Is conscription a good thing?

Let's discuss. Some input from Finns or others with real conscription would be cool.

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It's pretty cool

I hear you guys get pretty sweet hand sanitizer rations.

Militarily, it is useless. Training effective soldiers and technicians takes to much time for conscripts to be useful. Also, in soft democracies people are not keen on seeing their kids die in a foreign war they may or may not care about.

Socially, it's a different matter. It promotes national cohesion as everyone have this shared experience in common they can relate to. It also drills civic values in young people like living communally and getting along regardless of class or paying proper respect for their national symbols. It turns goofy kids into proper young men and women.

I think that it also justifies a welfare state

It's how us Brits won those there World Wars.

I meant a constant conscription in peacetime,

Conscription is mandatory for countries that actually expect to fight a land war. Island-dwellers and non-sovereign client states can do without.

Also, in the case of the U.S. where a land invasion is extremely difficult for an enemy state to accomplish because of how many private gun owners there are.

Conscription was only really useful for us during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

> I think that it also justifies a welfare state

How so ? Typically, conscripts are young people with very few skills or work experience. You can't expect them to produce useful work and they require staff to babysit them.

It has some merits like keeping NEETs busy and off the dole and at least it teaches young people the baseline social skills they'll need to land and keep a job.

As much as I hated it when I was 18 I now think it would have probably been better if we still had some sort of military service.

Maybe at least weekly instruction on guns, physical training, survival skills, military tactics, etc. Just to have some basic training.

Yes, US is for all intents and purposes on an island.

In fact, if you check every existing Anglo country, it's the same. They don't have real land borders.

People enourmously underestimate how things like this shape culture and history.

It's no longer really necessary.

Asking if it's a good thing is like asking if cavalry is a good thing.
It worked well when it was needed, but that's just not the current state of warfare anymore.

Infantry is dwindling and while it won't ever be totally mothballed a lot of tasks can be accomplished by drones, artillery, or a single squad.

None of the huge big-balls armies of the world have seen any real equal-level battlefields in fucking decades so there's just not as much call for anything but relatively small groups of operators and mobile artillery.
Nobody who could pose a threat to any of the major militaries does because then there's the threat of them just tossing some explosives at them or possibly even a nuke.

Despite what some people try to say, nuclear weapons have been an EXCELLENT deterrent for war so far. Right now the biggest direct national threat are what amounts to worldwide guerrilla-fighters.

Military police here! I served for one year, and got to reserve as sergeant. AMA

>Singapore here
Waste of time, most people just sleepwalk through it for 2 years before returning to their normal hobbies (except those who go all out for the military scholarships). The people who say "it makes you a man!" are usually housewives who have never had to do anything in their lives except marry.

For some, it makes them more invested in the country, but for many other it disillusions you. When you conscript every male regardless of their interests or fitness, you're going to see people die, emotionally or physically.

All American men who are over eighteen and registered with selective service are by default conscripted into the militia.
Conscripted militia men are the only people in the us who have a constitutional protection under the second amendment.
It's sad that people who have rights don't pursue them and those who don't have rights demand them.
YOU ARE the militia!

Depends entirely on the nation in question.
For Finland, conscription is absolutely necessary for us to have a credible defense against foreign aggression (read, ruskies), but that certainly is not the case for all countries.

>ITT people who dont know shit about wars unironicaly talking about tactics n shit.


do you fug rookies in anus? :D

Your mines are fucking terrifying Ivan.
I hope we never have to go to war against each other again.
t. Combat Engineer.

russian as fuck

God damn I want some of that sweet new russian digi, got some of those gorkas and they are comfy as fuck.

I'm doing my part, are you?

Got to play with this beauty.

>tfw firing a 8 grenade MRSI command

Consription was awesome and just what my 18 year old retarded mind needed.

Yeah I heard about that weird Russian seniority bullying that goes on. Is that real?

>russians talking about good tactics
weren't you literal cannon fodder in WW2?

I had fun
Basic training was most interesting and thats were i made most bonds with people, after that the new plebs from different company were kinda shit

Conscription is for cucks.

Go die for Israel.

Only israeli conscripts die for israel though

Ever read up on the deep russian penetration tactics of ww2 (after stalingrad).
Late war Germans and russians were pretty top tier forces. America had artillery and planes.

Were you in WW2 at all?

Also to add, got to fire a lot of shit and fiddle around with SOF HK416/417, thermal camera with 2km range and milkors n shiiiet

I know you people heavily outnumbered the germans but still couldn't figure tanks out. So, yes you were cannon fodder

>want to join military
>bum leg, can't join

It was nightmarish like 15-20 years ago.

The gay part was overwhelmingly nonsense of course. Such things happened in prison, not army.

Army used to be bad enough even without it.

Now conscription term has been reduced from 2 to 1 year, which (along with other reforms) all but eliminated the problem compared to what used to happen.

How many recruits have you bumfucked this past week?

it was okay :3

>burn leg

>i rekt my knee during my service so i cant join professional but can go militia

Hey user, there is an amazing amount of places with top tier veterans training ppl to standards higher then general military peeps get out there.
All the good stuff without the shit conditions and anti-suicide/rape classes.
Don't fret to much about it.

Conscription is great. Having the majority of the population go through at least basic weapons training is never a bad thing.

>first frame

That's exactly my platoon right now, and I'm watching over the stove.

K\D ratio was ~1:2.

>I know you people heavily outnumbered the germans
During initial invasion, the part thar went worst for USSR, Axis armies in fact outnumbered Soviet forces deployed against them.

After that the balance slowly shifted, but it was not overwhelming.

Actual combat losses were 1/1,5 in Germany's favor, which is pretty sweet, considering Germans stopped counting their losses in last stages of war, and also considerin how hard they raped everyone else on the continent.

B U M, not B U R N. I rode my bike off a 15-20 foot drop on accident and fucked my leg up. I have 2 metal rods around my fibula. It was an automatic disqualifier at MEPS. I walk with a stiff-legged limp anyway.


Putin has done a good job modernising and revamping what they can despite all the globalist sanctions against your nation.
I hope Putin and Trump can team up and remove globalist soon.
I just hope soros and obama don't get us all nuked before hand.

Is that some sort of new maymay?

Nah the Germans met some beefy tanks when they first moved into Russia. The tanks that took France didn't do so well in Russia, so Germany developed more tanks. Russia was probably the top in Europe for making a load of tank designs.

well I've learned something new today

an old one, actually


In a perfect world, military service would not be mandatory but voting rights (and right to hold a position in public office) would only be granted to those that have performed it.

>all those liberal professors, students, housewives, etc who would never fight and die for their fellow kin are suddenly deprived of their chance to govern those they don't actually care about

Honestly rape is a huge thing in Russian army / culture.

Ruskies tend to be "prison gay" or on the "down low".

Ivan is beyond fucking dead inside, jesus christ.

just like the roman republic :^)

Basically Starship Troopers

Fugg, only a few months until I step into service. I'm excited but also kinda bummed that my life essentially goes on hold for 6-12 months. I still think conscription is good for a country like Finland.

nice get :D aamuja :DDD


Dänks :DD

I'll take that 6-12 months for your get. :DD

What would be the next extreme of that? Only those currently serving getting to vote?

I mean, who cares if you spent twenty years in and are now living happy and retired, why should they get to dictate what the fighting soldiers die for?

Learn to embrace the suck and try to shoot everything you can get your hands on it will be a once in a life time kind of a thing. get a gopro to video all if it for member berries might be a good idea to.

Fug :-DDDD

Nah, that shit is in past. You could deserve some punishment if you REALLY fucked up.
For example two weeks ago some new fag forget to switch safety on his ak, so he get his face btfo to bloody mess.
Its more about discipline now. If your uniform dirty or you forget some things from statute - you're fucked.
At first you only do about 50-70 push ups for every retarded thing you done. If it wont help you will be beaten to shit.

Knowing some soldiers... service shouldn't be the only qualifier mos def.

No. Anyone advocating conscription can be used as a meat shield and cannon fodder.

>two weeks ago some new fag forget to switch safety on his ak, so he get his face btfo to bloody mess.
haha what

t.cuck who went through Singapore army for full two years. AMA

Will someone please excuse my ignorance and point out which philosopher this meme depicts? Thanks in advance.

kek blesses your time and brings you good luck. shadilay

Sucks ass. Military doctrine gets adjusted for the lowest common denominator and supervision gets in the way of quality because you gotta supervise idiots.

Name one way conscription is bad: pro tip, you cant.

If you dont want to serve in your nation's armed forces, you are no man, you are no human, and you should have no rights for it is the fundamental law of existence that no man has any kind of special rights, only rights you have are the ones you can defend, and since your nation does this for you, you must do something in return to the nation.

Countries without conscription are literal leftist shitholes that upset the above mentioned balance, that breed autism and anti-social behaviors and values, where citizenry means nothing, where immigrants rule over them and they cant do shit.

I am from Serbia btw, just on some business here, and I did my conscription like the rest of my country. This is why all the immigrants passed trough Serbia, and we kept them in parks that had huge stone crosses and statues of various muslim killing knights even when it was raining ice. This is why we had 0 assaults and sexual assaults, 0 cars burned, 0 children molested, 0 crimes in general from the refugees.

Because we are a nation with rule of law. Because we know the truth. And the truth is, your nation is only as strong as your laws, and your laws are only as strong as your men, and entitled faggots are weak and shall perish from this Earth.

How was your muslim CO?


Max Stirner

checked :^))))))

Enjoy, when you lose your leave, remember you can always do fire and movement with a mop on the evening with mates. Or mop up rain when you fuck up

How was your Snickers® Bar?


It helps to build a sense of humor to.

OP asks for input from the Finns! How about a White Death get?

I think conscription is great. Sure, the training itself felt and was like shit at times but time goldens memories. Now, 5 years after conscription I would fucking pay if I could shoot and train with the RK and artillery weapons again. Conscription is not all about the weapons though, it teaches kids (well 18yos) respect, hierarchy and social skills.

What if, at the age of 18, people would just go through basic training to learn the basics about weapons, tactics, and other things for 4 weeks? Gets everyone a simple understanding and some interest in military careers/defending their country.

4 weeks is not enough.
remember that people are retarded, its hard to beat shit into retards in short periods of time.

Is that the Serbia that lost three wars in a decade and got licked by the Croatian police, some Slovenian waiters and a few religious zealots? The same Serbia that has only a man with a synth machine on a 240p YouTube video to show for a decade of warfare?

The Serbia that got booty blasted by Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, the two gayest western leaders of the 20th century?

You need way more then 4 weeks for the "basics" of modern warfare. Truly competent military units generally train 2 years before getting to their home unit for more training.
but 2-3 months would be a quick intro.

It seems to slow down The Cuckening. Israel, Norway and Finland all have conscription and seem more down to Earth and right-wing. Perhaps because it instills certain values like sacrifice and duty and teaches men that guns are necessary to protect life and liberty.

Had a Chinese CO. Though, I had a Muslim SM. Kind of an asshole at times to foreigners, but overall a chill guy compared to other SMs from different companies. He suffered a nerve injury during one of our training and was expected to post out of the unit. No one really gave a fuck about that guy.

Oh yeah, we had a guy that stole shit so we had to guard the platoon leaders laundry. When my shift ended me and a marksman dressed up as green men and tried to break trough the defenses and got some other guys to distract them before we stole PL laundry. Most fun i've had

I'll keep that in mind.

>Norway and Finland
>right wing


Are Finns nice? Do you guys liek Americans. How are American tourists treated in funland?

Kek has chosen you to be the next White Death

I remember "latrine guard uniform" and so many other golden stupid shit we did. Like that other user said I would pay to be back with my buddies doing training and stupid shit when you get bored out of your skull. Lack of sleep to where concrete feels comfy as fuck to sleep on.
If the army had one sin it would be sleeping.

The only country in the Northern Hemisphere that takes conscription remotely seriously is Turkey, and they were defeated by a fat man trapped in a hotel wardrobe wielding an iPhone. Russia does, sort of, but they're turning professional and have always had a wealth of experience through the ranks.

Conscription is great if you're a neutral, small state that needs disaster relief and a large amount of mobile manpower (Austria, Switzerland etc). If you actually have a foreign policy it's pointless.

They have been trying to slowly phase in professional contract troops for some years now.

Says a biggest faggot nation on Earth.

Your military history outside of hollywood consists of losing to illiterate rice farmers and goat herders, and failing to secure any military objectives or prevent any massacres in Serbia. Hell you even failed to establish air superiority. Against Serbia. American military is a fucking joke.

Let me say it again, American military is a fucking joke where men wear heels and where faggots are allowed, a fucking paper tiger, sad collection of welfare queens whose purpose is to look mighty on the paper (muh budget) but its all trash.

And its citizenry is ruled by a nigger while shouting freedom from the worlds prison state, shouting muh guns while being retarded enough to think that civilianized non-auto jam-o-matic 3000 pigeon caliber is a gun.

Serbia, Finland, Poland, Switzerland, literally any of these could conquer a fucking joke that is United States. United States 'fights' all of its wars trough mercenaries, actual USA military being a joke. And guess what, that negroid shithole is running out of funds it obtained trough luck of not having to go to world wars like the rest of the world.

Serbia warred for 10 years against NATO and during those 10 years lost ~0 people while displacing ~10 million people across Bosnia and Albania and also torching a few Croatian towns along the way.

Like where? Any time I see a place advertising for military training that's not actually government related it's always a couple of redneck bubbas trying to pull a fast one.

same here, best i can hope is for reserve exercise, but its no basic training or the last 6 months till liver failure day

>400k+ missing
How the hell can you lose track of 400k people?

>and they were defeated by a fat man trapped in a hotel wardrobe wielding an iPhone

It was a false flag to secure his power. It barely had any support at all among the army

>Conscription is great if you're a neutral, small state that needs disaster relief and a large amount of mobile manpower (Austria, Switzerland etc). If you actually have a foreign policy it's pointless.

This. Conscript armies are absolutely shit today.

winter is not a joke in finlan, or so they say

Everybody loves muricans and thinks ur cool
Girls want ur dick because you're "exotic" but not-too-exotic

I've seen a video of refugees sleeping in Serbian Cemeteries, why is that allowed?

Anyone claiming that is a snake oil salesman and regardless of whatever "credentials" they may or may not have, you cannot replicate actual military training outside of the military.

No one can teach you how to react to box fire artillery. There is no practical way, whatsoever, to teach CRBN drills in a civilian environment. It isn't even remotely possible and anyone claiming to provide it is a conman.

There is a list a mile long of things that you cannot teach outside the military. Even if you had the equipment, the space and the legality you wouldn't have anything like the structure or support.

That is if you are white-white and normal weight.

Are Finns tall? How are teh women?

Travis Haley
Pat McNamara
Thunder Ranch
TNVC for low light and night vision
What ever black water is going by now
etc. check those guys out and who they work with you should find some decent stuff.

we are hungry people

Corpses left behind and buried in unnamed graves by us I suppose. Some must have deserted as well.

It's all relative, compared to non-conscription Sweden and Germany it is a nazi dictatorship. And Finns are the most nationalistic people in Europe you fucking fag.

how do you think we kept our army fed

What about like white skinned Hispanic?

If you can handle the booze then why not.

It takes about 6 months of basic training to beat the stupid out of recruits. Then even more time to train them to become half-decent specialists.

When you're dealing with the general public, teenagers really, 4 weeks is barely enough to teach them to tie their shoelaces and flush the toilets. Yes, people are that retarded.

>And Finns are the most nationalistic people in Europe you fucking fa

Nope. They are just autistic shut ins that are liberal but that no shitskins actually want to migrate to since its so cold. Eastern and central europe are the only parts of europe that are actually anything resembling nationalistic

Wow, I thought the Mongol meme was just a meme...


CBRN can be taught in civilian circles, considering you can buy teargas and promasks and testing/training equipment from the same companies the gov does.

>mens median height 5′10″

memes are based on reality m8
ie: beady anglo eyes

I used to date a finn, she was sexy. Moderate height I guess, 5'9", turquoise eyes and blonde hair.

10/10 would do again

What's 5'10''?

According to this, young males are 1,8m on average.

Girls are probably 1,68m

In Germany we had conscription for a long time.
When i turned 18 i was forced to join the Bundeswehr and i have no regrets. Especially since the whole Bundeswehr is pretty much rightwing and we sang old german songs including WW2 ones

artillery observer, served 180 days
made some friends, learned being more responsible, and to some extend, fight. it was a good experience.

>Canada. They are just autistic FUCKING LEAVES that are liberal but that no shitskins actually want to migrate to since its so cold. Eastern and central FUCKING LEAVES are the only parts of Canada that are actually anything resembling A FUCKING LEAF

5'10 = 179cm

cant believe swedes are 1cm taller than us whole country is filled with manlet muslims

Fucking leaf.
You don't know shit about Finland.

Conscript qts stiffen my benis

Police here doesnt fuck around when it comes to the refugees, they shoot to kill and while in town they are kept in parks and other open spaces, surrounded by armed police and sometimes soldiers as well.

Meanwhile, these idiots paired up with Bulgarian guys of the same name to hunt down and kill refugees on the Serbia-Bulgaria border together.
Police looks the other way cos their coalition has like 7% of the parliament or some shit, so basically no one feels like intervening, just dont tell your liberal media or they might send in Vice news types down there to film.

Yes it is very good. Especially for smaller countries.

They removed conscription in Sweden and their army is a disaster now. Pretty much only neo nazi idiots are interested in the army there, when back in the conscription days they got all the relatively smart people too.




Do you have thousands of people marching through the streets with Finnish flags and chanting 'fuck refugees'? Do you have a government that actively opposes muslims and multiculturalism? No? Well then, shut up pussies


Wew lad, I want what you are using




>female leftenant
i'd be worried if i was her subordinate

Lots of the skills that a person learns in the military can transfer to other jobs, especially for people who end up in support roles. Not to mention that the military can be used for a lot of other stuff when you're not at war, like maintenance and operation of public facilities, construction, disaster relief, etc.

It also keeps people from getting the idea that soldiers are somehow different from normal people. It makes people very reluctant to support wars if they and their friends might have to be involved, too.


m8 that's supposed to be
>finnish potatoes.jpg

Do you?
And yes, there have been multiple protests against the shitskins and our government has tightened the immigration laws significantly. Finns are pretty damn angry especially after two shitskins killed a man recently.

Besides, you are in no position to talk shit about us, leaf. Your country and government are Sweden tier cucked, with the mudslime loving weedman leading you.

Is there really lots o migrants "refugees" in funland?

Coastal Jaeger, served 180 days, got this sweet beret from my efforts.

Got a lot of good friends, a very cool experience overall. Pretty much all my friends here in Sweden wish had conscription. And I feel sorry for them, the poor cucks.

only in our cuck-capital Hellsinki



nigga whers ur guN?:D

>ad hominem

I'm not denying my country is a cuckhole. I was merely correcting the guy that thought finland was a nationalistic country


>Be US Army
>Fight war in ridiculous UCP camo in desert
>Finally enough humiliation
>Finally enough casualties
>Get Multicam
>Wow this is great in the trashghanistan
>Skip a year
>Training with N. Euro nations
>Train in ridiculous MultiCam in winter
>Probably take another 10 years before we get camo that works better
>mfw it's just UCP

you guys have lit songs.

>keeps men as men and not cucked
>pretty good life experience for anyone
>likely to keep society un-equal and anti-feminist
>fairly cheap form of military, all things considered
>builds camaraderie
>creates a reason for firearm legislation to stay loose
>keeps nation defense standards high

What's the next biggest city after Helsinki?

Murican flag best flag


>only the finnish one has proper camouflage


UCP was ok if you could get away with "staining" it in country and get away with it.
Just a shitty 3 color copy of based CADPAT.
Can't believe other armies would trade me uniforms for it.

I'm sure the new inhabitants of Malmo who join up if there was any trouble :DD

>if obama had a military

special forces meme

yeah i have no interest in being raped like my class mate and have the story covered up.

This day was a real proud moment in my life.

> Coastal
> Jaeger

wew when I think of Jaegers I automatically think of mountains.



>not keeping the rifle facing down range.

There was no downrange. We were in a park with a lot of tables surrounding us

explain chap

Conscription, and even military educations are good for any country which cannot sustain their military on volunteers alone

Swiss model is a good model.
Man I want a carl gustov.

He was in my school and borderline retarded.
>Bullied entire life
>joins army cause be a man helping the people who made him hate himself
>goes to nigger land
>dies mysteriously

The story i got was he was being bullied and one of his platoon m8s lost his night vision goggles so he went out to find them.

Couple of fine people of alah caught him and sodomized him/ killed him and defiled his corpse.

Everyone kept calling him a hero and we all got shit for calling them saying they are partly responsible because they bullied him.

Don't go off on your own?
Sounds like an easy mistake to avoid.

I think all democracies should have active conscription. If you want the perks of participating in the state you should bear the burden of maintaining it. I realize this is extremely derivative of Heinlein but idc. That's what I believe
Training times are only a concern if the conscription period is short. with a 2+year or by-requirement conscription period you can train anybody to do practically anything

Its fuggen great

>Anglo education
Original german jägers in 17th century were woodland specialists.

Did you happen to be in Lapland in '15? If so, get rekt.

t. the people who beat you by a few points.

muh Edelweiss

>tfw you disable a pasi with a kes
>tfw itkk gunner spots you and starts firing

I swear, I was like 100m away from that gun and I could feel the heat from the barrel. The laser tag games were so much fun.

Going to serve soon, from what I've heard it can be pretty fun. Lots of real life shitposting by bored as fuck 19 year olds

Conscription is an excellent thing. It's cost efficient, ties people to society and makes them more involved, removes the military elite and moves power to people and gives great experiences. It's absolutely necessary for us.

The service itself may not always be fun but war isn't either. There's no violence or hazing though, just tough training.

I've saved two walls of text that I posted on /k/ some time ago, so I'll post them here now.

First some bad memories.

-Unit trains rangers and recon switching every few years. Recon guys have the latest toys military has to offer. Us rangers get nearly all equipment from the 80's because apparently "we'll die anyway".

-Regional Office messes up and sends too many new conscripts to the unit. Instructors don't send anyone back initially but just increase BS level. After six moths (half way for me) over 40% have been sent away due to reasons ranging from stress fractures to psychological problems. HQ gets angry.

-Training different movement styles in a sand pit because why not. Crawling for hours in the sand. At the end of the day everyone has road rash in their arms, legs and stomach and some are bleeding. Unit's nurse almost runs out of gauze and bandages.

-Instructor throws satchel charge at us to see how fast we take cover.

-At live fire exercise. Everyone should sleep at least six hours a night. Nope. We spend our nights burning wet leaves and twigs in a big bonfire because the training area needed to be tidied up. Combat shooting feels a bit unsafe when you are about to fall asleep.

-In the woods. Someones ruck isn't properly camouflaged. Team is ordered to move our supply stash from point A to point B and back in the middle of night. After 20km and hundreds of kgs of equipment moved back and forth, everyone has properly camouflaged rucks.

-Cleaning the barracks. A bit of cosmic dust is found undera a bed. Repeat cleaning 10 times every evening.

-There's still more cosmic dust. Our room is seized because "we can't keep it clean enough". Everyone sleeps outside.

-In the woods for the Nth time. Not even the rainsuit is waterproof. It's December, sleet pouring horizontally for a week and temperature is around 0C. All clothes are wet after two days. Nothing burns in the tent stove. Near the end no one bothers with the tent anymore and sleeps in wet clothes under some big spruce. Whole body hurts for a month afterwards.

Et cetera.

And then some good.

>November night
>Base has been set up atop a high hill
>The moon is full, stars shine and a few clouds float slowly across the sky
>Kilometers of gloomy forests lie before me
>Being on guard duty was cold and beautiful

>Another week of pain behind and a tired group is waiting for a ride back to garrison
>Unexpectedly the head of the NCO course commands everyone to stand in formation
>Says he is very pleased with what he has seen in the exercise and grants everyone the fir twig patch (sissihavu in Finnish) in advance
(Imagine going to Ranger School and performing so well that you are given the Ranger tab before graduating.)

>Last exercise of the NCO course is nearing its end
>It has been raining sleet the whole time and no one has dry clothes
>Last mission is to get back to friendly territory from behind enemy lines
>This takes exactly 12 hours without breaks
>We've passed three surveillance lines, many rivers, even more kilometers and had a few close calls
>Our team leader sheds a manly tear, when I say that I have an unopened bag of candy waiting in my rucksack
>Sauna and a warm sleeping shelter is waiting for us
>It took an hour to detach boots from my feet, my whole body was hurting and I almost fell asleep naked in the sauna's dressing room but I felt relieved, if nothing else
>Next morning our instructor tells us that we shouldn't have made it through our final mission (which was probably empty words to make us feel better but it felt good at the time)

>Back at garrison after a live fire exercise
>I'll go tell our instructor that our rifles are ready for inspection
>He congratulates me and says that I've been chosen to be a sniper team leader

>Last evening in the forest
>Sun is shining calmly and the Russian border can be seen across a lake
>Captain has caught a pike, which we eat while bathing in sauna

Mad respect to you sissi guys.

You're like the only unit that actually got shit done.

Well thank you. I must say though that we're nothing to get excited about. Just normal forest dwellers.

Can I become a citizen and should I learn Finnish if I do?

Walked away from the thread for a moment come back to eternal jelly of based and beautiful Estonia.

Technically you can but you shouldn't. Finland is for Finns, not for you or any other outsider.

This only makes Finland more appealing.
Would love to vacation for a month though.
Don't be mad if I leave behind single mothers cuz you don't want me.

Tourists are ok but I highly recommend you to act like a civilized man. That means no casual sex.

Unless you count the cities surrounding Helsinki (It's all just a cluster that everyone calls the "capital area"), the biggest city is Tampere. Shit's good in here

You can go without fears, for Kek has blessed you.

Best I can do is back door no baby.

But honestly pumping and dumping foreign women has burned me out, rather campout and drink and take in your nature at this point.

Plenty of nature to be enjoyed here, that's for sure. Just don't litter.

I fucking hate litter bugs, can't go anywhere it seems without finding trash. I always practice leave no trace, it is good fieldcraft.

Fucking city jaegers always left their camp spots looking like a dump.

It's ok for people with 0 self responsibility or respect for others, as they get put into their place and hopefully learn something out of it. For the rest and 99% of the time it's pretty fucking useless tho

t. guarding an almost empty parking space for military vehicles

I'd honestly be all for it if

A) Got paid

B) Learned skills

I guess it depends a lot on your job and training there. I've heard that some people had really boring services with lots of waiting and not much to do and in other countries conscripts seem to do everything but actual train.

>Mirko haista vittu, miusta piti tulla kessu

Have another one, from side.

Some people just don't respect nature. I think they are too alienated from it and don't understand its importance.

Cities generally look like dumps, so not a surprise. It's disgusting that people don't care about their surroundings.

Good stuff man. I was in RUK (signal corps for artillery) and I had same kind of experiences. After military, I've never had such great feelings of accomplishment after finishing a long and arduous task. Those were the days man

Doesn't help you have aesthetic flag and camo.

I know where I'm vacationing next year

No where, cause I'm poor

He sold it for crack xDDD

Even if you don't agree with it, it can teach most people skills they've never encountered, which can be even more important in today's society.
You wouldn't believe the amount of single mom children have good of learning these basic things for their future in life.

Yeah very much this. People loose their place in the universe and get depressed/dependent slaves when they are cut off from nature I think and a bit of science backs up the idea we need to be in nature.

Just fuck 50 fatties for $100 dollars a pop.

The camo is the pain, made the custom CG belt (the blue one) because the standard one would rip all the camo off the helmet

Conscripts are the best super soldiers in the world, especially us artillery men!!

I sincerely hope that you didn't have to experience anything similar to that last exercise of my NCO course. As a whole, it's the one thing I don't remember fondly. It was the only time that I felt like there was no purpose other than try to break us mentally and physically.
But yeah, generally speaking the feeling of accomplishment is great during and after service. And then there were those few beautiful moments like the last evening in forest.

Was wondering if that was Estonian issue or aftermarket. How is the atmosphere when it comes to the new cold war tensions?
I see you guys have quite a bit of "militia" stuff going on.

>Let's discuss. Some input from Finns or others with real conscription would be cool.
1). There's nothing "cool" in the army. You are dirty, cold in winter, hot in summer, there are fat fucks who habitually abuse alcohol everywhere ordering you around, screaming at you and treating you like shit.

2). Worst of all - when it's not bad, it's fucking BORING!!! Most of the time, you are not fighting or shooting - you are cleaning, fixing, washing something or just fucking around and counting days until this shit ends.

3). Your colleagues are hillbillies, and those few of them who used to have at least some intelligence lose it in a matter of days.

4). They are all fucking males, and those of them who are not males swear, smoke and drink as if they were. Not that you have desire to fuck because they don't try to run you down every second of your day, but still seeing all those ugly fucktards around you instead of classy chicks is fucking depressive!

Yeah to be fair my function isn't something exciting like mountain infanterist or tank driver, but thise functions are known for a rough/shitty training until you actually get to the cool part, so I couldn't be arsed. Also wasn't probably athletic enough either

>Training effective soldiers and technicians takes to much time for conscripts to be useful.
Conscripts are not "effective soldiers and technicians", they are free labor during peace and cannon fodder during war.

You're still important to others. Someone has to do the "boring" work too.

Genuine question. I'm a (poorly) Finnish-speaking American and going to be in the country for graduate studies.
Should I attain citizenship, in what ways would I be affected by conscription?

t. Should have cut college and gone airborne

>How is the atmosphere when it comes to the new cold war tensions?
Nobody wants a war, even the russians here. If russians could stop being massive cunt they'd be a good trading partner. tough they randomly ban certain stuff here even before ukraine clusterfuck
>I see you guys have quite a bit of "militia" stuff going on.
Why not, get a full auto galil/ak4 from government and discounts on gun stores and equipment

Fuck no if you're a pogue like me. It's all maid work of mindless labor and blind obedience, and 80% of pogues I know are tip top deadbeats with regard to serving the country. It's like everything you learn within basic withers away because you just spend half the day pushing papers or boxes and the rest of the day nothing, all the while confined in your shitty camp. It becomes nothing more than a formality, with no regimentation, discipline or commitment unlike most combat troops

If not for my shit genetics I would've made noncom and got to enjoy pissing away taxpayer money on bullets and explosives. Pogues are the worst breed of """"""soldier"""""" I have ever got to experience; nothing but malingerers, weaklings, dodgers, wusses and combatant rejects.

Amusingly my country projects an imminent shortage of able bodied men in the near future

Fucking discounts to, shit I wish our government was into keeping the militias here up to snuff for local emergencies (flood,earthquake etc.)
I hope Trump helps settle things if he gets in and we can all relax a bit.

I'd say you shouldn't. Finland is for Finns.

Culture shock. When you suddenly find yourself in a large dormitory, trying to sleep, surrounded by snorting and shameless farting. Stuck with people of (almost) every age and class; from absolute plebs to married professionals in their early 30s (who've postponed their service for too long). People who'd otherwise never even meet in real life.You all have to learn to get along, like a microcosm of the nation.

Lots of waiting. Eventually you learn to sleep anywhere, anytime. Getting onto the back of a truck with heavy gear, on an ice-cold day: within 1 minute of sitting all 16 men are sleeping tight, heads resting on the next man's shoulder - no homo.

Moments that feel like the worst time in your life and probably are (until then): tired, hungry, your shoulders just screaming pain! under the heavy gear. the soles of your feet blistered - and still 20 km to go. Then again moments of stunning beauty and comradship when you've all made it to the summit cross on a sunny day.

Was the most shitty time of my life. But I would not want to miss it.

>Conscripts are not "effective soldiers and technicians", they are free labor during peace and cannon fodder during war.

That's one way to look at it. But that kind of labor doesn't make sense in a western economy and requires a lot of staff to supervise.

We don't really expect to have the kind of war that requires cannon fodder, our operations are fought with smaller, more professional forces, we learned that lesson during the Algerian civil war where losing too many conscripts in an already unpopular conflict caused a lot of unrest at home.

At least I think that's how France ended up scrapping conscription in the late 90s. It's a shame, people are getting too comfy and individualistic, they could use a little army discipline.

>Let's discuss. Some input from Finns or others with real conscription would be cool.
We have conscription. Fortunately there was not a great need for soldiers when I was evaluated. Hence, my name was put in a drawer and never called upon.

I have friends who did serve, and they mostly just sat around, farted, ate terrible food and washed their rooms. They got some weapons training and showered naked together. And then they walked into the mountains and slept in a tent together and farted some more.

Opinions differ on whether or not it was a good thing. Honestly, I am not very confident these guys could protect the country.

The problem with a professional army is that the soldiers will be aging, and the pool of interested people is not large enough to actually maintain an effective army.

I can't speak for Finland, but in Norway you might be called upon for evaluation. Some shitskins have been. But usually you aren't after you are 24 yo, but they can until you are 44 yo.

From personal experience of (almost) serving in an underfunded and overstaffed third world army, conscription is not all that is cranked up to be by those living in countries that don't have them.

I personally view it as a money sink to feed and train people that would rather be doing anything else, that wouldn't even be that useful in a war in the first place.

I'd rather have the money that goes into dragging young adults into obligatory military service to better fund those that already are there.

>conscription is not all that is cranked up to be by those living in countries that don't have them.
The overwhelming majority of people I've talked to who have served say they enjoyed it a lot. I know I'll enjoy it when I get conscripted. I'm currently postponing it because of med school. kek

I hope so. Place I went was actually turning down applicants because there were just too many people trying to get in.

In Finland there's no guessing. You will be required to do your conscript service until you're 30 and after that you'll be in reserve until you're 60. Even if you've somehow avoid the service, the law says that you are obliged to defend your country, so if war breaks out, you'll be called to serve no matter what.

Place I went to asked if I actually wanted to serve. This is what we've come to.

It makes sense Finns have a stricter regime than Norway. We were invaded by the Germans, but kinda startet forgetting about it in the 90s. Finland has had a much more troubled birth and existance as a nation.

Also, Norwegians are putting way too much stock in trusting the NATO-deterrance.

But you know what, Finland might also be way more worth fighting for. Norway is hardly Norwegian anymore.

Your home is always fighting for.
I kind of wish we would join NATO but on the other hand I doubt we would get any help in war anyway. In addition to that it would give USA more power over us. I read on WikiLeaks that they're trying to push multiculturalism into Estonia for example, so the US government really is quite evil.

No. Federal service should guarantee citizenship and voting rights. I did my part.

It's quite nice.

>I read on WikiLeaks that they're trying to push multiculturalism into Estonia for example
Sauce? Not that I distrust it, just interested in reading what it said.

>tfw no conscription
From what my father, uncle etc told me about conscription, not only did it discipline you, but you developed a sense of solidarity with the other recruits that isn't (as) possible in normal life.

I missed out on staying in a dorm at uni as well since I was anxious about living with complete strangers.

Conscription is necessary if you're going to fight a major war or defend your own soil.
Everyone has a professional army but you're going to need more than your tens of thousands when the Russians mobilize millions.

>I missed out on staying in a dorm at uni as well since I was anxious about living with complete strangers.
You didn't miss out on anything, Dorms are shit, especially if you're not extroverted.

holy shit, some idiots are actually paid to do this stupid bullshit in american embassies. Murricans should actually be quite angry. why the fuck should their taxmoney go towards some idiot who wants to bring diversity to Estonia?

Friends that did stay in dorms painted it in a different light and cherished the bonds and memories formed there. But I guess it also depends on who you end up with(at least in the first year, afterwards you can request a room change with your new friends).

At least with conscription the state gave you a 'nudge' to get out of your complacency.

Finland is just impossible to defend geographically. During the cold war, even US had some plans to nuke some important places in Lapland if Soviets tried to come through there to Sweden/Norway. Even though Sweden isn't in NATO, the US had some plans to defend it, but they concluded also that there is no way to defend Finland. That's why we have to depend on total defence.

hey, imagine if you were called to servie in a compay of gypsies.

If we're talking about mandatory coming-of-age conscription then I believe it's very effective when the population of the nation is small and homogeneous. When you start demanding large swaths of people who are vastly different culture, religion, ethnicity, and race wise, it generates very little cohesion. Also the larger the population, the higher chance you'll get more dodgers because they will be able to encourage each other more because there is more of them.

But if it's in a time of crisis then it's totally necessary. But that doesn't mean that everyone will agree.

Finland is a giant swamp. They don't have any mountains except in Lapland.

Not that the UK has any mountains, either, but there's a lot more geographic relief in somewhere like the Yorkshire Dales than you'll find anywhere in Finland.

Hard to say, what the underlying reason is. One way or the other they want to destabilize even their "allies" and weed out nationalism in favor of individualism. It's either that sickening form liberalism, some corporate scheme or globalization. Hard to say but any country that's being targeted by this isn't going to benefit. I'm not even sure, if even the US will benefit. I guess this supports the allegation that ambassadors bought their position by making donations to the Democrats. That was on Cred Forums a few days ago.

I know about that plan. It's an overlooked fact that Sweden never really had the need to join NATO, because they were already safe. I think that point should be discussed more here. I suspect this is still the case with Sweden. I remember reading somewhere that eventually the US changed their plans about bombing us, after they started to trust our generals and SUPO more but don't quote me on that.

That being said, our location is very important for NATO and the US, because we're right next to Saint Petersburg, both Russian and US bomber routes go through here, defending the Baltic countries is nearly impossible without us and the Baltic Sea is controlled by whoever controls our coast. I'm pretty sure that we would be more than welcome in NATO, if we ever decided to join.

Why aren't you in NATO already? The Baltics, Poland and Romania all joined because of le Russian boogeyman.

Finlandization is the term. Basically old people are afraid that Russia would get angry, if we joined but at the same time they don't understand that it wouldn't matter, because we would be in NATO. They ignore that Russia has had (not anymore of course) normal relations to a lot of NATO countries and forget that we have the best relations with Russia of any border countries. That wouldn't change even if we were in NATO. Other reasons are that some leftists think that the US is an evil country, because they start wars all over the world to push their agenda and some nationalists think that the US is an evil country, because they mess with other counrties' politics to push their agenda. Sadly both are correct.

Back in the day there was an unwritten understanding in the Nordic coutries to ensure some measure of balance. Norway and Denmark fell within the American sphere and joined NATO. Sweden was neutral. Filand had been a "bad boy" in WW2, but made good choices. Russia did not want to go to the trouble of invading them, so I seem to remember that they struck a deal that Finland was not to enter NATO and also buy Russian goods. Which is why I think the Finnish airforce used to have some soviet aircraft in their inventory well into the 2000s. They used to have Mig 21s I believe, in addition to Swedish fighters.

In the 90s they could have joined NATO if they wanted to, but it seems they think that their potential manpower of able bodied men that can enter the army is a deterrant enough.

>state takes away your rights
>taxes your time
>bans nationalism
>forces you to train how to fight against Russians

Is this a good docu?

Never understood a single word from it.

>keeps men as men and not cucked
Makes men dogs and corrupts them.
>pretty good life experience for anyone
Pretty god damn boring most of the time. Sometimes it was fun, gotta admit.
>likely to keep society un-equal and anti-feminist
Hope so.
Yeah, it's just plebs.
>builds camaraderie
>creates a reason for firearm legislation to stay loose
You call it loose? I mean, sure, NKoreans want to have it better so they jump to China, but...
>keeps nation defense standards high
Around a third of the people I spoke to openly bragged about jumping ship if SHTF. Kills the morale better than any lieutenant.

It's just what happens when Cred Forums gets out of hand.

The agreement with Russians was pretty much done at gunpoint. We didn't want it but because Soviets were an Allied country, they got to do whatever they wanted after WW2. We didn't want to team up with Hitler either but Germany was the only country willing to help us. And yes, that's the reason we had Russian equipment. After the Soviet Union collapsed, Finlandization was still strong and made our politicians afraid, so that's why we didn't join NATO back then.


Great. Now there's some anarcho-capitalist russiaboo on the loose.

>be me
>be pleb
>be conscripted
>be inside for 2 years with no hope of becoming an officer
>be digging shellscrapes in a jungle in the age of airburst munitions and electronic warfare.

It's only good if you have money

Finland doesn't have money so it's mostly carrying around boxes and other inane shit

It's actually better, because we don't have money. Professional military wouldn't be any cheaper and even if we had more money for defence, we still need men and a professional military can't gather enough manpower in a country with a small population.

Never rained during my field camp, since it was during the dry spell month.