Let's get all 196 national flags in the same thread

Let's get all 196 national flags in the same thread.

Territories/other places welcome

is amongs other things you can read about in the book: "Shit that's not going to happen"

Well we already have enough fucking leafs

What about all the little islands and shit, there's gotta be more than 196 flags


The 196 are just country flags. That is not including territories and some tiny isolated islands.


Russian correcting Yankee in English language...


Yeah, so what? He cocked it up.

Leaf here

Shills will reply to each other, ignore slide threads

Damn it Austria not now

>ignore slide threads

It's just going to be the same 10 countries posting in your thread


First for executing refugees with kangaroos.


You have my axe.

r a r e f l a g c o m i n g t h r o u g h

Do not falseflag with it without a good planning ahead.

196 countries is a meme. There's maybe like 50 countries tops. The rest don't count.

Dem truth digits.

Also it will be missing all the africans and caribean flags.

This is one pointless thread...

Have some Hilloli instead

This should be my most recent collection

rares from Cred Forums don't count faggot
rares from rarebait threads don't count either
get the fuck out