Cenk Uygur calls out the media bias and corruption and shows the value of independent media

He says the corporate media is corrupt and biased and only set up to protect the interests of the rich and powerful.

He says the internet is teh only place where regular people are free to express their views.

He urges people to support independent media like the Young Turks and activist groups like Wolf-Pac who are free from the corruption of big money


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Psh he loves the DNC

We need more Saudi-funded independent media like this to prove the Armenian Holocaust was faked.

>independent media
>funded by rich mudslimes

found out about TYT not long ago
and I am REALLY glad not to be american and not to have to deal with that shit

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They're against Saudi Arabia , youbumbass

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We talk about them all the time.

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He's a patriot:

I just had OP's video playing in a tab for 20 minutes and I can't remember a fucking thing he said.

Why would anyone listen to this

I agree with Cenk

It's the reason why Trump's media network he'll make if he loses will be so important

One funny thing about the young fags is that when Bernie was running they were all out about how Hillary is evil and Bernie is the best

Now that he is gone, they are all up the Clinton train, except for that Jewish guy

Well, he's on the right track.

There certainly is a lot of foul play in the media.

What do you mean ? Even during the Dallas shooting they kept publishing informative content like this :


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cenk 4 black president

They are funded by Al-Jazeera which is owned by Qatar which is a devious subversive mudslime monarchy that promotes everything evil in the world

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