State preferences thread

Is your state patrician?

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>my state prefers almondjoy
Fucking healthfags

feel the bern

Im in Mass and fuck starbursts, Reese's master race

>Daft Punk




>CA is somehow whiter than most of the country


>Florida likes Crunch
Haow can such a shitty state have such great taste?


moar maps

I'm really disappointed we have anything in common with washington.

The answer is simple.

vermont is full of weebs

>daft punk

excellent, however most probably didn't even know Homework


how old is this shit? Jay Z hasn't been relevant for years


america is lost


like 3 years ago

north carolina should be pepsi desu



what is this 2013?


God my home state is based
Missourian reporting in though currently stuck in cali


>Favorite in Texas

King Soopers is based, and so are all Kroger stores

Minesomalia and Utard are beyond saving.

Arizona best state
>2nd amendment

Candy corn ? TX, SC, TN, WY and OR explain yourselves. That is pig disgusting

This is a bullshit map

Lorde is the favorite artist in Colorado? For maybe 6 months over a year ago, that would have been true.


This map is bullshit, Wegmans is top (in every measurable way) in New York

Homework is their only great album. Discovery is okay.

The rest is shit.


based South Carolina

Spot on

>most Avalanche deaths




Can confirm, we even have SwedishFish Water ice.

This is a setting map senpai

>most airports per capita

This is a bad thing? Most are probably dirt fields anyway




>Royal Baby

I don't understand.


God damn, my state can't even spell its own name. (Massachusetts)

>100 grand
Feels good man, das my favorite candy bar.

Worst thing CO is known for is Avalanches. Good to know.

We're also the state with the least amount of fat people, our women are very hot (white) women, and we smoke weed and ski all day.

Pretty based state desu fampai.


Don't forget outside of New England, we easier have the best gun laws of a "blue" state

>reces pieces
Get on my level plebs




This is true. The only reason CO is blue is because of all the dirty mexicans and dirty liberal college students.



Tennessee is degenerate... Every other state at least tries to be romantic about it... and then Tennessee is just like, "CHEAP SEX TOYS."

>Is Bernie Sanders vegan?


>James dean
Not Paul Newman


This state is complete trash

>Joe Flacco Elite meme



>not knowing how to spell niece



Highest autism
why am i not surprised


We love you guys too.


calling BS on this

> Minnesota
> African Languages

>not really new york


I thought TX would have jolly ranchers ;^)


"gray" can be spelled gray or grey i dont get this...

>Why does Florida suck

>Hersey's SS
Is this the true redpill?

Oregon not being WINCO. Praise based WINCO

> Texas
> Plus-Size Lingerie

What dafuq Texas?

Could we get a more recent one?

>plus size lingerie

Top kek. Also wtf is a candy corn?



>Be from Florida


Who could be responsible for this nonsense? Candy Corn? What the fuck, who eats this on purpose?

Jon Hamm over Brad Pitt? what

>why does Colorado hate California


>Almond Joy
So close


>Hillary Clinton Email
In 2015? Redpilled as fuck.


>"Canadian men"

>tootsie roll
just end yourselves

Almond Joy is delicious tho

Based Idaho and Virginia

>Washington DC
>When is Ramadan?



You mean (((Drake))).

"Drake's mother, Sandi Graham (née Sher) is a white Jewish Canadian, and worked as an educator of English, and as a florist. Drake attended a Jewish day school, and also had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony."

> Minnesota
> 'Step Sister' biggest porn search
> Rollerblading biggest google search
> Silk Boxers biggest valentine gift
> Highest level of overall autism
> Black Lives Matter
> 3rd most spoken languages are African
> Somali Immigrants
> Recent knife attack by Somali terrorist in mall
> Somali Center says he dindu nuffin and wuz kang

Is Minnesota this cucked? Holy hell...

>Reesees Fucking Piecies

Ever since I was born here, I knew something was off about my neighbors...

actually what youre thinking of is banned here. 2nd cousin only mate. that stuff is only legal in places like jew york.

super nanny was such a good show though

almost wife swap tier

Mnfag here, I thought I was safe from them outside the twin cities, then the st cloud islamanigger attacked yesterday.

Send help pls.

>Most airports per capita

Oh yea that's a real horrible thing. Guess we should close them to save the gay baby seals and just let the isolated communities die.

its almost as if we have the ability to retard ourselves in high concentration...




Indic? Indo-Aryan? Are we Hindu now?

>Bristol Palin rodeo clown sex tape....
Pls be real.

Krogers is owned by jews though


Winco, fred meyers, or albertsons.

>why are there black people
>purple drink nullification
>when was Baltimore nice
no way this is real

currently working on a political campaign in illinois
god damn I hate the chicago machine

Oy vey
(This is in a Kroger store btw)


oreos aren't candy west virgina hillbillies


Does that say 'bear' recipes or 'beer' recipes?

also MOC
safeway is probably most common outside of Eugene/Portland/Salem tho tbqh

They also automatically bag all dairy and meat separately because jews. The more you know! The deli's are usually pretty good though.


It's weird cuz we agree with virginia on candy bars too. Fucking butterfingers ftw

this seems oddly biased towards the mid/north west

>most lawyers
>most craft beer production
>most engineers
and the worst
>"""""most potty mouths and people who tip"""""

man what a shame almost as bad as downloading holiday music

>most invasive snails

what a bunch of cucks

I go to St cloud state. Lots of Somalians now

>dumbest state

source please


They carry Boars Head meat. Shit is God-tier


Louisiana here. What in the absolute fuck is Swedish Fish? Never heard of that in my life.


Fucking what?


They're those little red gummi fish. They usually come in a yellow pack with big red letters "SWEDISH FISH".

Everything's bigger in Texas.

"what is wyoming" - wyoming

Sounds like fun tho to go to Alaska and rape a buncha eskimos


based Alabama

>Royal baby
Fucking loyalists

>daft punk


All I'm seeing is Arizona is the most based, God I love this state

>Kansas: Twizzlers
Aww shit yeah, Twizzlers are the shit. Only bad thing is that they come in packs of like, 50 or 60, and if you eat all of them you get sick.
CO is patrician as fuck. OK is good, NE is good too, fuck MO.
>Kansas: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Nice image from 2012 my dude
>Kansas: Lesbian
>Kansas: Garmin
IDK even what the fuck that is
>Kansas: World Series
>Kansas: Paul Rudd
Fantastic actor
>Kansas: Pathogens in water
Makes sense, we basically have no natural water aside from dam'd rivers
>Kansas: Schedule
>Heartland area: Wizard of Oz and Tornadoes
Fuck off britons
>Kansas: Diverse
>Kansas: German
Most of our immigrants are from Germany. I have a German surname, back from like, 1864
>Kansas: How to make Meth
>Kansas: Nothing
>Kansas: Pornography pageviews
Kek, didn't know that

Kansas remains based

Kansas is a shit hole

>Fastest loss of wetlands

Then these faggots build in a flood plain and are shocked when there's a record flood.

Just shows most of the nation isnt c.ucked since lesbian is the only non c.ucked type of porn.

Otherwise you're watching another guy fuck a girl you want to fuck.

You can't get c.ucked by a woman

>fire ant invasion

fun to poison invaders, tho

>keeping our invaders at manageable levels

Wichita here.
Kansas is shit

>one word perception
>breaking bad

What's up fellow Kansasbro?

I'm ashamed of my state candy corn is fucking nasty

mainers haven't moved away, therefore, they are the dumbest. there's your source.

that's because niggers talk like that openly here

every nonshit grocery store on the coast (e or w)
get used to it goy, maybe try some manischewitz


>weakest government influence
Mfw idaho secedes before texas.

>candy corn
Fucking hipsters man

Utah has good taste

>tfw you live in the most culturally homogeneous state in the union
>tfw only a handful of mexicans ruin the 100% white demographic

Literally Zion

>not CZ USA

Florida should be Publix.


ayyyyy lmao

Publix for Florida. That's more like it. :)


How is it possible to suck at a life simulator?

That's Mississippi.

>does mouth stuff count for gay


>Masters of Sex
What is?

>one word
>two words


Yeah this is clearly biased. Should be Rush Limbaugh

>why does Penn vote democrat
god bless Tom "35% approval rating" Wolf

Holy shit fuck off

> only matters in an election

Fair enough. But could we at least get done recognition for our kick ass amusement park?


>How to smoke salmon
I didn't know it was possible to smoke salmon. Are there side effects or something ?

Candy corn is fucking disgusting
>Sour Patch Kids in my state
for once, I'm proud of you, NJ.

>Oregon where 1 in 5 women are "raped"

Feminism at its best.


Sounds about right, uptight mormon fuckers.


Is this shit for real? Jesus Mississippi,
Your biggest claim to fame is a budget guitar company?


Fuck off tacos/misery niggers


Virginia and Idaho confirmed based.

Sister states?


Thats why i see lost of ugly Asians

Never been more ashamed to be an Oregonian.


>el paso
Did they poll actual retards?

In saw this shit in Publix. That's why I got a Jewish peanut chip.

Yep. Bozeman is right behind San Francisco in real estate and rent prices


God I love the south

Why is Ohio not even listed?

>almond joy
God i hate this fucking state

I wonder who?

idgi? is it based on like purchases and then not getting cheevos?


Last time I checked we're 37% black so that should explain it.


Based Montana

>candy corn

Vermont (the whitest state in the Union) sucks at Grand Theft Auto 5. LOL

I bet Illinois is completely different if you remove Chicago

Fuck Chicago

I'm not from, but WTF Maryland? Fuck TNC.

>201 / 77 / 116 / 1
>political discussion


t. jealous niggers

Wait, what does "O.P.P." mean?

I don't know how pinenigs manage


Why do the people in my state want to know how to spell this?




>Grand Theft Auto

>rainn wilson
>from washington

>New York
>RuPaul's Drag Race

What the fuck is witching and bitching

so they know when to take off work so they aren't enriched


>in connecticunt
Nigger what

BASED nevada

My State has shit taste. I haven't even heard of it before.

>trap for Mexicans

>Alaska just found out about Obama

>step mom

Florida Master Race


>lord byron poetry
Alabama confirmed for patrician as fuck


This just goes to show how much of a monolith niggers are. Whites have diverse enough opinions that rap gets the biggest plurality simply because blacks all like the same thing

>kentucky isn't famous for corvette
that's how I know this map is bullshit, it's literally the only corvette factory

>most dams in need of repair

Speaking of that, if the Raystown Dam fails my entire county will flood

>Washington is bad at bestiality
Since when?

>on fire

Nah man, go with our home state candy, Necco wafers. Everyone loves them.

Fucking kek

Lifesavers?! We chose fucking Lifesavers?! God, I swear California is retarded. Snickers is clearly the master race.

what kind of fucking retard do you have to be to have fucking candy corn as your favorite Halloween snack?

>New Jersey
>Shop Rite
Fuck that store in every way. Worked there for a year absolute hell hole.

Fareway is better than HyVee though

>Hershey's Kisses and Whoppers

Decent taste, my two home states.

Of course Californians like the hard candy that requires sucking


>St. Louis
Can't imagine why.

Kentucky please.

>Candy Corn

Confirmed faggots

>Is there still radioshack
My fucking sides

Yeah but it's the top dog in NJ

Literally everywhere


How the fuck did they determine any of this?

fucking Canadians, get out

Fucking keep your refugees out of my state reeEEEE THIS LAND IS NOT YOURS TO SETTLE

>not hershey bar

>my fucking sides

Fucking keep your refugees out of my state reeEEEE THIS LAND IS NOT YOURS TO SETTLE


What the fuck, we like testing out the search function?

>Japanese writing

Nah fuck you and this thread. The leaf is right this board has proven it can't handle flags. Banter between flags is one thing, I mean that's basically what politics is. But there are a lot of threads here that belong on Cred Forums



Guess I need to move to North Dakota

If safeway isn't yours you should KYS

what a surprise, the states with the highest white population have the highest IQs



>Tfw Alaska likes Snickers
>Tfw I like Snickers
>Tfw I want to kill myself


Swedish fish = master race

t. pennsylvania

well moorhead is, and more importantly fargo was filmed in east grand forks


trips speaka da troo troo

This confirms florida is infact the most powerful state


Hell yes fareway master race.


kill me now.


I'm not jewish, but I fucking love matzo, it's like a giant fucking cracker it's great.

California, Jose

Like pottery.

>NE is literally cancer

Libtard faggots.

I love candy corn.

I love candy corn.


KY and WV being the exceptions it seems, despite being whiter than some of the other states

>not really New York
Fuck you pakistani smug cunts you're not my real dad


Satan is right. Fareway's meat counter is god tier. Hyvee sucks and has been installing in-store starbucks now.

>not really New York
Fuck you pakistani smug cunts you're not my real dad

>Reeses Pieces
Hoosier fucking masterrace

Puke inducing garbage.

>Brazil isnt the leader in brazil nuts

Missing home rn 2bh

Fry's for the fucking win

>candy corn

Jesus Christ. It's like a cult.

>fucking lifesavers

Shit state. All the candy corn states are pro since its tradition.

Shoprite is nice

>Crunch bars are the favorite in Florida

That's a fucking lie

>Stop N Shop
Fuck them Hannaford and Market Basket friendship for life.

idk this is just weird, never thought of hawaii having guns
>delaware, rhode island
dafuq nannystates

Citizen of Illinois detected

>Kansas City

How are so fucking many of them super mario galaxy?

That game is not only from 2007 but also easy.

What the fuck is Delaware's?

>inb4 nothing from Delaware

Tons of businesses are headquartered in Delaware.

Based SC

The controls are dogshit

> Mapping Globalization

Fuck globalization