Hmm,really makes you think

Hmm,really makes you think...

Irrefutably makes you invoke thinking.

The strong rule the weak, even in nature.

Yea the others don't vote on it.

That's not true, though, is it?

Only one is intelligent enough to have written language or technology that enabled you to make that shitty meme.

You're right, we must go back to monarchies.

well what did the person in this picture want for us to go back to killing each other and fighting to see whose the strongest and will lead?

Which part of it would not be true?

in the animal kingdom the strongest rules the weak

trump should march on capital hill shoot them all and obama and declare himself king...that would be what the animal kingdom dictates

No it fucking doesn't because all animals; insects, fish, birds, mammals have a hierarchy of whom gets the best hunting areas, whom gets to fuck the most females and whom is the top dog.

Packs of animals do actually chose their leaders.

Im pretty sure the "Alpha male" in monkeys, lions, wolf packs count as rulers in a tribalist style government, even if primitive.


>pic related

>only one is capable of the level of cognition that is required for the concept of deomocracy

It's myelinating my axons.

Certain animals do decide on leaders.

wicked! my neurotransmitters just got activated!

>only 1 votes to have rulers
Yeah because the other 8,699,999 species are busy ripping each others eyes out

We are the only ones with laws and regulation
laws and regulations are bad
we are the only ones with medicine
medicine is bad
we are the only ones who have developed a complex understanding of mathematics
maths is bad

>top dog
but their are other specie besides dogs though

>trouts eat humans
makes you think

>one of these things is not like the others

Cells in the noggin are going toboggan...

>8.7 milion species on earth

only one build rockets and has basic understand of the universe to go to the moon , and crash satelites on asteroids

also the one ones who may stop the destruction of over 70-90% of the earth species by preventing asteroids hit , or just saving them in case something bad happens.

Just off the top of my head:

You're almost white

there was a species of primate other than human that did voting

none of those vote
bees and ants run an absolute monarchy
wolves and lions are ancaps without NAP

but we let black people vote?!?!

>not understanding flow of energy
>Brazilian intellectuals

Wolves are feudalistic tribals if anything you retard.


Feudalism has no leaders?

I never understood what caused those tiny columns of smoke before the bomb even went off.

8.699m rape eachother without consequence

my lord, here is 25% of my hunt this year. Thanks for protecting me.

>show monkey pictures of normal white people
>show monkey pictures of normal black people
>show monkey pictures of normal hispanic people
>show monkey pictures of normal middle eastern people
Who do you think the monkey will side with?


Humans + niggers

feudalism has leaders but is based on one's birth
wolves operate on an absolute system of personal merit where the strong fear the weak

a peasant can't simply one day decide to 1v1 the king or a lower noble and if victorious, take his position
also an alpha's kids aren't automatically the new alphas

>Only 1 species vote
thats not true monkeys vote too

>huemonkeys don't even know how a food web works
>Brazilian education

He would throw his poo at each of them

weak fear the strong*

The guy with the banana

What the hell is this talking about? It's not even true. Have you even heard about the 14th amendment?

will we lose the race war because of monkeys?


Bunch of sensors launched into the air with rockets pre-detonation

>Come on let apes to vote we already granted that right to niggers anyway

The military shoots them out so they can measure the size of the mushroom

The onethat feeds him.


Three species vote

1. Caucasoids
2. Negroids
3. Mongoloids

Dammit Gaben, go fuck yourself.

They're losing so now democracy is bad.

Oh please guys don`t reply to the Brazilian cunt you are better than this.

More like
>pic related

>Be Apex predaator

fuck me

>The strong rule the weak, even in nature
are you implying that there are no "universal" rules? that we live by the will of the strong, whom create rules as a method of dictating their will?

We're the only ones advanced enough for it to be viable.

Otherwise we'd still entirely be 'the weak should fear the stronk' rather than mostly.

Yeah, gravity is stronger than you when you jumping off a building n shiet. But we made planes and rockets n shiet so we stronger now. Fuck universal laws; they're worse than the EU.


A lot of different social species use violent/domination tactics to assert their place in their social structure. Should we switch to that and be more connected with nature?

>8.7 million different species on the planet
>Only one doesn't have a 30%+ mortality rate each year

>are you implying that there are no "universal" rules?
No they're aren't any universal rules other than predator and prey unless you're within your own species which are instinctual.

Equality is entirely a human construct and even we don't follow it to a tee