Shoot the Wolves

Norway plans to kill over two-thirds of its wolf population, reducing the number of wolves in Norway from 68 to 21.

Is this right or justified? What do you think about it?

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Green party faggots is speaking as if eradicating wolfes in Norway is the end of the species..
If there is ever a need for wolfes in Norway, we could just import some from russia or whatnot

68 to 21 is pretty extreme

why not just relocate many of them to a new pack far away

70 wolves throughotu all of norway is still pretty low

Would you be in favor of complete wolf elimination for Norway?

Also are you associated with farming?

>from 68 to 21.

That's an endangered species, why would you kill them?

Removing wolves from the ecosystem can fuck up nature beyond any recognition, since they keep the cancerous herbivores in check.

how fucking small is norway that 68 wolves is too much to handle?

Wolves are haram and do not belong in an Islamic country.

Muslims don't like dogs

Normay is mostly coast.

>68 wolves
>a problem

Get your shit together Norway.

>Hunting is a popular sport in the country. Last year more than 11,000 hunters applied for licences to shoot 16 wolves, a ratio of more than 700 applicants to each licence.
They're doing it for fun.

Cull the niggers instead

>Removing wolves from the ecosystem can fuck up nature beyond any recognition, since they keep the cancerous herbivores in check.

61 creatures holding the ecosystem togheter?
I don't think so.

That's too severe of a cull, you pussies.

justified because wolves are dumb niggers

so its basically like shoot the niggers

its only city people that think we need niggerdogs running about in the wild. they have no contact with them of course, which is a bit ironic considering things


Kill more cattle than they can eat. Exterminate them. We are shooting a lot of more wolfs as allowed to save our live stock here in northern Sweden.

Scandinavian wolves are very inbred. Sometimes a Finnish wolf manages to wander out there and breed with one of them and their fitness increases.

A population of less than 100 is already borderline non-viable genetically. You may as well kill every last one if you are going to kill that many, there's no way a population of 30 is going to be viable going forward.

Admit it, your corrupt government is doing it for the quick & easy cash from 11,000 hunting licenses.

>removing puppers and not kebabs
is 21 even enough different genetic material to sustain a population?

As I said, that's an endangered species status and that number needs to get higher.

1 pack means already a lot since they chase the herds and weed out the weak ones, also stop the herds from completely destroying the land if they can't stay there.

I'm sure they've done their homework at least. Whatever's the best for the population.

Wolves are pricks. People romanticize them, but they are fairly shitty animals overall. Hostile, cowardly when fights go against them, no loyalty to each other, preying on livestock, and even killing their own domestic dog cousins.

I'll give you an example of the "loyalty" thing - if you shoot a dog's owner or the other dogs it lives with, a dog will still try and attack you, at the risk of its own life.

If you shoot a wolf in a pack, the other wolves panic and run away as soon as the first wolf drops. There is no loyalty among wolves. It is not in their nature. Even though they work in packs, they are mercenaries.

Human hunters keep the balance in check. No stupid wolves needed.

>The government has taken action to prevent illegal wolf hunting.

Ifs yous governments am wanting to kill all de wolves, thens whys are they wantings to stop illegal killings ofs thems?

>human hunters hunt sheep

>Cred Forums in charge of understanding how ecosystems work

I thought Scandies had higher IQ and what not, why would you do this? Are their farms this destroyed by wolves?

killing wolves. i hope we nuke norway. fuck you norwegian scum, i will beat your tourists to death.

>autismballs am still funnay

Wtf. Why? Wolves are cool. ;-;

No prey to eat = the wolves die en masse

less wolves mean more food for the wolves

No. There are 1,5 MILLION sheep in Norway.

No they are endagnered species, killing them is an international crime.

>go ahead I will sue your entire nation Norway.

>68 wolves are keeping the entire ecosystem of Norway in check
>There's hundreds of thousands of wolves around the world, but they're endangered because there's only 68 in 1 small country

>liberal scum are totally okay with killing based wolves
>but don't you dare even suggest killing some rapefugees


>all these uneducated teenagers thinking they know better
Fuck off back to plebbit

>68 wolves to 21

Is this a joke?

So many tree hugging faggots in this thread. Makes me wanna go out into the wilderness and hunt wolves.

It was funnier when you went from 2 to 0.

Just as there are different people (races), there are different wolves, adapted to the area they live in.

Nobody is talking about the global ecosystem, but the local, where the wolves live.
Herbivores are devastating to nature and need to be kept in check. Easiest way to do that is with their natural predator.

That's Norway's decision to decide not mine. I'm tired of being involved in foreign affairs.

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oh yeah get rid of the only thing killing the refugees and making them afraid to go into the forests.

i like wolf

scottfag here. massive problem with too many deer in scotland. Keep 'em around because deer eat fucking everything

>Just as there are different people (races), there are different wolves, adapted to the area they live in.

>Killing Wolves

What a bunch of faggots

It's stupid and can have negative consequences on the eco system (they are so few already though, so their impact is very low already).

Basically it's the farmers that want them gone, as they attack their sheep.

For me there is only two options; leave them as they are or make reservations.

It is, but in a way they have to be that few because they attack sheep.

We have a lot of sheep, basically everywhere. They exist just so that there is wolves in Norway. They have a very low impact on the eco system.

How are there only 68 wolves there? I expected thousands.

What about bears?

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>Implying wolf is the most dangerous thing in our forest.
>what is bear.
>what is Moose, literally called king of the forest.

Go back to blowing jamal faggot.

>Norway plans on reducing wolf population from 68 to 21
Well that makes sense, 68 thousand wolves seems like a lot

>No 68 to 21

i hope you record that

How do they justify man made wolf mortality?

U wot

Yellowstone national park removed wolves and the deer population exploded, killing shitloads of other species of plants and animals, receding rivers, etc. They reintroduced wolves and it restored much of the landscape.

Wolves are necessary

kill em all.

bathe in urbanite Oslo tears.

There's like 30 000 of them in Russia, and 60 000 in Canada, so it's not like they're by any means threatened.

Deer is not a problem here.

We still allow hunters to bear arms.

Hunters aren't allowed to hunt year round, its not the same when you concentrate all the killing into a few weeks

No! Save the doggos!

>68 to 21.
Only 68 of these wild dogs and you pussies need to reduce their numbers?

Yours won't replenish like ours. If we killed all wolves eventually more would come from Russia on their own.
good stuff

good. Don't need them. We managed without them for well over a hundred years, we'll manage for the next hundred too.

Yes that is great

NO!!! Wolves are bro tier dude. Fucking Slavs.

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depends entirely on whether or not the species is endangered

saying there's only 68 of them in a country doesn't mean here's only 68 of them left in the world

that said, i'm extremely opposed to shark culls we have here in aus, because a lot of the time they're killing shark species that have very, very low amounts of human/sharks, and if you're actually dumb enough to go jumping in the water with great whites or pointers, you deserve to get fucking eaten.

and to the people who say "durr hurr, killing a few won't make a difference" is pretty god damn ignorant when it comes to fauna high on the food chain.

Why do you let them in if they don't have an ID? Just deport them back.

ah well at least it isn't a full mangard from south to north, like last time when me and Sven wiped them and the bears out. We have brought back the later years from Russia. Reading through rovdata here, they say we have enough wolfes now for them to be ok and not get inbreed, but there has been a notable increase in their numbers this year, so we have to do some "they are coming straight for us" shit it seems.

I got a few up here behind me now actually, we don't got so many them as you read there. Quite often they attack your dog, if you are up in the forest. I know several people who have had their dogs attacked like this. In cases they have also killed dogs when the owner hasn't been on alert.

They also kill alot of sheep(though I know in part one county, they do this as an insurance scam and sell the meat later, even the cops are in on this one ofc... ), but yeah they do this.

In this guys case he had a real nasty wolf on his property. In this case the wolf had not only taken the sheep, but the god damn electric fences too!
I couldn't the other one, but then the wolf had fucking drank all his booze, crashed his car and then later gone inside and took a smoke and fell drunk a sleep in his bed!!

Translated from rovdata, that explains about the population.

why not just give them to us


I seriously hope you guys don't do this.


This is fucking retarded, even for Nordcucks

why would you kill already endangered animals?

The 'new' swedes dont like them so youre not getting any. Assimilate to your new country you racist. :^)









>muh sheep
thylacine extinction 2 electric niggaboo

Based Norsk

How can Scots even compete?

Removing predators from an environment is absolutely fucking retarded

Honestly I thought Norwegians were supposed to be smart

I guess not.

Why is a pro-wildlife stance considered left-wing? Most of my views are virulently right wing and yet my stance on animals for some reason makes me left wing. I don't understand it.

It might as well be the end of the species

they'll be more inbred than jews are

Came here to post this, surprising how many cucks we still have on this board.

Our bears take care of the illegal wolf migrants. Pic related.

They do. Overpopulation of herbivores like deer destroy ecosystems.

It was taken over by the left in the 60s in order to push communism and other bullshit

Idiots decided that just because environmental groups were retarded that it's ok to pollute the environment and kill off endangered species.

>Deer is not a problem here
They are actually becoming a problem, because of too many nu-males and too few hunters.

kill them all
kill these as well

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Honestly don't care about wolves. We already domesticated their ancestors and we can just as easily release Huskies in to the wild and they will take the wolves place in the food chain.

Or, we should do what nature intended and use the superior intellect of evolved wolves(dogs) and use them to hunt the game wolves eat.

Humans+dogs replace wolves.

because then we won't piss off libtards Sven, you know this by now!

Unrelated, but do you know this story Sven?
It's very relevant today.

>In Sweden there is a county called Värmland, this all takes place sometime before your "viking age".
>Värmland was all forest before, but a King named Olav "the treefeller"
>decide to burn and clear the forest and build the land.
>He said that anyone who would follow him and clear and build the country,
>they would get free land there. So many people found this
>as good terms, and joined in.

>Värmland became the most prosperous place in Sweden, and
>people kept coming in from all corners of the country.
>Then something happens, the land can only feed so many people,
>so they starved. Many people died.

The Land can only give so much.

>Calls itself a northern country
>has less than 100 wolves
Nice try Norway.

Is your fursona a wolf by any chance?

>not knowing how delicate the balance of nature is

I bet you don't even believe in invasive species either

ironic how the Euros that don't "believe" in predators and invasive species are letting in millions of invaders/predators

It's almost like their denial of the reality of nature is killing them.

freeze to death well pupper!

But to be honest, sometimes the illegal aliens are too strong, they can't handle it.

>from 68 to 21
What the fuck, i thought they'll have least a thousand

There's a HUGE difference between the ecology in Yellowstone and the ecology in Norway.

Basically for the non tree hugging hippies:

Norwegian "nature" is based on small farms, cultivating the wild. Sheep graze everywhere, which makes the area accessible for hikers and tourists. This means there's shitloads of unique flora and fauna here, dependent on human interaction. Not like a national park, which is dependent on LESS human interaction. (Of course, the tree hugging hippies don't care if some globally rare bugs or species of moss gets eradicated, since they're not "cute" or majestic.)

Also, we're already got brown bear, wolverines, lynx and golden eagle here, so there's not a lack of predators in whole. But the wolves simply don't go after single or weak individuals in a sheep flock, but the entire flock, meaning the farmer quits, and the land goes back to wild, meaning the unique flora and fauna goes back to Russia-standard.

Only reason people thought bringing the wolves back to Norway was a good idea, was because of retarded international organizations like Greenpeace, who knows fuck all about the nature of Norway in the first place.

Fucking urbanites in brussels who watches a single youtube video suddenly turns into experts on local Norwegian ecology, and then suddenly we get a massive international pressure to do something that will hurt the local ecology here, because it worked wonders somewhere else where there were entirely different criteria.

Introducing wolves in Norway makes as much sense as introducing them in New Zealand. Yet, those fucking clueless hippies will never understand it, because they've watched way too many disney movies.

Fuck them. Fuck them all with a big swedish black dick.

>let's kill off this native predator population and replace it just because

any reasons?

Bears starve without Wolves to kill things for them. They are terrible hunters

Protecting animals on the cost of money/profit goes against Capitalistic nature.

The USSR and Nazi-Germany were the first (large) countries protect animals if I am not mistaken.

Also hello OP ol timer, I think I kno who you are.
Long time, hope all is well

Fuck, we've got over 2300 in my state alone.

You stupid cucks, they arent killing them because they kill farm animals, they are killing them because MUSLIMS HATE DOGS!

Dont you see they are just trying to appease the new population

All I got from your post is that Norwegian farmers are lazy free roamers that never even discovered sheepdogs.

Wolves are racist, they are associated with pre christian Europe and often symbols of white supremacists.
Adolf means brave wolf for example.
Get rid of all wolves, they make refugees feel unwelcome.

Bears are great hunters. You seem to be confused.

so, doing a bit of googling, the issue here seems to be that the Gray Wolf was killed off in Norway a long time ago, and has since recolonised to a small degree.

what the issue here hinges on, though, is whether or not the wolves are a certain subspecies of Gray Wolf, known as the Eurasian Wolf. they fill the exact same ecological niche as the wider species of Gray Wolf, so i'd hesitate to say that the culling of the Eurasian Wolf would be more of a shame than an outright travesty. like someone else said, if they need more wolves back, because a prey species like rabbits or some shit get too prolific and start choking out other species, they can just bring in wolves from Russia.

either way, it seems like needless killing. i'm sure there's a conservation park or something out there in northern europe than would love a fresh pack of wolves.

yeah this pisses me off to no end, fucking useless green faggots, but you can't talk about it on Cred Forums because fuck the whales amirite :DDD

Norway, you are wrong in this.

farmers regularly slaughter their own sheep and blame it on wolves
killing wolves is norwegian for "we dindu nuffin we need mo money fo dem programs"

Why not just ship em to rural russia or alaska?

severely underrated post, this is not a land of honey.

>(Of course, the tree hugging hippies don't care if some globally rare bugs or species of moss gets eradicated, since they're not "cute" or majestic.)
kek, this it's so moronic. if something is deemed prutty people go nuts, without even looking at the facts, thinking about whales here, but when all these other things actually goes perma bye bye, they don't give a rats ass....

The difference between 68 and 21 on a national level seems really inconsequential.
Aren't you supposed to cull things when their populations are in the thousands or tens of thousands?

are these number for real? I read this first as 68 to 21 million or thousand or something. Are there really under 100 wolves in Norway? Are the number that low?

wew what pussies

according to recent data my state has like 800 and is pretty dependent on livestock

although north american wolves are generally considered less aggressive

What strange priorities these politicians have. 68 wolfers is nothing compared to the strain caused by all of the muzzies. If there's anything you need to cull, it's Ahmed and his 30 aspiring mujahideen


You guys know that we originally exterminated wolves in this country? The ecosystem didnt collapse. These wolves are illegal immigrant wolves from Russia/Finland that entered 50 years after. They dont even look like the original norwegian wolves, porbably because russian wolves are not completely eurasian, but mixed with tundra wolf.

Wtf is 21 even enough for a stable population? Do they mean 21000?

Wolves are red pilled as fuck

I am a giant softy when it comes to animals. Dont shoot the wolves please!

Legit science journal
>more sheep are killed by cars than eaten by wolves

>68 wolves
I'm sure they're in a terrible food shortage right now, a veritable famine for wolves no doubt.

>The Sami extirpated wolves in northern Sweden in organized drives. By 1960, few wolves remained in Sweden, due to the use of snowmobiles in hunting them, with the last specimen being killed in 1966. The grey wolf was exterminated in Denmark in 1772 and Norway's last wolf was killed in 1973. The species was almost wiped out in 20th century Finland, despite regular dispersals from Russia.

>In 1978, wolves began recolonising central Sweden after a twelve-year absence, and have since expanded into southern Norway. As of 2005, the total number of Swedish and Norwegian wolves is estimated to be at least one hundred, including eleven breeding pairs.

i like this view on the matter, but i'd like to see some cited sources on the "natural farms" thing.

i completely agree that greens are complete fucking retards when it comes to proper ecological sustainability.

You, I like you

But don't sheep have shepherds that follow them around for the express purpose of shooting wolves that get too close?

>Norwegian nature are farms
Woah I thought people from Norway were smart, I've seen negroes make more compelling arguments.
I guess all oil based economies are populated by subhumans.

All living wolves in the far north are grey wolves

the difference is between Eurasian and North American Wolf subspecies (and of course dogs which are just genetic mutants of inbred grey wolves that descend from a now extinct Grey wolf subspecies)

Basically they're killing off the tiny amount of Grey Wolves in the country to appease the Muslims.

Ho shit I had a hamster named Misho

prime example of person who knows fuck all about norwegian nature, yet thinks his opinion matters.

Sheep dogs won't work for plenty of reasons. First of all is allemannsretten, which means every person has the right to hike and camp in areas where sheep graze. This means you can't have highly territorial animals who would chomp down on a ten year old getting too close to a sheep flock.

Then there's the fact that sheep dogs need constant surveillance by other humans. And there's simply too much area to cover, and no farmer has the time, or the money to hire someone to stay up on the mountain with a flock for the time they graze.

To hire a shepherd for 24 hour a day, you'd actually need to hire SIX people, working full time, because of Norwegian worker's regulations. So for two months shepherding, you'd need one average norwegian's yearly salary.

Simply not possible.

I dated a fat Norwegian blonde once

I could tell by how retarded she was how retarded the country must be

pussy ass Europeans I bet they would soot themselves if they had the animals what we do in Canada timber wolves brown and black bears and mountain lions

No they are not. They just submit to stupid sheep-herders (who do not want to "waste" money guarding their herd). '
Get your shit together, Norway. It is your nature that is being fucked up by arrogant human waste.

There are not 68 wolfs in Norway but around 9, the rest is occasionally crossing the boarder from Sweden.

we wiped them out in the 1800ds, well me and Sven. Most of this country is also as flag more in detail describes in post here, a shitrock. It's a big rock basically.

This will fuck up the genetic pool of the wolf population and increase the issues of herbivores like reindeer/deer/elks/hares going unchecked population wise.

This will fuck up the timber industry and the current balance of your ecosystems. Such a stupid call.

go lose another war, white friend.


if you are nordic and are for hunting wolves

you will be there with the leftist on the day of the rope


>24 hours a day
>SIX people
What the fuck, I have met (half) Jewish people that work harder than you.

so north american wolves are the same "Gray Wolves"?

trying to wrap my head around this, i'm more used to the scaly and venomous aand too-many-legs species down here.

At least we have an army you cuck.
Have fun when oil runs out or gets phased and all your natural resources are somalians and sheep.

>predator is removed from the population
>predator that fills exactly the same biche moves in and begins to thrive
Seems like without native wolves the ecosystem changed enough to attract a replacement


>be 1920s in the USA
>Wolves are shot on sight all over the country
>The deer and other prey population explodes as wolves are hunted almost to extinction
>FUCK YEAH, now we have more prey for ourselves and higher profits from our livestock
>fast forward 20 years later
>wild life eats all of the vegetation in the land leading to a dust bowl
>everyone suffers
>ecosystem barely making a comeback today

People never learn.

Here's another instance of removing a keystone predator.

>wolves are hunted near extinction in yellow stone
>the young bucks roam wild
>trees that are used by fucking beavers wilt and die.
>beavers cant build dams
>few years later the valley FUCKING FLOODS because beavers not building dams

Put in your DD,

>Sheep farming and large carnivores:What are the factors influencing claimed losses?

Another article
>Norwegian farmers """claim""" 17,800 sheep are eaten by wolves for the period 2001-2011 TOTAL
>evidence (carcasses and other) only indicates 2000 eaten by wolves for the period 2001-2011 TOTAL

Fuck the farmers. This is an insurance scam:
>losses due to predators are covered by the state and reimbursed in full
>losses due to being a shit, lazy farmer aren't reimbursed

>kill the wolves
>not just building a wall around your farm
When will you fags learn that Trump is always right?


Animal populations are fluid with multiple 'hubs' where exchange occurs, or one way migration. It's interesting especially when you have animals to map of how they move around.

Don't assume the government knows the best solution, half of natural resource management is politics. Wolves aren't a threat to humans and there are cheap and easy methods, aside from building an enclosure, to disway wolves coming into a specific territory.

I'm surprised your timber industry isn't against this shit because this means sapling density, even if its a small number of wolves culled.

The fact that wolves are almost impossible to tame and have as pet makes them useless..

Wolves confirmed for bro-tier. Depending on how the wolves in Norway are distributed around the country, much of it may already be in a trophic cascade. Still, the elimination of the species altogether from the country will undoubtebly make things worse for wildlife in the region, esp in protected areas which I assume Norway has. The cuck farmers need to quit bitching to Mother government and just shoot one if it is caught in the act, but leave the rest alone. Pavlov and anyone that owns a doggo shows that canines are capable of learned behavior, thus if the wolf packs take losses from attempting raids on sheep herders, said wolves will learn to avoid the risks and avoid eating sheep if not stopping all together.

Kill them all, Norway was wolf free for centuries until some fucking activists wanted to reintroduce them with some foreign Finnish-Russian wolves. Our ecosystem was doing fine for 100s of years without them. Nobody talks about reintroducing lions in southern Europe.

The wolves are just menace to our sheep herds, basically the only thing we can do for food production in this steep and narrow country.

Kek has spoken.

Hail victory!

It is free hunting on those fuckers, which means that you can hunt them all year around and shoot/trap as many as you would like.

You know, alternatively you could build better fences around your walking wool and meat sources. Fences that would keep those few wolves out. Or ship them to us, we're happy to get some more. I'll never understand the "would someone please think of our sheeples" mentality.

it's kind of hard to tell when it's only been happening for a few hundred years, especially with an animal with a lifespan more than a couple of years.

the actual danger comes from a prey species booming to the point of choking another prey species, but as we know the northern areas aren't particularly big on biodiversity and density, so change is slow, and definite answers are slower.

We actually had to take shitloads of moose a few back, because they started to starve.

But we do hunt damn many moose each year, we'd take em all if it were not for the quotas.

Seriously though, we actually hunt and harvest tons of moose each year. The main reason why they want to keep the numbers down though, are the farmers.

>68 wolves are a menace to an entire country

Holy shit, you guys are the true cucks of Scandinavia

If foxes can bypass fences I imagine wolves can too. Canines are pretty smart.

So Deers = niggers of the animal world

At last I truly see

>the dust bowl was caused by deer

now i've heard everything

Human's in Wyoming (where yellowstone is located) keep the wolf population in check by shooting them. That's why it works.

The wolf population grows too large with farms around, because there is too much easy prey at all the ranches. In nature, they don't generally grow so large as it's harder for them to hunt in the wild.

Shoot, Shovel, and Shut up.

>i like this view on the matter, but i'd like to see some cited sources on the "natural farms" thing.

Just read how Norwegian agriculture is conducted. It's mainly small farms, spread ALL OVER the country. Since almost no land can be cultivated like it's done in most countries, farms are dependent on the "wild" areas, which really aren't that wild, since domesticated animals graze there.

Bear is a joke compared to wolfpack.
The truth however is - both fear humans because human means DEATH.

However - Norwegians who lost connection with nature should be gassed together with their rapefugees and their sheep.

>a sheep dog can't be trained to or doesn't inantely know that a wolf is a threat to a sheep flock and a 10 year old isn't

>simply not possible

You're simply retarded.

They have a niche within the carnivore animals and they lower the density of large herbivores. In New York we have a massive deer problem, not only with road collisions, but they are eating all the native plant life. Unchecked this can decimate an old forest because there are no saplings to replace the larger/dying trees.

Shit is important, especially when you do a valuation of the land and ecosystems and the money that it offsets while in good condition.

It's not often I'm ashamed to be from Norway

worker's regulations, not a choice.

Basically at the very minimum three people in eight hour shifts. Add in overtime, sick pay, holiday pay, and so on, and you'll end up with the cost of about six full time workers.

Send them here so we can unban wolf hunting

Sheep are good because you can let them pasture in the useless mountains, that used to be wolf-free. We are not going to fence them inside the little viable farmland we actually have in this cold and forsaken country.

We had this in the states in Yellowstone park where the deer fucked up everything. They reintroduced the wolves and everything was fine in the world.

>Removing wolves from the ecosystem can fuck up nature beyond any recognition, since they keep the cancerous herbivores in check.

this is the kind of dog-whistle shit that lets people know you don't know what you're talking about and don't even realise it.

>people think mother nature allows things to exist in a state of equilibrium
>instead of cyclical rise and falls
>wherein those cycles sometimes species go extinct
>population culling and hunting are bad

Then they should build walls. America could export Trump for that purpose.

>But don't sheep have shepherds that follow them around for the express purpose of shooting wolves that get too close?
Yes, but see, we killed all our wolves and bears in the 1800's and thus we stopped doing anything like that. Norwegian farmers just hang a bell around the neck of their sheep an let them free into the forest

That should be a reason to keep the wolves. Now you're going to have more moose starving, the reason they are starving is because they are eating all the vegetation.

Vegetation of which is suppose to live and be the replacement for when the upper canopy species begin to age and die out.

You go surprise a sheep dog in the wild.

Sure, most may be trained to not attack something that could be considered a threat to the flock, but by introducing sheep dogs, we'd have plenty of people getting bitten each year, since everyone can hike in grazing areas.

Also, you'd need some shepherd close by at all times.

Meanwhile hundreds of raping muslims are ok.

Snowniggers being psychopath murderers, nothing to see here

>Removing wolves from the ecosystem will benefit Norway.

Removing Norwegians, Swedes Fins and Danes will benefit the world.

At least they're coherent with their genocide.

I happen to know a lot about this topic.
We do have wolves in Estonia. ~20-25 wolfpacks, 6 on average per pack, ~120 wolves in Estonia. The number is falling here too because greedy sheep-herders lobby for their reduction and illegally kill them too. They are reducing hunting quotas on them because numbers falling. Hope it helps.

I don't think a wolf can get over a 10 foot wall.

Finally some foreigner who gets it.

Finns are great though. Please leave them alone.

To be fair, most sheepdogs are trained to eat sheep-thieves as well as wolves.

i want to believe you, but i'll still need specific citations

>lost connection with nature
it's kind of funny how so many people here espouse a lot of hitler's shit about nature and the natural order of things, but refuse to give a shit about ecology

i don't know, i have a burning hatred for green poltical groups because they're just virtue signalling poofter cunts who do more harm than good in some cases, but at the same time i can't help but feel just as much contempt for people who give zero shits about wildlife.

fucking cool. this shit is so varied. i mean, you could kill the wolves and have the deer fuck up an ecosystem decades generations, whereas i reckon you could probably go out to the arctic and cull all the polar bears, and we wouldn't see any kind of impact on the environment until there wasn't anyone left who had seen a polar bear themselves in living memory. shit's fascinating.

fuck cougars, man. absolute assholes.

I've been stalked by one and it was truly awful. The only animal that's ballsey enough to attack humans for fucking fun in canada, minus the polar bear aka murder machine.

wolves need to be re-introduced in eastern us in large numbers. you have way too many deer and they all act niggerdly.

>Our farmers are incompetent niggers and our natural wildlife are sheeps and grass
I feel sorry for Breivik, what did he do to deserve being born in a country full of people like you?

>Not killing wolves
>Caring about muh environment
fuck off peta

(totally unrelated)

what are the biggest differences between Netherlands and Norway, in your experience?

warmer climate, less oil, lower prices - what else?

alvast bedankt

(captcha "bitord spectacle"

Wolves are a fine line you overly protect them and their numbers get too high they start attacking people

Well, if you forget to build a good fundament they can dig under it.

Leave Finns out of this m8

Im trying to say that if the ecosystem could attract a new predator there had to be explosive growth within prey species to the point where external predators were drawn in.

fucking Asians have no respect for nature and wildlife

I'm afraid there is a big problem with wolves in Russia. Stray dogs from cities were not controlled lately and have been destroying natural habitat of wolves.

It happened in yellowstone national park. It happened where I'm currently doing research in NY. It's a well known fact in Natural Resource Management, something your country uses in the forestry division.

Your national export depends on carnivores keeping elk/moose shits population in check, otherwise they would eat all your saplings on farm plantations and preserves.

>Thinking nature is chaotic
>Thinking humans haven't already altered ecosystems

Bruh, you dumb?

>(captcha "bitord spectacle" kek)

you still have word captchas in the motherland?

A good fence needs to go partially underground. You can't fault a doggo for wanting a free meal if you make it easy for them.

>68 wolves

Kek that's only like a dozen packs. Why not just kill them all with such a small amount?

>shooting 2/3rd of your wolf population
way to fuck up your prey animal population

>The only animal that's ballsey enough to attack humans for fucking fun in canada, minus the polar bear aka murder machine.
Tell us more.

When has that ever been a thing?

we have the same ebb and flow problems as detailed in your posts with multiple animals, but liberal faggots want to try and interject, thinking that "we introduce x back into environment, and let mother nature take her course, man!"

Mother nature will gladly allow the deer to be wiped out in a region and have all the local farmers wake up with half their herd overnight. I love wolves, don't get me wrong. I have yet to hunt or shoot one.

We have some faggot hippies that say we can only shoot 2 coyotes or wolves PER YEAR south of a certain area. Even though they make a tear down to the farms during winter. Farmers have to submit a proposal to have their problem investigated and IF the ministry approves THEN they have to get OTHER LICENSED HUNTERS to shoot these animals on their own property.

2 coyotes or wolves rule still applies.

Humans are pretty good at getting rid of deer as well.

You think most animals killed by predators are ever going to get found?

Sure, some farmers may exaggerate their claims, but to think all the animals that didn't get proven taken by predators weren't is simply idiotic.

Most farmers work with a number of acceptable losses each year. So it makes sense if around 5% gets taken out by disease, accidents and so on. If a farmer suddenly loses 30% of the flock, it's probably not a disease, or an accident, but some predator roaming around. Some team is sent out, recover a couple of cadavers, and the rest that is not covered by the natural 5% loss rate can be assumed without proof taken by predators.

Anyone who shoots wolves should be shot before they do.

Wolves are majestic creatures and closely related to dogs. I'm against this.

>enter thread
>be hostile for no reason

Wolves aren't dogs, anyone who thinks they are or that they can be tamed is fucking retarded.

Sure the puppies sure look like doggo's but they're not.

I get killing them if they threaten livestock but otherwise why kill something you're not going to eat?

Wolves inspire masculinity, therefore the Scandinavian governments want them dead

> Defending immigrants just because they are animals ...
> Defending animals who behaves like niggers


mostly numbers, about 1/3 words (road signs, by the looks of them)

They norwegians are utter cucks now taking their orders from people who fucked their environment to desert and then invaded Norway.

Enjoy your desert, Norway.

i've explained why this is not economically feasible in previous posts.

Basically Norwegian farmers can't pay mexican wages to shepherds to follow the sheep.
And they can't follow them themselves, since the time of the year the sheep are out, is also the most busy time of the year for the farmers when it comes to harvesting the grass for winter. (We're talking 18 hour work days here, and the only way farming is legal in Norway is because they're all self employed).

you're ignoring the fact that it is open season on wolves in WY and surrounding states.

You're also ignoring the fact that non-contact with humans doesn't exist, and therefore we will continue to always have an impact on where predators decide to get their food. Therefore even if we re-introduce these predators to help cull Cervidaes, we would also need to do incredible due diligence to make sure we don't supply another food source via our livestock.

I'm not saying re-introduction is bad or having predators around isn't absolutely necessary, what I WAS saying was that he was right for the wrong reasons. Nature doesn't exist in a state of equilibrium as long as animals come in contact with humans.

also who uses faggot words like bruh?

What would you like to know? The fact that they stalk you and are fine with you knowing they're watching? That they try and psych you out to see how you react?

Best to tell it to fuck off and if it doesn't, put that bastard down.

We re-introduced those cocksuckers in the late 80s and now they're back with a vengeance.

Warmer climate, but more windy - fucking hate this wind all the time.

In general it's more liberal, people are driving around on scooters everywhere without helmets, smoking weed, and buying cheap alcohol anywhere at any time. It's crazy, but I like it

Housing is super expensive though, compared to Norway

The biggest difference for me is the geography I think - it's literally impossible to find "wild nature" here, the fucking dutch have built cities everywhere - it's impossible to be alone anywhere. And no mountains, obviously

>wolves can't be tamed
>used for thousands of years before they were properly made into dogs over some more thousands of years
fucking leafs

Anyone else know about the study on wolves/moose on isle royale?

RIP puppers. Only 3 left

yes yes trickle down ecosystems.. they're still more inbred than a pakistani pickpocket

shoot shovel and shut up is an unspoken law in rural alberta


Humans are not good at getting rid of only the WEAK part of deer population.

>oy vey we got to kill those 47 fucking wolves! they're the real threat here, goyim!

Kek, it's not justified.

>only 68 wolves in Norway left

That's an endangered species m8.

I'd rather kill 6 million lefties and those 11000 hunters that signed up. You do know that by killing those wolves it will fuck up your ecosystem really hard, right?

You don't have to be a fucking green party faggot to understand that.


>killing wolves at all

Jon is disappointed in you, nordick faggots.

Better to just subsidise farmers for livestock losses.

Wolves > the livelihoods of some dirty rustics anyway.

Ridiculous. Wolves should be given guns so they can cull two thirds of Norway's population tbqh.

wolves with lasers on their heads?

You misunderstand the origin of the dog.

They started out wild, the less wild ones would naturally be attracted to our waste and primordial dumps. It would take many generations just to go from this point to a type of proto-dog, used as mainly tools.

Pure, wild wolves have never been used by humans as working dogs. They don't naturally listen to us, and in general are and should be afraid of us naturally.

Put down the Finlandia and do some research on the subject.

Any flock which can be guarded by a single shepherd isn't big enough to pay for that shepherd.

They used to have a shepherd because we used to have bugger fuck all minimum wage.

It's always the inbred, borderline retarded farmer böndes that hate wolves, bears, lynxes, wolverines etc here in Finland too, because they are too fucking retarded to keep their animals secure from the wild life. The only thing they can think of is going "REEEEEEEEE! KILL ALL WOLVES! MUH SHEEP!"

>mfw a bunch of those retards got sentenced with massive fines, ranging in thousands of yuros, few years ago after they killed a wolf pack without licences.
>they were also sent to jail for over a year.
Serves those bum fucking retards right.
Killing animals who are endangered as fuck already here (under 250 breeding age individuals), because they killed a bunch of sheep that number in the tens of thousands in Finland alone, is deserving of harsh punishments.

this tbqh, satan.


That's fine. The same thing needs to happen in Montana.

>despicable cucks eliminating proud spices for no reason

Seems like business as usual. Norway and Sweden need to be nuked. They have proved to be useless nations deserving of systematic execution.

cool, thanks

lived in NL for a few years, quite liked it, and Norway is also one of the most interesting places in Europe for me, so was curious

so apparently no huge differences culture-wise, just somewhat more relaxed

and yeah, very true about nature
escaped to Belgian Ardennes a couple of times to see real forest and sloped land

You seem like you're upset. There's no need to be upset

They have 68 wolves.
And they want to redusce their numbers to 21.
THEY ARE FUCKING RETARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why dont they curve the muslim and black immagrants in their country.
The wolves arent killing anybody.
Its the mudbloods.
And Norways fucked up PC government.

>fuck cougars, man. absolute assholes.
>I've been stalked by one and it was truly awful. The only animal that's ballsey enough to attack humans for fucking fun in canada, minus the polar bear aka murder machine.

kek, now that I've never experience, sad we don't got them over here, so we could wipe out, I'm pretty sure (((Hollywood))) will be pissed, because I think that is one of dem prutty animals?

BTW: Last person to be killed by wolves here was back in the 1800ds, he was a soldier walking over "Kongevegen", the old road to Kongsvinger. Up in the forest he had met a wolf pack who attacked him, and he cut the head of one with his saber. He didn't dry off the blood when he put it back. This year it was hard times here and a lot of animals were killed, so the wolves were prolly desperate.

However he walks out on the lake, and the pack comes again. This is not normal. When he tries to pull up his saber now, it's frozen, so they are able to get him.

One can only speculate in if he wanted to save gunpowder or what. I've been to this place you see, there used to be a ferry there like way back, and at this place this information board stands telling about the place.

It's a place we go to get a fish that only are some places, we use for bait for gahr and pike. They need not so deep water, with a rocky bottom. It has poisonos spikes on it's back fins. It has only local names russkule,bånnbærsj(lit bottom poop) etc

>i want to believe you, but i'll still need specific citations

Most of the sources are in Norwegian, so I really don't know what to give you that you would understand.
Try to find some unbiased sources in English. (Although that's almost impossible, since they're often Greenpeace pieces of shit).
Just do your own research on the specific nature and agriculture of Norway, and you'll understand why the Yellowstone=Norway approach taken by many here is totally retarded.

as is in rural ontario and quebec. The problem is a lot of them feel bad and end up harvesting the meat and pelt, which obviously looks like opportunistic pot shots.

still, no one blabs to the ministry about that shit.

What's wrong with your stupid fucking wolves?

They breed like crazy over here

Please don't kill them just ship them here I'm sure they'll adjust to our temperature.
Animals are the only innocent things on this planet

Natural Resource Manager here. It's not about just the deer/wolf situation. You also have to think of the land that they are in.

Currently, at least in NY, we have exterminated most carnivores because of public safety, where patches exist as hubs within state parks and preserves.

We had to cull 53 deer last year because their densities were 6-8 times above what is considered healthy or sustainable per square mile. This was because they are collapsing our forests and instead of productive land, we were seeing invasives specifically liana and bush of zero economic value taking place.

Both from an environmental and economic standpoint, this is unproductive. On top of that tourism to these regions decrease in efforts to find forests/land that is more pristine and pleasing to look at.

>norway afraid of being overrun by 68 wolves

you're retarded and your country is retarded.
68 wild dogs and you're losing your minds. I know muslims hate dogs but I was under the impression they hadn't made it up that far yet.

>Pure, wild wolves have never been used by humans as working dogs.
this has been done as little as 30-40 years ago around where I live

>his cunt didnt build the worlds longest fence to keep the dogs out

Speaking of, there has been growing calls to open up some sections of the dingo fence because the roos are now the biggest problem

p-pls no nuke

that's pretty fucking metal.

and cougars are alright, as long as they don't try and fuck with you. I'm happy with all kinds of predators, as long as they don't fuck with me. I'll do whatever I can to avoid a confrontation but I feel varying levels of bad when push comes to shove. I absolutely do not care a single iota when it's a fucking coyote.

A lot of the reported deaths are actually form dogs, or other accidents. Farmers make money on wolf attacks, because they get full compensation for full grown animal (even for lambs) without having to feed or take care of them. The real problem is that the wolves sometimes kill the individuals they prefer for breeding new generations of sheep.

nice proxy cunt

can someone clusterbomb the fucking shit outa goddamn norway

>thinks cycles continue once a species goes extinct
You've reach ascended retard status leaf

>Humans are not good at getting rid of only the WEAK part of deer population.

So we get more retarded deer, is that a huge problem?


How else are they supposed to protect the cattle that feeds all the niggers and muslims that occupy their country

>We're talking 18 hour work days here, and the only way farming is legal in Norway is because they're all self employed
This is true

On holiday m8

we really don't have a problem with overpopulation of deer, moose and other herbivores, since everyone and their grandma hunts here.

It's actually more of the opposite, there's strict regulations on how many herbivores can be hunted each year, since they're so tasty.

So no need for culling, as hunting is so popular here.

lol@ the city cucks posting

>muh doggo
>muh pupper

fucking reddit faggots. I'm trying so hard not to post the puppy getting killed by the snake webm

How do we put this leftist braindead menace in line again?

Holy shit you are fucking stupid.

This is true, people not following the laws requiring dogs being leashed is a far greater problem than the wolves.

I don't get it, how is 68 much?

This is retarded and is only happening because farmers are lobbying against wolves, all species have impact on their environments in unique way and if you remove them you won't be able to fully replicate the species effect even if you mimick them.

This is the same as retards defending mass use of pesticides to get rid of mosquitos because they're too cheap and retarded to invest in nets/repellents and we're not talking about malaria-spreading species hered.

I wonder how would people feel if jews actively lobbied for culling of people who refuse to get into debt.

the problem with re-introduction post-removal is the species (at least in canada) have difficulty adjusting, and when they are desperate they go after our livestock.

Our farming vs pest animal philosophy in north america is much different. We don't kill most things that harm or threaten to harm, whereas in europe the tendency was to cull anything, which is why they only have pockets (bears and wolves) in very remote areas.

Tricky situation, no matter what way you slice it.

You'd be interested in reading about our moose population dwindling for seemingly no reason, and our once 900k strong herd of caribou in nunavut is down to 15-50k. Cyclical losses from the early 90s.

this is what you get for being arabic socialist shithole

>Norway is literally justifying their own racial eradication and they don't even know it

Yes it is. Healthy ecosystems are the very habitat we live in.

>a subhuman swede trying to explain anything

So do hunters eat raw meat and shit in the woods to spread bacteria? There's a lot more to it than just killing deer. But there's no sense in arguing with anyone from sweden, all braindead leftist subhumans. I hope your family line gets corrupted by shitskin blood.

this man speaks the truth.

Norway had around a hundred years without wolves. And over 200 with almost no wolves. The ecosystem didn't fail.

Yeah you can try to use them, but they aren't "tame" and will always be unpredictable.

Those likely weren't wolves anyways, as most sled dogs and such look like wolves.

Pic related is a Malamute, a dog, not a wolf.

you're pretty fucking stupid to either have misread the post or not understand the implications.

>Norway turning into a desert
Yes, Norway is not one of the most rainy places in Europe, perhaps the world, and our ecosystem existed without wolves for over a hundred years without any form of "desertification".

One of Norway's pluses, is that it rains so much, it means things grow back really fast. That's actually the reason why Western Europe never experienced our ecosystems getting ruined by overgrazing like say in the middle east and north Africa. It rains ALL THE TIME.

We actually have a problem of all our nice culture landscape of grazeland being overgrown with thick forest lately as people are farming and herding less and less.

We hunted them to near extinction century or so ago because back then people literally shot them on sight because of "muh sheep!" and general hatred of any predatory animal, including fucking otters and seals or big predatory birds like eagles. People literally thought that those animals were competing for fish, and other game with humans.

Modern wolf hate is remnants of that mentality.
Wolves are still illegally being killed by inbred farmers in our countryside. These cases very rarely come to the attention of authorities, but when they do, those farmers usually get fucked royally in the court.
I laugh when those bönde retards get the fist of the law showed up their asses for killing those animals due to their moronic hatred of them.

It depends. Where I have my summerhouse, there is a huge goose problem, and nobody of the locals hunt goose, they just stamp on their eggs.

looks like youtube has deleted the video i wanted to link, but they're culling red kangaroos by flying around in helicopters, herding them into one area then going full DEATH FROM ABOVE on the critters

it looks deadset like something out of Mad Max

Shitskins have even less connection with nature...

Only dumb goys use this, mosquitos are unable to fly unless the air in a room is completely still you can make the mosquitos die of hunger by just keeping the fan on on minimum all summer.

He's not right period. This is a classic example of cultural/political manipulation from a specific industry because their assumptions of wolf eating herds aren't even accurate, first of all. Second of all, killing wolves will do more economic damage than just erecting fencing or hiring a wolf specialist to deter wolf packs from the area.

I already told you meathead, humans have altered every stretch of ecosystem, which includes those we don't currently live on. There are other resources tied to wolves than the fucking sheep, that should be obvious.

>keeping the fan on on minimum all summer

well that's true.

I'm not advocating 1800s style eradication of all predators though. I'm perfectly fine with wolverines, polar bear, brown bear, foxes, lynxes, and so on and so on.

But reintroducing wolves in an area where they're totally not able to be without destroying local nature is a fucking stupid idea.

The norwegian wolf has been extinct for many years. What we have today is a pack of inbred retarded wolves, as a result of a swedish breeding experiment to get them back into the wild.

Net costs you practically nothing, keeps out all manner of vermin, not only mosquitos and you don't need to pay bills keeping nets.

>because their assumptions of wolf eating herds aren't even accurate, first of all

Why is your assumption that they're wrong any more reliable?

Pretty easy to tell when a predator is after your animals, especially when they start getting kills. Pretending this doesn't happen is just moronic.

>he doesn't buckshot every flock of canadian geese he sees

do us all a favour, Stieg. get rid of the worst export of my frozen tundra

They should capture and tame them and turn them into war hounds to fight against shitskin invaders. Just killing them seems like a waste.

Well, we shall see. This culling, if it goes through, will mean more hunting of herbivores, if you guys can do the wolves and prevent overgrazing of your forest interiors, good for you.

>look at me i'm the real tough guy here i even have videos of killing small animals stored on my hard drive yeah you think they are cute well fuck you

The inbreed and retarded wolves are minor problem compared to your inbreed and retarded human population.

kek, no I have no advices for you on dealing with these cougars leaf. I just keep picturing walking and having one of those after me lol..
>go away fucker
>damn you fucker, stop following me!


(bloodsucking) mosquitos don't actually serve a purpose
predators do since they always cull out all the deformed and otherwise retarded prey animals

>but they aren't "tame" and will always be unpredictable.
no and no
you don't raise a dog like a wolf or a wolf like a dog
you assert dominance every waking moment and with every single action
a wolf is obedient and submits to you aslong as you prove your strength
as examples of some sort

I also can't find the video about a swedish guy who grows wolves for a living and leads a pack of half a dozen or more
single wolves are far more controllable and require less wolf-like behaviour

of course it is incredibly hard to force a wild adult wolf to submit, which is why you take a wolfpup so that it grows with respect for humans

huskies and malamutes dont look like wolves at all. have you ever seen a fucking wolf?


All the furries in this thread...

>erecting fencing

Yeah, let's fence in all of Norway, destroying travelling routes for all wild animals. This will totally not destroy the eco system at all.

And it will be cheap too, as avalanches will only destroy them once a year, so the farmers will have to repair the hundreds of kilometer long fence.

And fences will totally stop wolves, it's not like they can jump or climb.

And electric fences will totally not be rendered ineffective by the local vegetation growing around it in the wild areas.

Seriously guy, stop posting about shit you know nothing about.

There are plenty of solutions to this problem though, you don't need to demand that the government culls most of them.

spotted the westlander!

it only rains there

Song Mee pls

Mosquitos are FOOD for some critters.

>it's farmer manipulation, all those rich sheep farmers, who lobby their government and convince a bunch of liberal marxists that the majestic wolf is a nigger pest, so the leftist governments approve of his culling b/c they trust his word and don't diddly daddle with years of environmental impact studies and opening it up to the community to discuss the unnecessary killing of these "majestic creatures"

that's a whack load of assumptions, yank.


p much

u mad faggot?

but mosquitos are major part of foodchain for many species, just like their eggs.

Just because they don't directly benefit you doesn't mean they're worthless.

most mosquitos are the ones that feed on flowers though
only females of a few specific species suck blood

just domesticate them you stupid fucking faggots

>shoot one wolf when pack comes near your herd
>pack no longer even thinks about coming to your farm unless they're absolutely desperate
No need to kill two thirds of the population.

Here in the west, there is a wolf hunting season where a specified number of wolves can be killed each fall to keep their population in balance.

This keeps the wolf population at their right level, as their packs grow faster than they would normally due to the excessive amount of easy prey they can find from farms.

I own a malamute, and the behaviour you attributed to wolves seems to work for it as well. It is aggressive towards smaller weaker animals, but very friendly/submissive to larger animals like humans or horses.

Hunting is about being the superior species and preying on the weaker ones. If someone kills a deer with an A-10 it's still hunting just like using a bow and arrow is.

Not a problem. There's really not a problem at all to get enough hunters for the herbivores.

It's actually more of a problem stopping them from taking them all out. Adding wolves to the equation will only mean hunting goes extinct, or the herbivores do.

Why are people acting like wolves are the only things keeping the world from being overrun by deer? Just fucking shoot them.


>he doesn't buckshot every flock of canadian geese he sees
You can't just hunt on another mans property.

They mosquitos are FOOD. Part of a foodchain that is part of a ecosystem.

>"the number of deer had built up"
>shows footage of moose


The pack wolves aren't actually the worst ones. Since they mainly stay far away from people and sheep flocks, and rather try to go for wild game.

The main problem are the omegas, who leave the pack, and starts killing everything in sight.

They also travel larger areas than a pack, so there's no way of containing the threat, as they can strike anywhere.

Yes, but that's US where there's plenty of unused land, the situation is completely different in europe where all predatory species are nearly extinct and you can't go an hour without stumbling across farm/village/factory/logging camp etc.

>he doesn't bait them onto his property or go inawoods and do the right thing


Shit they are some fucking nerve these bastards.
A good thing they weren't frisky and the guys were luckily not wearing any tiger shit on them.

>herbivores completely fuck an ecosystem up

Vegetarians and vegans BTFO.

This is the work of (((them))).
The sacred wolf would have thinned out the herd of the disgusting invading parasites from Africa and the middle east.

(((They))) know it, and so are killing off Norway's ancient natural defenses.