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What do you drive?

>not driving one of the most reliable and capable vehicles ever made
>not spending your weekends upgrading it or getting as far into the woods as you possibly can
>not being able to live entirely out of your vehicle in remote areas during the habbening

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I have an 1981 fj40, beat that

i already did with the op pic
thats a nice truck too tho mirin

Your car is shit.
Get on my level fag.

Also, this exact model was my first car. Gave £400 then it emptied my pockets every time I got in it. (vid related.)

I don't have a car at the moment, but I was always fond of those ugly Datsun cars from the '70s. They were the easiest cars to work on and were the most reliable cars on the road for the same reason: everything under the hood was so simple and basic there wasn't much that could go wrong. Today's cars all look the same and require computer technicians for the simplest maintenance.

Nice. The wife has one and I have a Tacoma. These fuckers will go places half tons can't.

I have a 1971 Ford Bronco.

>not driving a MK 1 Pepe Shitposter

And the rest of the Ford gang.

>its exhaust leaves a trail of shit and piss behind

I take trains and bike.

Fuck cagers.

"B-b-bread?" No, fuck off.

>falling for a gasoline jew
God gave you legs for what purpose?

old school broncos are cool but FJ40 still beats it

mercedes sl500 from the 90's.

WHy are euro cars so fucking ugly?


shit i meant s500 not sl

2003 Prius
Decent gas mileage still. No pickup, not compfy and repairs cost an arm and a leg.
Looking to trade up and out soon. Not sure what to get though since I drive about 200 miles give or take a week.


I drive a 2014 ford fusion SE. I'm 6'5" and as far as 4dr sedans go, it's by far the most comfy for me. It's a great car.



2015 BMW m3 fullbolt ons
2016 Volvo XC90

what year is your tacoma?
i love the pre '95 mini trucks but the tacoma is pretty based


>living in an inner city
no thanks jamal

>im incredibly poor
that must suck user


Looking at the Dacia Sandero.

Renault engine in it and has everything you need for a car, 4 seats and a steering wheel.

Built before Sweden became a nation of cucks

Not unusual to go over a million miles on original internals, can make 300+hp on original engine internals just fine.

I'm a 6'4" chef at Wendy's with a 9 inch cock making over $130,000 per year.

I get a new corvette every 2 years


I don't drive.

Now this looks like fun.

you can get something used with all the basic necessities for the price of a base model sandero.

>driving the motorized jew
good goy

here have this awful picture of my baby in last year's blizzard

'00 4runner 3.4l

13 Mustang GT, fun for road trips.


BMW 3rd series. Still a virgin at 22. FeelsBadMan.

i like the double stack

>calls himself a nationalist
>buys a jap car

Shadilay to you

1st gen Mazda Miata and Suzuki GS500.

They just werk.

78 FJ40 86 FJ60 and 07 FJC


Was it difficult telling your father you're a homosexual?

Expensive repairs for a Toyota?

I know,
is it for sale?

2004 Ford Ranger

it's a good little truck that's been easy to work on.

Buying a car that costs more than you make in a year... Top KEK


pick one


Here's mine

>I'm a cuck

E46 M3 master race

But it is used and i also have to waste time to look for a decent car which has not been fucked over by the previous owner, plus warranty is shorter.

I could get a brand new Sandero with 5 years warranty to begin with.

Looks like we're coasting in a /p/o/l/ thread

2002 Nissan Sentra checking in, it does its job fine and can last a really long time if I keep up with taking care of it.

>cagers REEEEEEE
/n/ pls go

In my case it was inherited from parents and I cannot afford a new one.

Also have my 2008 G8 GT. Manufactured in Australia by Holden and imported to the US as a Pontiac.

2015 Hyundai Sonata


For an old ass gen 1 hybrid, yes.
A few years ago I had to replace one of its systems that basically controlled how the whole car functioned and it cost almost as much as a new trani.
Also it can only have special tires.

I can't do any maintenance either because I don't want to be shocked to death.

Toyota makes great cars, and its been a hell of a trooper, but I need to move on.

>1st gen Mazda Miata
Same senpai

Second gen XJ's are kinda ghey bro first gen 91-95 is best gen

if not b8, autism.
all of you are degenerates.

2016 gmc sierra

Shes a good girl so far

>falling for the gasjew
>not walking or biking

>tfw I own three cars
>tfw they're all euroboxes with the fastest being a 2.2L BMW

I would literally murder people for an American car, especially a truck. All I want from life is a farm in Montana and a F350 long bed crewcab from the 80s

>not wanting an american pickup that a fat fuck was shot to death in
nigger are you straight-fuck'n gay?

It's coming in five weeks

>Leaf springs

enjoy your third world piece of shit that isn't very cheap when you get ac or an auto trans. Even Jeremy Clarkson think that a manual in traffic is retarded.

2004 mercury marauder


What year is she OP? Been meaning to pick one up. I'd like a newer LX preferably '03-'06 because it's so /comfy/ but they've gone up in value. Might settle for an older Land Cruiser if I get a deal.

335i BMW. FBO kit with tune. Pushing about 500hp

>I get 9 mpg

My uncle and cousin are both chefs at Wendy's. My uncles cock is only 8.75 inches long but as GIRTHY as a can of soup. My cousins cock is an impressive11 inches long but normal girth.

They're both 6'4" and drive Porsches

>I'm too poor to afford gas

Ride the bus

I usually drive a volvo vnl 780. Put a fair number of miles on it.

>giving your money to the oil jew

>being so poor you care about mpg

I used to DD a turbocharged Saab 9-5 that averaged 13mpg around town, and I did pizza delivered in it

I later instaleld a boost controller, put it up to about 300whp and then delivered pizza for 3 more months before I traded it for a MG

I really like this car op, what is it?

My Sunday whip.

>Not buying exclusively at shell stations

I've always wanted to drive one of those, did the front left tire come off while you were driving?

Lol you can keep that Jew meme. Cars are a real man's hobby. Enjoy you anime

My '98 Chevy Blazer would pull your POS SUV outta the mud every time.
>368,450 miles
>Do all the work on it myself (O2 sensors are a bitch to reach in this thing)
>Gets me through rain, mud, snow, and sleet without fail
Chevy Blazers are the best cars period.

jokes on you i get 11

>not having a shitty corolla as your commuter
sure is fucking gay in here

Sensible 27 year old adult here. I drive a 2016 ford focus s. Paid $16 k for it brand new. Over 32mpg average. Love it.

For reall?
Fuucking sweet

>Not enjoying both cars and anime
>not fetishizing the FD because Initial D

got an 09 Buick Lucerne

Im a white man who lives in Baltimore

1983 f150 4x4, 300 straight six with a granny 4 speed. Decent on gas and indestructible, has half a million on the engine and still runs perfect.

2015 Rav4 limited orange colour.

joke's on you, I only like american animes and I drive the sport edition of a Honda Fit.

Just bought a 2012 1.2ltr petrol corsa as my first car.

Only has 26,000 miles on the clock.

Bit of a cuck car but I put up with commuting by train for so long that anything would do. Cheap to run, low insurance.

>Paid 32 grand for a car already worth barely 20, and will be worth

94 camry

not pretty or in any way impressive, but it just goes and goes and goes

i want an old nissan patrol

Fun as fuck

No, wheels still firmly affixed to the car.

>implying I meant good anime and not lolicon rapist shit

>implying I don't hill climb during lunch hour to running in the 90's

your transmission will assplode over 200hp.
I have a 92 turbo convertible.a first gen 9-3
and a 9000.

>he thinks jacking off to cartoon drawings of 9 year olds isnt manly while turning wrenches on your old truck is
wow man i dont even know what to say

>My '98 Chevy Blazer would pull your POS SUV outta the mud every time.
wow that is some severe delusion youve got there lmao

Pick one

Your brain just stopped developing two years ago, babby. Try my 43.


Thank you Netherlands.

>he actually faps to the rapist toons and drives a Prius

What a cuck



>Corsa E
>Not a B

Ya dun fucked up mate, Corsa B is the best fun you can have in a small car

>not enjoying boko no pico in the back of your HiAce van

mirin and a bit jelly; there are almost none of them left here


BMW E34 518i. Most reliable car ever built. Engine is a bit weak though.

Every time me and my friends go mudding, rock climbing, beach cruising, etc. there hasn't been a time where I havent pulled out a friends jeep or gmc jimmy. Blazers are GOAT

excepting the train shit this car looks like the banjo kid from deliverance

I love old Mercs myself. Your ride must be comfy as fuck.

>he cant detect sarcasm

And yes, it's compensation for my large dick.



>jeep or gmc jimmy.
kek thats because those are total pieces of shit
you realize were talking about a land cruiser here
this fucking guy lmao


06 Nissan z33


huh. the wheel well looked all fucked up in the first pic. Cool car though brother

Depreciation motherfucker, you lose around 1/3rd of the value of a shitbox the second you drive it off the lot, and another half over the first 3 years

That 32 grand car will be worth 10 by 2020

yeah but no

My other car is a 2012 FJ

Suzukis are garbage tier

Heres what I drive for the time being.
2000 honda crv.

Not my actual car btw

this is what i drive, same color too. i'm gonna eventually lower it a tad and put black rims on it.

don't make fun of me.

i just had to buy a car and the amount of smart cars selling for bottom dollar in america is unbelievable. are these things still popular in europe?

Yeah you only care about that kinda shit when you're poor with no passion

i want to just go claim one of these

>Ford Focus S

Top kek, enjoy throwing money in a hole mate

>tfw my POS MG is faster and cost me literally nothing to buy

i don't need a car to get around my mother's basement

My dream car.

>Land Cruiser vs Chevy Blazer
What the hell do you know about cars, what can your POS "mighty land cruiser" do that my Blazer wouldn't blow you out the water? My Blazers both lighter and stronger than yours lol
>this fucking guy likes land cruisers
Might as well get a FJ Cruiser you hipster faggot

Used to drive a Jeep, loved that thing and felt like I was fighting the Japs and Krauts in WWII every time I drove it.

Too bad it wasn't practical in any way.

Have an 81/82/83 Frankenstein FJ60 that will pull down a parking garage faggot
Also have a 93 Honda wagon

>lowering a crossover/shitbox
>delete this and kill yourself

Meh it was a steal with the low mileage for the price I paid.

Only plan on keeping it for 3-4 years.

>i'm gonna eventually lower it a tad and put black rims on it.
>trying to turn a mommy blogger mall crawler into a tyrone transporter

AC? It aint warm enough for that and auto is more expensive.

The point of the cheap car is for it to be cheap.

jeep TJ

I have a 2005 Honda my parents bought me in HS, I plan on getting pic related or something that looks good to clients, and I'm not gonna Jew out 50,000 shekels for a new car

2003 infinit g35

Really want and need a truck.

Id post a pic of my poorfag hillbilly fuckabout but i actually earn money.

I'm extremely confused on what you wrote. My car was around $16k off the lot. When I pay it off in 2 1/2 years it'll actually be worth around $10k. Either way I don't really care because I just need something for good gas mileage and can't ride a cruiser in the winter. It's a decent little cheap car. I probably won't ever buy anything for over $20k. I'd rather invest in property or something that means something. Not to show off to niggers and spics.

Well it's your choice, I always say a first car should be

>His car has less than 150hp and weighs less than 2 tons

dat suspension

Currently it's a jeep cherokee, jeep tj, a truck, and a little 4 door commuter car. I got the bases covered I think.

...oh and a couple dirt bikes.


send me a dolly sprint please

I would if I was 17, but I'm 26. Had a license for a long time but never owned due to city centre living, just rented when required / used pool cars.

Now I moved out into the countryside and I need to use it for commuting / business travel, so can't have a clunker breaking down on me on the side of a road m8.

They threw in a years warranty too.

Muh nigga
Just got my first mercedees
> 2016 gla 250

> not driving a reliable diesel shitbox that can run on cooking oil instead of a glorified penis enhancer that requires gasoline to operate

Is that title accurate? It was actually abandoned? It's the most iconic supercar of all time???

Kill yourself

>are these things still popular in europe?

No, the novelty wore off.
They are too expensive and way too impractical.

These are just for driving inside the city though.
It's basically a taxi, only you drive yourself so you don't get ripped off / beaten / kidnapped by the taxi driver.
And for that they are excellent.

Chevy malibu, only a couple years old. Live in central ny, not sure how it's going to handle in the winter

>not driving a Toyota

>getting this butt blasted about a chebby
if you are this retarded and delusional about your utter shitbox no amount of specs and actual facts will convince you.
there is a reason the toyota land cruiser is the #1 car used in the australian outback/the african desert/alaska and iceland and not a single shitbox blazer is found.

I drive a 2006 honda accord v6. Good amount of body damage from me being a retard. No AC. It's not impressive but it runs. Pain in the ass to get out of though since it's such a low car.

Next car maybe a jeep or something. I just want something that will run, drive in snow, not a pain in the ass to get in and out of and drive over a sidewalk if I need it to.

2015 fz07
2010 Chevy express 3500 6.0 gasser

>Reminding me old Wendy's fries exist
Fuck you ;_;

It's fun, but takes too much gas, I want a '95 Supra or a Monte Carlo SS instead.

those are hard to find here, diesel cars lost popularity and only started to pick up again after the nigger in chief artificially raised gas prices.. almost none of them have a standard gearbox

Mini Cooper 2016 136 hp. One of my favourite cars driven.

2004 blue honda pilot my moms old car she gave me for free, it runs thats all that matters

I like the look of fiat challengers but i dont like the build quality

>and I'm not gonna Jew out 50,000 shekels
you will jusr keeping that audi heep runnung faggot. there are more than just upfront costs with cars.

i drive 3 hours a day so i'm thinking about getting a 35+ mpg car. should i get a mazda 3, honda civic, or toyota corolla?

Landcruisers btfo even 40's military jeeps faggot
>Buying a car from arguably the most nationalist country on the planet makes you not a nationalist

2003 Audi A6 Avante Wagon 3.0 NASP

Getting some new brakes, rotors, and CV joints installed next week. Also have to fix a leak in the AC and maybe sanding down & painting the rims, other than that it's comfy.

Ford focus

>Implying the BMW M5 isn't one of the sexiest cars of all time

>Getting gasoline after habbening

gl hf

Get a mountain bike and a knife.

did the flex meme ever wear off or is that still a thing in the jeep community? i been out of the jeep game since the mid 2000's

Money pit luxury car.

golf TDI

Forgot the pic

No, at least for AK, blazer is the shit. Even more is the two door yukon! God tier rare.

This is my current car
>you will not be able to get a recent year corsa in Mexico


>Buying a cuckd version of a muscle car that was a joke even when it first came out
Get fucked millennial trash

'14 ram 1500 even with the stock 3.92 gearset its still not enough truck for my heavy ass camper. Going 3/4 ton for my next truck.

Can't go as deep innawoods as OP, but it can go out some ways.

I can live in it. The back seats fold flat, can sleep two comfortably.

Audi isn't like Mercedez or BMW in that they actually can be fixed by yourself and there is a good aftermarket in case things go wrong because of Volkswagon.

I would find a used one and run a computer diagnostic, or get a mechanic to check it out. After you buy a new car the price depreciates a tens of thousands immediately. It's jewy to buy new ones.

2000 Jeep Wrangler limited

Nice /o/ thread going. I like it.

86 FJ60
205k miles
2F motor
4 on the floor
All emission controls removed

Judging European cars by Spanish brands is like judging American cars by Mexican brands.

Stop using that word
Its improper English and you have never seen petrol in your life

>only a 392 hemi

kill yourself

/n/ pls go