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I work in the armory at a base in NC. A special bunch of Nasty Girls.

We've just been briefed on something that scares the shit out of me. There is actionable intel that there will be widespread electronic voting fraud, and that Putin will leak proof along with other dirt on certain candidates, and the USA will collapse into civil fucking war. Russian spetsnatz are going to serve as advisors for whatever insurgency emerges and overthrows the existing 'corrupt government'. There is also intel that one of the candidates has actively funded this, cooperated with Putin, and used their existing owned resources to station and quarter Spetsnatz around the fucking country.

Every unit is being re-assigned multiple interpreters who speak Russian. Lower level units are being re-tested and I've heard directly that the tests and questions are specifically about whether they would be willing to detain, intern, and execute 'traitors to the Federal Government'.

I will post more proof (that keeps me safe) later on. I can share this much info because my brothers will not sell me out but too much might get our whole unit grounded and vanished.

I'm posting this from a restaurant wifi (yes, we have restaurants on base, staffed with civilians, and half of them stopped showing up for work. they're screening everyone extra hard now) on my thinkpad. Our issued toughbooks had a new web filter update pushed to them that blocks most social media, but all imageboards specifically. 4, 8, etc.

Also, speaking of computers, this is super important for the days ahead: you guys need to dig into why all government contract TPW P4-15-NB laptops were rounded up and destroyed, why google is 'jamming' results for it, and why they go for thousands of dollars in the civilian market when a surviving one pops up, even stripped to the motherboard.

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This is very interesting OP. Is this part of project black box?

this is an old pic someone posted a month ago trying to say the same thing

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I'm in an intelligence detachment of a special operations unit and this is horseshit.

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>implying that they would ever share anything with you except "we're now on heightened alert"

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This means:
> There WILL be voter fraud and FEMA death camps
> CTR is "crying wolf" now to discredit future leaks so not even the redpilled will see it coming

4D chess. We're fucked.