Holy shit you literally cannot be this cucked


>Dayton Calls For Tolerance After St. Cloud Mall Attack

>Gov. Mark Dayton said he plans to travel to St. Cloud Monday to offer support for the community following the knife attack at a mall that left nine people wounded and a suspect dead.

>Authorities say the suspect, who has yet to be identified, attacked several shoppers at the Crossroads Center mall on Saturday night. Police say he mentioned Allah and asked at least one victim if they were Muslim.

>The governor is asking the Minnesota community to embrace tolerance.

>“I ask everyone in the St. Cloud area and throughout Minnesota to rise above this atrocity and act to make religious and racial tolerance one of the ways in which Minnesotans again lead our country,” Dayton said.

>The FBI says it’s looking at the mall attack as a possible act of terrorism.

>Earlier on Sunday, an ISIS-related media outlet called the knife-wielding attacker a “soldier of the Islamic State.” It’s unclear, however, if the terror group planned the attack or knew about it beforehand.

Well, folks, here we are. An ISIS terrorist runs through a mall slashing people with a knife, screaming Allah Ackbar, asking people if they are Muslim before he slashes them, and the absolute cuckold governor of my state, Mark Dayton, decides the appropriate response is to tell his people to be more tolerant of the Somali Muslims who infest our capital cities, St. Paul and Minneapolis. What are your reactions? Personally I am outraged beyond belief at my fellow Minnesotans at their total submissiveness and impotence. I simply cannot stand to live here anymore.

You saw this the other day with NYC and CNN. They are attempting to normalize terrorism.

Come to the south. We don't tolerate shit like this.

I should also add that two weeks ago, Somali Muslim men and women attacked and harassed native Minnesotans at the Mall of America, and as usual, nothing was done except to try to hush everything up and pretend that if the government ignores the problem, it will all go away. The problem won't go away.

What states are the best? I like educated, civilized people who actually understand American history and love this country. I'm thinking Texas, but I'd be open to considering other states as well.

I love the state as I have family living there and have visited. But I can't live there considering how liberal it is, pisses me off too because it's so beautiful but Somalis are moving in. County fairs there are top notch.

I personally live in Alabama but been throughout the south. Tennessee is probably the best place to live especially Nashville and Chattanooga. Has the night life with small town feel.

Florida. Avoid Miami

It will get to the point where people will just walk up to these mudslimes and pull the trigger indiscriminately.

Blaming the whole Muslim population isn't the solution. Especially considering that ISIS hates other Muslims just as much as they hate westerners.

No shit. First I'm hearing of this.
Crazy. Because of how white and racist St.Cloud is.

It's still a great state, but the Twin Cities are turning into third-world ghettos at an extremely depressing rate. The vast majority of the geography of the state is Conservative and sensible, but there are so many urban rats and oblivious college students in the Twin Cities that the state consistently votes Democrat overall. It blows my mind that rich white people like the Daytons agree with liberal policies. I truly do not understand why rich, educated white people feel this kindred spirit with third-world savages who come here for our overwhelming generosity, and repay us by being the #1 state for ISIS recruitment.

Fuck off, I hate you more than I hate muslims

> moving in
Been here for over a decade.

Except it won't, not in Minnesota. Nobody here has the balls to stick up for themselves, and if they do, they make the smart decision and just take care of themselves and have a prosperous life free of the influence of savage scumbags and their liberal vassals.

>Blaming the whole Muslim population isn't the solution. Especially considering that ISIS hates other Muslims just as much as they hate westerners.
Right, so let's do nothing, and stand around while the enemy slaughters our people. Fucking emasculated cucks are all the same.

It's true though. Banning Muslims wouldn't stop terrorism (since it's basically unenforceable). The only solution is to actually defeat ISIS.

No, the answer is not to "do nothing", the answer is to destroy ISIS.

Which will never happen. They are in 18 countries, expanded from 2 countries within 2 years. They are winning, and they are winning big time. There is not going to be a movement to destroy them. There is not going to be any of that, because liberal Democrats have poisoned the well by labeling every warning about Islam as hateful racist meanie rhetoric.

Reality Check: The attacks will keep happening, cucks like Dayton and Obama will continue wringing their hands, telling us we all need to just be more tolerant of our murderers and rapists, and pretending that this will all just go away on its own. Be realistic. What realistic scenario do you imagine in which the necessary steps will be taken to "destroy ISIS", which is an ideology spread on the internet? The truth is, this phenomenon of terrorism will continue for the rest of this century, and will only intensify as more and more groups feel the apocalyptic effects of globalism on their cultures. Welcome to the new normal.

Tolerate terrorism

Indignant outrage. Vote out this fucking liberal globalist shill. All states need to vote out liberal globalist shills. Send all thosw unwilling to assimilate in US customs as ways back to where they came. No tolerance for violence. Protect our Country's loyal citizens...
Remember, however, that Soros and Rothschild want nothing more than civil unrest, even civil war. Their goal is to create a boiling point until which time the US fails.

Because BLAMING IT ON ISLAM IS NOT THE SOLUTION. The solution is MILITARY ACTION AGAINST ISIS, IN ISIS OWN TERRITORIES. Your argument is basically "well just give up, we can't win". If you said that in the 50s against the USSR you'd be executed as a commie shill. Send in ground forces, when their bases are found, bomb them to into nothingness with B52s. Hire hackers to break into ISIS websites and overwrite them with viruses that will lock them out of the computer AND send the complete contents of their hard drives to our intelligence databases. ISIS is GOING TO KEEP WINNING as long as people like you insist we give up.

Man I just. I just hate living in Minnesota so badly.
Can I live with someone else preferably in some southern state?

God fucking damn, you cannot be this stupid. ISIS are active within the Muslim population in western countries. We cannot allow them to remain. Period. If we can't tell them apart from the peaceful Muslims, we have no option but to treat all Muslims as a potential threat.

Simple solution: force them to assimilate. Stop pandering to their shit religion. Stop building special prayer rooms. Stop giving special treatment because of the religion. Start arresting and deporting when crime is an issue. If I took a shit in a grocery store floor I would get arrested, but these Somalians do this weekly and don't even get yelled at. They need to make immigrants scared of getting deported again. It costs less to deport than to hold them in prison.