What do you consider a 10/10 woman Cred Forums ?

What do you consider a 10/10 woman Cred Forums ?
What women do you go for?
What women do you avoid?

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She looks like Milo with tits. Not that I wouldn't fuck.

This guy has tastes

Latinas and eastern euros are GOAT


Thuy Li gets my dick diamonds, top tier asian.

Dresses modestly(I mean normal, not slutty but not in a burqa)

Has a decent sense of humor

Dislikes BLM and feminism(they don't have to be right wing though)


Race doesn't matter

>Race doesn't matter

What a qt. God damn

>fake tits

kill yourself

I mean the girls race doesn't matter. Not that race doesn't matter in any context.

Yeah she is

Mummi will always be 10/10

>Race doesn't matter

Breeding hips
Pure Genes
Not covered in 900 tats, 1-3 are fine.

>10/10 woman
something like this

protip: your 10/10 woman is worth about a 6/10 son

>What do you consider a 10/10 woman Cred Forums ?
Posts pic of tattooed lesbian.

She's sober now, so there's that I guess.


No Tats allowed

>autism necklace
>tripping on Cred Forums

>no tattoos *op pic is repulsive*
>shorter than 5'7"
>doesn't like "P.S. I love you" (harder than you imagine)

Just give her hoop earrings and damn I would mate


Well for one thing I'd prefer no tattoos (I have an austere sense of beauty and tattoos just runs directly counter to that)
I've always liked dark hard with blue eyes and pale skin

>What women do you go for?
Oh, you meant personality-wise?
Some with, more or less, my values and interests. Someone who doesn't get angry because we never fight (yes, this has been an issue) and doesn't need attention 24/7
>What women do you avoid?
Probably one who was overly politically active (everything is an issue) and deeply involved on social media (no sense of privacy).
One who pays more attention to her phone than the world around her.
One who's personal values don't work well with mine



Jesus christ, someone kill it with purity

This is a 10 in my book.

>White or East Asian
>High Cheekbones
>Pale and dainty or tan and athletic
>No tattoos
>Understands the family dynamic
>Knows when to be serious and when to laugh
>She can understand and challenge me
>Her genuine smile gives me an inexplicable feeling of happiness and takes my breath away
>5'2-5'10 and 90-140lb

Better, other not so much, at-all.



intelligent (by womens standards)
far right wing
hates jews/shitskins
wants lots of babies
wants to be stay at home wife
can cook
hasnt fucked more than 1 (MAYBE 2) people (only in long term relationships)
hasnt fucked a shitskin
no tats, only piercings in ear
is fit
doesnt do drugs, occassional social drinking is fine

>ps i love you
It's not so bad



here's a real 10/10

Were Neanderthals the original potato niggers?


Source? That body is amazing.

Why not just fuck a garbage can directly and skip all the bullshit?

>belly piercing
>absolutely degenerate

a girl with medium/short hair.
little muscular
if she basically look like a cute boy then i would definitely marry.

one that likes me for being me, no compromises. shes does not exist.


No woman is 10/10. All that tattoss would look like horse shit in 15 years

For me its the 70s icon Ingrid Steeger. She had a pretty much perfect body, great sense of humor and ahh....fapffapfapfap..

>let me off this ride



At least middle class and upholds traditional family value.


do you want him to wear a burka too ahmed?


I avoid all women because I'm fat and ugly.


Tattoos kys.

here's mine:
1. comes from a nuclear family and maintains excellent and frequent contacts with her immediate family

2. acts and dresses like a nonprovocative woman

3. wants a big family and would love to be a homemaker

4. is still young as far as child rearing goes (18-30)

5. speaks the same language and observes the same traditions as myself, has a link to her ancestral land (not a 100% urban consumer whore)

6. has interests like arts&crafts, gardening, food preparation and preservation

7. gives a fuck about her local community and does not take advantage "to get away from it all" every chance she gets

8. has likeminded (women) friends

9. good looks are nice but not really all that important


True 10/10s do not exist in reality. They're abundant in 2D though. So choose your dimensions wisely.

You will be the first to swing, gay appropriating faggot

Petite, small tits and ass. Cute round face. Dark hair and blue or green eyes. No tattoos, drugs and smoking. Eastern european mixed with a little bit of asian is the best imo.

>What do you consider a 10/10 woman
pic related
>What women do you go for?
>What women do you avoid?
all of them
they are all tainted and unpure here



I don't give a care what a woman looks like, but I like a girl who's smart and avoid daughters of single mothers like the plague.

>that's a woman
thought it was david bowie at first

leafys sister



I have no idea how men can find women with tattoos remotely attractive.

They might as well have a sign saying, "I am a trashy whore."


Decent looking face, light eyes (green or blue)
Hair colour doesn't matter, as long as eyes are light.
About 5'4" - 5'7"
Somewhat good education, although that's secondary
Not very demanding
Moderate or slightly liberal on politics. Although I don't really care, unless she is a giant nazi or a huge SJW.

my grill!



That's the point. You know they're easy and won't make a fuss after you pump'n'dump them. You don't marry a girl with tattoos.

The song by The Beatles?

My problem is finding a girl who can handle my cock (it's really big). I've found that most girls like sucking it but once I start plowing the vag they complain it hurts...

>You wouldn't

>no tattoos
>light eyes
>no crazy hair colour and minimum shoulder length
>no coal burning

This is a good start

Obviously my dream woman would not take me, but instead of worthy warrior for her.


>She would be fit
>Could handle her sword and shield
>could give good fight to any man or arena
>Would not need to be pretty, but then she should have wits and be clean
>if shes pretty, it would be ok if hes not that bright

Picture related, you can quess which woman is 10/10 for me.
Hint(no, its not that nigger)

Also, Brienne of Tarth is best female in the whole GoT series.


>>What women do you go for?
>>What women do you avoid?
>all of them
I like this answer

Do you have the original?

>with tattoos remotely attractive.
They look mundane without them
>, "I am a trashy whore."
Thats a meme that women with tattoos are trash

WTF a qt 3,14 Moroccan I'm patriotic now.

Lol alien fetish

Almost male

damn english she/he gender words :D
in finland we got only one word Hän, which is genderless.

This, there's a reason 90% of "big dick" porn is just oral.

She looks like that character from OverWatch

Sorry leaf, that does not exist.

sara jean underwood

she's humble, smart, loves outdoors, feminine but strong and has a GREAT ASS! she also has implants that dont look bad


she probably smells good too

I've given up at this point.
Ermit life, here I come.

Where da steering wheel

Like a marbel statue

Take it back user.

What type of men do you go for?

This girl is perfect, I dare you to find one single flaw on her.


Grace Neutral is my waifu. I don't have any tats, but I love hers


The kind that can't move around too well.
Lets me get to them more easily.

Intelligence/perceptiveness is also a major factor. Girls with such do exist but you really gotta look for 'em.

Hey i love Banjo Kazooi

You'd have to be a complete faggot to think this chick is attractive. I'd rather smash my dick with a rock.

Your mother


In my country, right wing women are seen as crazed scum. They are seen Very bad by people in general


om nom nom

Mediterranean women with piercing eyes and a nice arse.

They are sometimes very attractive too.

>tfw 7.5" x 6.5" master race

too bad I suck at the whole texting thing and trying to flirt with everything that has a vagina.

It'll be alright though

I hate tattoos on women but full thigh tats are fucking sexy in a trashy sort of way


mm yeah she was even great with the small boobs



I'm going on 30 so my standards are different than they used to be.
>commitment to personal fitness and health
>no tattoos or gnarly piercings
>loves being a woman and extolls her own femininity
>educated and career focused
>wants children
>wants to put her career on hold in order to be a full-time mom during the child's early years
>"miss monogamy" having had a few sexual partners but only in the context of a monogamous relationship

She reminds me of that one vice reporter.
Literal perfection. Who is this semen demon and where can i get more of her?

Why don't you like women?

>stormfags scared her away.

Nice digits, my gender non specific equal!


Face literally untouchable. Just want to kill it.

appearence wise, this is she.

But its only my type. I'd rather have someone who's a bit more average looking.

Personality traits:

at least average intelligence
easy going temperament


Not one with tattoos, that's for sure.

>What women do you avoid?

Ones that are fat, tattooed, or on medication for anything mental.

I thought the Swede made a funny post, so I complemented him
In all seriousness though. Either white girls or Jap/Chinese (won't marry/have children with the latter)

What did she mean by this?

>What women do you avoid?
All 3dpd are to be avoided like the plague.

>Hating queen tumblr
Fuck you

this woman is totally italian. no doubt about it.

dont sexualize aliens

I agree with dubman here.

I do have some preference physically, pic related is a good frame of reference.


''I was just trolling xDDDDD''
Get off this board and never come back.


Hello there fellow katya poster.

do not want. I can't stand that girly crap. see:


If she's dumb she can't be a 10. If she's cruel she can't be a 10. If she'd be a bad mother she can't be a 10.


you bet
Are you retarded?


She wants the D
Alternatively it's the first letter of her name.

>Clean skin. I can tolerate any skin color as long as it looks clean. Preferably pale, where I can make an exception and include freckles
>Small breasts.
>Proportionally hide hips. Not necessarily "uhhh thicc" type of wide
>Nice legs, a bit on the thicker side, but, again, not necessarily "thicc"
>Cute lips, do not have to be big, but must be noticeable
>Big eyes. Any color; clear blue looks heavenly, but dark brown looks deep
>With hair as straight as milo. Only asians and native Americans have natural straight hair; looks as if gravity was stronger on theur heads
>Playful. She does not have to make me laugh all the time, but it feels very nice to know that someone gives a shit about you, even if it is to playfully make fun of you.
>Interesting or at least interesed to learn something. So you may either have fruitful conversations with her or have someone to listen
>A little prideful. Makes things like sex more difficult, but comes with modesty and othey values that will keep her from acting like a nigger
>Critical to ignorant of liberal movements. She may not go full MRA on the issue, but her pride will make her say things like: "I owe nothing to feminism, everything I have comes from my own work"
>Maquiavellian but with limits.
>Knows what a sacrifice is. People like this are less likely to fall into liberal ideals
>Likes ebin maymays

>I am a trashy whore.

That's the point. They are for quick fuck. Not for loving and romantically breeding.

Thank you sir for that rare flag

Excellent taste

Fuck me, okay.
>Post a picture of a literal fucking he/she
Sorry dude, but you're a faggot.

Looks a lot like my girlfriend, not my preference however I do love her and she gives good head so we're all good.

nothings perfect.

Take up tits and ass in another board, Cred Forums already considers women degenerate, so by definition, this is yet another shit thread meant to slide. There is serious shit going on and once again Cred Forums is presented with titty to distract them.

>knows what a sacrifice is

This^ is really important.

Pic related, should have been posted already.


women = titty

is a degenerate assumption. YOU are the degenerate here.

Good luck finding one that doesnt have one or two niglets running around

>What do you consider a 10/10 woman Cred Forums ?
a woman that see through bullshit subversion and media

>all these tatoo/pierceng fags

kys you fucking degenerate enablers

I wouldn't, because no such thing exists

Fucking this. Tomboys are god tier.

Pretty face
Thin/athletic body
5'7 to 5'10
Intelligent (enough)

That's pretty much it family

you're missing out.
Roman Catholic Latinas with strict parents.
That's the fucking bullseye. That is epicness.
My wife, latina, busty, white skin, high iq, has her own career, never had kids (strict parents), highly religious but loves to fuck, strict Catholics align with conservatism, think Lori Southern without the high maintenance of a white girl.

So so good.

Well usually the girls with a niglet or two aren't exactly educated or career focused or lacking tattoos or anything else I've described.


Ooooh maan those lips
>unzip pants
>make her kiss the tip of my penis
>back off from palnning to bomb people
>hints blunt : terrorists lack of sex (if they have any) only solution is to go to 72 virgins

Here ya go

I really like my gf, probably not a 10/10 but since she's very kind, it goes up.

Quite the opposite, I'm calling YOU out. I don't give two shits about tits, I care more about the fucking shit happening RIGHT NOW in our own country. You stupid fuckers are too busy chasing pussy and claiming to have the high ground; and your post PROVES this to me.

And just like that

Your posterity is brown.

She is 10/10 in my book.
Literal perfection.

these threads always make me think about my ex and acknowledge that I will never find a woman like that


That looks like a real doll

also praise KEK

all these newfags



She would be a 10/10 for me if only I enjoyed drug-fueled orgies

P cute, José

Aww, she's cute man. Good job

Cool, you're proven right.

Now what? Wait don't tell me,

I don't care.


Gj m8. Congrats.

And she's real.

Another 9/10 to me

I wouldn't even smash that.


10/10 is beauty that transcends Humanity

These fuck toys you are posting are lustful trash, gave deep at this deity of perfection

she is a mountain above all other females, the queen of queens

yea tats = whore


Closeted faggots detected.


You people for real are basement dwellers if these are your ideal QTS. I'd say 3 posters here have good taste.

Kek remembers

I don't know why she just seems near perfect to me

I've got a thing for girls who wear retro clothes

Ok melon pan, thanks for the heads up

>that interocular distance

Nigga, that shit is way too large.

How do I get American gf?

The kind that can't move well or ones that are insightful?

Does that make it easier to pursue them?


bah m8
I prefer mine: wonderful and innocent face, amazing eyes, heart-melting smile, very genuine, simple beauty, little to no make-up.
Simple, clean and genuine.



Pretty easy. you only need one of these
>A boat
>An accent

you will never have this

Good for you, mate. She is a qt.

Short hair is Patrician

Ew it's made out of poopy

Not with that attitude.

She has a nice smile, probably more interesting than half of women posted here.
Good catch, José

This Christian Syrian girl

Here we go

no tats
no weird piercings
no weird hair colors or hair cuts

polite educated and well mannered.


Victoria Louise is my dream wife.


she's cute, i'd tap that

pay debts
look like you have money (pay those debts)
be 6 foot something
able to flirt and have a good time all the time
take them places a lot (so you must pay those debts)

plz be my ... eh nvm

What did she look like?

Is she French too? That'd make her the full package


>What do you consider a 10/10 woman Cred Forums?
In shape, great legs, great bone structure, pretty face/

>What women do you go for?
Generally speaking, if she's not fat, not ugly and she shows interest, she's gonna catch the meat. Cute face is a huge plus, but I can do without if her body is banging.

What women do you avoid?
>skeleton mode
>outrageous hair/piercings
>generally trashiness
all indicate flights should stay grounded

Better resa

The closest thing posted that is a 10/10

this is a 9/10

Everything posted are mostly degenerate sluts

Nigga, its kathryn winnick, lagherta on vikings

Why even live?

I don't watch (((tv))) very much

this is a really good picture of her


you deny this raw purity?


I like long curly hair.
I like girls who don't dress as sluts but also aren't prudes.
Race doesn't really matter, but i really like brown girls, girls that are too black are a little weird but some are pretty cute, and white girls feel boring altho redheads are extremely attractive.
Weird autistic girls give me a huge hard on, i like girls that are as weird as me.
Slim girls = best girls, small perky tits and asses are better than thick asses and titty monsters.
More than two tattoos is a huge deal breaker, those people are somewhat damaged, and i say that because i have three tattoos and i got all of them because i was a degenerate seeking answers.
I don't like piercings, not one bit.
Pretty much it, guess i'm pretty normal.

If she has tattoos, or face freckles, I usually walk immediately, or if I am polite, find an excuse.

If I find out she has tattoos, STDs, mudshark history, kids, I definitely walk immediately.

If she's stupid or any of my other red flags (its a fairly extensive list) I usually make an excuse, and try to be polite about ending anything.

In terms of looks, I'm pretty open. But I prefer long legs and straight teeth, big boobs or a big butt is always a plus. It doesn't matter that much though if I find her attractive.

But I may make exceptions for the tattoo meme, if she looks anything like pic related. That kind of style is something I can appreciate.

airbrushed to hell and back

Brazil has some choice sloots

good luck br shit cunt

Russian hiking club is correct

Especially 5 and 7 are incredibly important. You wouldn't know how many women whom I thought were quite decent blurted out something like ''yeah nah I think I can really express myself better in English than in Dutch (they never can) and I just want to go to New York/Thailand/Australia/fill in random le epic cosmopolite location, because this country really is too small for me haha''. Ffs, without exceptions these people can barely speak Dutch without making a mistake in every sentence. My gf also had some little problems with language, but she tries to improve and now she barely makes any mistakes at all.

People who hate their homeland sicken me. I honestly do care about race, but I'd take a patriotic Dutch black girl over a self-hating white any day of the year. Not that there are any, but typothetically.


tats are degenate

My ex had that body with slightly smaller tits. Of course she ended up as a total slut, so many guys wanted to fuck her so they'd give her attention and she'd spread her legs. She fucked 21 guys when I met her, that was 6 years ago. That number must have quadrupled by now.

>haha guys, that girl you think is attractive posed with a black guy for a picture
>you're cucks teehe

A bit on the chubby side, body shaped like a lean pear. Long, dark brown hair, green eyes, a smile to die for. The cutest small nose and chin.

enjoy your blacked waifu cuck cunt

This is a better example of my preference.

>I know what I'll do
>I'll post the same image again, as if that proves my point

>second generation polish qt as first gf
>cutest fucking face, big eyes, cute nose, adorable smile
>no fishmouth, actually has a chin and jawline, doesn't look like a gup gup snail man from the side
>beautiful dirty blonde hair
>parents were very clean and traditional
>did karate and played the piano, had responsibilities at a young age
>we were obsessed
>everyday at school, we sat with each other
>she was super shy and nervous to do anything, would apologize when she kissed me
>graduate from elementary
>haven't seen or heard from her since

>almost 10 years later, haven't thought of her at all
>have a lucid dream about her
>tfw sudden realization that she's probably a rabid lefty maniac beyond redemption

On one hand I wouldn't mind seeing her again just to talk about our childhood. I didn't have any close friends like her. I just want to reminisce of our innocence. On the other its reality that we're totally different people today.

This right here is gospel.

>''yeah nah I think I can really express myself better in English than in Dutch
This is hilarious considering most people who say that are trying to be le romantics and le mysterious but end up being shallow, literal retards.

>That hip to shoulder
Did you get this fridge at Sears?

looks like a slut

>implying abs are hard to get

is just a miserable transgender dipshit who hates when pretty grills are posted because they don't have 'personality' according to him/her.

She's gotta be thicc.

each post is carefully cropped to be able to post
>m-my waifu not blacked at all guise ;-;

Ok. I guess I'll just ignore from now on

>h-he hates on pretty grills ;-;
kayla is a attention seeking whore

it admitted to me that it's TG once

it's instantly ID-able by its posting style


here's one more i like