all told we can't actually look at those things like we would look at say microbiology. It's a subject which is off limits.

(horror, holy shit dude fuck you I'm leaving bye)

>damn dude you sound like Hitler what the fuck happened to you

Possible solution:
Huh? I don't advocate what Hitler did at all. I'm advocating the pursuit of true information without the constraints of political censorship and social shaming and bullying. Free inspection of reality. Adult rationality. The ability to think freely without being told you're a horrible person. Why are these things not allowed?

I am now officially a Nazi in the minds of most people, an ideological enemy of the Zionists, and a target for many people. Yet I have said the truth out loud, and many are inspired by my doing so, for they already knew so themselves but feared speaking out.

they disarmed us mate...its not too late for you guys though?

Say that you find beauty in uniqueness and that diversity is beautiful. You love your culture so much. Very noble of you. The culture that you love should be preserved, and that although you love your neighbor, there is a uniqueness in peoples, as there are in birds. Social cohesion is what keeps people wealthy, and a slight on our social cohesion will result in increasingly bad quality of life for the coming generations. There's so much to lose if we do not stand together against the selfish ones.

Practice this worldview, massage this. You'll find authority through arguing this as you can pinpoint the misguided.

>the lefties are doing something in my native land that furthers their insanity!

>get me out now! America, take me in!
>where in 'America state' is it largely white? Reserve a place for me there!

>those immigrants are fucking cowards for running away from their problems and coming to the west to hide.

This may well offend some, but a lot of you whitebros have inherited the tendency to run away from the societal decay happening in your native lands. Fucking stand and fight, bros, and fight till the end. Don't let some 60s, 70s and. 80s IQ genetic untermensch take over what's yours. You can't let the filth win.

This is a very strong argument that is moral and an outreach rather than a hostile position.

I say edgy stuff all the time in real life just because people's reactions entertain me

The Marxists won and took over western civilisation without guns. Study their methods.

>right wing whites

You're racist.

Post discarded.

>Hey OP let's practice how you'll convince people
>Alright user, [IMMEDIATELY gets bogged down in detail-intensive factual nit-picking about how blacks are inferior]

Holy fucking shit senpai. This is like watching a man try to have sex by blowing a fat load all over the poor girl's face while the waiter asks for their order on the first date.

While you're busy patting yourself on the back for becoming a social pariah like a good little Cuckservative Inc. professional loser, people with actual skills will be doing all the work in persuading people to think differently.

While you're rambling about IQ statistics and giving ad hoc history lectures to people who aren't even listening, a person like me is going to sneak into a typical modern race/BLM/etc. conversation with a single sentence:

>Does anyone REALLY think that the problem with urban communities is the POLICE?

...and get more gears turning in people's heads than you'll get lecturing yourself blue in the face.

Stop fantasizing about having the balls to make a self-righteous loser out of yourself and git fucking gud, idiot.

People need to know that they are doing the right thing. If you can't display why you are right, you should be writing until you can pinpoint why this is the right thing. If you can not turn the claims irrationality on your way of thinking back to the accuser, you can't hope to succeed.

People will not see things the same as you, but you are alive, and so are they.

You are an absolute faggot if you cannot grasp that sperging out, even if it is the truth, will only harden people's pre formed (or pre fed) ignorant opinions. You might have a point ethically but pragmatically you are dead wrong.

This guy is doing it right. Breaking someone's conditioning is not a matter of brute forcing it but installing doubts by pointing out doublethink and cognitive dissonance.

Unemployment is brown pilled, not red. Use your brain and strike when the time is right.

no we have self preservation

Why be the aggressor of the us vs. them thing? That begs the question
>and what do we do about it?
You could instead say that G-d blessed our culture with such cohesion and wealth and that people wish to cheat persistence to create a society like ours for themselves by exploiting our success towards our worsening, that instead of bringing the world to our standard, we level the world's standard - meaning dropping ours.

what was I talking about again?

not your personal army.

>All we'd have to do is begin openly dropping hard red pills in public like we do here. And we would win.

I openly drop Iron Pills all the time. The low IQ reaction I get 99% of the time is the statement of an anecdote and repetition of their fallacious point. Then they just stop responding because they can't.

The globalists have won. They created a massive class of untermensch who can't actually think. It sucks. We've lost.

These fools can still be salvaged. You're trying to unlock a door by hitting the handle with a mallet.

Again: In the face of contrary evidence, most people will cling to their existing beliefs even tighter.

You have to make them question their beliefs by asking pointed questions and pointing out logical inconsistencies without making it seem like you're attacking their view.
When their worldview is sufficiently shaken they will seek out the red pill by themselves.

I did this in the early 2000's, and now my family hates me and I've got no friends and basically a shitty job and shitty life.

Here's what I learned:

They're never going to learn. Period. NEVER.

It's because they don't want to, they don't need to, it's so much easier cracking stupid jokes at gatherings, no negative conversation allowed! I'm only one person so what can I do, oh I'll be dead before that happens blah blah blah.

So guess what user, they won't hate those responsible, they're going to hate YOU for making them feel shitty.

So basically STFU because if they were capable of understanding it would be because they cared. If they were capable of understanding then they would ALREADY UNDERSTAND

You'd have to create a social stigma against expressing leftist beliefs.

You'd also have to protest academic institutions that enshrine type line of thought.

There has always been a class that doesnt think. No society in history has been 100% critical and truth seeking, people evolutionarily act following the status quo. So you havent lost. Any group that wants their morals to "win" just needs to seize the media system and establish the new status quo.

Think of it like this:
Let's say you want to build a resistance to poison. How would you go about it?

If you inject yourself with too much poison, you die.

So you inject extremely small doses into your bloodstream, so you aren't harmed, but your body can recognize the poison and act accordingly.

Keep doing this and you can start injecting larger doses and continue to build up resistance, eventually poison will have a much weaker effect on you than the average person, but it's patience and patience alone that makes that happen. Of course you won't be immune, but it's only an analogy.

If you start dropping redpills to people, however true and well-researched they are, they will be unable to accept it and will filter it out. You will be accused of racism and you've lost your only shot at convincing them. You have to take it slow.

Be smart, instead of directly highlighting the answer, lead them on, make them ask the questions and lead them to their own conclusion.

Also keep in mind that being a "racist" in today's society can completely and utterly ruin your life. You can lose your job, suffer a divorce if you're married, and you will be despised by everyone. We're careful for a reason.

red-pilling is illegal in germany :(

>thinks goin in public and spewing racist jargon will change anything

Wew lad

All you faggots ever talk about is race. Can you get the fuck over yourself?

Understand that when you take an adversarial attitude, you're going to find adversaries. Convincing people to share your worldview takes a long time and a lot of patience. It's often a give and take.

If you show that you think their view is stupid, they're going to turn off. You have to be respectful and decent. And eventually they will see that you are right (if you are indeed right) .

>All you faggots ever talk about is race.

No, we talk about religion, the economy, philosophy, ethics, war politics, global warming, moon landings, 9/11, flat earth, faggots, lesbians, mentally ill, etc.

Lots of things, really. Race happens to be pertinent to a number of discussions.

>We've lost.

So all you faggots can come up with is to "drop quiet widdle bitty iron pills" and let the faggots hold authority over you.

How about we do what the fuck we want and take this society back instead of DANCING around

You are all fucking faggot cowards, I was 100% right. You're disgusting. PUSSIES.


We just have experience in what works and what doesn't.

Oh FUCK off. Being "RACIST" quote unquote AKA FREE is dangerous because PUSSIES like you do NOTHING to support people who fall by the fucking sword

You're a FAGGOT

Just admit it. Repeat after me: "I am a cowardly little faggot bitch who is doing nothing to support what is right and prefer the comfort of my faggot life and my faggot, retarded pleb friends to supporting what is true, good, and right for the future, and abandoning those who do what is right because I am too much of a little bitch to STAND UP for what I really think."

Ready? DO IT

No, you make excuses and pretend like you're "smart" while refusing to admit exactly what you really are

You're a cowardly little bitch who won't REALLY put yourself on the line

You're a fucking pussy

So am I, I already told you that. I'm a pussy. I am. I'm just like you. I just KNOW the truth about myself.

You're skipping over serious, thoughtful posts to call a few arch-defeatists pussies and pat yourself on the back.

The attitude that makes you engage in this foolishness is the exact same attitude that makes you a HORRIBLE spokesperson. Start taking getting fucking good and making yourself useful seriously or shut the fuck up, you obnoxious queer.

I'm already having a hard time getting job interviews because I'm a white male.

Doesn't matter that I'm currently employed in my industry, have a degree from a great university with a high GPA with 4 years of work experience and a strong set of professional references.

All that matters is that I'm a white male, and hiring managers / HR managers don't want to hire white males. A bitch at General Motors told me this flat out - 'you are at a disadvantage because you don't tick any diversity boxes'.

Why would I go handicap myself even further by revealing my power level instead of anonymous trolling?

The system is going to come crashing down if people don't listen to the red pill teachings anyway, it doesn't matter how hard we push to get it into the mainstream. The fall of society will be the biggest red pill ever, even SJWs will have to swallow it.

>I'm just like you.
No you're not. That's called projecting.

I just posted a thread a few hours ago about how blacks in the 90s formed a million man march in washinton.

If we alt/right could gather a million Cred Forumsocks in washinton, what we do then?

>fall of society
Keep wishing, buddy. Isn't going to happen. The white race will be slowly screened out until it is totally irreversible. Our society is no longer in our control. The future of Europe and their way of being is completely at risk if you continue to whine about how hard it is to find a job.

Instead of just whining about it, you could actually do what you know to be right, but you prefer to puss out. Like every single fucking person here.

I read every post. I apply the exact same criticism to you except with a bit less anger. I agree that subversive tactics are good, however in the end I would really like it for you to at least admit that you're too afraid to do what you know to be right. That's all you have to do.

You know that you aren't speaking the truth because you know that nobody will agree with you, or at least not enough of a % of people. But some will. Some will realize that it's true. And many others will eventually join. You're just too pussy to put yourself out there to do that due to the fact that you just don't care. I'm much the same way. I'm a little pussy. I care, I just am not caring enough to destroy myself like that, because where are the other people doing the same?

The whole point is that we would be able to succeed if we all did it, but if none help then it's just self-destruction. That's the fucking paradox.

So admit it, you're a coward. So am I, and you're no better than I am.

pretend you're gay, put in that you're a member of LGBTBBQ

bye thread

>I would really like it for you to at least admit that you're too afraid to do what you know to be right. That's all you have to do.

Fuck you, you stupid teenage edgelord. I'm doing EXACTLY what is right: I'm getting heads nodding and WINNING. I'm picking Left-wing narratives to pieces, one well-placed question and contagious joke at a time.

And you know what's more? I'm having an absolute blast while I do it. I'm Mighty fucking Whitey in a MAGA hat, brushing off butthurt weirdos with pink hair like the social pariahs they really are and, in the example of Trump himself, making people actually *like* me in spite of themselves. The new rising Right has captured a contagious, quintessentially masculine, high-energy enthusiasm that you could totally integrate into your outward persona like the rest of us if you weren't such a self-flagellating autist who still hasn't gotten over the guilt complex of neocuckservative faggots.

It's not cowardice to pick your battles, any more that it can truly be called bravery to lead men needlessly into an ambush. It is ancient wisdom which teaches us to seek out battle only *after* we have first sought victory.

So stop being so hard on yourself, kid. And start having fun like the rest of us.

checked. I needed that.