Hillary Clinton pivot!

Oh shit guys the absolute madwoman!!! Her response is better than Trump's. Trump seems so petty with his "muh radical islamic terrorism" and "muh bomb went off"

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If Clinton wanted to stop more Islamic Terrorism, she wouldnt increase Syrian Refugee migration by 550%

Drumpf btfo!!!!

We're going to have an intelligence surge, dude. We will choose resolve over fear. BTFO!!!

>Hillary arms ISIS to defeat Assad
>lol now I'm totally against ISIS guise XD

I couldn't even read the whole statement due to how boring, bland and dry it is.

She calls it "bombings" literally 15 seconds before she condones Trump for using the term "bomb".

>intelligence surge
talk about a meaningless plan

Work with silicon valley?
Is she implying that a bunch of tech companies in California, operated in the UNITED STATES need to be negotiated with to help?

i prefer to live in ignorant bliss

Does she realize that nobody cares what she has to say anymore?

If I paid you would you remove kebab?

>>Hillary arms ISIS to defeat Assad
>>lol now I'm totally against ISIS guise XD
They lost that game when the USAF bombed the SAA to support ISIS


>Counter Propaganda Online

Read: "I want to censor the Internet"

That woman is fucking dangerous to freedom... but you already knew that.

It would be extremely likely.

Getting, holding, or rising in US media jobs involves ass-kissing your way up a very long totem-pole of Alinsky-esque democrats.
The Clintons have been near the top of that pole for a very long time.

The public might not care, but the media enjoy keeping their jobs.

Hil's numale staff can't use the soul of wit for shit.

Hillary has truly mastered filling up a page with words without actually saying anything

Someone posted a webm last night of her talking on her plane about all 3 events from yesterday and refers to "the bombings in new jersey and new york, and the attack in minnesota"

The Middle-East boogeyman is finally here! Some people are wounded. Shout out for muh firefighters. We don't know who did it, time rev up the crusade, meanwhile, bend over for the authorities. We have plans to "defeat" ISIS. You know it, more surveillance. We'll keep a watch out for those weird guys in their basements too. It's not like you had online privacy before, but now everything is legal. We all remember what happened to American psyche on 9/11. I'm confident America will shit their collective pants as a people over this again.

>mfw they routinely make every literary and psychological mistake I tried to eradicate from Cred Forums during my time on Cred Forums.

It's not a stretch to say that the Cred Forums userbase is the smartest in the world.

>and to spot lone wolf attackers


"Bring those responsible to Justice"

So, when will you be turning yourself in , Hillary?

You're a big Serb.

We're so good we create counter cultures without trying. Funny that the core users that build a successful board just wanted to be left alone to begin with, but cancer comes looking for the next big thing and we become an internet sensation.

Wait there was an attack yesterday? I missed it

>hillary is comatose on downers
>staff members writes the most dull standard response there is

>Obama Administration purposefully bombs our allied forces instead of bombing ISIS in Syria as a blatant act of provocation against Russia, since the Democrats ABSOLUTELY want to cause a war with Russia before Trump kicks their warmongering evil old hag psycho at the ballot box
>a bunch of bombs go off ((coincidentally)) at the same time in the homeland, keeping the Syrian Friendly Fire """accident""" off the air

gee i wonder who was behind this

Literally the worst job per recent surveys:

It actually eclipses ones with high injury & fatality rates, like lumberjacks, since those actually pay well.

95% of media jobs -- reporter, writer, editor -- pay about the same as they did 20 years ago. In some cases they've gone down. The only people who can stay in those jobs are those independently wealthy (i.e., trust fund babies in their first 10 years of employment) and people without families to support.

So your average media employee these days is:

> working their first or second job out of school
> wealthy by inheritance
> no children
> often gay, lesbian, or one of the above

Does the news you see with Two Minutes Hate against Trump on an hourly basis now make sense?

t. Media employee.

>Two Minutes Hate against Trump

CNN was on the tv when I turned it on this morning and that was my first thought.

It was some fucking frogs fault.

Too little too late girl. Jesus christ..

Good book is good.

Will you stop fucking your sex doll for even a minute
Like 5 attacks i think, bombs/ stabs/ shots

Wait there were terrorist attacks yesterday?
I spent most of the day on Cred Forums and haven't seen anything.

>we support our first responders
>Minnesota guy was shot by a CCW carrier

>itt: pathetic trumpcuck """"""""damage control"""""""
Oh my, you underage redditors always make me laugh.

too obvious