Cartels come to Old Mexico

A family of 4 Brazilians - two adults, a 5-year-old girl, and a 1-year-old boy - has been found murdered and dismembered in Guadalajara. Guadalajara, SPAIN, that is. Spain has one of the lowest murder rates in Europe - what's going on here?

Where there's Brazilians, there'll be Brazil.

I dint knew there was sicarios in Spain.

Still, not fucks given. I have no pity for ppl that work with drugs.

How do you know it was mexicans

It might not be Mexicans. I just like calling Spain "Old Mexico." England is "Old America," Portugal is "Old Brazil," France is "Old Quebec," etc.

But it definitely looks like sicarios/cartels from somewhere.

B-but the EU protect us


In a low crime rate country like Spain, is difficult to picture a low tier criminal killing with such violence and speed.

99% they are from Mexico, fled to Spain, executed the job and came back home.

Just ask to the spanish federal police to try to see at least 2 mexican guys that came in and out of mexico on the same flight.

that's not proof enough, it could be people from Spain.

>In a low crime rate country like Spain, is difficult to picture a low tier criminal killing with such violence and speed.

Portuguese are our enemy.
They SHALL fall under the boot of the Castilian IMPERIALISM.

It's very unlikely. The entire Madrid region (6.3 million people) had 36 murders in all of 2015. That's incredibly low. And a lot of those were domestic violence.

Spaniards are simply not a violent population.


Once we CRUSH the satan worshiper MOORTUGUESE we'll rejoin with our ARYAN brothers to end the ancient MOOR ally, THE ETERNAL ANGLO.

>Spaniards are simply not a violent population.
We like to keep our rage and anger pent up.

Just to see if we can get a world wide antwerp done.

They must've drunk water from the tap there

You learned nothing from history. Please come and try again

Those repeating numbers

Time to meet god,ese...

It WILL work.
Here, let me explain how poortugal is DOOMED.

>Make brexit win
>During summer give out shitload of free alcohol to the young brits so the british army falls short in numbers
>With a weak army and brexit winning instigate the krauts to attack them for annexation
>Then, while poortugal sends it's army to defend their ancient ally we get into the backdoor and offer them an offer they can't refuse
>To be an autonomic community together with galicia.







>it could be people from Spain.
Yeah sure, Spanish people killing and dismembering an entire family, nothing to do with mestizos.

Police here mostly just detain mudshits.

>mfw it actually worked.

well congratulations you got iberia united
whats the next step of your master plan?

Unite the universe under the Iberian flag.

>5-year-old girl
>1-year-old boy

what the hell is wrong with them?

>calling a mexican mestizo

Its the mexican tactics.
They kill inocents as a way of showing force and to scare their own members to not betray them.

France is old QuƩbec? Fucking what?

What the fuck are you even implying? Only Canada and the USA(not for long) have lower % of mestizos that Argentina in the Americas.
Inb4 Haiti, mestizos are the same as niggers.

manolos are now showing for what they truly are, welcome aboard espaƱolitos

pic related

>old Haiti

>sos no lo sabe pero: we wuz white n shiiiiieeetttt
>a fucking shithole nonetheless

Do you really want for us to go back up in our old ways.

You start like this and in two months our commander in chief will demand to el chapo his family weight in coke or they'll kill them all.

all of latin america is mestizo my ignorant friend.
the argentina is pure is just a meme living in your brain.

bait much?

We're stupid enough to do it.

>all of latin america is mestizo
lmao who do you think will fall for that bait?
Last mestizo I interacted with was a cleaning lady from my college.

I think she was from argentina.

this triggers the castillian

wait wat
thats not the picture I uploaded

4chins does that sometimes. I forget the reason. Your picture probably popped up in /k/ somewhere.

How do these murderous scum even sleep at night?

Its just a job, leaf.
Is that or starve to death.

I don't think you can kill children and brush it off as just a job. It takes a special kind of psychopath

You're thinking in western terms. To the mestizo, life is a temporary condition, and it doesn't really matter if you shove some people over to "the other side" now and then. Or even if you yourself get shoved. That's just the nature of life.

Nope, a sociopath can do that too.

Killing is hard for someone that never killed user.

These guys are butchers. They feel the same killing humans as a butcher feel when killing a lamb: oh well, just another day on the job.

This is why I support the killing of brazilian police.

You shot the police, you get yourself killed.

That's dumb as fuck.

there needs to be a great purge by white men to put the world back in check

this shit is just getting ridiculous

Quebec is not even country and half of them speak english.

Old France is Haiti and Democratic Republic Of Congo

madrid and close areas (guadalajara one of those) have had a sharp increase in murders/shootings in recent times, most of them seem to be drug related

Oh shit! Fight! Fight! a black and a white!

It always surprises me that Mexicans can be so uppity on pol. They talk back to flags that are clearly better than them.

Perhaps they are from Barcelona

This. The Mexican should've done his research. All of Latin America is mestizo, except Argentina, who are black

Spaniards are fucking pussies....even their neo nazi movement was a bunch of pussies.