Leaf Makes Inaccurate Trump Hitpiece

Matthew Santoro a popular jewtuber posted video on the emperor with inaccurate information. Fucking leafs getting involved in foreign politics. It is only going to backfire.
Sauce: youtube.com/watch?v=RAsGEwLvFqw

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bump cause he is probably gay

Dislike this shit into oblivion.

Always a fucking leaf


Tfw I had subscribed a year ago to him but stopped watching months ago because of ((reasons)), unsubbed, disliked.

Jesus his points are extremely biased

Why are leaves so cucked?

Dropping some redpills in the comments.

>*Pause and dislikes video*

Ivanka is pretty hot. Too bad she's a Jew.

>Always a fucking leaf

same here desu

Didn't he get in trouble for plagarising top ten lists

Yeah he copied some buzzfeed articles and other shit to make his videos.


BuzzFeed? no wonder his content is ass

You subscribed to this bald annoying intelligence reducing jew? A very large part of me believes that this man and literally all of his followers should be purged,

but if you anons know of any people subscribed to this faggor for good reason, please plead their case for survival here :)

Needs a leaf blowing the dog

I viewed. I laughed. I disliked.

This is the same guy who made a video about how another youtuber who was a female abused him when they were in a relationship.

I hope you had adblock enabled.

please nuke us

I swear Cred Forums breeds the most autistic of people and YOU you are the eldest child of fucking stupidity.

I want you to know that I hate you without ever knowing you.
Thats also the main reason, you arent worth knowing.

Trust me when I say this: Leafs and politics are a deadly mix.

Pic related is the person leafs thought was the absolute best man to lead a country.

-Looks good for a 44 year old

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The fuck is the Prime Cuck doing?

>plagiarizIng from a website that plagiarizes from websites
What an asshole. I bet he's from Toronto.

The way this guy talks is really irritating, he's way over-animated, it's like he's not even real

Who cares what a bald, low-t cuckold thinks?

he actually made a vid of him crying on camera telling about being abused by his girlfriend


(daily motion link because he removed it from youtube)

Why do you keep posting this faggot's videos here?

He needed to shake someone's hand, but was already shaking Obama's hand, so he offered the other hand.

Seems like a good idea.

Here, have a picture of Trudeau offering condolences to France after the recent terror attacks. Can't express your sorrow properly unless you're dressed in your halloween costume. (He's going as a cowboy this year)