/UlsterLoyalist/ Thread

Dump your parful loyalist tunes, pics of murals ect
I'll start


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whats wrong with being irish, hunbro?


feck away off ya dirty scat




Lads, we're all unionists here.

But for the love of god, do not post loyalist music.

Nothing makes me want to see a United Ireland more than hearing that racket.




God save the Queen you flaming faggot



ahahah typical thug. wave bye bye to your enclave. we're coming for you.







Cromwell was a republican, retard.



God save the Queen and fuck the 'ra


Up the UDA!







There be fenians in them hills...



My last name is McKee. I am blonde hair blue eyes. Would I fit in there is I kept my mouth shut?






Last one.



Kek. Fucking madness that like.

Not fooling anyone timothy

Good heavens, it's time to reclaim the south which is rightfully ours. Fuck off, Tim.




I got an ex-UL clubhouse in my neighbourhood.

I fell for the IRA meme but then i found out that their leaders were marxist commies.

Makes a lot of sense now. A jew subverts poor Irish into getting slaughtered by Brits to get desperate and go full terrorist later.

>this triggers the unionist

how can other regiments even compete?

Ulster looking pretty great there.

Why jew that divide now when your blonde women are getting blacked and beaten?

Up the UDA!

>Opinion is the same after 98 years

>Implying a give a shit what a bunch of Taigs think. They don't get a choice.

Everyone falls for the IRA meme. Yanks spew out a shocking amount of propaganda for them.

>irish getting blacked and beaten

There are more muslims in England than people in Northern Ireland. We're still the whitest country in Western Europe not counting Iceland. I think we'll be grand

We're not British, we're not Saxon, we're not English
We're Irish and proud we are to be
So fuck your Union Jack, we want our country back
We want to see old Ireland free once more

Tiocfaidh ár lá

>USA flag...

Says it all really.

You're not Irish, you're a fat yank you silly cunt.


Tiocfaidh ár la kill all british queen faggots

>being a plastic paddy

Tiocfaidh ár la.

But he killed catholics. That's good enough nowadays

>muh protestant supremacy



Will the NI circle jerk ever end?

I'll admit it's funny in a sad way


Bloody Sunday 2 : bloody Sunday Harder

Yeah, how dare I care about the poor who throughout history have had less education.


>tfw Northern Irish
>tfw I hate it, the place and just want to disown it all, especially the accent

crush the zionist jew banker. crush the british imperialist


>be (ID: NkM9w83L)
>Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmothers friend's 2nd Cousin twice removed's brother was Irish
>Therefore (ID: NkM9w83L) has 100% pure Irish genes

Sigh. Mass immigration is coming for you next and the new Irish seem to be fond of "refugees" expect taking a lot of them in the next 10 years

A commie star.

>be irish
>be oppressed by protestants for your entire history
>only gain independence when subjecting you doesn't turn a profit anymore
>claim superiority



kill yourself

When will potato niggers learn how to shape a fucking beret?



And it's Michael 3
Milltown nil
Chuckie yer ballix

>muslims in ireland

hit your head there basil?

>"Islam is the second largest religion with results from the United Kingdom Census 2011 giving the UK Muslim population in 2011 as ~2,706,066"
>this is what the unionists are loyal too


when britbongs tell you you are not Irish lmao

>he still doesn't realise they are men dressed as women harassing a catholic in one of their own streets


>based yanks

greatest ally

is the OP that 16 year old lad with the shitty tumblr he posts his MS paint memes on?
give it up, hunlet

>when yanks are this delusional



muh chilluns


>hate the Irish
>move to Ireland
>use Irish myths like Cú Chulainn to justify your existence


unless you are actually from here you're not fucking irish. you american cunts are pure retards

Not all Irish are scum, but all of the IRA are scumbags.

must be killing you

This thread needs a few Irish Jigs to keep things happy.

Also what color is Pepe/Kek? Color him orange if you want to, maybe it will catch on.


will you say the same about the UVF and UDA?

What's the point in fighting anymore boys? Ireland is becoming mixed race anyway, there won't be any White or Northern Irish people left in a few decades and all this fighting would have been for nothing.


So being of pure Irish descent makes you not Irish? Wow I better tell my family who still lives there that Im not Irish and Im also a fuckin degenerate Yankee. Long live ol Ireland and the Confederacy.


what are you even fucking crying over you absolute negroid

Speak for yourself


They have also murdered innocent lives, so yes. The Troubles were a shitty time and I hope to god we don't have that happening ever again.

>pure irish descent

Complete bollocks as the republicans hardly ever confirmed the death of their cover operatives.

When the rest of the UK becomes Muslim and non white and when Ireland does too, you'l have no where to hide republican or loyalist. We're all fucked thanks to the Marxists.

>Amerifat heritagefags
Cringiest people on the internet

fuck you loyalist scum


dont you have some muslim mosques to build all over your God forsaken "country"?

>Daily reminder that it was Unionist chimp outs that gave irish republicans an excuse to start arming themselves in the 1910s
>Daily reminder that if Unionists weren't such cry babies all of Ireland would have got Home Rule and would still be an autonomous region in the UK like Norn Iron is anyways
>Daily reminder that it was Unionist discrimination in the 60s that allowed the IRA to make it's comeback

Ulster Scots. Not even once

Can anyone tell me whether that hand has anything to do with Paradise Lost ("Red Right Hand of God")?


Tiocfaidh ár lá.


Unionist para and British Military killings of civilians are higher on average than the IRA

love these signs, niggers get so triggered over people wanting to maintain the Irish language that they come in with their watered down version of a watered down of version of English

Hard to provide proof when the opposition is a terrorist organisation who purposefully obscures the truth mate.

I've read the reports & a lot of the 'civilian' deaths caused by the loyalists were quite good hits and according to your own int cells were directed hits by our int.

Fuck off, you brainwashed, cucked, mongrel.


Fucking lol

Interesting how Americans view terrorism. On the one hand they are horrified by Islamist terror acts, on the other hand support and glorify the murders of innocent civilians. They have this image of nobel irish men fighting oppression when in actual fact it was just a handful of sociopaths leaving IEDs outside shopping centers and places of recreation.

his time will come

If you absolutely have to larp as a nationality other than your own, why wouldn't you at least pick a good one?

Albannach Gàidhlig > Èireannach Gaeilge

a thoirt suas gealtaire a bh '

so what you're saying is that you have no proof?

pretty sure plenty of the IRA civvie kills were Loyalist informers who were big targets anyhow, British newspapers reported informant kills as "innocent civilians" during the War of Independence as well
so with a media biased far more against your enemies you still emerge in a bad light, lmao

chuckie yer ma

God rest his soul

>"muh civilians"
>loyalist groups killed more civilians than republicans did

lmao god bless

That's what you get when you ambush unarmed lads at the pub coward.

You got what you deserved in '72.

Of those killed by British security forces:

187 (~51.5%) were civilians
145 (~39.9%) were members of republican paramilitaries
18 (~4.9%) were members of loyalist paramilitaries
13 (~3.5%) were fellow members of the British security forces
Of those killed by republican paramilitaries:

1080 (~52%) were members/former members of the British security forces
723 (~35%) were civilians
187 (~9%) were members of republican paramilitaries
57 (~2.7%) were members of loyalist paramilitaries
11 (~0.5%) were members of the Irish security forces
Of those killed by loyalist paramilitaries:

878 (~85.4%) were civilians
94 (~9%) were members of loyalist paramilitaries
41 (~4%) were members of republican paramilitaries
14 (~1%) were members of the British security forces

>comparing militants gathered from a variety of countries united under a single belief going to a foreign country to fight for the establishment of a theocracy to people fighting in their own country against foreign occupiers
yeah sure pal

>supporting mudslimes

kill yourself



>Scots Gaelic is a watered down version of Irish
>Scots is a watered down version of English


Can't even focus a camera. Amazing.

I have to hand it to Loyalists, eventually they'll be more British than the British themselves. That's either pretty funny or ridiculously sad

some struggles are just, some aren't. that's how those who aren't retarded know who to support.

Tiocfaidh ár lá

Scots is not a real language.

Gaidhlig takes your shitty excuse for a language and makes it presentable.

Stop leis é sin a leanaí. Nó brisigh mé do srón. Ansin cheannóigh mé milseáin.

both just seem like their respective root language spoken with a thick scottish accent tbqh

The Brits need to start doing this in london to stop the Muslim invasion


tiocfaidh ár lá fucking orange bongs



>Nuh-uh, you started it

Literally you right now

Lets go throw bricks at paras.

What could go wrong.

Man, it's great how obsessed Taigs and yanks come here thinking they're in the right. Submit to authority you retarded children.

you are the biggest terrorist loving cuck on this entire fucking website

Doesn't matter who started it.

You cowards got what you deserved.

>that trigger discipline
I'm beginning to understand why they lost.

What do the Catholic church, Gerry Adams and Jock Stein have in common?

your entire world revolves around being obsessed with "taigs" you silly cunt, it's what Unionism is centered on


you sound mad faggot

They all knew?


>Implying I'm oirish.

Womdering who attacked who first, and who did the worst thing when, is pointless because,it's ultimatelye subjective, and confirmation bias will make whatever side you support seem like angels and the enemy seem evil.

Shades of grey, lad.

>Being this envious of the superior welsh flag

Go on then!

they're normally just local poorly trained lads equipped with AR-18's fresh off the boat from yourself
thanks btw



loyalists WILL defend this

There are more American (((irish))) here than actual Irish. Says it all really.

>w-wow look at the t-taigs and yanks not knowing whats up
>muh basil brooke was a good boy he dindu nuffin
>u-u-ulster will n-never surender!


I have never considered giving my life to a retarded cause like "Muh Free Derry" I've never claimed I was being oppressed when being shot at by a british troop because I had a rifle and an IED.

Are those signs real? That's like American sings being published in Ebonics or Spanglish.

I never understood Irish nationalism.

They want to throw British people out, just to invite niggers and Muslims. They want independence from British rule just to pute Ireland under globalist rule.

I'd like to visit Northern Ireland next year during February. Maybe some people ITT could offer some advice?

I don't care who attacked first or whos right or wrong.

Cowards killed those unarmed lads in 71, potato niggers got mowed down in revenge in 72. Sweet sweet revenge.

You know nothing, Pablo.

>That's like American sings being published in Ebonics or Spanglish.

Congratulations you've just cracked the very legitimate languages of "Scots" and """""""Ulster Scots"""""""

>Look at all those civilians with rifles being oppressed by the British
>I need muh freedom because I love my country more than I love stability


was looking for this image, thanks la

come here and go to the West if you haven't been already, Norn Iron is a depressing industrial shithole


This is absolute nonsense. Where have you heard this? Ireland barely has any niggers or Muslims in it.

>Irish nationalism.
It's a meme. Only still exists because of plastic paddies.

>Blacks in
>Brits out

kill yourselves socialist faggots



Why can't Catholics control themselves?

if you're a Unionist then your political opinions are completely, 100% involved with "the taigs"
you're the obsessed one, what are you shitting on about

>I need muh freedom because I love my country more than I love stability

Didn't you lads just vote for Brexit based on this very principle? You can't put a price on freedom friendo

Dumping Irish historical pics because that's vaguely related

Just avoid the cities really and you'll have a great time.

hes not joking, a ranking member of sein finn or the new IRA said it

cant remember exactly



British nationalism is dead, replaced by the Quran and rape statistics.

Plastic paddies are looking pretty good.

All the hard men. Prepared to murder innocence going about their daily life. Leaving an explosive device in a car, watching it go off from a distance. Safe knowing dead decent people will bring them closer to a united Ireland. True heroism, worthy of praise.


You know unionism isn't an all including ideology?
My political opinions on things could be completely different than another loyalist all we agree on is that the UK is a good thing.

>says the irish guy joining a unionist thread and crying his eyes out





>Norn Iron is a depressing industrial shithole
It seems there are a good amount of places despite the industrial aspect.
Any recommendations?

I just want the sectarianism to end so we can fend off the muslims lads. Is that too much to ask?


you sound bitter, i would say getting raped for hundreds of years would do that to you.

Stop, I can only get so erect.

top kek keep telling yourself that timothy

>says republican newspaper



OIRA were the marxist commies. The "IRA" as you know them, is referring to the Provisional IRA who split precisely because of the OIRA's marxist commie bullshit.

I can and will, being completely capable of speech without an arabic cock in my throat.


what you agree on is that the 6 counties should be separate from the rest of Ireland, that is the core and nucleus of Unionism, no argument

always nice to have an argument before oíche mhaith

I love that argument

>we sent men to die trying to keep you in the union
>meh, we didn't want it anyway

If you kill the terrorists they win

I live in N.I. and I hate everything about it and I will be getting out of the UK in general soon.

But I will always be A LOYAL SON OF ULSTER!


Hahaha, keep going. You might convince yourself soon enough.

>my reaction to all these plastic paddies

No I think you retarded rebels should join us again and stop being like a moody teenager rebelling against his parents.

There is still an argument, you were presenting it like unionism was a political ideology and not just one belief.

Pretty strange that American poster has so many pictures of Northern Ireland despite the fact he'll never go there in his life


Reminder: Sinn Fein is anti-white


"Keep going," says the britbong. A statement he's more comfortable making whilst being railed by mudskins and the welfare state.

>we wouldn't have lasted another two weeks
t big mike himself

May want to actually read up on the history. (((Irish))) delusion is always a great laugh though so I'm not bothered.

Screw you, your like a creepy uncle who rapes us but buys us expensive presents after and thinks that makes the raping ok.

huns don't get to have opinions on them though, the diaspora are greatest ally

>unionism isn't a political ideology
I deny the force of your argument and call you a retard, 2+2 isn't 5

>fresh off the boat from yourself
You mean from half-dago human filth in Boston and NYC.

>fail in every objective of terror campaign
>assent to GFA
>still british
On top of it all, I bet you're one of those fucking Scots-Irish-American imbeciles who doesn't understand that his heritage is actually Protestant and in no way whatsoever Irish.

On behalf of Americans who are not retarded, I'd like to apologize to all belligerent parties of the NI conflict, whether Catholic or Protestant, whether Unionist or Republican, for the uninformed and unsolicited opinions offered by my countrymen. It's not our business.

Up the ra.

Friend at a pub brought up his irish ancestry and I remarked 'next he'll be singing bring back the black and tans' and some old bloke came up and said thats bloody disrespectful and he had a friend who fought over in Ireland.

>Thinking anyone cares what Sinn Fein says
People only vote for them because it's the only way to keep the government from being flooded with Unionists. Do you even tribalism?

>mudskins he says to the 98% white country
Oh am I laffin.

>Calling someone else a child rapist
Okay, friendo.

Inbreds don't count.

>hating America

Sure is Salafist in here

>plastic paddies are cringe
>worshipping a culture based on plantations and who's sole defining trait is a siege that happened 400 years ago isn't


Sinn Fein is anti-white and the Republic doesn't want Northern Ireland from what I can tell.

"I can't defend my argument and know I'm wrong so I will call you a retard."

image limit soon brothers

Tiocfaidh ár lá

>more muslims in london than people in norn iron

Not really possible as it defines their whole culture a civilisation. Hence why they air brush the 130,000 volunteers that served the crown 1914-18 from History.

Depends what you want to do really. I find antrim cosey if you just want to sit a pub and have a chat.

>I don't know anything about Ireland or its history but I really want to post anyway
Just say that next time.

not being defeated doesn't mean you won necessarily, and the IRA certainly didn't, but at least Catholics are protected from Unionist chimpenings like the Bombay Street pogroms now

well that rules you lot out doesn't it.


No, I'm saying that you're saying something so blatantly false that there's no way around it
Unionism was founded to keep however much of Ireland as Unionists could grab, in the Union
so it revolves completely around "the taigs", as you've called them and then remarked how THEY were the obsessive ones

absolute john o god

"Takes one to know one, he says."
How does it feel to be on the losing side?
Shit, when was the last time you had that?
Was it.. was it around the year 1921?

>are culture

>IRA disarmed

lad you cannot be serious

>"Takes one to know one, he says."
>irish reading comprehension

We're not going anywhere, unfortunately I can't say the same for you.

>Ad hominem with no facts to disprove anything

>This thread


Unionists are so desperate to hang on to any scrap of culture they have. They're in for a shock when the British Identity they cling on to becomes taboo in Britain


Right lads, genuine question. All memes and shitposting aside. Are any huns here worried about how Catholics are so thoroughly outbreeding you and the implications that may imply for the future?

That's not ad hominem.

>98,5% white
Why aren't you kicking out those 1,5% Irish and make it a 100?

I mean, I wouldn't expect a brit to understand how synonyms work. Is your culture that diluted now that you can't understand your own language's mechanics? Okay, I'll break it down for you.

The statement you made was based on a "takes one to know one," point of view.
There. Get it now?


Nah catholics in NI are cucked into staying now. Too scared to go through the troubles again. Pretty funny.

Also the birthrates have started to even out.

One day the Irish Republicans will tire of this ZANU-PF way of looking at the world. And all they will be left with is horse racing and a visit to the Whitehouse on St Paddies day.

A political belief=/= to a culture. Accept your loss

Unionists will chimp out again (since they'll maintain "are culture" by being the troglodytes they are), and the country will be re-partitioned rather than acceding to a democratic vote, huns getting whatever last corner they have a majority in

The pinnacle of culture and refinement.

>The statement you made was based on a "takes one to know one," point of view.
It wasn't though.

There. Get it now?

And stop pretending English isn't your first language.

>cuck cuck cuck scared scared scared LMAO
I asked you not to bother with the memes.

>the birthrates have started to even out
Going to need a source for that, because that hasn't been true for well over a decade.

Can you stop using a strawman to try and define what unionism, I'm well aware. It doesn't make it a political ideology.

Orangemen are based.

Taigs BTFO

don't reply to brit zionist scum

Fuck off Sturgeon.

The New EU anthem is love

Ah it was though, don't be lyin'.
I always got it. That's how I was explaining it to you! Hooray for education.
English isn't my first language. Nor is it my nation's first language. Our constitution states just as much.

It's true though. The irish in Ni are whipped, don't want the inevitable civil war that will break out at an attempted unification so will just stick with the union. It must sting I get it, but as an Irishman I'm sure you're used to defeat.

technically an exclave desu

like alaska

>English isn't my first language.

>doubling down on the memes
Alright, I'll just wait for someone else to reply.

there is no strawman there you mongoloid, you're just stating something totally false

>A political ideology is a set of related beliefs about political theory and policy held by an individual, group of individuals or a particular social class.

how the fuck is Unionism not a political policy

Not worried here m8.

This younger generation is nothing like us, and the one after them will be even less tribal.

As for union with britain, the majority want it and I don't think that will change. Being part of the UK really does make life easier. Being Irish is expensive.

They're communists you stupid cuck

How about we trade all Irish in New England for all Protestants in Northern Ireland?


>entirely unrelated image because he can't argue back

Is féidir liom a bheith ag caint as Gaeilge, ach cheapaim nach bhfuil féidir leat mo theanga a thuigint.

Are you sure about that tribalism dying down? I haven't noticed it. I mean, people are more open to joking about it these days but when it comes down to it, deep down, everyone still falls one way or the other.

Why would I bother trying to "argue" with memes?


Okay, take your head out of your arse and put down the pint.

Thanks for giving us the bad rep we have. Cunts like you are only capable of wrecking things between us and them. You do us all a favour by keeping quiet.

Its weird how there are so few famous/noteworthy Irish people out there. Its difficult to even think of 5 and none of them would be particularly recent.

It does in Northern Ireland.


He can use google translate

>m-muh m-m-emes
You can't argue so you don't. Keep whinging though mate. It's a laugh.

what in the name of Jesus, Mary, Jospeh and all the fucking saints are you talking about, you club footed orange monkey

if you're a Unionist and call yourself a unionist, your political views revolve around "the taigs", and keeping "the taigs" from uniting the 26 with the 6 counties


He can make blanket statements without evidence!

In his defence, you're confusing unionists with loyalists.

The evidence is the current state of Northern Ireland


I'm assuming people in Ireland who are in favour of unification also can't have other political opinions that are irrelevant to the subject of a united ireland then?

Fucking mongoloid

>Are you sure about that tribalism dying down?

Yeah. Social media has really bridged the gap. Smartphones and digital media keep boredom at bay, boredom that lead to trouble. And it takes away the foreign other aspect we had not too long ago. The kids can see eachothers posts and they see people just like themselves. that changes things.

Now we have a generation of lads who will be raised under an Irish Passport.

In twenty years the kids won't believe us when we tell them how things were. It'll take time but there come a time when the youth will think we're lying about how we used to hate each other.

I was referring to the google translate stint. But on that point I do agree with you, NI is fucked.

Yeah but then you see lads like this: and you realise there are still people with utterly empty lives.

Thanks for helping fight the good fight against this Tim, brother.

but there's no difference

oh so you're on about wanting to remain in the Union and being a paki chasing fag basher as well, fair enough, sure
doesn't take away from the fact that Unionism is at its core about keeping the 6 counties out of the Republic, hence being obsessive of the Republic, and "the taigs"

Went to Ireland and North Ireland not too long ago.

Belfast is interesting but it seems like it would be absolute shit to live in. Was told that nearly no one works and they all stay home collecting welfare and jerk off over the UDA or Bobby Sands. Not like Ireland proper was doing well either.

also, this is an AR-18 not AR-15.

The confusion probably comes from the fact that they were just called Armalites here or Widowmakers.

gtfo and go back to Ireland then faggot.

Great, Cred Forums supports terrorists now.

Let's have a ISIS thread while we are at it.


People like that are a vocal but shrinking minority.

They give us all a bad name and are the ones holding things back. Sectarianism isn't cool anymore nowas far as the kids go. They think it's retarded and annoying.