Im actually facebook friends with one of those >current year cucks

im actually facebook friends with one of those >current year cucks

Always those glasses, too.

Without fail they always have those specific type of glasses.

Why is that?

At least you're not as miserable as he is, m8.

hes the best

Next week the patriots play the red skins


>those glasses
>smug liberal smile

of course


>Using Facebook


Let's start a team called the Shitskins.

I bet he makes pussy wet.

haha nice one Ian!

At least you aren't cousins with one

He's a struggling artist in Montreal trying to communicate is hell.

>using current year unironically
>ever even having a Faceberg account

>My name is Michael Nu-male. Not a lot of people know that.

I could honestly post half of this kid's facebook updates. hes a living stereotype of the nu male

Is he playing some e-sports or something?

He has to be joking

forgot image

i wouldnt be so sure user

wow im fucking retarded. forgot again

Say "but its mid-september"
Every time he replies, get more specific about the date or weather until he asks why it's relevant that it's a cool Sunday evening in September


shit's deep

At least what I heard there are many natives for whom "redskin" stands for an indian in war paint, an actual warrior (which probably is the origin of the term). They are proud of the fact that a major football team ist named after them being badasses.
If you are offended for them you are an entitled, presumptive douche. In the current year.

The blue shell being able to eliminate all the progress of the person in first place would be a bullshit model to apply to real life

>Major supports franchise

Sure buddy

Do those fucking morons not realize that's a marginal rate, and not a flat one? I'm sure almost no one actually paid that after exemptions, deductions, and credits.

Why are you on facebook ? It's the worst lefty cesspool right after tumblr


That's so funny Ian, you sound just like John Oliver!

>do liberals realize things

Ask him why he hates people with red skin

And a degree cost about 5000. If these fucking kayaks didn't take over I could've payed for college with a McDonald's paycheck

Do indians even exist anymore to get offended at redskins?

How did a 98% tax rate allow for a single breadwinner?

These two don't seem related.

always with that smug, condescending facial expression

At least you don't have an admitted cultural marxist

>that Stalin quote
Holy shit is this guy legitimately autistic/mentally disabled?

I'll get some more pics of him in a moment.

He's some real cringe material

He looks like a cucked Michael Caine.

Stalin has a point though. If you have a gun, you have only one gun. If you have an idea, you can get many people with guns to support you.

Well, Mario kart gives you different items when you are in 1st place because those are the things you need to screw the guys behind you and protect yourself from attacks.

As someone that's friends with a few, no. They don't give a fuck. It's 100% white people getting offended for them.

>20 minutes into "Virtue Signal & Chill" when he gives you that look

>blocking out names

Where do you think you are, Reddit? Fuck off.

This was his profile pic for a better part of this year

so thats we why get wall

>Why is that
Shit genetics.

>I love history
>Believes in Marxism
Seriously, people under 25 shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Privileged college white boy, thinks he can determine what is and isnt racist for other races

I got new glasses recently and I struggled to get a pair of glasses that wasn't like that.
Succeeded, but unless you really dislike that style you're likely to end up with it getting glasses nowadays.

At least Marxism has actual theory behind it, as opposed to capitalism which is literally "dude, what if we had free markets?"

Oh you

And you know, one actually works in the real world as apposed to some unemployed autists book

Capitalism doesn't work in the real world. Just because it exists, doesn't mean it "works".

>receding hairline

>This is what poor, uneducated people believe

>missing the perfect opportunity for a cowboys and indians joke

fucking asshole. socialism really does kill all sense of humor doesn't it? I suppose that's a prerequisite for killing sense of self

>actual theory

wew lad


>implying free markets are inherently capitalism

Why do they always feel the need to attach a picture of themselves to these statements?

he didnt, i also added a pic of him

>be in first place
>get blue shell

>using jewbook in 2016
I'm glad I actually deleted mine a long time ago waste of Time.

>"Seriously guy it's the current year, we should be way more cucked by now."

What's with the neck beard catching on? I see some many dudes with neck beard and shaved mustache. Looks fucking autistic as hell.

>there's still a franchise called "the cowboys" that grossly stereotypes Americans in the current year

That's because they try to grow a normal beard,but with all the bull's sperm up the arse it's too hard, so they leave this shit.

I don't know man, I'm doing the opposite right now because I just can't stand the feeling of having hair under my chin but I like having hair on the rest of my face. I can't begin to understand why you'd do the opposite. If you can't grow a proper beard then just shave it all.

>"i'm quirky" selfie face

Its 2016 and there are still people retarded enough to be offended in place of others

>Intentionally wait at the beginning so I'm behind
>let people be ahead of me as we pass first batch of boxes
>get my "you're a shitter" triple shroom or star
>proceed to get into first place without using the item through pure skill and harder work than everyone else
>mfw I can use shrooms and stars to even dodge their blue shells

>major supports franchise

I thought glasses made people smart

I do not know what's worse.
Ians pseudo-intellectual bullshit or that other dude outing himself as even bigger cuck.

>champagne socialist

Truly makes your neurons work.


>censoring names on Cred Forums

Why did you make this poor decision?

>major supports franchise

No better time than now to filter out who is a decent human being and who is not. Donald Trump is the perfect litmus test for who loves America and who is a triggered, easily offended pussy.