What is the final redpill, or just the hardest political truth to accept?

What is the final redpill, or just the hardest political truth to accept?

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The left is right.

Suicide imo.



Hitler was the second coming of Jesus

nothing matters and your entire country could be obliterated because someone hacks the wrong computer

wrong pic

There's no meaning to life.

Islam. No trannies, no feminism, no degeneracy. Values strength, family values, and morals.

Literally everything Cred Forums believes except most of them are brown. If Muslims were white, Cred Forums would support Islam.

That everything is irrelevant and in 100 years nobody will remember you unless you are among the 0.0001% of people that do something significant.

In time everyone is forgotten, all traces of our existence will be little more than irradiated dust.

That you have no control over what your death may mean in the long course of history.

pedophillia and homosexuality is for faggots

Islam is wrong, embracing it because it goes d'accord with some of your feefees is the definition of bluepilled.

Fuck off.

Free will doesnt exist.

Da joos control the world

Was it your choice to write that?

that liberal whites are the greatest threat to western civilisation and by far the most degenerate of all people on earth

Fuck that. Faggots disgusts me. Fucking degenerate pieces of shit. They should all be gassed.

I don't think anyone disagrees with that.
>Far lefties

=>Islam. No trannies, no feminism, no degeneracy. Values strength, family values, and morals.
>Literally everything Cred Forums believes except most of them are brown. If Muslims were white, Cred Forums would support Islam.

Not true Islam punishes Blasphemy. We would all be allah akbared by now.

That no matter how much you vote it wont make a difference because the ones counting the votes can change it as they like

I didnt choose to write here. Its just an illusion, the circumctances brought me here, to this site to this thread, to you asking me that question, and me answering. I did not chose to answer you or not answer you because whatever i chose to do is being determined by previous events I expirienced and by my genes which also determined by past event of my ancestors.

That is an easy one to swallow. They are robots for the Jews

This channel is full of truthbombs like this.

The best video to redpill even the most bluepilled on genetics of IQ with indisputable, easily understandable study (5 minutes):

A study that cleverly proved some cultures are more violent than others (7 minutes):

A clip that shows the insanity of the current migration policy and offers a proposal on how to fix it. Excellent to redpill even the most bluepilled on the current migration madness (3 minutes).

Want more?

>What is the final redpill
Jews are really the good guys and it's us whites that are the evil degenerates

That politicians are not human beings. They do not see people as people. They merely separate them into 2 boxes - tools and enemies. They imprison the toolbox and burn the enemy box.

rationalism was the start of everything that went wrong with the west.

Hoppe is pretty based

Kek doesn't exist

The law of the excluded middle is a function of time.

the final red pill is the knowledge that in the end, if you want to achieve your goals, you'll have to be prepared to kill for them, and die for them.

And then doing so,

Islam is death

Before Nationalism was a concept it was something that was just expected, Tribalism.

Does that change anything about the sun not sinking in a muddy spring at night?

That Jesus Christ is the son God, he died for our sins and was resurrected

As the OP said, the final redpill is the hardest to swallow. It crushed me for a long time until I finally accepted it.


The thinker thinks he does not think

deep as fuck, schlomo shekelstein

naming The Jew

That Anarchism through peaceful parenting is the only way.

So Pedophilia is redpilled?
I'm open to what you have to say since I've never heard in-depth arguments for or against this.

Why does the Quran contain Galen's false embryology if it's the unchanged word of an omniscient creator god? :^)

There's no right and wrong or things as "rights", only people thinking they are right and the others wrong. No amount of debating will ever bring about the "Truth" and in the end this issue is always settled with guns or swords.

>What is the final redpill, or just the hardest political truth to accept?

That its over. That the 50 years of liberal mind fucking was plenty to destroy the west. The demographics are awful. The future is going to be hell on earth. Its simple physics. Every action...Equal reaction.

The EU will dissolve

The US will default and the decades of fantasy monetary policy will come apart cutting the value of everything in half or even less due to the ensuing panic.

Niggers. Jungle, tree, sand, and otherwise will continue to breed at an unstoppable rate. Everywhere they go they will destroy the quality of life while increasing the size of government and eventually bankrupt US.

White people will continue to be treated with hostility despite being responsible for the mold in which the entire modern world exists.

The future is going to be a horror movie that never ends. Its just a fact.


There is no bottom to the rabbit hole.

It's all corrupt. Everything.

The only way to be truly successful is to cheat.

As an honest and principled person this really pisses me off. I feel trapped.


The elites are right. People are depraved savages who need to be controlled in order for civilization to exist. People are irrational, unintelligent, and disorganized, and they need to be controlled by people who are rational, intelligent, and organized. If you want a meaningful life, you need to be an elite and you need to be a leader. It really is that simple.

the breadpill


Systematic oppression is a myth.

The right is left behind



It's easy, satanists run the world

God I wish that was true.

The world is great just as it is

>destruction of liberty and worship of a paedophile
>redpilled in any way
Just because some of Cred Forums agrees with parts of muhammidism, doesn't mean its a good belief system. You can find parts of nearly any ideology that are agreeable

I'll have to disagree because what's become known as "Morally right" is often what has been the cause of human progression, meanwhile a "Morally wrong" action is often the cause of hindrance and retardation.

fucking jews

So high tech and low life. Dope.

Organized societys of every wing (Facism, liberalism, communism...) are corrupt to the bone and can't really work, you settle for the least worst and go with it, and right now we're not in the least worst...

Left and Right have both lost. It's over

That family values are a sham and that women need to be enslaved for everyones good.

kill yourself

no, literally

You wont do it. But why not? Didn't you have freedom of control?

>"I'd like to stay alive, thank you".
>"B-because life is f-fun an-"
False. Because of a single instinct. A single uncontrollable illogical desire to not kill yourself, without which your species become instinct, so a biological species cannot exist without evolving it

>You proceed to kill yourself
You just fed your ego to prove how special you are to a random guy on an imageboard. You went through the length of killing yourself for that. Even less control.

There is no winning, just admit it. Don't even get me started on how the Universe is a fully deterministic system, since everything within it is with a cause, and the effect of that cause can be predicted therefor if we had enough information about the cause

That there is no such thing as a red pill and we will never truly be awake.

gender is a social construct

As soon as trump is elected he will kneel to the powers that be just like everyone else.
He has a big family who he loves. Do you think he is going to put them at risk? End up like Kennedy?

That's politics and money and power.

It's too late.


Gas yourself.

Cycles of prosperity and decline are inescapable. There is nothing you can do to save the white race or European culture.

Ancient Aliens.

>The EU will dissolve

You say this like it's a bad thing.

The final redpill is that we will never ever leave Solar System.

"re is only one inborn erroneous notion … that we exist in order to be happy … So long as we persist in this inborn error … the world seems to us full of contradictions. For at every step, in great things and small, we are bound to experience that the world and life are certainly not arranged for the purpose of maintaining a happy existence … hence the countenances of almost all elderly persons wear the expression of … disappointment."


honestly its that politics dont fucking matter and youre gonna die anyway so zen out and shut the fuck up

>tfw boomer parent are stuck at generic conservative stage

How do I redpill them anons? They are so simple minded and brainwashed they can't even make it to libertarianism. They also suck Israeli cock like most neocons.

This guy knows his stuff

We are in this mess because spineless cowards like to post onto Cred Forums and do nothing we are all the problem but are also the solution we just have to stand up.


Fuck off.

Stage 5 is NatSoc


>Arab culture
No fucking thank you.

That people deserve what happen to them

>Don't even get me started on how the Universe is a fully deterministic system, since everything within it is with a cause, and the effect of that cause can be predicted therefor if we had enough information about the cause

>le no one has any agency maymay

I have it, i discovered it myself, and i have never seen it posted here on this site.

it just 9 words long

none of the posts in this thread come close



Riiiight... Careful with that edge

Okay, I'm standing.

Now what?

organized society becomes exactly that from which it was trying to protect its members, every time

then post it

My penis is small


britbong gets deep

If Trump allies us with you Russkies, it might be possible, one day.

Mosins on Mars.

That Jesus Christ Is Lord and Savior.

This is close, but I think the final redpill is that there is only a single law. A lot of people think it's: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." but I think it's actually: "Try not to fuck up other another person's life as much as possible." Which is why I honestly believe white nationalist are just as shitty as sjw's. I mean, if you're blaming another race for you problems, think about how shitty that feels when another person does the same thing to you. Anyhow, fuck all of you shitheads. I don't think anyone is ever going to spend a moment to reflect on how shitty they are to people, but will just keep declaring themselves victims of everyone else. That's the real redpill, though, that no matter how shitty your life is, it's wrong to attack another person because of it. I would rather die, than ever blame another race. Think of it as "Race go their own way". Clearly there are discrepancies in the story we are all being told, but I refuse to be a fucking bigot over it.

>unironically posting the uncertainty principle

re-read my post

>if we had enough information about the cause

Lack of information doesn't imply randomness. If we were omnipotent and somehow managed to gather that information, everything would be fully predictable.

If you could stop the universe at that point, reverse it one second earlier and reply without any interference, the exact same event would occur in the exact same way.

True randomness (a necessity for actual freedom of will; a true divorce from influence from the environment) can only exist if the above two apply. The above two events can only apply in a Universe where events pop up randomly - without a cause. Every.Single.Process in our Universe after the Big Bang has a cause - the Universe itself. It's an event with a cause, and that implies that its not random - it had a predictable reason to occur

You're welcome kid

>Some events cant be measured therefore they arent determined by other events.


Rumors of my death were misrepresentations. Fear not, I am awake again.

Surprised no one has mentioned UFO's yet. NASA covers them up like fuck and there's also an insane amount of inconsistencies on the moon and mars. Look it up yourself you lazy niggers.

There's definitely something out there that they are keeping from us and don't want us to know about.

Pic most definitely related, an anomaly that appeared on the international space station live feed before the the stream got cut and died.

Gotta make you think boys.

>True randomness (a necessity for actual freedom of will; a true divorce from influence from the environment) can only exist if the above two apply.

can not exist if the above two apply*

I think UFOs are real that are high tech but I don't think they're ET, I think they're "ours"


NatSoc is the last and final pill.

The final Redpill is that no matter what you believe or who you vote for it all comes down to you. You have to be willing to fight and kill for your values. The jews, leftists, Muslims, blacks, etc are all trying to subvert everything you believe in and they won't stop until the earth is rid of them.

Holy fuck, Stage 5 and still in high school. Made me realise how dumb most people are. Fuck.

It only works in a society of like-minded whites though. IE utopia

Bumpp how do I show my parents the truth? They refuse to listen and just shout me down.

I don't know, i've witnessed a very big blue shell shaped one myself with a friend and it just gave us the most uneasy and incomprehensible feeling of dread possible. Witnessing something you've been conditioned to think is impossible is an indescribable feeling.

Something is out there though, I don't know what it is though mate

Goyim are worthless slaves.

yeah great post user

Life has no meaning beyond what you give it and the you that you think you are is merely the voice in your head that you're reading this with. In truth, you are a biological computer with a strong penchant for recognizing patterns trapped in essentially a biological platform no different from a robotic prosthetic. You exist to copy yourself with another, die, and replenish the earth with the nutrients and minerals you borrowed. All other beliefs for existing are merely delusions that will melt at the moment of death when your ID is removed and all that exists in those last moments is the subconscious ego you always suppressed.

Honestly, the final red pill is Islam.

That the hobo sleeping in the park could be you or me

spoilers: youre actually a stupid pretentious faggot that will look back on your self in ten year with a deep sense of shame

We are all fooling ourselves into believing that we can avoid the unavoidable, that we can change anything meaningful

threads like these make me feel void


That's the pain of the red pill
It will pass with time

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this fatalism? I myself fall into this thinking, but I can't remember how Aristotle supposedly refuted it.

If I were to suggest that between the Earth and Mars there is a china teapot revolving about the sun in an elliptical orbit, nobody would be able to disprove my assertion provided I were careful to add that the teapot is too small to be revealed even by our most powerful telescopes. But if I were to go on to say that, since my assertion cannot be disproved, it is intolerable presumption on the part of human reason to doubt it, I should rightly be thought to be talking nonsense. If, however, the existence of such a teapot were affirmed in ancient books, taught as the sacred truth every Sunday, and instilled into the minds of children at school, hesitation to believe in its existence would become a mark of eccentricity and entitle the doubter to the attentions of the psychiatrist in an enlightened age or of the Inquisitor in an earlier time.

but none of this is new to me, it's all just a reminder, the feeling never fades in my case

>I bet your parents taught you, that you mean something. That you're here for a reason. My parents taught me a different lesson. Dieing in the gutter. For no reason at all. They taught me the world only makes sense, if you force it to.


Die kike

The true red pill is realising that religion offers a selection advantage, and therefore that logical arguments against it are irrelevant.

If its a reminder, then you're not always thinking about it so it does fade a bit temporarily

pretty good greatest ally

That government is inherently immoral.

To replace the Jew meme, with the Islamic invasion reality.




Is it millions of Jews invading white countries right now with evil ideologies? No.
Is it going to be a Jew raping your wives and daughters? No
Is it going to be a Jew forcing you to convert to Islam or die? No.

Morality is a spook

No God in any human conception exists, the universe is totally random and chaotic, there are no objective moralities and soon enough, we will all die and be forgotten in the sands of history. Nothing we do as individuals matters.

That we will never be truly free, only in death. People in positions of power will always use that power to their benefit, it doesn't matter how many people they have to hurt to attain it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Ever wondered why there are such simple solutions to complex problems today? It's like that by design. Islamic terrorism problems? Just ban the rag heads. The country is in massive debt? Just cut back on all of our alphabet soup of federal agencies. Simple solutions, but they will never be implemented because then the population will thrive. And we will have no need for our leaders anymore. And the thought of not being needed is what they fear the most.

That's true... but honestly since most of the worst won't affect me in my lifetime I think if I had the choice to become a sheep again I would. This is all stuff I don't want to know and can't influence or change anyway(powerlessness, also a redpill)

but who is telling them to migrate and causing the crisis?

Ie globalists.

and as a group yes?

Your expendebel.

The universe is a computer simulation.

But how can you be free when you are dead?

What an absolute leaf answer, KILL ALL
White Power!!!
White pride worldwide!! Death to leafs!

Only non-objective morality

We are designed to be fascist

might makes right and writes history

So? what are you going to do about it, America?

Sit there probably.

It's not like I can cross your border and take care of things.

All I can do is deal with the aftermath. You see the cause of the problem is now overshadowed by what comes after.

This, At the end of the day we will all be six feet under.

Its determinism, but its always goes with fatalism.
Since everything is influenced by past events and theres no randomness. If you had enough information you could know right after the beggining of the universe what will happend until the end of times. And I have no idea how Aristotle refuted it.

This (moral error-theory, moral nihilism) and it's implications. Are you a fan of Nietzsche, britfag?

You would be free from the inherent corrupt nature of man I guess one could say. I'm not a philosopher, don't really know.

Good point.

Its not a bad thing. But its gunna cost a whole lot of money.

The value destruction will be monumental.

Also Niggers all over europe.

It will be good but painful as fuck and post EU things won't look great.

It will signal the decoupling of the global economy in many ways. Its going to be an economic Armageddon. Think of how the interconnection in the finical sector led to the systemic panic during the finical crisis. This could very well be much worse.

you nihilistic brah???/ xDddDDD

You agree that the Jews did nothing wrong.

i dont fucking know anymore. all i care about is my own people, the future for my children


War is God.

Maybe because anyone who gets most of their political ideology from Cred Forums doesn't deserve to be listened to.

This is as close to an official answer that exists in our present circumstances. It explains almost everything.

It sucks meh. Born to be slaves.

I love you guys

Free will does not exist. We are biological machines. All values are inventions. Life is suffering. Life on Earth could disappears at any second due to a gamma ray bust.

Earth will be a hellhole and we will see massive starvations, wars and genocides during our lifetime

Complete suicide of all humans on earth. Everyone suiciding at the same time.

(((they))) will always get away with it

Your expendebel what?

Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys?

it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video.

Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future.

Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!f

Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin Cred Forums maymays, this one is the readl deal. fdsda

Leaving Cred Forums with a good redpill folder and creating the best possible life for yourself socially, financially, & if you're into it: a beautiful family.

Dumping one of my most prized redpill.

Image ruined 2bh.

You'll never change anything and are just along for the ride.

NatSoc isnt edgy

That has fuck all to do with politics.

Fuck off back to /r9k/

>youtube.com/watch?v=WWnjEhsXWsY shows a proposal on how to fix the migration policy
no, the guy is full of shit, he is advocating for some twisted lottery that would still allow shitskins to come in by the thousand. the point is, not a single one of them should be allowed to come in. no exceptions

The redpill is not an ideology.
It is seeing the world through the cloak of lies corruption, degeneracy that it is filled with.
It is being transparent and understand when something is very wrong and when something is right.
You can't simply say "Libertarians are redpilled but X is not" It simply don't work that way.
The world is far more complicated than that and not realizing this will make you fail to understand the ultimate truth.

The world is dynamic and a libertarian can be equally as redpilled as a Natsoc.
It does not mean one is wrong as both can see the world for what it is and realize that.
It is not about acting against it, but merely realizing everything is fucked.
Once you realize that everything is fucked you have attained the highest of redpills.

technology is ultimately evil

Natsoc is perfectly normal and not edgy at all.

Normie here, that post is garbage, and I know people that actually do that shit IRL.

Groups of people talk massive shit behind their back and most people think they are creepy/rapey. After doing that shit for a little while, everyone you hang around will constantly be on the lookout during social/drinking occasions, just in case you try to actually take home some girl who is blacked out or assault some chick.

Girls are borderline scared/always ready to call the cops on them.

>National (((Socialism)))

Get out.

So why are we on Cred Forums getting more redpilled instead of being happy ignorant libtards ?

Catholic Church is behind everything.
Destruction of the USA is the next goal.
WW3 .... less than 10 years from now

Screencap this.

Always an american...
You do realize that Europes always been semi-socialist. We have always helped each other, not been a greedy kike capitalist.

Pure socialism doesnt work, but some parts of it is good. Just fuck off you kike.

Long live the Natioanl-Socialist movement

destroy it destroy palestine,
its your land

god is watching

Do you know how much Delta V you need to even reach escape velocity and get out of the solar system, let alone escape earth, with all the mass you need to carry to support a crew of astronauts for the duration of the flight?
Conventional methods are impractical for leaving the solar system, that's a whole new dimension of space travel which makes the moon landings look like a walk to the next gas station.
The only practical method for interstellar travel would be a warp drive, unless you want to spend hundreds-thousands of years on a generational space ship and not even experience the arrival at the destination.
This particular travel method is still theoretical stuff and nobody knows where to get all that big ass amount of energy to power such an insane device.

Europe went from tribes living in huts to a succession of global superpowers. If necessary, we'll do it all over again. What we can't allow is for whites to become a minority, because once that happens there's no way back.

the real Red Pill:

Nothing means anything because once you are dead, nothing matters and everything you've ever done is a waste of effort

Che Guevara was a Saint

No God and Israel are the good guys were the hardest to swallow.

Wrong ... if there is no meaning to life, there is no god. So what ?

this is bullshit.

i known a legitimate alpha and he never gets turned down, worst case scenario he approaches some 8/10 that is already getting tons of messages and therefore gets turned down.
woman won't turn down an alpha

Look at this jew, hes covering his ass for his actions to you gullible pollers

Good try, try again.

I feel like WW3 will never happen because a conflict between 2 nuclear powers impacts the survival of the whole world not just the 2 warring factions. Literally every other country will do anything to descalate the situation so mankind can continue to survive. The issue of WW3 is far more complex then you seem to realize

then go out and be as degenerate as possible. enjoy painfully dying in a gutter.

this is what I've always believed to be true. people who believe in free will are delusional imo. still fun to ride the ride though

..and Muslims think of themselves as the good guys.

Nice baiting though

sucker, the thinker tries to convince someone his actions are not his own fault



That the red pill can has no or a negative effect on your wellbeing.

You will never stop the jews.


Nothing matters, it all just exists. Do your best but it all goes away when you die.

These two are from the same channel.

Fundamentalism is as modern as secularism: demographics and religion of muslims, christians and jews
youtube.com/watch?v=cgVo9hBbhFk (2 minutes)

Oxford professor Savulescu gives mindblowing examples of brain stimulation, genetic manipulation and mind altering medication (9 minutes)

Here's another channel with audios:



Which Grandparent Are You More Like (50 minute interview)

Moral Maze: Genetics And Education (30 minute debate)

Except if you have power or money. Or both.

laws don't change people.

Nihilism resulting from the realization that all of the values you are familiar with -- even if you're an atheist -- were shaped through religion and are, as a result, malformed.

You mean that faggots are degenerate trash?

>design cheap & reliable method of reach orbit, i.e. spaceplane or beanstalk
>build ships designed purely for space travel, utilising kilometers-wide sail to catch solar wind
>send seedships out into the void
>ships produce crew from artificial wombs when habitable planet is detected

Replace??? No you add it. What are u ? Juice?
Most definately

... haha, there is no Palestine.

The hardest redpill to swallow is that there's no god.

wow ... pretty easy to swallow if you are not american ...

LOL, yeah so killing someone is justified,
get off this board


Underrated post

>not fatalism


We are a collective consciousness in the process of evolving from a Type 0 to a Type 1 civilization.
But naturally the nature of man is selfish. Currently we are competing as races and nations to see who will rule over that type 1 civilization when it comes to full effect in the near future.
Jews want to rule when that day comes, this is what the NWO is. Whites are(were) the closest to global domination. Jews saw it as a threat and now seek to weaken it and/or outright destroy it.
Almost all major political events you see today are fruits of this plan. The racial hatred being fueled is all a distraction. We are in a very very sensitive time in the digital age of information. Information is spreading faster and further than ever in human history and the truth of our past is coming to the limelight. This is very bad for Jews.
They need to spread chaos and confusion. FAST. Through media hysteria, race baiting, war, etc. Anything to keep it all from crashing down on their heads.

But ultimately it's all a big game. As death is not the end but a continuation of infinity. All intelligent life is holy. And anything the Jews or anybody does is a joke compared to higher forces present in the quantum universe whether they be for or against our evolution.

new chronology


all of history is a lie

>he thinks moral properties exist

It does exist you stupid mong, get a grip belfag you brainwashed sucker

>implying I haven't been atheist since I was 12

> you have free will because of something you cannot control
Top meme

Holy shit all the ancient Greeks BTFO

guess Cred Forums outsmarted plato huh

really makes u think

Sorry bro Muhommed doesn't approve of that blasphemy and according to this thread, beating women and praying to the East is the be all end all redpill so you can forget about space.

>What is the final redpill, or just the hardest political truth to accept?

Cred Forums is satire

You are wrong and it has been in vain.

Esoteric Hitlerism


Don't be like the other muricucks, cuck

God is real and there can be no process without Him.

Yeah because a fat neocon boomer who gets all their information from Fox News is obviously much more informed.

Fuck off retard.

For Americans, it's that left-wingers aren't really evil, they're just stupid.

Even Hillary.

Easy to think that the red pill is she's evil and conniving and has some kind of master plan.

The real red pill is that no, she's really just stupid and doesn't think anything through.

It's not even hard it's liberating. It's do whatever you want because it will never matter what you did.

It's the joke of life.
PS; Cred Forums is just a meme for you to fall for.

lacks stage 6 which is Hoppe on steroids via Nick Land

I'm too lazy to edit that pic though

That there are people who are so autistic as to confuse the chaotic apathy of the youth and memes with seriousness and call themselves the alt right


Get this shit the fuck out of here. Libertarianism is already one of the stages.

That life is not worth suffering for

Communist jungle monkeys aren't eligible for sainthood.

That is actually plausible

I would say the final redpill is we have never left LEO and something is making it impossible to do so

Honorable Memba!!

hahahahaha :D niceee

There's only two parties in the world; right and wrong

Islam is only bad because we (the west) see it as TOO respectful.
They don't eat pork because they respect their prophet telling them not to.
They cover their women, because they respect their women's modesty.
They kill for their religion, because they respect their religion.

I fucking hate them, but I respect that they at least respect themselves. All the west has done is create Islamist's without that respect.

Whatever you do things will always be shit someway.

The ultimate red pill is that ultimately nothing actually matters.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Islam is much like socialism; only good with white people.

Ultimate redpill

>not all niggers are bad
>not all jews are bad
>hitler did some things wrong


yo momma is a nigger

>implying a savage can comprehend morality

communism is the final solution

Immigration is a long term investment in the economy, whites will eventually lose control, world descends into chaos for 10k years and the cycle will begin again.

>hitler did some things wrong

Yeah, the fortress city doctrine was a terrible mistake. If only he'd given his generals free reign, they would've given him Russia.

naw nigga

she ebil as shit

mackiavelli n shit

rip tupac

truth and checked

My answer is that life eats life; there is no greater meaning.

That everything ends. Good or bad

Used to play second life ages ago and there was a moment that gave me an existential crisis
> used to hang with a group of friends
> talked and would fuck around all day
> a friend told of us if an abusive ex that owned a plot of land with a town on it and I forgot part of why we were even going there
> game glitches out and we end up on the plot of land next door; a sex ranch
>we allwalk around for near two hours laughing at all the stupid shit and people there
> got bored and the group start heading to the originally intended area
> it's a fully furnished town that's completely empty, it's clear no one has been there in years.
> we walk though taking about shit, though the conversational tone has shifted much more somber
> eventually it gets late and everyone starts logging out and I'm left there.
> not long after i quit the game , I came back months later but everyone I knew was gone.


So, is being gay the ultimate red pill?

N-no bully pls

Communism (or some form of it) and egalitarianism is the only way humanity will become an elite space conquering society



If you're honest and good, you will fail. To succeed you need to play dirty. Why do you think the Jews control everything? How did the Europeans control everything before them? How did Islam manage to convert the entire Middle East and North Africa, including Constantinople, the city of the world's desire? How did Rome dominate the Mediterranean? Why did Stalin take over the Soviet Union instead of Trotsky? How did Hitler take over Germany? How did Mao take over China? How did Reagan win the Cold War?

Not by being nice and making friends, that's for sure.

You have to accept that in this world, you're alone. You have to screw over everyone you know to make it somewhere, even your family if need be. If you don't, then someone else will, and you'll pay for it. And that person will make it into history instead of you, lauded as a hero perhaps.

The idea that humans are inherently good is a farce, nothing more than a pretext used by Liberals to advance their agenda. They are playing the exact same game everyone else is, don't be fooled. It's eat or be eaten. In a dystopian world such as ours, it always has been and always will be.

You're either Pepe or you're Wojak, pick one.

haven't seen this image before but I totally agree.

That there is nothing you can do about the inevitable borderline extinction of the white race. The damage is irreversible.

read the post, ya dummy. It's traditional libertarianism as stage two, and nationalist family oriented libertarianism as stage 5

death really is the answer

Kek... wills it I guess?

Praise him


That all redpills are lies..

There are no certainties in politics, or economics, or religion, or any human endeavor. ANYTHING that imposes any firm borders, categories, or hierarchies on any person or group is a lie. And anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something.

And yes, that applies to this redpill as well.

Between 3 and 4

That the wrong sie actually won the war,

>inb4 Le typical pol XD

Once you actually come to realise that Germany was fighting for Europe and our future, that the generation of men who froze to death at stalingrad were fighting so that we could one day touch the stars, you will have swallowed the hardest redpill.

Also found it hard to accept the eternal Anglo meme, despite being made by a filthy t*rk subhuman, is real

Literally if things go to shit, take your ar15 to the nearest Jewish town and open fire

The singularity is near

And abortion feels technology

those digits....

>Life is suffering
f'ing classic meme, friend

Ebin obscure pseudo intellectual philosophical horseshit Bro


By the time of fortress cities it was already too late

well shit... thanks KEK.

Said the maple nigger.

The final redpill to end them all is probably statistics about race and gender. Basically, people act and behave differently based on their genetic makeup. After you embrace this idea, you view the world differently and you try to solve problems by rearranging races and sexes in different categories.

Personally I recognize this idea but I dont fully embrace it. Maybe I will in the future, but as for now I consider myself a classic liberal, with the philosophy: "do what you want." I haven't taken the final redpill.

But the term "redpill" is used in so many different contexts on this website that it's hard to tell what kind of answer people are looking for when they say "redpill."

>They cover their women, because they respect their women's modesty.

This is bullshit. Islamic veiling for 'modesty' is actually just the product of Arab hyper-sexualisation of women which, via Islam, has been exported to the whole world.

Democracy came about as a result of common people being able to overthrow the aristocracy due to changes in how warfare worked. Since then warfare has changed even more and now it's fairly impossible to overthrow the aristocracy, to the point that when confronted by this fact the standard American response is
>the aristocracy would never fire on US citizens
So even if we needed to overthrow it, we wouldn't need to, because it would just do whatever we told it to do.

>fucking degenerate pieces of shit
>Cred Forums finn
yeah ok

daily reminder that that the eternal Anglo intervened on behalf of Turkroach Ottomans in order to prevent Russia from retaking Constantinople and liberating European Christians under Ottoman rule.

Everything you touch has skin cells from nonwhites, etc. Follow racism to its conclusion and you should never get out of your house.

Mediterraneans, Latin Americans, Muslims, Indians, and Blacks support the demise of American global supremacy because they are racially more similar to Chinks than to us.

Basically, the final red pill is Mr Papy

This is so stupid lol, if I die why do I care if my goals have been achieved kek. Get help retard lmao



Solar system is not only our planet, m8.
No, I mean the Kuiper belt. Only if we can build a massive perpetual motion machine. We would never reach other star in person. That's literally impossible. Never. Seeing how sceptical scientists about the possibility of that machine making it a dream.

We can only send drones. You can just turn it off from the power and awake from the signal.

Stalin would have been proud.

can't I buy that shit off the shelf at CVS? But I don't have a digestive problem?

I recommend you watch a Norwegian series called "brainwash". It's on youtube. It takes on the egalitarian ortodoxy on race, sex, etc.

>Information is spreading faster and further than ever in human history and the truth of our past is coming to the limelight. This is very bad for Jews.

The fact that whites created everything? The jews have been working to destroy this fact for a long time. And they are succeeding in doing that. I mean look at our education system. When the founding fathers come up all they ever teach our kids is how racist and evil they were for killing indians and enslaving blacks. Even though every culture and every race in every country all throughout history has done this (examples include chinese, africans, etc).

Define racism

One of my best friends moved out of my state across the country a month ago. I know how you feel.

In 30-40 years, given the current rate of technological progress, all humans will either die off or become gods.

There's no safe middle ground left folks.

Buckle up. This is going to be one wild ride.

Females are just distractions. Take the red suppository OP

My personal belief is that people have a natural tendency to behave as what they are genetically, and also people have a natural tendency to be around other people of their own race. So if people truly did what they wanted then girls would be feminine and boys would be masculine. Races would naturally segregate because people want to be around others of their own kind.

That's where my classical liberal views come into play: if we truly did what we wanted, without forces such as the media telling us what we want, we would behave according to our genetic makeup.

Anyway, I will check out that video you mentioned. There are a ton of videos in this thread so I am currently making a playlist.

It's not about what was, it's about what is. The past is just a tool to shape the future, reality is just an endless trip full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

Russian bro, can we please admit that we fucked up in removing Hitler. Albeit your victory parades are based, we would have left solar system if Wernher von Braun and friends were able to hang a few more Jews and make more advanced rocketry =(


That the world will only get worse, that there's no going back.

It's just something that fell into the pool where the filming took place

it's true that's why everybody is a fucking degenerate subhuman now

Whites didn't create everything but simply used their creations in the most beneficial ways. It's more about the truth of how revisioned our history really is.
How not just whites but all humanity has been purposely kept in the dark on key information on the scientific and spiritual nature of our reality. We've been swindled for so long so a select few may maintain power, that if we ever found out it would burst into a worldwide revolution never seen before in recorded history.

meant for

This is the true meaning of life. There is no meaning to life. We are no different than ants. Live, Die, Repeat.

Not all men are created equal.

Hitler knew what was up. Yet he was painted as the bad guy.
History is written by the victors.