ITT: we pray lord Kek to kill Hillary

ITT: we pray lord Kek to kill Hillary

That's the last thing we need. Hillary is starting to lose the election as more and more of her corrupt past comes to light and people are turned off by her obsessive hate for conservatives.

If she dies, the Dems get a free pass to put in a new candidate who won't have all that baggage.

You think KEK serves at your whim?
KEK does as he pleases and we are lucky to serve. If it is will that the witch dies, it shall be so, and we can offer him oc as tributes to empower him but we do not control him

Trump will win.



We must pray for him to make Hillary unlikeable
If she dies, the Democrats will bring in a likeable candidate and will surely win


Stroke softly, Stroke-chan!
Keep on rolling, Stroke-chan!

Praise Kek!

I want her to live. If she dies, the Chimp in Chief will accuse Trump of assassinating her, and attempt to outlaw the Republicans, and arrest Trump. She needs to live, so that the Godking may ascend to his throne, and officially declare rope day.

Stroke softly, stroke-chan
Keep on Rolling, Stroke-Chan

Kek likes this idea better, and so do I.

Surely Kek will make sure Killary has an embarrassing time in the first debate

Check this 89391270

Kek almighty, grand us happening in NYC in the next 2 hours

I sacrifice these digits to you.

Let it happen at the debates


Stroke softly, stroke chan!
Keep On Rolling, Stroke-Chan

I offer these digits to almighty Kek in the hope that he might make Hillary suffer a heart attack during the first debate with Trump.


Stroke softly Stroke-chan


Let summon the meme magik


Lesser banishing rituals of the Dank Memes

1) To form the sign of the knifer, get your wand/dagger/athame and hold it like a knife in Call of Duty.

Visualize a great ball of light above you, radiating energy. Vibrate the words "u wot m8?" and knife it. Look down at the ground, vibrate "oh baby a triple" and knife the ground. Then look towards your right shoulder, try to knife it as you vibrate "damn son", and repeat for your left shoulder saying "mom get the camera". Finally clasp your hands and say "ayyy lmao" in the closing gesture.

2) To trace the pentagrams, visualize a sniper scope tracing the shape through the air (requires being a hardscoping scrub I know). To trace the pentagram of the steel beam (invoking) start at the top and go left, while the pentagram of the jet fuel (banishing) starts at the bottom left and goes up. The pentagrams use the power of the Mountain Dew to invoke or banish.

Starting at the East, trace your thing. When you are done, tap the air where you traced it, imagining a hitmarker there, then put your hand to your lips in the Sign of the Stoner (looks like you're hitting a blunt). Vibrate "Code Red". Do the same thing for the South, with the word "Baja Blast", then the West with "Code Black" and conclude with the greatest of all, "Dewitos" in the north.

3) Now you have to invoke the four deities or whatever you call them. Stand with your arms outstretched. Say "Before me, Sanic". "Behind me, Pingu". "At my right hand, Snoop Dogg". "At my left hand, Shrek". For above me blazes a big ass joint, and around me melt the dankest memes.

4) Conclude with a repeat of Step 1.


fuck i want this set

Then I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. -Revelation 16:13

>You think KEK serves at your whim?
You dont ask Kek for such a favor for if he grants it it would not be chaos.
Shall Kek guide us through the chaos engulfing this world devouring all the owls and free us from the shackles of the false order which has been put upon us by the kin of moloch

Behold. The right hand of dubs.

Stroke softly, stroke-chan!
The others, not me

What if we are taking power away from Moloch by getting digits, and in turn Hillary is losing her power?

>big stroke get

that hope is the only reason i praise kek. i dont trust him. but we need all the help we can get right now so we mutually agreed to support each other in this matter without any further bindings. praise kek

I believe it is Kek's will to have Trump defeat the hillbot, she will die shortly after. Bill too.


it has begun


Oh great Lord Kek, I know thou hast thine own plan, but hearken to my prayer! Strike down the Harpy known as Hillary the Black! let smote her ruin upon the presidential podium!



Stroke softly, stroke chan!
Keep on Rolling, Stroke-Chan

Despite your country, you are not a cuck. Make Sweden Great Again, friend