No one was expecting but it happened. Molyneux names the jew

I was afraid this day would come and people would be dissapointed but actually people are very positive about it

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mollyjew has pulled a full 1940's soros lately

he's been too extreme lately.
Every new video I begin to suspect more and more he was always a nazi disguised as a libertarian

If I were a Jew i'd want my people to have a wake up call to cut out their shit. If they let the pressure build for too long they're toast. Pun intended.


which minute

just a prank
Moly is a fucking jewish rat

I hate it when he acts out the quotes from people

It's extremely gay

Yes. There's a video out there with him saying that his mom's a jew:

He's a kike controlled opposition, like (((Sam Harris))) (((Christopher Hitchens))) & ((Milo))). He pushes (((Ayn Rand))) etc.

>implying Milo is Jewish

He's Catholic m8. He's also based as fuck even if he is a faggot.

Hahah. Good one, (((Milo))):

Milo Yiannopoulos (formerly Milo Yiannopoulos Verified.png and Milo Andreas Wagner; Greek: Μίλων Γιαννόπουλος, Hebrew: מילו יאנופולוס) is a homosexual, legally Jewish, nigger-loving Greek faggot who is the "Tech Editor" for right-wing tabloid Breitbart. Despite being a self-proclaimed "journalist", Milo is actually just a failure of a troll who steals the hard-hitting investigative journalism of Encyclopædia Dramatica's own loyal editors and then attempts to pass it off as his own work.

Doesn't Stef also have mommy issues?

Nice sliding cuck. Did ctr tell you to spam that (((encyclopediadramatica))) link on here because it's loosely linked to reddit and Cred Forums? Fuck off.

Parents issues generally. Most kikes do or pretend to. They want to destroy the nuclear family of the goy at least. And I think they project this attitude into their own families. Just look at Marx. Most jews I know have been divorced like 4 times.

Stef wants children (((((emancipated))))), plus no family disciplining (((((shaming spanking etc))))--which if you have kids you realize is necessary in some circumstances---from families so the kike brainwashing kicks in earlier.

literally leave. Everyone knows that he's a jew, he just converted to catholicism.

You're such an obvious kike, bro. You're defending this kike's why I know. Cucklick? As if that weren't synonmous with kikes these days anyway...ahuyuk, lemme bendover and kiss this niggerfoot muslim pope kek.

Did you just blow in from stupidtown--we've known (((Milo))) was a Kike double-agent here at poll since the BEGINNING, kikebro :D :D

Molymeme realized that running a cult is easier as a natsoc than as an ancap.

He also lied about being a Jew online.

Have you never watched one of his interviews? He's said he's jewish dozens of times.


Marx had one wife and she was goyish

They said it wasn't terrorism, I believe them.


Praise kek, the kike will burn



11:29 NOT

>Molyneux starts quoting hillary
>Has a coughing fit