Jay-z and berine want to end the war on drugs


So everyone knows war on drugs is bullshit. I can make one phone call and get coke weed and molly.

The war in drugs was only created to put blacks and Mexicans in jail.

Blacks are 4x more likely to be arrested or (ticked in most states now) then whites. Yet blacks and whites smoke ar the same rate.

Explain this Cred Forums?

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Link has video by jay-z

Should weed be leaglized?

If something is deemed illegal by popular vote, and a person underhandedly decided to participate in crime, then why should we legalize it just to save the demographics that use it the most? There is no war on drugs, just the people that use them.

The children of my two surrounding neighbors both smoke. My kids are very young and i dont want them to see teens drinking and getting high.

So i call the cops on them when they smoke.

When the white teens smoke the cops rarely show up.

When i call the cops on the black teens and say they are black over the phone they show up quick too.

The teens are smart enough to go inside when the cops show up but still still they only care when the kids are black. Even though the white teens can also negativity influence my children.

I my opinion alcohol is much worse than booze. I have small kids and we had 3 duis in out neighborhood alone. I would hate it if they hit my kids drinking and driving.

Yes. But they should only be allowed to smoke in their own homes or at a smoking bar.

Yea but lots of people get fucked up in legal drugs like oxy and xans. Those drugs are far more destructive yet nothing gets done about them.

So the cops only show up when the smokers are black? Why is that? Where are you from?

Also why are you a snitch ass pussy.

The problem is that punishment isn't severe enough and jails cost money rather than generate money.

The USA needs cheap labor. That should come from controlled prisoners rather than uncontrolled illegal immigrants. I suggest depression era style work camps to be put up, where people must not only pay for their accommodation but pull large profits for the government.

>My kids are very young and i dont want them to see teens drinking and getting high.

I agree with this 100%

yeah i want it over as well.

but niggers are going to wish it was still around once they can't make money off of dealing drugs anymore.

Im from the Chicago suburbs. I asked both group of teens to stay in their homes and smoke or smoke at the park somewhere where my kids didn't see them.

The white kids flicked me off and the black kids just laughed in my faces.

Idk why the cops only want to show up when the black teens are smoking im not them. I wish they would put the white teens in jail in all honestly the flick my off every time the see me.

Thank you. But the cops dont give a fuck especially if they are white. They don't even respond to the call.

Yeah, that's pretty much true

because blacks commit crime at ridiculous rates and something had to be done to control that

they're also the reason why the US has such a large prison population compared to every other country

How come states that have high amount of minorites wont legalize weed or even put it on the ballot yet. "White states" are typically all for legalizing.

The amount of prisoners for all races has went up 10x 15x more blacks but there are millions more whites in jail then there was 10 years ago even.

>Selling drugs on the street is illegal
>Decriminalize drugs, tax the shit out of them
>Selling drugs on the street is still illegal

Wait till these niggers start fucking with the govt's tax revenues. They'll see a fucking war on drugs, all right.

Why do drug dealers get more jail time than rapist and pedos?

How do tax something that is illegal?

This is something i don't understand. There should be a sex offender list at all. They should simply be in jail before they rape again. Last week a white man raped a 1 year old baby didn't spend one day in jail. What do the families think about this? They even interview them.

Most people in the US who are locked up are locked up for violent crimes. Not many people are locked up for drugs only.

Untrue. 35% of prisoners sre there for drug offenses only.

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Nope. Even the New York Times ran articles last year about "prison reform," and how drug offenders weren't that big a part of the prison population. For example:


>A new interactive “prison population forecaster,” posted online Tuesday by the Urban Institute, a liberal-leaning think tank in Washington, aims to help fill that void and yields some sobering conclusions:


>What surprised me most in using the tool, as one who has followed the debate on criminal reform, is just how hard it will be to turn back the clock and achieve deep reductions in incarceration. Traffic tickets for pot smokers won’t take us there, and neither will making petty thieves sweep sidewalks or retroactively ending the wildly disparate sentences for crack possession

>There is no avoiding the politically poisonous question of releasing violent offenders or reducing their long sentences. “We need to start what’s going to be a long and difficult conversation about violent crime,” Mr. King said.

>I was startled by these calculations for New Jersey, for example: Cutting in half the number of people sent to prison for drug crimes would reduce the prison population at the end of 2021 by only 3 percent. By contrast, cutting the effective sentences, or time actually served, for violent offenders by just 15 percent would reduce the number of inmates in 2021 by 7 percent — more than twice as much, but still hardly the revolution many reformers seek.

we should legalize all drugs.
>im not being sarcastic, Just make it age restricted.