Can you do it France?

Can you elect this beautiful woman and save your county? What are the odds? #CantPinLePen

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Oooh La La!

here's a rare marine for you


I hope so

Is it my mind playing tricks on me or she looks like Dana Scully here?

I want to put my baguette in her honhonhon.

That's very very coquin


Thank you Frenchy. BLESSED.

Sadly no chance for 2017. Maybe next time, 2022, but I still am not optimistic. We are cucked beyond belief.

How come? What's the mood of the French people at the moment?

Around 70% people think we have to many immigrants and islam cannot blend into western societies. I can find opinion polls if you want to.

The thing is, FN have been "the nazis" for so long and Marine's father, Jean Marie, fucked up quite a lot. So Marine has that image of devil she can't really get rid of, and most people that agree with what FN says fear to actually vote for it. Also she has a leftist economic policy that scare a lot of older people, afraid for their savings. Fucking boomers.

we have 2 rounds of voting, so Marine will finish first at the first round.

then whoever is against her in the second round will gather all the votes and become president

Le probleme est le systeme dans la france...m

That's a part of the problem, not the whole, but yes it is a big one.

She was so hot when she was younger. I don't think her daughter is on par desu

I guess you're thinking about Marion? That's her niece.

Non, sa politique économique fait peur tout court, c'est juste nul.
Mais ça m'empêchera pas de voter pour elle, entre Alain Juppé le vendu, Sarko le menteur, et les idiots qui sont à gauche de tous ces zozos, y'a pas photo.

she still looks good. makes me want to actually apply myself for once and become the american ambassador to france just so i can sexually harass her daily

Can't believe nobody posted this yet.

On est bien d'accord sur le fait qu'il n'y a pas vraiment le choix. Pour l'éco (et d'une façon générale la primauté de la souveraineté sur l'identité) c'est parce que via Philippot elle est conseillée par Jacques Sapir...

Killer legs for an old broad

Yeah I've heard about that percentage. Be proud of that. But seriously, I think Sarkozy is just desperately talking shit to scrape back votes and he probably won't do anything to help the problem if he wins. That should be her next move, to convince the French that there is no other option. Viva La France!

Le Pen admires Trump

"Anyone but Clinton" That should be the anthem of America right now.

Wow, even the French use the term, "Islamophobe". I wonder (((Who))) was behind that?

You're absolutely right about Sarkozy and she's already trying to do that, she actually does a good job. French people know they can't trust Sarkozy but to most of them here it will be him or women Hitler.

As another French user said, she will make it to the second round but then overwellmingly loose the second one because all normies will vote for her opponent. This is what journalists and politicians call the "republican front against fascism". No pasaran :DDD

Oui, il faut un changement d'attitude en France. C'est fou d'haïr son pays à ce point là.
Ah tiens je le connaissais pas celui-là, effectivement c'est un beau bestiaux.

M'enfin, c'est ce qui est beau avec la démocratie, le peuple est le seul responsable. Ils seront donc responsable de leur propre disparition.

Ah. So basically the people will think that Sarkozy is the best alternative because he is not a fascist but will do something about the muzzies. Oh dear.

Also, what is all this about?

Well memed.

Ah, je vous aime, je vous aime.


Here, have another one

Mais je crois que le gros probleme pour le FN est la pere, Jean Marie Le Pen. Un nazi...

honorary american

C'est exactement pour ca que l'on a mis dehors.

hahahahahhahahahahah. Seriously that's hilarious. Thanks for that one Frenchy.

To un-demonize herself and the FN, Marine is going slowly on immigration and islam and Sarkozy is trying to take the lead on those subjetcs. That means a lot of people that would be voting FN may not do it because they think Sarkozy will, as you say, do something. Marine is pretty much tied, if she goes hard on islam she is a nazi and if she doesnt Sarkozy gets votes... Tough situation for her.

By "this" you mean your pic? Just Soros funded FEMEN being a pain in the ass, as usual. All medias are giving them attention while people don't really care. But, you know, a feminist not allowed to insult Le Pen at a rally, that must mean the FN is mysoginistic and fascist right? :^) Those bitches aren't really doing anything about islam and rapefugees, they'd rather fight patriarchy and catholicism.

Yeah, I talked about him already. He did a lot of damage to nationalism here. Marine has a handicap just by carrying the ame of her father.

Sarkozy wont win. Mlp will be in r.2

>Jean Marie Le Pen

Bon goy.

j'apprends regard français

No, not really. He doesn't like jews and thinks that most of the shoah is exagerated.
Politically he is not a national socialist, he had more liberal policies than his daughter.
But he wasn't smart and said stupid things at stupid times.

FN is cuck faggotry, they are to the LEFT of fucking Sarkozy, a literal anti-white jew. Real redpilled frogs vote for Henry de Lesquen.

Sadly, it may seem then that France will have to go through another string of ReligionOfPeace attacks so that Le Pen can win the hearts and minds of the French people. If not, Sarkozy is sure to win, I think you're right.

Yeah, I thought as much. They won't be laughing forever though.

They're not to the left of Sarkozy. Sarko talked a big game about "cleaning up banlieus" and stuff but did nothing. He is anti-white and a kike. He has no problem with mass migration and believes France shouldn't be a white country.

This is true, though I'd say:
>But he wasn't smart and said stupid things at stupid times.

The sad thing is that he's actually smart. He fucked up on purpose. He liked being the center of attention to much. What he did with Megret is the perfect example of that.

Also, you have to like him for his punchlines...
"Je vais te faire courir moi, rouquin va"
"Nous devons impérativement nous entendre avec la Russie pour sauver l’Europe boréale et le monde blanc."
"Et ta soeur, elle y va elle ?"

I do like him but he has no chance of winning.

Sarkozy WILL win. FN blew it by cucking on the Islam question.

His policy is top tier at least:

He just needs to pull a Trump and trick the (((media))) into giving him air time. As it stands, he's a literally who.

The question is : how would she fail to win?
There's nobody else that have the same amount of coverage and reputation. It's pretty much confirmed that she'll win.
But I'd prefer Jean-Marie tb(h).

She won't get more than 40% in the second round unless she faces Hollande because of the holy republican alliance. How can you even think she has any chance?

>30% of French Muslims place religious law above the law of the republic and have secessionist ideals.

Holy shit. How the fuck is this allowed? Literally creating a group of separatist terrorists inside your own country for feel-goods.

That's multiculturalism for you. Don't fool yourself, you have the same in your country.

That's who I thought it was at first glance.

Don't know about the rest of Canada but Quebec doesn't have nearly the muzzie problem France has. We've yet to allow any mosque tu be built anywhere. We also have a lot of christian Arabs that came here decades ago fighting tooth and nail against Islam. I guess they'd know best.

Because there's nobody else that can have the same results.
Holland can't.
Sarkozy have too much shit on his back and a lot of people don't want to see him again.
Let's not talk about Juppi.
Mélenchon may have a little chance, but still. They're in full force and more and more people are voting for her.

are you sure

Let's just hope it stays this way for you. I'd be so sad if Québec was becoming like France. Stay strong and remember about the vicious snake.

What are you implying?

All the France French I know who came here (admittedly all of them are older, no college age kids) are the most racist and anti muzzies I know. They're great. All of them also hate France.

That's first round of the election analysis. Sure, personnally none of those can match her, but in the second round all the cucks will be trying to protect democracy from fascism. Don't you look at opinion polls? If you really believe she has any chance in 2017 you're deluded, she will if she's against Hollande and we have 5 big terror strikes in the meantime but that's the dream scenario.


My wife is french and this always annoyed me about french elections. You got those "2 rounds"
So if LePen wins the first round all the lefties and other cucks just vote Sarkozy in order to deny FN.
There should be a registration to vote in the 2nd round.
So only sarkozy supporters of 1st round can actually support sarkozy.
Until that is fixed, it will be difficult for her


Goddamn it Australia.

Also, nice digits.


Those numbers are unseen in Morocco, a fucking muslim country.

France is fucked.

Amazing. Saved ty.


Not really. It's better for us actually. Would islam and non whites be invisible, yes we would be fucked demographically. But muslims are so vocals, so annoying, so apart from the real French, creating so much troubles overall it becomes a problem and we will take care of it.

isn't her daughter BLACKED?

c'est impossible pour Marine Le Pen pour gagner. Parce que les électeurs vont voter pour l'opposition d'arrêter Marine Le Pen gagnante. Marxistes voteraient pour arrêter Marine Le Pen.

Man, the only radical / vocally religious people I've seen in my French School were French-moroccans.

What the fuck is up with your banlieue culture?

Marion is her niece, and no, it's a fake pic with a lookalike.

No. She has three daughters, the oldest is like 17 yo I think and this family doesnt allow any racemix.

They hate us because our marxist teachers tell them about colonization and slavery and algeria's war. Also they have a gang culture in the non whites suburbs, dominated by both drug dealers and salafists. So they turn back to what they feel is the most anti France: islam with a gangsta culture. The new generations are more radical than the olders, it will only go accelerating.

Kek is with us.

France kinda fucked up with Algeria.

I feel extremely grateful to Lyautey. He knew how great colonization could be when done right. Thanks to him, we're in a much better shape, having the same quality of life as Algerians without even possessing oil.

>islam with a gangsta culture
Always makes me laugh

I noticed this among a few french I've met.

There seems to be a pessimism and hostility about France.

One guy in toronto was saying he didn't want to live in Montreal, because he kept bumping into other people from France!… he just wanted to be away from it.

It seems odd, because France has so much going for it… beautiful buildings, good food culture and climate.

Something must really be going wrong.

>hurr I liek dis politician because she makes my peepee go hard
but the leftists are the degenerates. right.





>Something must really be going wrong.

All the buildings turning into mosques, the food become Kebabs.

Also what a farmer friend from France tells me is that they have really bad unemployment, and it only gets worst. The one thing that could help them is having small businesses starting up, but there are huge hurdles against this. Something like the government requires you to pay the taxes on THEIR estimate of what your sales will be for half a year in advance. Which is just bananas.


That's a beautiful photo. Looks like it was taken 30 years ago.

it's not bannanas if you imposing deliberately shit policies as part of a conspiracy to fuck over all white Europeans.

Morocco has always been the best country in this region. Even back in the 60' with our first waves of maghrebi immigration, Moroccans were already considered good employes while nobody wanted Algerians. Everytime I hear someone telling me about his quiet, integrated muslim friend I ask if he's a Moroccan and guess what? Most of the time it is.

I know islam doesnt really allow what I called "gangster islam", thzt was badly worded. I meant salafi islam with such a shitty attitude you know the guy was selling drug and fucking whores just 2 years ago.


poor choice of pic mohamerde

That's just a benefit. The main reason is because she's basically France's only hope to uncuck itself as it stands. Keep up Spainard!


there's a difference between london muslims and french ones? good to know user XD


Beware Quebec. Quebec will turn into Paris. You don't want it. I think Quebec is being cucked though.

you're not fooling anyone you horny neet

Nah, the association of the two is really hilarious on all levels

Yeah, french muslims are dindus and maghrebis while your muslims are pakis and middle easterners/arabs.

Impossible this time.

It's a 2 turn base election. We will see more than 10 peoples running the first turn, Le Pen will win the first turn easily. Then they will all ask their voters to vote against Le Pen, no matter who she will compete with.

In fact, the left is doomed so who ever run for the right during the first turn win the election.

It's between Sarkozy the jew and a retard old guy born in 1945.

Je l'aime*

Heyy thats pretty good.

Her economic policies is the best thing about the FN.


These pictures always confuse me. She's cute and white, but she's also a narcissistic cunt.

I think it's from the mid to late 90's actually

>cute and white
>narcissistic cunt
Why did you repeat yourself m8?

Quoi ca? Un ostie d'americain essaye de me tombe de mon grand-pere...

France does not have long. The up coming economic collapse will probably start a civil war in your country.

Remember Hitler won with 33% of the vote.

That's literally fucking insane. That's not even human. that's... LEFTISM!

Clarification: I wasn't being snarky when I said "Always makes me laugh"

>upcoming economic collapse

France has always rose as a nation thanks to a strong government and protectionism. That's what Marine is advocating. The liberal economic practices that started being applied during the early 80's created the current mess.

Juppe seems quite nice

The Jews will crash the market with Trump wins and blame the economic mess on Trump and Brexit.

Just wait.

He's the worst. Centrist baby boomer that's friend with muslim brotherhood's big names. Old fucker that won't do shit. But nobody will do shit anyway. We have to wait 5 maybe 10 years for FN, and that's just hoping they won't be shitting up the bed.

Fuck. When do you vote for your Parliament?

Oh, you meant the global market.

I don't think that will happen, honestly.

>nobody will do shit anyway
Invent a time machine and erase the creation of nazi Germany and fascist Italy.

Ta da, l'Action Française ne peut plus être traitée de collabo et de facho, et Louis de Bourbon redevient roi de France!

>erase the creation of nazi Germany and fascist Italy.
France and Great Britain just should not have made the Versailles Treaty.

>Germany should just have kept destroying Europe like they always do
Is that shit in your genes?

We didn't start WW1. With the Versailles Treaty you forced us into WW2.

Do you really think Austria-Hungary would have declared war on Serbia if they weren't backed by Germany?

Outch, the comments... And this is Le Monde... Could it be that my people are more awake than expected?

>And this is Le Monde...

I find Le Monde to be pretty great, actually. They're trying hard to be as unbiased as possible.

A combination of Le Monde, Le Figaro, Libération, Le Monde Diplomatique, and Courrier International (along with Cred Forums) is pretty nice when it comes to covering every point of view regarding events and politics.

>Electing a woman into office

Look at Germany who has a woman for a leader and doing a real shitty job.

Hey mon tabarnak, tu crisses quoi en Pologne?

I'd be careful throwing around remarks like those Hank.

Stop embarrassing us you disgusting freak she's average at best

>electing a woman

I was referring to the fact that 'murica might have a woman president soon

>10/10 in england.jpg

We are going to do to you what we did to Britain

>Le Monde, Le Figaro, Libération, Le Monde Diplomatique, and Courrier International
lol exactly my targets!
Also don't forget that they are strongly moderated. Le Figaro is moderated by a Moroccan company for instance. I don't think they're corrupted in order to bias the general mood, but obviously they clean the worst beauferie, which is good for my eyes but don't give an accurate sight of the readers.

>Le Monde


>half of my posts are moderated on Le Figaro

I only talk about putting lefturds on trial, how could it be bad :-(

They're trying, at least, in the subjects I monitor.

Even if the interpretation can tend to be leftist in nature, there's always hard facts/info in the article. For example, they reported the Aleppo conflict from 2 months ago really well, while every other media was only talking about muh moderate rebels.

She's actually very average for a French girl

The things is that each time I read articles in Le Monde talking about FN, MLP, Sarkozy, Les républicains, immigration or eastern Europe it's always the same Soros funded shills who talk.

They are human and they have probably to deal with shitstorms on some articles, it depends if they're tired or not i guess. Sometimes I can post "Ban the muslims!" and sometimes "Nantes doesn't need a new airport." is banned...

Yeah i guess that's true. Guess i just got over excited at the though of Europe becoming uncucked

Farage won the referendum with memes.. Do Frenchies have memes?


They're going pretty hard on Sarko when he's a globalist kike.

I agree when it comes to FN/MLP most of the time, but there's no mainstream newspaper that would risk not shitting on them anyway.

>"Nantes doesn't need a new airport."
What happened with that, anyway? Are the protests still ongoing even after the referendum?

They are a meme. The most arrogant, hostile white nation on earth, and they get completely drowned in disrespectful brown people who explode on sight.

Well 75% of the time when I post pic related I'm censored...

While sometime I call to lynch some leftist posters and it pass

.Le Monde is going hard on Sarko as it would be Le Pen senior himself, it's pretty funny... Because of it I'm seriously considering to vote for him on the LR primairies just to have a good laugh.

But hell each time I read about Poland it's alaways the copy past of some bullshit article form the neoliberal Soros funded toilet rag called Gazetta Zydowska

>Are the protests still ongoing
Yes, of course.
But anyway the topic is postponed to the next election for obvious reason.

This is a well known quote, probably dozens of people post it and it's considered as a spam.

It's pretty cucked though. After all, France is still over 50% French so where do you draw the limit?

>Petite minorité

When De Gaulle ruled this country there was something like 5000 niggers in continental France...

And talking about arabs they were deported numerous time.

And the rest of the quotes is making fun of arabs and integration promoters.

Maybe but I was censored several time at a moment when nobody posted it.



The limit has been already crossed for most of us. The "racism" in France (I don't endorse the term, it's just xenophobia) has been a matter of joke, concern or debate since ages, but we don't vote for that, we vote for our jobs and our pensions. Until lately...

more plz

Après l’esclavage la libération,
Prêt pour le combat la révolution,
Tremblez ennemis nous vous traquerons,
De notre pays nous vous chasserons!

Victoire! La vérité vient d’éclater
Victoire! Resplendissante dans sa clarté
Victoire! Le soleil vient de se lever
Victoire! Aojourd’hui nous avons gagné

Engagés dans la guerre civile
Des soulèvements à travers les villes
Barricades, des émeutes, la violence
Combats de rue reconquérir la France.

Quand le brouillard se lèvera,
Quand la fureur se dissipera,
Nous défilerons sur les pavés sanglants,
Glorieux chevaliers des nouveaux temps!

La liberté n’a pas de prix,
Même si on doit y laisser la vie,
Nos drapeaux flotteront dans le vent,
Réunis autour du pouvoir blanc!

Victoire! La vérité vient d’éclater
Victoire! Resplendissante dans sa clarté
Victoire! Le soleil vient de se lever
Victoire! Aojourd’hui nous avons gagné


>I was censored several time at a moment when nobody posted it
How can you know gros malin? This quote must be posted ten times a day, and deleted ten times as well.

you guys got some nice weed

We have the best weed, don't we?

Goddamn there is a lot of freedom in that picture. Thanks for sharing, beautiful.

saw some documentary about your weed farms...better than some smokers feverdream

I love how Cred Forums can totally get behind this woman to be a powerful world leader. It shows how wrong the liberals are. Sure, many of us probably think your average women wouldn't make good leaders, but Marine and Hillary aren't average women. Hillary's problem isn't that she's a woman but that she's an evil cunt who wants to destroy America.

If we had a Marine Le Pen in the USA, we'd be supporting her for president and the hilarious part would be watching the liberals eat themselves.

Don't get me wrong, she has significant flaws and isn't perfect, but she's the best option France has for next election. It would be better to have a qualified man (like Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has always been the best Le Pen) though

She gets so wet you can smell her when she starts talking about how much she loves France.


Par for the course, m80

Dailystormer is saying that (((Sarkozy))) is running to the right of her on everything besides Frexit and that she's cucking hard. Hopefully it's a play.

rape her

Hey, that song is actually good.

>Le Pen will win the first turn easily
And what if she wins with 51%?
Imagine the lulz.