The SJWs stole my cousin

My cousin think's she's trangender and is getting hormone injections.

Growing up my cousin was always a girlie-girl, loved dolls and animals etc. But a few years ago she cut off all her hair and went vegan. She started getting really into Tumblr/SJW culture and became a Wicca and died her hair black. Then she claimed she was gender-fluid and an atheist, and started hanging out with trans""woman"" ("she's" literally 6 ft 1 and has the shoulders of a linebacker) and started dressing like a boy. Now recently she's come out as a full "female to male transgender" and is going to start hormone therapy.

I'm really worried about her now, there's no going back once you've transitioned and I don't know how she'll react when she snaps out of it and has grown a beard and lost all traces of femininity.

Did the Jews do this? I really want to blame someone for perputating this gender bullshit.

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She was weak-minded and easily-influenced.

Anyone worth saving from the stupidity of society will save themselves.

Cut contact, nothing you can do

She was failed by her parents

I recommend posting pictures of her before and after.

You only live once, user. Why so serious? Why not have some fun in your life?

Fuck her good and hard OP, make her feel like a pretty little girl again.

>Did the Jews do this? I really want to blame someone for perputating this gender bullshit.
Tumblr autist did it. They're incredibly gullible and will believe anything that enforces their beliefs. Then they spew it out of their asses and then cucks believe them and join them. She's too far in now, user.

I'm sorry for your loss

Cucks stole my board, desu senpai.

New Age healing shit stole my sister. They don't come back. They drift further and further away from you until they kill themselves. My sister gave herself the monk treatment and lit herself on fire. Never found out if it was radical Buddhism.

The sad fact is I stopped caring about her years ago.

Contact the Catholic Church and tell them you need an Exorcist pronto. There's a demon in your cousin

All women are weak-minded herd followers whose thinking must be controlled

if being a Nazi became cool it would be women who would scream for gas chamber constructions the loudest

Your cousin is a lost cause

Just sit back, stock up on storeable food and water filters, and don't mid if the two of them have some kind of deformed child that looks like that mutant from Total Recall

I'm sorry mate but...she's gone they've taken her to the dark side...the cousin you once knew is dead all you can do now is remember her for the innocent girl she once was and not the abomination she is now...I truly am sorry for your loss.

Hey user i think your sister was on an album cover

Looks like her. But most people look alike after they've burned to death.

Don't be a fag, lets see some pics

Damn nigga

Well you know what they say...
Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses

Good argument.

>Did the Jews do this?
>The third co-founder of today’s transgender movement was psychologist Dr. John (((Money))), a dedicated disciple of Kinsey and a member of a transsexual research team headed by Benjamin.

>(((Money)))'s first transgender case came in 1967 when he was asked by a Canadian couple, the Reimers, to repair a botched circumcision on their two-year-old son, David. Without any medical justification, (((Money))) launched into an experiment to make a name for himself and advance his theories about gender, no matter what the consequences to the child. (((Money))) told the distraught parents that the best way to assure David’s happiness was to surgically change his genitalia from male to female and raise him as a girl. As many parents do, the Reimers followed their doctor’s orders, and David was replaced with Brenda. (((Money))) assured the parents that Brenda would adapt to being a girl and that she would never know the difference. He told them that they should keep it a secret, so they did—at least for a while.

She deleted all the before pics off her facebook, I only have access to the after ones.

this tbqh

Tell her that a woman who is perfectly woman is superior to a man who is imperfectly man

Looks like she is going in the stats of trans killing themselves post op.

Well, post em, blur out the face if you don't want us to know who it is

The leaf speaks truth.

>his name is Money

it's like they aren't trying anymore

Look, you have to kidnap her. Throw a bag over her head, bind her hands, and throw her in the back of a van. Take her to a remote location, a cabin in the woods, anywhere you can keep her locked up for a bit.

Deprogramming is a tough, dirty, process. You're going to have to get her to the point where Stockholm syndrome sets in and she is dependent on you and trusts you more than she trusts herself. Make her look at basic biology of sexual anatomy. Make her watch redpilled videos about the Jews. Good luck, user. I'm sorry it's come tot his. I hope you get your family back.


Dubs Vult!

feels bad

>Did the Jews do this?

Most definitely

>I really want to blame someone
Stop right there. Your cousin has mental illness, no one is at fault.

>his name is money
You can't make this up

I am sorry, user.

I truly am.

>jews push circumcision
>invent the transsexual movement after failing to take a goy's foreskin
Jewish cleverness knows no ends. One has to admire their ingenuity, even if it rightfully belongs in an ash heap.

Katasonova, what the fuck

I disagree.

The fear response will help flip a few switches.

Why not show her videos of transgender people getting their operations or post-ops?

Take for example that one video of a MTF whose fake vagina is spewing fluids after they remove the gauze, or that picture of a fake dick with hair all over it (which is not how it is supposed to be).

Relate to her stories of Jazz Jennings and how he cannot score with boys.

You think you're joking, but there are priests/monks out there who are not even Catholic, and who can speak to moral issues in a way that the laity can accept.

Here's what I would do: I would find someone with authority (moral, legal, celebrity, whatever) who understands on what grounds they have the right to intervene, and invite them to speak to your relative in a non-confrontational setting.

Thankfully, I'm related to people who are exclusively heteronormative (and in the closet even if they are gay), so I don't have to actually do such a thing.

Honestly, that's what you have to do in those situations.

Can't spell SJW without Jew

True. Same happened to me. Was a trap for sometime, then testosterone kicked in and I snapped out of it. Thank Kek.

>Take for example that one video of a MTF whose fake vagina is spewing fluids after they remove the gauze, or that picture of a fake dick with hair all over it (which is not how it is supposed to be).

she wanted your dick bu you didn't give it to her, now she's confused and hurt

go heal her with your dick

I remember when transgenderism was considered a very very serious thing and you had to undergo lots and lots of psychological evaluations and therapy to ensure you really wanted it, and had to wait 6 months to a year before starting hormones.

Now you just walk into a clinic and say I WANT TO CUT MY PENIS OFF and they shoot you up.
And we're even doing it to fucking children.
This country is fucked.

Now you´ve drawn KEK´s attention over it.

here, the most recent "before" pic I could find is from 5 years ago

Sorry for your lose. What a shame

Such is the result of over-sexualisation on an impressionable mind.

>I almost became this.
>I managed to pull myself out before it was too late.

This actually works

he looks cute

>Going female to male

Your cousin is in for a big surprise when she realizes that life is much harder when you're a guy.

>Take for example that one video of a MTF whose fake vagina is spewing fluids after they remove the gauze

I don't even have to see the picture to gag.