Brit/pol/ - Mo Farah Edition

>BBC continues to push pro transgender views as mainstream and towards children - utter filth.

>Nigel Farage 'bows out as Ukip leader with skinny dip off Bournemouth pier'

>Theresa May set to trigger Article 50 by February, EU's Donald Tusk says

>Bring back Britannia to rule the waves after Brexit

>Diane James becomes UKIP leader

>President of Slovakia says the V4 group will 'Veto' any deal with the UK that doesn't protect freedom of work

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2nd for black British Muslim Somalian refugees


UK is a country full of pedos

Any fellow lads gonna help me repopulate Japan?

>ISIS just used an air to ground missile to blow up an unmanned mine clearing vehicle
kek, bunch of retards

Another thread here

Can confirm.

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Today has been an utter shit show for Brit/pol/.

All these thread splitters mate

Britpol is trying to roleplay the labour party.

So what is the purpose of UKIP now? Their biggest issue is gone.

The UK is still in the EU.

pressure group to prevent soft-brexit (ie, Norway EEC cuck option of maintaining single market/free movement access)

Alright, let me rephrase that. What will be the purpose of UKIP in 2018?

another one

I'm lost lads, so many threads, what do?

That ones p comfy, let's use that one.

wait til they get bored and go to bed then come back, all you can do


stereo shitposting, not bad

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