Chink / Indian leafs in the GTA are you the source of all the shit posting ?

lets sort this out once and for all treat this thread as a confessional why all the liberal shit posting and shilling ? come clean fellow leafs


lol saved

Fuck this meme, Canada is mostly white we only have a small % of shitskins

There are a lot of arabs, indian and chinese posters using our flag on Cred Forums

>brown poo-in-looing people posting with a Canadian flag

This thought always fills me with disgust

Whoever is brown needs to go back

the GTA needs to use the Toronto flag that will fix 90 % of the Canadian shit posting problem

then 90% of all Canadian posts would have that flag

Not where I live

>brown and post here all the time

U mad whitey?
>Le poo in le loo meme

Except it doesn't work cause I have toilets and an even bigger house then you do in your own country, stay mad cuckold

Remember Canada, you're post national. If you kill your enemies, they win! :)

so why the shit posting my brown friend

>being this triggered

When people think of a Canadian they don't think of your brown ass and your rusty 90s Toyota Corolla, Pajeet. Deal with it.

Yeah they think of doctors engineers and lawyers and a nice car with a big house, the white people here live like trash and don't take advantage of the school system, then get shit tier minimum wage immigrant jobs and complain about it, keep crying faggot.

Shit posting from the variety store pajeet..

I'll take some all dressed chips and a water.

so by you avoiding responding at all to me confirms everything I thought about the shit posting problem on pol

Everything I learned about Canada came from teh Red Green Show. Lots of white guys doing shit. One Indian every once in a while. No blacks. No women of any race [that made we always wonder]. And lots of duct tape. Lots of it.

With a population of 1.25 billion you're always going to find a few gems in the sea of shit known as India, which we promptly take in. I don't care that your dad graduated in Poo In Loo University in sewage engineering, we can get doctors, engineers and lawyers from European countries.

It'll easy up now that High School is back in session.

KEK, you say that as if you're in command of immigration. I'm Indian born in Canada and I'm becoming a civil engineer, same with most people from Asia, all are excelling to become the leaders of this country, your certificate in that shitty labor trade has nothing of value.

eh I leafpost occasionally (maybe like 20% of my posts) and I'm a white guy living in the falls
the red green show is the canadian dream

I also study STEM, it's not something only a poo-in-looer can do. You wont become a 'leader' any time soon, we whites still hold the reigns and can still turn things around. Don't worry, we won't kick you all out, you will be allowed to work in the convenience store industry which is already run by you people.

honestly get the fuck rid of them
Every time I go into a convenience store run by a loo-pooer they run their mouth like fucking mad
I actually had this conversation a few weeks ago
>"Do you guys sell buspasses here?"
>"What do you think?"
>"I think you should fucking answer my question"
>"hey hey budd-ee we are selling them okay?"
after I payed he was still mouthing off about being happy or some shit, really tired of getting lip from these turd-skinned manlet faggots every time i want convenience

>implying conservatives will ever recover from Harpers shit racist trump inspired campaign
>implying even if they do that they'll do exactly what got them out in the first place

Lel, harper tried the whole appeal to the rednecks like you shindig and he got btfo, fortunately the country is a bit smarter then that, if harper was still here saying all that dumb provoking shit we'd be like amerifats and be getting blown up every time we leave the house. Canada correctly embraced multiculturalism and that's why its the safest country in the west, if you really have that much of a trump fetish fuck off to america then.

Maybe don't be a dumbass and ask retarded questions


you're fuckin stupid as hell and probably an abbo too

you're not brown, you're a paki

No, I'm a white fascist from Northern Ontario but often post as a liberal, muslim, or chink


I was just making a joke but in reality poo-in-loo convenience stores suck so I go to God-tier Couche-tard stores (I live in Quebec). They're basically the Wal-Marts of convenience stores and the clerks are usually white people.

We were doing just fine as a white country until the 80s when Cucklord Trudeau Sr decided we needed more brown asses shitting up our gene pool, Pajeet. Canada was respected around the world and a prosperous country until it started going downhill with mass immigration. Trudeau Jr was elected with not even a quarter of the votes.

Chinese/Korean here, and I admit I post "anti-White" and "degenerate" content whenever I feel like it. I have a Chinese gf that I let fuck other guys and I don't care for posting pro-polygamous here


the fuck man

As a Quebecois I do my part to remove kebab and the Eternal Anglo.

All the liberal faggotry from Canada comes from my mortal enemy, the Torontoman, who dwells among Ontario's many SWJs. While we Quebecois hate anglos for being such cucks we would rather be American than stuck to Ontario.

To reiterate, fuck you Ontario.
Fuuuuuuck yoooooou.

Dude they fucking have to be

This can't be real, must be rotten bait or something.


Really ?? Wow. I imagine that would go over like a lead balloon. That's not something I would find acceptable.

>i was giving a brown person attitude for being brown and he snapped at me, then i backed down because i'm just a white little pussy working for the man, time to go mad post on the internet about it

By the way, public schooling does a good job of whitewashing anyone no matter what their race is.

Is little pajeet getting angry?

Can you hurry up with my chips and water.

only american could possibly have reading comprehension this poor

I guess working the gas pumps the fumes get to their heads..

Working class east coast firefighter here. everyone on my crew is red pilled. We have an african guy on our crew that is hardcore anti-feminist and anti-BLM. He came from a shithole and despises entitled black people here that are massive hypocrites. He also supports Trump. He doesn't get triggered by racism and he is racist back to us as a joke. He is my friend but I hate him for playing pokemon Go so much. We hate muslims. We hate feminists. We forced a woman off our crew because we know it would fuck things up.

We are the silent majority.