Was Pablo Escobar really a modern-day Robin Hood?

Was Pablo Escobar really a modern-day Robin Hood?

>selling the powder jew

more like Robin Jeew

>Record Scratch
>Freeze Frame
Yep, you're probably wondering how I got here.


More like Narco-terrorist... he murdered innocent people...

He probably shouldn't have bombed that plane.

All I know about him came from the Netflix show Narcos though, so theres probably more to it.

Definition of degenerate.

>Just finished watching Narcos S1
Oh boy, continue with this thread, gringos.

Two things.
First, Robin Hood is a story about socialist propaganda that vilified success.
Second, he ruined the lives of countless rich and poor to make himself rich.

He was a hero if compared to morder drug lords that only care about themselves

I thought he was considered the lesser evil overall because he was fighting Communist guerrillas and was using a lot of money to build infrastructure (roads, hospitals, schools, etc) in Colombia.

>15th century English folklore
>socialist propaganda


Kek I noticed that too.

Look at these dubs.

Just another latino scum

because of pablo escobar there is a population of wild hippos in columbia

soon they will overtake the entirety of the americas

this is the future pablo chose

Shit, Forgive me Kek for I have sinned.

>When you know you have bail money

criminals often end up doing altruistic things so the community will support them, its a lot more self serving than youd like to think, and doesn't forgive murder, extortion, and other immoral acts.

>Robin Hood
Robin Hood stole from an oppressive, over-taxing government and gave it back to the citizens. He didn't steal from rich folks and give it to the poor.

he was both good/bad. The thing is, he was being good for a reason.. he knew however controls the masses control the country.
He help the guerrillas for his own goal not because he wanted.
Now why he halp poor people?
>poor people is loyal af if you give them money
>they have kids
so he looks like the godfather in front of them, give them gifts, house, food, and also "jobs"
>once the kids grow they became sicarios (killers for money)
he give them guns, drugs, and their loyalty was secure because he help their families..

I don't see a good guy.. I don't see a bad guy. I see an example of being a smart guy.
He went shit once he try to became president being a narco.. now that's a dumb move and that's why his career stared going down and all went nuts, also one of his friends was "nazi"


In S2 he gets hunted by right-wing paramilitia founded by other narcos and they call themselves:


In S2 he gets hunted by right-wing paramilitia founded by other narcos and they call themselves

Fat brown psychopath, he isn't orange at least