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They are actively damaging the party, which is permitted to conduct internal business with its candidates the way it pleases.

The cuckservatives are free to speak against Trump, but why should they receive support from the party to do so?

they did sign a contract saying they would endorse him, didn't they?

>$0.02 has been deposited into your Trump University account. Thank you for #Stumping4Trump

Not an argument

>implying I give a shit about some cuckservative neocons taking it in the ass financially

They've been selling out the country for their personal benefit since the 90s. Give them all neckties and a place to hang.

Welcome to the two party system my man. George Washington warned us about this shit. Too late now.



its a private organization dumbass

are you against private organizations being able to pass rules?

Youre free to join a different party you cock gobbler


we don't have patience for newfags who weren't around for the primaries
all the candidates signed loyalty pledges

Isn't that standard practice anyway? You sign a pledge. I remember Trump doing it.

>Melania Trump is suing Daily Mail
>Donald Trump is suing The New York Times
Freedom of speech, amirite?

inb4 >politifact

They report that the Trump campaign and RNC stated that the candidates signed a pledge to endorse whoever became the nominee. Cruz and Kasich have refused to do so, so fuck them both. Kasich was willing to tank the election because I WON IN OHIO, I CAN WIN IN THE FALL and Cruz was too stubborn to realize that Trump took the mantle of the anti-establishment candidate instead of him.


Freedom of speech is not freedom from the consequences of that speech, Bong.

Yeah, can't wait for them to get sued for 'irresponsible intent' :^)


It's still not too late for the Jeb surge. Slow and steady.

Trump literally can't handle any criticism.

>sign pledge
>lose nomination
>don't honor pledge
>I'm the conservative

Fine them til their families are bankrupt.

U know what's hilarious about that?

The pledge was never valid. Look at the date, it's the wrong date. Trump was hedging his bets in case he got royally fucked in the whole delegate stealing nonsense.

Trump is a shitty person fuck him and rinsed penis if fucking terrible too

Every country has freedom of speech then.


>when the claps hits hard

>sign pledge
>dont honor it

goodbye cruz and kasich


freedom, such as the freedom of an organization to choose freely who it spends it's funds supporting.

DAAAAMN ctr, you might finally correct the record with that hot ass meme. Though be careful not to burn yourself :^)


freedom of speech protects the government from putting you in prison, not from being sued for money when you intentionally libel/slander someone

Nope. Trump isn't the government (yet). Melania isn't the government. Freedom of speech protects you from being arrested by the government, not being sued by a private entity for slander and libel. Learn2law, dumb Bong.

>Fuck the USA!

Freedom does not include the right to tell organizations what they can/can't do, as an individual, assuming it's not coercive (which this isn't).


Political parties here and everywhere else are private institutions.

They have the right to do whatever they want, within the law, including penalizing members who hurt the party.


>Fuck the USA!
Please, show me one NFL player who has said this?
>b-b-but that's literally what they mean when they kneel!

If Trump wins, say goodbye to freedom of speech.

Maybe Trump should do this, if he plans to sue for 'irresponsible intent' as his lawyers said.

So you're saying Obama should sue Fox News?

Nice meme, Ahmed.

Sure, if he has a case. He doesn't, though. Meanwhile, Daily Mail outright claimed Melania worked as a prostitute with literally zero evidence. That's a clear case of libel.

Back to high-school for both of you, fags.

It's no different from the RNC saying they would keep money from Trump to help state elections.

>Daily Mail outright claimed Melania worked as a prostitute
Except they didn't

So this is the best shilling 6 million dollars can buy, huh? Unimpressed.

The Lugenpresse getting only half of what they deserve

What they really need is their necks on the short end of a long rope, in a just world.

The establishment is finally realizing the writing on the wall.

Get ready for real America to rise again.

Obama coming out and publicly supporting Isis with obvious air support for them. Self destructing

>The establishment is finally realizing the writing on the wall.

this. R's realized trump could and probably will win.

where all these pathetic establishment R came out thinking that trump would tank, now that he's close to winning, they dont look so tough anymore

>uncuckening of the (((cuckservatives)))