Wich muslim country is the most tolerant towards its non-muslim minorities?

Wich muslim country is the most tolerant towards its non-muslim minorities?




How do tanned germans treat the christian minorities there?

Definitely non sunnis are more tolerant, I would go for Iran contrary to general belief.

First is Londonistan
Second would be us.




haha, I don't think death cultists even know what tolerance means

Can't think of one.

Maybe Kazakhstan because the Russians make them tolerate Russians. Maybe Indonesia because they don't understand Arabic and thus can't implement islam, and the Dutch converted some to Christianity.

Before US intervention maybe Iraq or Syria, as Christians were allowed into high positions, but no more.

What about the armenians?

First reply, best reply

When will Armenia just annex karabakh?

I'm guessing small irrelevant countries like Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

Definitely Syria, but too bad the West is helping the jihadist terrorists

There are quite a bit of armenians disguised as russians (open secret). I studied with a few of them, there is almost no discrimination against them.
Whenever Mr. Putin Overlord tells them.

Saddam's Iraq
Assad's Syria

This, 70% Muslim and quite peaceful. Granted most of the remaining population are battle slav Russians

Weren't the russians like ethnically cleansed from most of central asia since the end of the ussr?


>State convinces people they're russians not armenians
>armenian-majority regions suddenly become mixed with azeris as leading majority

Kazakhstan population is like 20% Russians, other countries less. But yes it was bigger during USSR.

Pakistan in maybe 10 years. When we get rid of Islam.

Kazakhstan. You don't even really notice they are Muslim.

Pakistan probably? because they have as many none muslims as muslims

Is it good or bad that the slavic proportion is getting smalller or only the russian slavic proportion?

That's a big if, Iqbal. Pakis are generally regarded as the most subhuman mudslimes out there along with Somalis.


This and Egypt. They actually get Israeli toyrism sometimes through land borders