2 Danish F-16 confirmed part of the """"mistake"""" attack on SAA in Deir al Zour

>2 Danish F-16 confirmed part of the """"mistake"""" attack on SAA in Deir al Zour



>proud to be a NATO pawn

Lmao mad Haji, just wait Sweden you are next on our list, we are itching for a war with you again.

They're literally blowing up Russian to get Hillary elected now.

>proud to be a NATO slave

Enjoy your useless F35

let me know when you have a functioning ATA missile

I thought it was the Aussies that did this?

There's a reason we cluster all muslims in the southern parts of Sweden.

I don't think you want to know our plans, danskjävel.

>Rafales still have no BVR missile

so far its confirmed Aussies Danes and America who took part.

welcome to the fold brother.

possibly george soros aswell

>Faggots play war in Syria
>Germany has to take all the refugeshits
I really really wish, germans would finally wake up and we could choke everyone to death in Europe. Zeit für Reich .

Wir schaffen das :^)

So it was 2 Danish F-16s and 2 Australian F-16s and 2 American F-16s. Who else but the Jew will be implicated in this attack?

Stop taking the refugees in, then. Toss them out.

Kek. Every fucking nation in the world jumped on the opportunity to remove some kebab.

Probably more like you're afraid skåne will try to rejoin us.

>Jihad capital of Europe

austrailia dosent have f-16s, they only have f-18s

Just fuck my shit up, familie


Oz use bugs and super bugs (F-18s)

They're all valid targets

So there's that

SAA, rebels, IS; all fucking Muslim scum

>has to
Get the fuck out. You're the one inviting in shitskins (most of who don't even come from syria) and then try to foist them on the rest of europe like an insane wife that keeps bringing home stray cats.

Fuck you Denmark, we volunteered to take the blame first, the fact that we don't fly F16's is irreverent.

Yeah fucking typo on my part.
Point stands. Every US ally is being implicated in this mistake it seems.

Lockmart shills

It's interesting that they fly joint sorties


it seems thatthis raid has 2 more planes added to the roster every day.

>US led coalition

American pilots suck big dick. They have always been known to kill their own troops and allies all the time.

go eat some shit little untermenchen

im sorry i didn't add you aussies, and i bet you had just a good kill score as us in the bombing runs!

Are you jealous that you have no stealth fighter program? Or that you don't even have BVRAAMs?


don't you mean (((mistake)))?

>I am not flying an F16 in the ME right now
life is cruel

Who honestly cares?
The Americans kill more shitskins than this on a daily basis. It's just mostly unreported.
Not like Syrian lives matter, and these weren't even civilians

>insane women bringing home stray cats insisting her neighbors take them in

Pretty fair comparison actually.