Who was in the wrong here? Trump or Fallon?

who was in the wrong here? Trump or Fallon?

>Hosting a show on the tele-jew
>Participating in the democraJEWcy and appearing on the tele-jew
They're both in the wrong.

Fallon. Would you touch an emperors fuckin hair?

joos joos joos why are you watching the media-jew and participating in the political-jew? You are all race traitors.

Trump allowed Fallon to mess up his hair. Trump went on the show knowing the risks of anything happening.

nobody, Fallon get the best ratings of his career and it humanized trump for millions of moderates idiots.

look how happy Trump is in that pic, how could you not for him

>Getting your hair messed up on TV probably helped Trump's campaign more than any carefully orchestrated interview could help HIllary's one
If Trump does not win something's wrong

>who was in the wrong here? Trump or Fallon?

Trick Question!

>who was in the wrong here?

Why, Laura Silverman and all like her.

no one

neither was in the wrong.
it was cute as fuck

get off the chan jew schlohmo you're blowing our cover

Is it possible, lads? Could Fallon have single-handednly won the election for Trump? Is he our new hero?

Fallon ended one of the anti-Trump bullshit agendas, which was a great thing.
Fallon increased in popularity in my books by a lot after this.. not enough.. but some.

this is a great idea but should be executed better

Fallon looks like a giddy little school girl



agreed. i half assed it to just get the idea out the door. hopefully some other memer will see it and feel motivated to make some better edits

I never liked Fallon. Always thought he was just another liberal shithead like Maher, but his interview seemed pretty good made me sort of see him in a better light.

Neither. They both had great chemistry with each other, and Fallon was taking a huge chance by having one of the most hated people in media show up on his show.

Meanwhile Trump used this opportunity to show his humorous and fun side, while Hillary's campaign ends up looking stupid for attacking him 24/7

He's not a bad guy by any means, since he doesn't stick his nose where it doesn't belong (politics).

Overall it was a successful interview.

Meanwhile faggots like Seth Meyers and John Oliver are too scared to consider something other than "He a rayciss n shieet"

He would never do that to Hillary because her hair probably would fall out


thanks for the illustration i thought it was mario

What went so right?
Trump got higher poll numbers and approval ratings and Fallon high ratings.

He isn't so bad because he's non-political on his show as far as I know.

previous thread on this someone made a bretty gud joke about Fallon asking to slap Hillary's colonoscopy bag

>"hey hill i was wondering if i could mess up your dookie bag just a bit"
>[hillary strains out some forced robotic laughter]
>"s-sure.. i suppose"
>smacks the bag, shit and blood fly everywhere

Neither. Fallon is an entertainer, not a journalist. His job is to put on a good, relatively clean show and have fun.

If you grew up watching Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert and think that they're the best journalists out there then you'll hate Fallon. Other people though are okay with harmless fun and making light of politics and politicians, everything doesn't need to be some profound, pretentious bullshit.

More (((Silverman)))

Fallon is one of the least political talkshow hosts. Obviously he is a liberal but he's not a ''political'' talk show hosts like Maher or Colbert.

Fallon is pretty much Ferguson tier when it comes to politics (that is, really not at all)

seriously though it's a good idea.

Fuck you kike-nigger.

yar i thought so to, see if i get a minute later this evening i might make a better edit


>assuming anyone was "wrong" on a stupid late night show.

It's a meme you dip

If only i could keep track.

How many memes currently exist, kraut?

100% this. Trump made a master move and Fallon got a silly joke/reaction out of it.

It was Trump's own Bill Clinton saxophone moment. It humanized him and made him look like an okay guy.

I'm afraid only KEK knows Ami. Memetic Sciences have yet to be established as a faculty in academics.

>Concedeing that he might become president
The left wing articles about that interview were so salty. I don't know what they wanted or expected.

What fuck did she want him to do? I really don't get it.

call him hitler

I really wanna see what happens if Trump gets elected. At worst, he will be like Reagan in the 80s, which I doubt.

Call him a racist, homophobic, sexist, islamophobic, transphobic bigot.

I might start watching Fallon a bit just to help. bump this ratings after that. I don't really like his show much, but I feel like unbiased entertainment should be rewarded on the rare occasion it happens.

I want Trump to get rid of a large portion of the NFA. That would make him easily one of the GOAT.

I just want my fucking suppressors and SBRs. If we get automatics then I'll be down right impressed.

Why would either be "in the wrong?"

In literal terms? Anything but Trump being somehow triggered into a screaming fit of NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER live on TV, or Fallon pulling the unrecoverable Trump-stumping they've been trying most of a year to dream up unsuccessfully out of his ass, was unacceptable - attack attack attack, how dare you normalize racist bigot Drumpf

there was a little bit of hate in Fallons eyes...
and we know why.
someone hates white people.

god damn rich cunt

>"I hate hate hate Jimmy Fallon for having a hate monger on his show."

These people have zero self-awareness.

The sheer liberal butthurt generated by this one innocent hair tousle is equivalent to the energy generated by 30 atomic bomb blasts, some scientists believe.

I usually find Fallon insufferable (hate the fake laugh thing he does) but he did an good job interviewing Trump, and Trump did an amazing job during it. I legitimately think he won quite a lot of undecided votes that night.

when both the left and the right is pissed off at a guy, it means he did a good job



her eyes are creepier than any abstract rendering of an Anglo-Jew


It all makes sense when you put it in such lay terms.

There are more memes in the world, than there are grains of sand in the galaxy.

>only liking him after he pandered to and prepped your bull

neither, they had a good time.


Shut the fuck up, you shill.


Not to mention the butthurt libs on Twitter claiming that Fallon essentially promoted racism/genoicde or whatever the fuck, purely because he had him on his show. see

I wish I had a legit twitter account so I could respond with: "It's OK if you liked him."

Not everything is the jews you paranoid fuck

>inb4 JIDF shill

Neither. Trump promoted himself well, which gave Fallon god tier ratings and Fallon humanized Trump for the normies.

If theres anything in America thats very Jewish influenced, its broadcast television.



American people

fuck thats exactly what it was.

sjw's are funny like that, aren't they?