A quick thing on suicide

If you're suicidal, and decide to go through with it in some lame way, you are the most faggoty faggot to exist. Why? Because its selfish or sad or immoral? No.
The realization that your life is a short and senseless one is what makes the boldest, greatest men. Once you realize that you might as well end it all, you have the power to do anything.
Want to do some low-tier stuff like sabotaging a Clinton rally or messing with antifa?
Go ahead, why not.
Upset that you live a normie life and never reveal your power level?
Denounce Jews at your workplace.
The reason people were once so brave was because their lives really sucked. Every second they were reminded of their short, sad life. Those people decided to do some crazy stuff, like charging head first into spear walls, or mocking retardedly powerful people, or just generally flinging their life away to do something. If you're suicidal, don't just kill yourself. Do something for the lulz.

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Seriously this.
We've all become too comfortable.

>an actually thought-out post on Cred Forums

Underrated op

Suicide fags btfo
How will they ever recover

Can confirm. My cousin lost his shit and jumped in front of a subway train. He survived with only slight disfiguration to his face and a fucked up left arm.

Most people who attempt suicide actually regret it.

>tfw op actually helped me

pls sabotage Clinton rally like OP said your double digits will it



>do something for the lulz

Cannonball off the Space Needle it is

>ITT:user teaches me to feel again

OP has a good point.
If you're about to kill yourself, you have fucking nothing to lose.

Bumping for the /r9k/ fags that browse this board

Holy shit. This might actually happen. A full blown war against the (((oligarchs))) and their pet politicians. Screencap this. Happening right fucking now.

So instead of suicide, I should go and do some outlandish thing that's almost guaranteed to have negative consequences and make my life worse, thus making suicide an even more attractive option?


Warning: this may lead to idealizations of the yolo mindset.

Though honestly, my suicidal homies, at least you can give back with some happenings before you go.


For Original Faggots


I didn't always believe in meme magic

Or impregnate every white woman you can on a 9 month tier before the first one is born and you have to pay child support then run for the hills, or Argentina.

You live and work until you are not needed anymore.

The only reason any of us live is to fulfill a purpose or role we will never know what it was.

So live, keep trying to better mankind and self, and work till fulfilled.

Op isn't saying don't kill yourself
He's saying that since you're gonna kill yourself, you can do whatever you want, unlike a person that wants to save face because they have something they want to hold on to in the future.

suicidal fag here

to me suicide is a noble act for many reasons. when you realize you're useless faggot like me that will never become an adequate human being because of your insecurities and mental illnesses you simply lose all hope. You don't care about achieving squat, whether is finding a well respected job, finishing a college major, finding a girlfriend, a failure will never manage to do these things because he is fixated with thoughts of hopelessness, pointlessness, meaningless etc. My life is in a pointless situation of wage-slavery, unhealthy lifestyle, no intellectual stimulation,shitposting and I have come in terms with it the realization that I'm stagnating and I have given up so why should I give shit about doing crazy shit, it won't change how I think and either will a dumbass frogposter like you.

>If you're suicidal, don't just kill yourself. Do something for the lulz.

t.Anders Breivik


>can somehow muster the energy to kill self yet too low energy to yell something hilarious at a public event

Do what the snack bars do

If wanting to die, join army or politics.

If you don't die at first, keep trying.

True. Samurai trained to face the fear of death constantly, and in doing so they became nearly invincible because death was a guaranteed fact of life for them. "You cannot kill me, for I am already dead!"

Copy'd OP's text, good stuff

thread don't die

i completely agree op

I'm not suicidal, but I absolutely relate to feeling like you are trash and empty and all that. That came to me when I spent 2 minutes in open sea, thinking I would die and looked back at my life and realized how much of an absolute shithead I've been since ever.

But honestly, feeling like that only energizes me, I can't really articulate how. It's sort of a "I can only go up from here" or something like a sarcastic humor turned on yourself when you fuck up. It's like I have a little australian giving me shit for every shitty thing I do as a person, and honestly I love this australian narrator.

It gives you perspective on things and good humor.

"Suicidal" people are just confused, narcissistic assholes. They think that they are extremely important individuals not living up to their potential. They're actually your average faggot who places way too much value on his own life, and who therefore is too paralyzed to do anything of meaning. It's a direct result of being told that you're special your whole life, instead of being told that you must give your own life value.

The most common cause of suicide among men is divorce followed by economic meltdown

It really makes you ponder


Damn...really made me think. Made me think that weak narcissistic males tend to get into doomed relationships because of the inability to set boundaries or tell women no. Then it inevitably goes wrong and they wonder why their life is all fucked up when they let it get that way.

wow 1 post by all of these id's, its almost like they are doing that savage new method of CTR shilling in here

t. they certainly are.

right wing banks social capital, leftists gamble it, if you go out and gamble all of our social capital like this, you are being fucking played by the jews!

they want you to do something outlandish, it always gets better anons.

dont let these devils whisper in your ears.

kek protects.

>My life is in a pointless situation of wage-slavery, unhealthy lifestyle, no intellectual stimulation,shitposting and I have come in terms with it the realization that I'm stagnating

I think that I make no mistake if tell that it is a portrait of an averege Cred Forums-fag

>want to die
>can't join military cuz athsma
>can't join politics cuz shit personality

wait until trump is elected you edgy faggots