How should pedophiles be executed?

How should pedophiles be executed?

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Skin them Alive, throw their flayed bodies in a bath of salty lemonade, cut them into pieces and dissolve their remains in acid.

surley making thought crimes punishable by death isn't a muslim philosophy


waste of meat

castrate them and put them to work

Gulag. Put them to good use mining, cutting trees, etc. until they die and then throw them to the wolves.

You wouldn't happen to be a pedo, would you, user?

Thrown out of an airplane

evacuate the 2 non-pedos from britain and deport all the pedos in the world here, rename the place the british pedophisles

Before or after shooting them?

Toss 'em into the wing with all the violent homos..
Give the homos meth and Viagra.

Sudden occipital lead poisoning
cremated, no grave

why don't pedos just convert to Islam and become immune to criticism.

Well, what I would've said plus trips.

Don't you all love children? Well if you do you're a pedophile. If you want to fuck children, you're an Ephebophile.

They have standards.

You wouldn't execute an alcoholic

Islam or Pedos?

what sort of a mad man would commit genocide against his own people

Fucking normalfags.

Smash dong with sledge hammer.

Boiling water it's by far the cheapest method. I could execute a pedo like that from home.

kill yourself. I'm furious my tax dollars are going toward your NEETbux you fucking animal.

like this
based Britain leading the way once again

Gas because you can fit a bunch in a gas chamber and its more efficient

That depends. By "pedophilia" do you mean actual, legitimate "sexual attraction towards young, prepubescent children" pedophilia or "This guy said a physically-developed fifteen year old was attractive, let's get him!" pedophilia? And pedophilia itself is a mental illness. Unless they actually touch and harm kids, maybe you should not treat them like the devil incarnate just for existing? I doubt they chose to be attracted to kids, just like you didn't choose to be attracted to blondes or feet or bondage or what have you, the difference being that no one is calling to castrate and rape and kill you for having footjob porn on your computer.

I am not a pedophile, by the way, but I am tired of people one, not even knowing what it is, and two, having these kneejerk, overcompensating, virtue-signaling bloodlust reactions whenever the topic is brought up to show off what good people they are. I think the topic is a bit more nuanced than just "DIE DIE DIE PEDO SCUM" but you can't even start a genuine discussion about it without people hysterically accusing you of being a pedophile yourself.

I like it

why do you want to get rid of muslims?

>How should pedophiles be executed?
By killing them.

>no "all of the above" option

baka senpai

They shuold not be killed.

They should be chemically castrated, so they will walk in shame for the rest of their pity, shitty lives.

I best most of them wuold kill themslevs in a short years.

That would just ad up for divine justice in my view.





I prefer pic related for all capitol offences as it is a versatile instrument, the exceptions being war crimes cases where one is sentenced to death and treason, those get the firing squad..

Someone spent time actually drawing this. That alone is infuriating for me.

Id build a prison city in the middle of nowhere and once your in it you never get out and than give free material for the people who are in the prison but theyre never let outor theyre shot on sight. Added bonus youd get a lot of pedos you wouldnt be able to catch out of society and the pedos can jack it for all eternity fucking degenerates

Dirty little newfaggot. Fuck off.

Hanged by the genitalia.



Where is the just shoot there asses option instead of all this barbaric nigger shit? only complete niggers support burning someone alive, dipping someone in a pool of acid or being eaten alive by lions.

This but that's for those that touch kids with their '''consent''', those that rape and intentionally hurt chilldreen should be buried in concrete.

rope. It's cheap, reusable, effective. And it makes for a pretty good shoah

You have to go back.

Fucked to death by 100 child sized midgets/pygmy.

harvest organs with no anesthetic and leave them to bleed out


interesting. I could buy that

A grenade and a steel box.

The state shouldn't have the right to end the life of one of its own people, because the state is inherently flawed and corrupt.

In an ideal NatSoc world, those that have any other sexuality besides heterosexuality should be seen as mentally ill, and treated with care and respect.

Those that actually act out their fantasies should be punished. It would be a case by case basis.

Pedophilia would be on the higher end of that severity spectrum, but it would also depend on the case (grabbing a screaming 7 year old and going balls deep vs fucking a willing 16 year old)

Certain crimes deserve death, and many physical applications of this mental illness fall under this category, but not everything is completely black and white.

Child rapists, I assume you mean.

Just a simple hanging should suffice. No need for all that edgy savagery.

Thats perfectly suitable for some pedo ahmeds. For example that one that raped an 8 yo girl every day for a month or so and she died from internal bleeding.

>No crushed pelvis by sex with a 500 pound women
Shit poll

Depends. If they touched kids, burned alive or fed to lions.

If they have not touched kids but are simply attracted to them, give them a more humane death like execution by firing squad

Thought Crime

We want to find a proper punishment, not a reward, user.

Kennedy v Louisiana

Damn shame

This shit has to be fake and it is much easier just to shoot a pedo not matter how bad of the crime rather then to do nigger shit like burning someone alive.

This is not the first century.

This, plus hanging is cheap and effecient

Oh and to actually answer the question, lethal injection, first to induce coma, then to stop the heart from beating. The organs will then be harvested for practical use.

Pedophiles should be rehabilitated, child molesters should be put into a prision where the other prisioners are told they can do whatever they want and then kill him no consequences and he's a child molester, the other criminals will do it.

Unmedicated castration, those who dont bleed to death can be vlad style impaled.

Abo nigger

Old age.

>desiring for people who experience true love to be murdered
wew Cred Forums

>pedos get death penalty
>government finds out you're an ebil white supremacist
>they upload some kiddy porn on your computer so they can get rid of you

this is why i'm not 100% sold on death for pedos, could be used too easily against anyone they don't approve of. however i'm not sure if the government can even upload shit to people's computer, but if they could i'd say thats a real possibility if they could.

Snoo snoo

I don't really care, and continue to give little fucks until you start going after women for being/making them and the oligarchs running everyone's lives

This is just a giant emotional circle jerk

Stinged with sharp or rustyish needles then put some lime on the wounds, have skin burned with cigarette burn,while torture you should try and convince him that he will live so you barely nuture him feed him than you Tell him his tourtuse is done and put him in a room blindfolded and hands still tied and realese a pitbull or any ferocious dog on him or better yet multiple and watch him get shreeded to pieces.

If I had to choose one, whatever choice allows their bodies to be recycled for maximum benefit after death, probably gas.

Best option would be slavery after castration, as was already stated.

Matthew 18:6
Mark 9:42
Luke 17:2

Drown them

A: no matter how repressed and prudish you are fact is that sexuality is not inherently bad.
B: the AoC is mostly lower than in your prudish 3rd world country americucks.
C: there is scientific proof that having been "molested" in and of itself doesn't actually cause any harm for people in their lives, provided it wasn't actual rape
D: while this would mean that the only thing that keeps these things so extremely illegal is societal views, thankfully no one else has gone quite as far as to try to criminalize thought crime.

I don't know about him but i might be.
And you're a human so your opinion on human rights should be discarded.

But yes, how's that thoughtcrime lynch-mob mentality working out for you?


They'll all die of rectal trauma within hours. Genius.

>C: there is scientific proof that having been "molested" in and of itself doesn't actually cause any harm for people in their lives, provided it wasn't actual rape
kill yourself

I'm all for killing child molesters but we shouldn't kill people for loli.

There is.
It has been publicly shunned by congress and has been major news around the turn of the millennium, because america cares more about "muh morals" than actual scientific data.

The studies are peer reviewed, and up to now haven't been disproven or superseded.

It's a fucking miracle your schools teach evolution at all.

(also i'm not a pedo i just wish i had met one while i was younger)

Put them in a cage with some druggies high on bath salts. Televise the footage.

>missing an entire fucking dimension
>being a perfect-to-fantasy depiction of unrealistic weeaboo desires
somewhat questionable but shouldn't be illegal
it's so far from the truth we might aswell compare barbie dolls to sex slaves

Só te dando o meu carinho...

You guys don't seem to understand the seriousness of child molestation/pedophiles. If they molest/rape the child at a young age, it can really fuck them up for a long time. I myself was molested, I think I was 5 or 6 at the time, he touched my junk and shit like that. Went on for about 2 months until I finally confessed. First time I was about to get laid I couldn't even get hard, it might have been due to my subconscious. Some victims of child molestation/rape might not even be able to have enjoyable intercourse anymore because they might feel like they're being raped, it can really traumatize you. What's even worse, is that the cycle repeats, the victim will probably go on molesting someone else, I myself did it, while my step-sister was sleeping I lightly put my hand on her ass, that's pretty much it. Not crazy rape or anything, but I already feel fucked up for doing that in the first place. But yes, all pedophiles or child molesters should be put to death, I don't care how. If I found the individual who molested me today, I would kill him.

>Not using crucifixion

Thought crimes shouldn't be punished.

Intent, participation, or actual abuse of a child should be punished accordingly

>First time I was about to get laid I couldn't even get hard
You were nervous because it was your first time, same thing happened to lots of us.

>If they molest/rape the child at a young age, it can really fuck them up for a long time
but this is outright false.
> First time I was about to get laid I couldn't even get hard,
How did you even know that what happened to you was bad in any way and you should be mentally anguished about it? Because no it's not instinctual.
It couldn't be that it was your parent's/environment's reaction that produced your mental troubles.

>i would kill him
killing someone for something that has no real biological or psychological reason to cause you problems makes you a cunt.

I wasn't nervous.

Also, it was sort of a chubby chick, actually glad I couldn't get hard, then I met her 8/10 friend, ended up fucking her, couldn't get hard at first, then I ate her out, then I got hard and stuck my dick in. So maybe I'm not too broken.

It's not fake bro. I've seen this thing live in medical autopsy. Pretty fun desu.
It's easier but might not be enough to scare others.

They shouldn't be executed, they should be given the same rights as all the other couples. Love knows no age.

>but this is outright false
What? I'm pretty sure molestation or rape could traumatize someone lad
>How did you even know that what happened to you was bad in any way and you should be mentally anguished about it? Because no it's not instinctual. It couldn't be that it was your parent's/environment's reaction that produced your mental troubles.
Idk, it was my first time, ended up not doing it, then I fucked someone else and I was fine
>killing someone for something that has no real biological or psychological reason to cause you problems makes you a cunt
He didn't even get punished for what he did, of course I would kill him, pussy.

>So maybe I'm not too broken.
But you'd kill someone over it anyway.

>literal ISIL tactics

I am ashamed on your behalf.

>What? I'm pretty sure molestation or rape could traumatize someone lad
Rape, yes. Molestation, no.
There is nothing inherently traumatic about sexual acts in and of themselves.
As i have stated earlier in my post, there have been studies on this, but they were shunned and not spoken of after the initial controversy because it makes people uncomfortable.

There is both no psychological or biological mechanism known by which the mere act of doing sexual things should be traumatizing (as long as it's not forced) and there is data to prove that it isn't.

>of course I would kill him, pussy.
I know this is just "i'll fukkin kill you cunt" talk, but actually doing that would make you the worse person you realize that.

Before. Who would shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane?

If they abuse a minor, throw them into the lions, so they can feel what it is like to be cornered and afraid of someone much more powerful than them.

Life imprisonment (until death my natural causes) every second three months in solitary

I am legit curious as how you people even operate.

Do you not see the difference between
>"Oh they might have caused someone to feel anxious for some time, and if the victim disagrees we'll tell the victim how they should feel bad, and never mind the scientific data contradicting us"
>"Let's get this person killed in some of the most terrible horrifying ways permanently and make them suffer as much as possible, to scare people away from even considering being like that person"

One of these things is worse than the other.
(it's the second. the second is worse than the first. because death is nor reversible)

You are acting like the worst of the regressives
>i'm going to take offense on your behalf
>even if you're not offended
>even if it rationally doesn't make any sense to be offended
>and i'm going to punish whoever did this thing i deem bad disproportionately
>doing more harm than was done before
>and even if i don't actually want that, i'l virtue-signal to everyone that i want to
(thanks whoever brought up the term it explains a lot)

These threads are basically "How should males be punished for being in the patriarchy."


This is the one thing we didn't want to happen

Fuck off, normie scum. Maybe a feminist drone like you would feel better on plebbit.

To clarify this
I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, especially not children or anyone else unable to protect themselves, which is why i wouldn't just legalize molestation.

-However, the facts have to be considered, because a functioning society can not be based on anything else.
-And one has to take a clear stance against lynchmob mentality.

These are some core values of modern western civilization, and if we throw them away we might as well go join ISIL.

I really, really can not stand people being irrational.

Kill yourself you fucking nigger

Holy shit, I didn't realize how much pedo scum was on this board. Go ahead and try to argue your points with real people and not on Cred Forums. Count how many seconds it takes for a couple of parents to beat your ass. Fucking scum.

Thrown into general population with a sign on their back that says "I like to fuck little kids". The other inmates would deal with them accordingly.


Oh damn that argument totally blew any rational considerations i had out of the water!

I guess you must be right, gas the pedos, and while you're at it abolish courts and just let the lynchmob decide how to kill people for what crime.
Yay death and murder!

Wow i hate rationality now.

Go ahead and try to argue literally anything Cred Forums discusses with any person irl.

lolis are hot

they shouldn't be executed. being gay/bi is a sexuality that can't be changed through any drug therapy or behavioral therapy. pedophilia is the exact same thing and it is completely arbitrary that you reddit fags think that being a pedo is wrong but any other alternative sexuality is an exception to being evil.

i think that all forms and expressions of sexuality are to be prohibited because we have the ability to be above monkey thinking penis retards but we still cling onto "ooohhhhh mann those big fucking tittes and fat asss ohhh im so hard" just because we're absolutely fine with being one with less than nigger bamboo horny animals

Get the fuck outta here newfag.

>Being anti pedo is edgy
The people defending pesos are more deserving of that famalam

I don't think he meant being anti pedo. I think he meant virtue signalling so hard you literally have a competition of who can come up with the most gruesome way to murder a type of thought criminals you particularly dislike.

In my experience, the people that take pedo hate to this level are genuinely autistic losers themselves and they use pedos as a demographic to go "I'm better than them".

Ahmed pls

it's also for people that are goodie two shoes and want some kind of reward from it

>heh, I go EXACTLY the speed limit and only fuck a girl EXACTLY the legal age or above.

So your saying Im going to die for having stuff like this on my PC?

Hanging in flexible barbed wire, and not drop hanging but hoisted up.

They shouldn't.

Seriously this will get me killed in current year? what the fuck

This is why laws aren't based on your feelings, stop the pitchfork mentality and try to make up your own opinions instead of yelling kill all pedos because that's what mom told you to think.

DW, based Trudeau and his famalam liberal party will normalize pedos :D


trudeau :DDD

Pedophilia is a victimless crime. Actually fucking a kid would be plain rape.

it's okay leaf, no one's gonna die

>this post again

Kys edgelord faggot

>person who was molested says it fucked them up
"This is outright false"
America will never accept you

Not if its consensual

>lion cage one of the lowest

if gladiator battles aren't an option that's the next most entertaining choice

gas chamber is boring

Like this, let them bleed to death

a) there was no proof that was what fucked him up and not something else
b) there was no proof that he WAS actually fucked up
c) he later admitted be probably wasn't that fucked up after all, when learning that everyone behaves like that

The rational rest of the world will... only accept you if you learn to use basic logic.


They shouldn't. Unless they rape a kid. In which case send them to jail and the niggers will do the job for you.

Everything else should be legal. And the child's willingness in the sex should be considered in regards to the jail sentence.

Holding down some random kid and fucking their anus while they scream is a way different crime than a child willingly having sex with someone and then being declared to be too stupid to give consent because of their age.

>Warhammer memer

Cringiest shit ever, so many of the muh degeneracy posters are Warhammer autists.

>Holding down some random kid and fucking their anus while they scream is a way different crime than a child willingly having sex with someone and then being declared to be too stupid to give consent because of their age.
Kys pedo

>Actually fucking a kid would be plain rape.
Only if it's just some guy. If it's her father it's fine. Or if she's married that's okay.
Fuck off, feminist scum.

Holy Kek the cringe. Hopefully the nigger who wrote that has killed themselves by now.

>a way different crime

It's obviously written by an anti you retard newfag autist

>anyone who disagrees with this plainly obvious truth is dismissed as a pedophile
Nobody can seriously discuss this because calling the opponent a pedo is too easy a debate tactic.

Instead we have polls about how pedos should be slaughtered so everyone can prove how non-pedo they are.

>Defending pedophilia
>Posting provocative pictures of 3D lolis
>Calling anyone else an edgelord

IF THEY ARE ACTUALLY GUILTY, then pick your favorite of all the ways mentioned thus far.

However, the majority of sex offenders in prison today are not guilty. Sex offenses are an easy way for the system to convict white people in order to balance out the demographics because of the disproportionate amount of niggers in prison who are actually guilty.

The courts know it. The corrections officers know it. It works because the general public is clueless about it and it's an emotionally charged subject. Juries convict a bunch of trumped up bullshit because feels, and, "how would you like it if it was your kid..." kind of arguments.

You fags in this thread talking about flay them, castrate them, etc. are proof. Acting like a bunch of emotional nigger bitches about this shit.

>an anti
Is this pedo slang for "anti-pedo'?
The comic makes the pedo sound mature and reasonable, while the accuser is acting like a retard. The point of the comic is to make anti-pedos look like idiots. Turn your brain on you lefty pedo creep.


Helicopter ride

>Executing 90% of Hollywood Jews and most politicians
Good luck with that. I don't care the method, only that it happens.

>You fags in this thread talking about flay them, castrate them, etc. are proof. Acting like a bunch of emotional nigger bitches about this shit.

This. It's retarded how someone can claim to be better than these people then in the very same sentence, tell us their barbaric revenge fantasy.

your so dumb
the point of the comic is to make fun of strawman arguments.
it makes the pedo the rational, level headed character and the normal person the I AM SILLY character

You pedos are no better than trannies or otherkin. But certainly alike as you are all mentally ill.

>believing in Liberty and love and not savagely discussing brutal methods of torture for thought crimes
>hurr u edgy fgt

The punishment should fit the crime
>the punishment should fit the crime
The punishment should fit the crime
>the punishment should fit the crime
The punishment should fit the crime
>the punishment should fit the crime
The punishment should fit the crime
>the punishment should fit the crime

Anything else means you are a literal nigger who is unable to control his own emotions like some kind of SJW

5-30 years in jail depending on the level of violence involved, ranging from none to full rape

Death by suffocation under a real woman's ass.

It literally pushes the hurr kids can't consent meme, even when trying to false flag pedos antis can't turn off their brainwashing.

>it makes the pedo the rational, level headed character and the normal person the I AM SILLY character
This is what I said. You're pretty much quoting me. In the comic:
Pedo = rational
Anti-Pedo = irrational

You'll be first on the day of the rope.


>>believing in Liberty and love
No, you think you should be able to rape girls, you piece of shut. You should just kill yourself and stop making us who believe in things like loyalty and fidelity look bad.

oh how far lolbertarians have fallen

I don't understand though - why should pedophiles who haven't hurt anyone and lead a normal life, one that does not revolve around fucking children, be killed?

t. healthy adult male

>I believe I should be able to torture my kids whether or not they consent because they're my property

Take your pills NCAN don't attack me.

It's literally virtue signalling (the very same that SJW's do on social media) taken to extreme levels.


Think of it more in terms of other I AM SILLY comics.
The point of this one is that pedophilia is bad, but in a I AM SILLY comic, you could make anything look good. It isnt saying pedos are good, its saying I AM SILLY comics can make anything look good.

But thinking isn't raping

this is literally SJW thinking what the fuck man

he didn't say anything like that

>How should pedophiles be executed?
Fucked to death by a Grandma.

Personally I think the guillotine is due a comeback

That's the only logical step in that sort of thinking, if you think you're entitled to do anything to your kids just because you birthed them.

Those who haven't acted on their urges should still have their genitalia physically removed to prevent them from doing so.

>stop making us who believe in things like loyalty and fidelity look bad
You're on Cred Forums, a board for anime and trolling. Please take your serious business elsewhere.

When the fuck have I said shit like that?
And I don't take any pills anymore. I think they're part of what fucked my memory up.
You obviously don't know FF. He thinks he should be able to go around fucking girls with no regard for anything, the bastard.

You'll be curbstomped soon enough

This faggot shitposts his hurr durr kids can consent!!! horseshit occasionally.

>never makes a point
>spams degenerate loli shit
>will die alone or with 2 holes in the back of his head

You could easily make the comic about murderers or thieves or rapists
>tits on lolis

You have the equipment to rape a woman right now. Let's castrate you, just in case!

You realize what you're saying is LITERALLY the same thing as feminazi man hating shit, right?

That's using the same logic as 'Men who haven't acted on their urges should have their genitalia removed" or "Gun owners who haven't shot somebody yet should have their guns removed".

I mean, the average Cred Forumsack wants to kill niggers, but you don't see them aiming their nine at the welfare line.

Y think you can do whatever you want to your little girl because she's "yours".

Trade her off to some guy, or anything. It just seems logical if you think you own someone to that level that you think you should be able to harm them unconsensually as well.

>never makes a point

Are you fucking ignorant? My point is you idiots blindly believe this kids can't consent non sense with no basis at all for believing that. You just eat up whatever rhetoric you're fed, it's fucking pathetic.

They should be exicuted by being forced to live a long healthy life and dying of old age surrounded by cute loli nymphs.

>castrate them and put them to work
The vast majority of actual pedophiles, not child molesters in prison, have a better job than you ever will. They're smart enough to stay away from their trigger.

t. Physicist and pedophile.

Sex with little girls is serious business. Rape is totally not good. Sex with little girls is only okay within marriage or in the family.
How does a man controlling his daughter's sexual activity mean he can torture her?
>Trade her off to some guy
That is not like what arranging your daughter's marriage is like at all. You've assessed his worth and gone through vetting him so he's not "just some guy".

Go watch the documentary "chickenhawk". You see the complete delusion that these fucking kiddy diddlers live in. There is no reasoning with these niggers.

If you think you own a human being and can force them to marry off, or force them to sex or anything why wouldn't you be able to hurt them if you own them to that level?

>You've assessed his worth and gone through vetting him so he's not "just some guy".


That's the point, you have.

I don't attack you and tell you to kill yourself or act like a cunt to you, yet you come here and tell me to kill myself for wanting people to have freedom?

Definitely not a strawman or anything.

I think he meant that should happen if they're caught with kiddie porn. Sterilizing proven pedos is different to sterilizing all men just for in case.

I absolutely cannot wait until a "pedo rights" movement starts to gain momentum. The backpeddling of SJW's, outcry from gays, and overall outrage will be fucking gold.

>no bullet to head option

user, I am disappoint

>hurr lets sterilize all pedos

Go ahead and start now mate.
A peer-reviewed scientific journal study (Behavior Therapy 26, 681-694, 1995), conducted by Kent State University, 1995 (Lori L. Oliver, Gordon C. Nagayama, Richard Hirschman) was conducted on a sample of normal (adult attracted) male volunteers using the "penile plethysmograph".

The team carried out hundreds of tests exposing men to female adult and child images. 95% exhibited arousal to the female adult images.

A staggering 88.7% exhibited arousal to the female child (less than 12 years old) images.

Prior to the study, 80% of the participants claimed to have no attraction to children and all of them had no history of illegal or legal youth attracted behavior.

For credibility information about this study, simply type in the citation info from the beginning of this post. The full report is quite detailed and it explains the many controls that were in place to ensure the result were accurate.

No similar studies have been conducted since this one because people know the results will be the same and they don't want further proof about how common attraction to preteens is.

Only the mentally handicapped think in black and white.

, protesting too much
, ur mom told me m8
Found the pedoscum. Degenerates leave now. See you on Rope Day.

maybe you could cut it off by fixing the obvious problems with pedo laws

Like how the laws make little distinction between an 18 year old having consensual sex with a 17 year old and a 40 year old man kidnapping and raping an 8 year old.
Or how kids can be arrested for child pornography if they send a dick pic of themselves.

If you don't get those easy targets out of the way now then they're going to capitalize on them later to push the whole movement.

the day of the rope is as upcoming as the rapture, fuccboi

You probably couldn't do one pull up let alone lynch someone.

How the hell did they ever get funding for that? Must have cleverly worded it.

Hundreds of tests with how many participants over what age range?

Glass tube inserted into the urethra and then shattered/massaged in before applying a tourniquet and antibiotics.

This has to be bait.

That's black and white.

>tits on lolis
how dare you judge me shitlord this is literally oppression

It's fake.

Only Cred Forums would still mistake pedophiles with child molesters.

It wasn't a very large study at all, that's one of the points im trying to make. You won't see any large studies like this done because of the pedo hysteria, if this was done large scale and had publicity behind it there would be a normie fit.

They won't stand for their censorship happy laws and controls to be questioned, that's why similar studies to that one haven't been conducted.

Stabbed to death by the children they harmed.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I could link them to tons of sites with hundreds/thousands of self shot webcam videos of girls age 7+ doing their thing, and looking for guys online. It would keep the whole of Cred Forums busy raiding for days. And they would still think children aren't sexual, and in every case its always rape. Most of these girls know exactly what they're doing.

Thinking it evil to love someone capable of reproduction is one of the most difficult of the Jew's lies to overcome, mostly because of how they, being babydick bloodsuckers, have made loving someone illegal and reprehensible.

They've retarded even the young people to the point that grown adults even cannot consent, and they need to sign legal forms to ensure their minds are made up.

They jail millions of innocent underage boys and underage girls every year just for sending naked pictures to each other.

What a world we live in.

Surely execution for thought crimes is ethical, right friend? Nothing bad could possibly come of this.

They tested a whopping 80 men! I'm surely convinced now!

What if she wasn't harmed? What if my daughter enjoys me tickling her kitty?

It's a simple syllogism.

Post-pubescent children being able to make choices will be difficult to deal with

Modern parents are pathetically lazy.

Therefore, parents will not allow their property to have rights that would just be a hindrance to their authority.

That sounds like a decent solution actually.

Because it would take quite the raping to turn children into murderers.

If the crime was victimless or the child was complicit in the sex then they'd probably refuse and there would be nobody to carry out the sentence.

That's better than most studies you hear about.

Nobody ever investigates the methodology when it agrees with their preconceived notions.

Firing squad you nigger

Also whos this sexy thing you keep posting?

Oh Cred Forums... You disgust me

Seriously it's like these people can't even remember when they were young themselves.

It also proves how much of an Internet babby they are too, they all remind me of tech illiterate boomers most the time.

>Also whos this sexy thing you keep posting?

The people making these laws are still virgins.

Show me another study objectively measuring arousal and attraction to little girls like that.

There's a reason they don't exist and there's a reason that one isn't refuted or talked about.

Then you'll like it twice as much when she stabs you to death.

Which is sad, since as most of this stuff is right here on the clearnet. No tor even needed.

>posts School Princess shit
>doesn't know Lera
Edgy as fuck mate

Lera B

Like studies of the holocaust, the jews have made it illegal to seek the truth.

>The anti pedo conspiracy is why no one takes my pseudoscience seriously!

executed? be more tolerant goy

If these things were as absolute and objective as they would have us believe there would be no problems with questioning it, really makes you think.

You seem upset, vermin. Problem?


USA doesn't have NEETbux though. If I'm wrong though, send me a link.

I'm not a picture/model guy. Just ripped image off google.

This list is desert-tier barbaric. Guillotine is far more civilised. Disappointed that it is not an option.

Look, mate, this is how science works. If you don't think a study's conclusion is true, you'll need to fund/create a study that supports your claim.

There's unfortunately no other/better study on this subject, so the study Mr. Pedo here is mentioning is going to have to be our primary source.

They should breed giants that are roughly to scale with their size versus the size of the kid that they raped.

The giants should proceed to rape these pedophiles in the same way they raped their victims.

when its over if the pedo isn't in a wheelchair for the rest of their life lets see how hot and bothered they get the next time they see a kid.

>no arguments

>I-I-it's pseudo science!

Yeah something as important as this and no studies on the objective arousal and attraction and no questioning it, totally makes sense.

You're unbelievably deluded, stop posting anime normalshit.

The Truth does not fear inquiry.

Can we fuck the giant women? that'd be hot.

whew, we called it pseudoscience
that was close

We almost had to deal with the uncomfortable reality exposed by a legitimate study.

We'd better not try to disprove their study with one of our own either or we might find out they were right all along.

Top Keks all around the table.

Liberals don't think that emotions or any mental state can be quantified. That also makes funding difficult.


They'd probably just turn into even bigger sickos. Like molest with their hands and rub their dickies crotch on everything.

Sorry Brazil. Its just not enough.

Oh, also remember how you're a fucking faggot who posts dick pics on Cred Forums? Go fucking die. You're just a weirdo pervert.
Oh, and, I forgot I saved this for you. I don't know if you've got i


Well sorry, but being raped by a giant woman would be a fun experience, so not very effective as punishment.

I always find it funny when modern libs want to tell me how "da evil right wingers" are holding back science and development, they are just as bad or worse.

I've never thought much about gays with their homophobes are closet homos shit. But I've noticed, the most vocal and aggressive, "death to pedos" people, if they aren't parents, are generally closet pedos who do shit like fap to loli or collect models.

Ugh these giants would become another victim class and you'd probably have to read their posts on Facebook about how they were slaves forced to rape pedos.

Fuck it never mind. I'm not up for #Giantslivesmatter

Just put the pedos in ovens

Too dignified.

I really don't understand you man, are you bipolar or something?

Yes they can and do upload files to remote systems and remove traces of the uploading program.

The libs are the ones who are pushing all these nonsense technologies that they think will save the world, instead of just learning to live with less.

The same twisted mind that thinks the EM drive can work thinks post-pubescent children, who are subject to keeping up good grades and behavior, cannot make choices that have consequences.

Nah, I don't think so. Depressive, insomniac, socially avoidant, yes but I don't think bipolar, I don't think no

>Post a flawed study
>Get called out for promoting pseudoscience
>Durr you got no arguments against my non argument

How is it flawed? If it's so bad where is a similar objective study disproving it?

>You're strongly against my position, so that means you must secretly agree with it!

this man gets it


We did it Cred Forums!

Who are you quoting?

>Holy shit, I didn't realize how much nazi scum was on this board. Go ahead and try to argue your points with real people and not on Cred Forums. Count how many seconds it takes for a couple of parents to beat your ass. Fucking scum.

We come here to be natsoc we come here to be pedo. We cant be either of those things in regular polite company these days. This is where we can be politically incorrect and discuss politically incorrect things. And there is nothing more politically incorrect than supporting pedophilia.

Personally I am quite against incest between adults and there biological children but I can have a reasonable discussion with people who want that sort of shit.

I agree with most of the population that we should kill child rapists, but we have a drastically different notion of what child rape actually is. Humans are sexual animals and children enjoy sex too. And marrying a young wife is the best way to ensure a stable loving family.

gladitorial combat

>i'm not sure if the government can even upload shit to people's computer
Seriously? This is questionable to you?

If they haven't already backdoored your hardware through the manufacturers then they've got the NSA full of extremely talented people who hack for national security.

I'm sure they've got a million ways to sneak a virus onto your computer which then gives them full access to your file system.

In fact, I bet they've made and distributed such a virus already, but it remains dormant and harmless on computers so nobody notices. It just spreads and provides a back door for them to use if they want to.

>Personally I am quite against incest between adults
Of course that's no good. Incest is only okay when the girl is little. When she's grown she should be married.

Keep em flat and simple or throw em out.

If she got tits she got pubes.

death by snu snu


The NSA is so cool. I admire the fuck out of those guys.

I will find you.
I will kill you.


No, thats mean.

Disgust towards pedophiles is purely emotional, SJW tier reasoning for a position.

I will never support the idea of a thought crime.


crimes against children are always wrong. there is no grey area in the form of intentions. for instance you could never clam killing a child as self defence. also they dont not have the resources to make descisons such as weather or not they should have sex. because there is no room for doubt that hurting or taking advantage of a child is always wrong the punishments should be more severe.

"Thought crime" is one thing, diddling kiddles is another.

by a milion papercuts with a black and white photograph of a tennis racquet

Death by snu snu!

We just need to teach kids to defend themselves the same way bees do.

Nitrogen asphyxiation...I'm not vindictive. Dead is dead, let em go out laughing for all I care, the jokes on them anyway.

There are plenty of tradesmen, scientists, politicians, doctors, people of every profession and skill who just so happen to be sexually attracted to underage children. You can't control what you get off to but you CAN control your own actions. It's no different than a good man who keeps loyal to his wife even though his instincts tell him to fuck every attractive woman in sight. Humans are more than primal urges, humans have agency.

Pedophiles should not be executed for thoughtcrime. Child predators/molestors/abusers/rapists/people who have actually hurt children are the only ones that need to be removed.

louis ck did a routine
once someone has sex with a kid, they have to get rid of them, cause if they are caught its over, so no snitching.
so, if we didnt get so bent out of shape over pedophilia, more kids may get out alive.
he admitted its not very helpful to know this, but its probably true.
"hey, i just fucked your son, where do you want me to drop him off, the school or the mall"

Lethal injection is the best way to do any sort of death penalty. Anything else is barbaric or has possible complications.

The idea of the death penalty should always be to permanently remove a member of society that you under no circumstance want within your society. Exile might be a good alternative, but the threat of the exiled to return or harm society is very real in this day and age.

None of these.

Lust is a sin of excess and of perversion. It should be punished accordingly, not ironically.

They should be kept in a tiny cell, fed only bread and water, and given no means by which to entertain themselves as days pass. They will only have a single picture of a beautiful, naked adult female, which will be presented to them once a day and taken back after half an hour.
This will teach them the error of their perversion as they will be forced to eventually turn to outside stimulus for arousal. Once they believe themselves to be cured, we can shoot them once in the head and send them mercifully to heaven before they can backslide.

That's japanese bees, western one sting and die, their abdomen ripped in half.
I take it child guro is your fap fuel, leaf?

>with children
>live children
>3D children
who's normal now?

lurk more faglet

They shouldn't. Only offending pedophiles should be punished. No matter how fashy I get, I simply can not punish thought-crime.

RIP Rustle