Is the U.S. On the verge of war?

Tensions are growing with Russia.

Syrian cease fire basically over due to US bombings.

The US is stationing more military/Nuclear assets in key positions to strike against Russia.


Nobody talks about Iran anymore

would going to war with syria stop the import of these fucking "refugees"?

Iran is getting buttfucked by the economic sanctions. They'll eventually fall to their bent knees and ever so gently suckle our cocks so they can be a big boy country

The libtards and SJWs would pressure people into taking the refugees even more, since we would "be the cause" of the fleeing/immigration

We're in the midst of the second cold war, it's simple to see. Russia and the US are fighting proxy wars, Russia and US and developing strong tension, Russia and US are playing with nukes.

Cold War 2.0 is upon us, the media just doesn't talk about it because that wouldn't make the US look good now would it? Can't have the poor goyim thinking that the US is actually a rotten shithole hell bent on destruction.

I'm anxious to see if this actually turns into an armed conflict between Russia and the U.S. Just waiting to see if Putin whips his dick out and tries to actually fuck one of our interests.

World war 3 may be upon us yo

I sincerely hope Putin fucks the US. Sorry lad, I don't mind you I just fucking hate your country, it consistently fucks everything for everyone and it needs to be taught a lesson and put back in line.

I strongly hope my country leaves NATO soon, we don't need to be part of a fucking mob and I absolutely don't want to be involved in a nuclear war, we'd be fucked on our tiny little island. I'm going to be joining the military over here soon and if things kick off and I've got to go fight to protect the US then I'd rather go AWOL and pay the price.

The shitty thing is the US would win that war. Biggest military in the world homie.

I also agree that the US blows dick. We don't stand for what we used to. The idiots in this country don't know what freedom really is. people pick vain political parties for their own form of social justice. All while everyone is getting buttfucked.

I think it'd be a close war desu, both militaries are "roughly" the same size and Russia would have allies like Syria I imagine. I know the US would obviously have it's own allies but I'm not sure who committed they would be when faced with the possibility of nuclear retaliation. The British military is fucking tiny right now, it's said that it wouldn't even be capable of defending our own land against an attack, so that basically rules us out. Plus, I figure that far more Russian civvies would accept the draft or join up voluntarily than Yank civvies would with their faggoty ways.

What you say about your people not knowing what freedom is is very true. I hear you Yanks always banging on about how "I've got guns so I can defend my freedom" but they never use their guns for that and their freedom has been getting chipped away at for a long fucking time. The politics in your country seems less about genuine politics and more about entertainment, where each side idolises their favourite instead of properly scrutinising their ideas.

Genuinely, I don't the US has much life left in it. Maybe a couple hundred years, if that. It'll be brought down through either war or mass state secession when people start to wise up.

>Know you're going to lose to Trump
>Do actions than can only lead to war as soon as Trump takes office
>Everyone will only remember Trump being at war with Russia and we'll have those normies voting Democrat for the next 100 years

It's how they think.

Same size? Lol. You should do some research brother. US military is ridiculously huge. It's kind of scary actually. Outnumbers the next ten countries combined, in spending and physical hardware/veterans

Says the eternal Anglo of duplicity and foreign adventurism. You fucking dragged us into two world wars that fundamentally altered our country. Now you get to hang along for the ride.

I would only join the military if it was against China or Saudi Arabia. China needs to be cut in half(same with India desu), and Saudi Arabia deserves to be glassed and then siphoned for their remaining oil. Nothing good affecting civilization has ever game from Saudi Arabia

Yeah, people here are so easily influenced. Makes me sick. I miss my murrica when we weren't full of complete idiots and everyone was interested in what their government was doing. Now it's all social justice and black lives matter. While we have our rights taken away and countries bombed

To be honest*/come from* jesus my thumbs have gotten fat

>yfw they're bombing them so we have to take them in as refugees

I'd join if we went to war with any relevant country. I don't agree with our methods of obtaining resources. Nor do I agree with the people who benefit from the sacrifice, but it's better for us to have it then any other country.

The US will plunge into a Civil War

perfidious Albion

If we go down, you're going down with us.

Nothing short of full out retardation will put us at war with russia. They do not want a non nuclear war they will get recut. No one wants a nuclear war we will all get fucked in the ass no matter how good we think our defense systems are.

Well do all kinds of proxy shit and chest thumping but i cannot see any good war scenario with russia.

Sorry, they're inferior. Maybe their politicians shouldn't give their country's resources to western oil moguls for a tiny cut of the money being made.

At can only pray

The 'US' is pretty integrated into international business though. This is being done for everyone's elite assholes same as Iraq was to improve the world oil flow.

My guess on what will happen in short term future...

>Hillary wins
>Continues to escalate tensions is middle East, specifically Syria
>Large false flag event caused to push all fighting age men into war likely in some shithole country.
>Refugees and immigrants pour into the states for cultural enrichment

I sure can't wait to go die in a kike's war Cred Forums

This also. The soul of the united states was dramaticly changed by ww1 and ww2. We changed from private freedom to nip shit in the bud before it fucks us all. At least that is what happened in the minds of voters. That's why it became acceptable to police the world in the first place.

Atleast were on the "winning" side. Who can contest the US with any hope of victory?

Saudi Arabia is barely standing politically. It exists because no one wants their oil to stop flowing.

If anything the war would be Civil.

Apologies, I forgot to account for the reserve numbers. US forces without reserves is about 1.3 million, Russian forces is about 1.1 million. That's how I arrived at the "roughly".

Calm down sausage, just having a chat here.

Meh, if say it's due to media manipulation. Nobody even knows who they're voting for. Nobody pays attention to local elections for senate or congress either. Yet, they know shit is fucked. This country man, makes me pretty livid. If people would just go out and vote for the right people, then I think things would get better.

We've got more veterans.
More tanks
More jets
More ships
Better logistical equipment
Better tanks
Better guns
Better everything
More everything
We spend close to $1 trillion on defense spending.

I'm from the Chicago suburbs and can explain the problem. None of the right people will make it to be voted for. Being a corrupt piece of shit is a political advantage. This is why when our governor is thrown in jail we just get another crook. Only the crooks survive long politically in a infected system.

To fix shit you would need a grass roots all the way system. Also the government as a whole needs to be simplified. Money also needs to have its effect watered down so daw to reduce the effectiveness of any kind of bribery.

How much of that could actually go to war though? A ton has to be local spending in all the bases that are all over the world. How much of it is mobile and useful for a Russian war. Honestly i dont see it happening. The nuclear deterrent is in place only proxy wars will happen.

Also we might actually see a partial civil war to force some capitulation from the government or some kind of violent protest.

Id imagine it's all able to be transported to the battlefield. We do have giant ships and planes that can carry all dat shit yo

To answer your question, I'd say almost all of it

Everyone saying Trump will start a third world war. Obama seems to be trying to piss Russia iff and Hillary spouting anti Russian words.

actioms speak louder than words. I'm honestly hoping for war with Russia. One less competitor against the US will be buttfucked into submission. Only further solidifying our dicks in the world's ass. Sadly, is probably be one of the sobs to die in the war. Oh well