Why does India have so many children with birth defects?

Why does India have so many children with birth defects?

I mean there's other poor shithole counties but they don't have this sort of epidemic.

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My bad

Their culture (like Islam) allows cousin marriages, which fuck up the genes and create octopus niggers.

At least muzzies don't poop in the streets, probably get your head chopped off for doing that

Well they do have a fuck ton of people, so more people will have defects?

Atlantis used to be close to india and ended with nuclear hellfire spreading radiation all over what we now call india.

That or it's just because india has a absolute shitton of people living there so these kinds of deformities happen more.

When you have population density and birth rates as high, plus no abortion (chicks in the US usually abort their babies if the ultrasound shows them being born with deformities etc), along with how fucking unsanitary india is etc, it's a no brainer

Probably what said has impact but I'd blame pollution in the first place.

They are right in the middle of being industrialized (which makes them exposed to many molecular jews) and primitive (which makes them shit at handling huge amounts of waste and makes them live exposed to everything they produce).
India is going to become a superpower in 20 years and nuke our sorry asses, no now is the last chance we have for studying a country in an economical and social superposition

If it was background radiation we would know. It's not hard to detect.

Sanitation shouldn't affect birth defects either. It's literally just inbreeding.

Literally centuries and centuries of interbreeding, especially between cousins.

Real reason?

Incest. Cousin marriage. Sons fucking their moms. Its fucked up

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user at least use some decent indian freaks, there's plenty to choose from.

>Why does India have so many children with birth defects?
they literally shit in their own water supply and you ask questions like this?

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...where the fuck does the waste come out?

It doesn't, it's Indian


well, this is one case of justified abortion.

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If you were conceived in a pile of poo then born in a pile of poo you'd probably be fucked up too

Japan does that too though and they're alright.


How about freakishly fat poo-in-loos?

This is 4th world tier.

Could you imagine how less fucked the world would be if India and China ceased to exist?

I would pay to see them fighting with knives.

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This is something you might see in the US so not very impressive.

Inbreeding because of caste system

This. Incest that has veen happening since fucking forever.

What if one of them dies?

>mixing a spider and a turd
scientists have gone too far

all that fecal matter in their environment, poo in loo if you want this to stop

Major corporations exploiting their environment, poisoning and screwing up their genetics. Same thing with the agent orange issue in Vietnam.

it relly amazes me how they are biologically functional
to think that their internal organs align in a working manner...

it's like making a functional program by copypasting huge chunks of code
holy shit nature is flexible as fuck

I think the foetus merged with shit during the process. This create an all new form of life.

millennia of racemixing

Fucking lol. Do you think Google will pay them the salary of 1 engineer or 2?

Union Carbide.

those are mexican-americans

bet that kid will be able to cartwheel like a motherfucker someday

what if they meet those american conjoined twins and fall in love?

will the state recognize their marriage? its the only legit case of polyamory

Inbreeding + everything is covered in feces because can't poo in loo.

The gene poo is too polluted

there's a shit load of pesticides and other chemicals going around

coke couldn't sell indian coke in america, it would fail a bunch of test for harmful chemicals

Poo radiation.

inbreeding + unchecked environmental pollution with mutagenics = crazy squid babies

They'll thank their human progenitors when they are the only ones equipped to survive the global nuclear holocaust

Everyone has access to the swimming poo though.

I should also add:

Lack of proper sanitation accounts for birth defects and 25% of children dying before the age of 5.

Isn't most of their water radioactive or something?

>it's real

There was a nuclear war in ancient times India┬┤s territory and land got radiactive. As depicted in Mahabharata

pollution+inbreeding+large population

>it's just inbreeding


Not radioactive, but since their industry has very little regulation regarding their waste and particularly fluid disposal, neither does the agriculture, water is full of pesticides, chemical waste and other shit that gets drained in it after it rains (and it rains a lot) or that gets dumped directly into it.
And they bath in these polluted rivers. Very often. Partly by tradition, partly because many people here do not have running water in the first place.


No sanitation
Also there's more than a billion of the shitskins, naturally you're going to hear of WAY more cases of massive birth defects from the simple fact there are more births to begin with

It is known, do more research

They poop in jacuzzies

Allowing it doesn't mean it happens a lot. Nips barely have kids

It would be extremely painful.

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Believe me or not, Cousine marriage does not harm the generations after it

The other dies of sepsis hours later.

inbreeding with cousins

Megamind is Indian?

fuaaaaaark brah

It's their superior aryan genes, obviously.

American chemical companies

Indians eat alot of spicey food. That could be a reason. Maybe the spices do something to DNA.

>le superpower in 20 years meme

Keep telling yourself that pajeet. Your country is shit and so are your bargain bin engineers.

I'll try to answer without using poo in loo memes

>large population size means there are straight up more deformed kids even if the per capita level of deformity was the same as other countries

>deeply ingrained superstition coupled with vapid show-off culture of boasting among Indian people and lack of empathy common to curryniggers and asians means deformed kids are paraded around or shown off

>wagon wheels rolling through the designated shitting streets and knocking the poo clouds into pregnant women's bloodstreams, infecting the ba- fuck

>lots of chemicals and generally poor sanitation, especially in water supplies

>unhelpful breeding practices, still endemic intra-caste marriages keeping poor genes poor rather than making all genes slightly worse

I'm not expert on the field of pooloology but these all seem plausible reasons for why we encounter more of these from India than anywhere else.


what? You mean the lost continent of Atlantis? Thats a fable.

Inbreeding, little to no regulations for dangerous chemicals, polluted water supply, human shit and cow manure on the street and basically these defects go as a miracle because of muh hinduism, no wonder they keep them even if they know some defect will occur.

Pollution. Remember Great Britain and that guy with Proteus' Syndrome in XIX Century

Environmental contaminants and inbreeding.



Anglo chemical companies you mean lad. Let us not forget who is the 2nd greatest destroyer of nation now Mr Anglo.

Partly because there's a lot of Indians. I don't know about abortion rates though.

And what segments of the population are having these births? The very poor I take it. I guess they don't live sanitary (lel) and that they're affected by lots of parasites and other biological hazards.


"Sadly, the facts speak for themselves. British Pakistanis, half of whom marry a first cousin (a figure that is universally agreed), are 13 times more likely to produce children with genetic disorders than the general population, according to Government-sponsored research.

One in ten children from these cousin marriages either dies in infancy or develops a serious life-threatening disability.

While British Pakistanis account for three per cent of the births in this country, they are responsible for 33 per cent of the 15,000 to 20,000 children born each year with genetic defects."

Because they have 1.2 billion people and RNG is really pilling up
Also not politics, sage, go back to Cred Forums you fucking newfag

>Believe me or not, Cousine marriage does not harm the generations after it
>source myself
nice try turckroach

Must be because of all that curry spice.

Damn Son, this type of babies are financial bonanza sent by God to the parents over in India...Hindu devotees come from miles away to worship and offer money/goods at their feet believing them to be reincarnation of some God/Goddess...

there are cases where some doctors offered to surgically operate and cure them of the deformities 'pro bono' but the parents rejecting the offer at hand in the fear of losing the free worship money...

Absolutely massive amounts of pollution and filth, zero sanitation, billions of people crowded together.

It would be more of a shock if they didn't.

because of their libertarian neoliberal economy. same reason why 99.9% of the country is dirt poor and .0000001% of india owns everything

you idiots don't realize the only thing that makes a country not shit is forced taxing of the rich and government spending/equalization. but hey keep shilling for porky and the jews

Post more pooinloo memes. I need them to trigger a Canadian pooinloo I know.

>birth defects
I don't know what you're talking about, that looks like a regular Indian to me

This is what I was thinking, but that was just a drop in the ocean for India's huge population.
If they do have higher than average rate of birth defects it's probably the effects of inbreeding caused by the caste system in small communities.



Did someone dump a bunch of candy into the sacred river of poo?

I believe ancient civilizations where right to kill babes with deformities. Not even being edgy.



Maybe it has to do with all the poo.


Difference being, in Africa, they're going to eat it, in India, they're going to worship it.

Nigel's correct. It's an absolute numbers thing.

baby with blackend face worshipped as Goddess Kali

Probably to look like one of their Gods.


>walking through a street in india barefoot


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Cant tell which one is worse, india or africa

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An unsightly beast

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Can't tell if these are edgy cakes or real mutants.

they do, the difference is china throws them in a river while India parades them around like some sort incarnation of one of their deities.

most probably no nerves connected to that so its probably just some extra weight to his head

It's all the shit in the air and water.

can he choose where to shit from?

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They're all real

Top and right are harlequins disease, which you can treat and survive with, pretty sure the thing on the bottom left is just dead

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nope, an actual advert by a corrective surgeon over there...

How come with these things theres always so little information or pictures or documents about them. I want to learn more, damn it, would it kill them to purchase a video camera?

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fucking their sister/cousins, like most of middle east / south asia

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>I wonder what that thing feels like. Would it be bony like a skull, or mushy like a nutsack?

That's because Dravidian genes are shit-tier, like all other Hamites (Africans, Australoids, Olmecs, and Palestinians)

That's what happens when you get your entire progeny cursed.

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It's likely caused by supernatural possession, considering so many of their gods have multiple sets of limbs.

Well, not everybody shits where they take their water from, so there's that.

can I boil water on you?

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Cool it with the anti-nordic remarks.

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Holy fuck looking at this thread really made me think about having kids just to think that i could have something like that is truly horrifying.

fairly sure it would actually, they'd starve to death

look at their eyes, they can hardly open them

The baby on the right has harlequin ichthyosis. It's really interesting and has a few documentaries.


Is this real? Kuato lives?

Nice Schadenfreude Hans.

Sheer numbers

I'd have to have it donated to medical institution or euthanized honestly. I just don't think it's the right thing to do forcing someone to live like that. Probably not a very Christian thought to have, but I don't know man.

>This whole thread


hopefully you learned something today mr. burger


There's 1.2b Poo In Loos, so there's more people to have fucked up babies, plus their EPA readily accepts bribes and so their air and water are full of industrial chemicals

If it makes you feel any better, that shit generally doesn't happen in first world countries. Doctors can identify birth defects long before the embryo is viable

They share organs and arteries.
Eventually enough of a toxin would enter the living one via the dead one to cause death.
Humanely they would probably put him into a medicated state and eventually comma and allow nature to take him.

However this is India, he will probably diet holding his brother and crying, slowly getting sicker and sicker.

CHildren with that sort and amount of birth defect are very rarely viable. As a matter of fact, a lot die before birth.
One of the reasons why it happens a lot in India is because many people are too poor to afford proper medical supervision during pregnancy. These things are easily detected.
Plus, unless you live in a very polluted area (again, river water in India is essentially industrial sewage, and people bathe in it), your chances of having a child that sick are insanely low.

All for one, one for all

Either way it's gonna be in the street.


You're first world, don't worry. Wait... Well...at least you are not India.

The Ganges river is the reason

Are you an actual Bangladeshi or some cracker in the wild lands of the far east working for da shekels?

Percentage wise they probably don't have that many defects but numbers wise they do because they have a huge birth rate plus huge population.

Yap actually local...as for shekels, I make mine pushing Asus products...

Polution, incest and just absolute numbers


This is true but we're talking about generations of cousin marriage

I don't know, it's Google so who the fuck cares?

nobody seems to have mentioned that they also have ridiculous air pollution
not outside, inside their fucking homes
they still use solid fuels for cooking and heating...
cooking with coal, only in India...

Fucking yes, i would pay at least 0.03 shekels

Odd are there's no sensation in the extra limbs - nerves would have gone to a brain for the twin that never existed.

>Tfw liberals try to use India as an example of the third sex being natural

>mfw identity tards bring up some lone tribe in the middle of nowhere as proof that genderfluidity is natural
>mfw I have no face

How do you stay sane in this place? Do you enjoy life there? Or does everyone dream of going to Europe or the USA?

Just imagine yanking that thing out of a vagina. I mean the vagina is already gross enough but then you realize the kid is a nigger.

They live in a fucking toxic wasteland. You need fallout gear to survive.

How do you give birth to that? Did it have to be cut out?

Believe it or not the main problems are the shoulders, once the shoulders are out everything falls instantly, maybe the doctors had to twist it a little for the small legs.

honestly I think it has to do with the numbers, but also the mentality. in my opinion peoples' thoughts influence the types of people born in an as of yet unrecognized way.


Ask Cher...she had one too!

The head starts to grow after birth. It happens because malformation doesn't let varying fluids move out of the head as they should and because of that the skull grows disproportionately.
And again, it can easily be treated (drain stuff from the skull, or surgically open the bits that should be open in the first place), but since indians are piss-poor, they can't go for that.

If there was better prenatal care, a lot of these kids would have been aborted early on.

They don't exactly have "What to Expect When You're Expecting" there.

It's literally the toxic bacteria fucking up children from all the shit

no I'm not kidding

They actually worship that mong


It's God's way of telling them to stop breeding so much.
Just like how shitskin children are being born with birth defects in Northern countries.

I'v got couple dozen relatives living in UK,Sweden,USA,Canada...could get a sponsorship visa any moment I wanted, but I'm doing OK here so not interested

Spartans did that. If they had a kid thats deformed, they kill it immediately because they needed perfect looning boys so they can be raised for combat and perfect girls for breeding. Spartans are pretty based.

>it's like making a functional program by copypasting huge chunks of code
But that's exactly what poo and paki programmers do.

birth defects are social construct, you filthy goyim

>ballsack on top of the head
I wonder if it's boy or girl.

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Make Mount Taygetus great again

They are related to Shiva. Read your history book, dumbass.

Honest question, how those twins do to shit?

Resident Evil: India

Do not assume its gender

> Hills have eyes much?
> I
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The Designated Street Come to them

the only thing that bothers me is
how's her mom's vagina after giving birth to that shit?

These two Hindu conjoined sisters are 46 yrs old would you believe it ? they were abandoned by parents....

They work in a circus and fell in love with the same man, a 37 year old Muslim School teacher, and he loves them back !!!

2+1 live together now as the oddest couple in town...

They both have the same body form! very fascinating, the body may have errors but maybe it is a reoccurring set of errors. India is a human test tube.

Iirc India is actually radioactive


Who here looking for the Indian comment?

They wouldn't even survive without modern medicine.

Mercy is not always preservation.

They have a brother that is two butts joined at the hips.

Their parents don't love it that much.

I bet he is turtly enough for the turtle club

Because they live in a giant shithole.

It's x2-3 more likely to create retard babies than non-related couples. Twice removed fine, but it also does buildup

They are so heavily inbred it isn't funny

This is like that enemy in Dark Souls 2 that you fight inside the boat. I forgot its name.

How big of a beta loser do you have to be to date that creature?

This is why Norway is the future of whites. They stand together.

When will we gas all of india already? Indians shouldn't exist in the modern age at all.

So much India hate on this board.

Fexile Sentry

PS - can confirm people in India poo in the loo.

Niggers, Jews, women... we just love to hate!

Why is it that Muslims know how use the loo but Hindus shit in the street?

You'd think it'd be the other way around.

Guess it just depends on the region. Generally the Hindi populations seem to be a bit older and more old fashioned.

Where you start to see more diversity, you also start to see more acceptance of "civilized" western habits.

Pretty much any somewhat advanced civilization did that, hell even animals do it. And it's not about being edgy most of the time such offspring will die anyways it's only now that they can survive thanks to modern medicine.

It's much purer form of Love I'd have to say...looking at the deep affection for each other is quite touching actually

here's the short documentary on them


Women are too fertile? Too healthy? Food is plentiful?

- female body doesn't naturally abort deformed fetus
- c-sections... deformed babies are cut out of womb
- the mutant babies are healthy enough to survive outside the wombs'
- there is enough food to feed them
- the pooping in the streets, bad hygiene ain't killing them... good immune systems

If you can't handle the bantz then get


India loo looks pretty normal to me.

Lad, I've personally met Indians who told me how different using the toilet is in Canada than India.

Wow, people have "told you" about it.

You see the flag on my posts, right?

Hory Shet Niggah, look how shiny and new it is, have you never used it ?

>user at least use some decent indian freaks, there's plenty to choose from.

To be fair, that could happen to anybodies.

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Mostly pollution problems, their holy river is literally made out of shit. That doesn't include the amount of heavy metals, industrial waste and other types of waste that make it into their holy river and water sources.

They are working on human 2.0 project but the mutations are a bitch to get right.


shut you retard extremely rare instances in the west it is really common in india for this shit

Babies from first cousins have IQs at least a few points lower than normal, so no.

Meme magic.

India and Hinduism believes in many weird gods, gods with many hands, gods with tails, gods with elephant heads, etc. They truly believe in them that they meme them into existence.

>6% defect rate
>"really common"


She's got a bitchy mouth, I'd have to stuff my cock in it all the time to shut her up.

They also believe in reincarnation, and lo and behold, the most believable stories of reincarnation complete with legit evidence come from India.

Meme magic is real. If enough people believe it, it becomes real.

Want another anecdote?

>be me
>be kid in early 90's suburb
>some moving truck is on our street
>a poo-in-loo family
>this is when they were still a little "exotic" instead of wagecuck immigrant hordes
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>They seem really friendly, kid my age running all over the place, mom was wearing a sari (I'd never seen one before)
>suddenly kid pulls down his pants
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>my family looks on in horror
>mom keeps talking like nothing is wrong
>grabs a large plant and picks up the turd with it
>she throws it out as we say goodbye

Never liked immigrants after that.

The fuck is this? Macrocephaly?

lol 6 months ago there was so much unnecessary autistic poo in loo comments directed at Indian posters we lost 90% of them unfortunately . I miss their bantz with Pakistan most of all

>tfw i actually read that
>"of course this is not genetic, but developmental"

>early 90's
>implying nothing has changed in 30 years

oook there buddy

who is this semon demon?

this is actually kind of cute I hope they are happy together

There were never unnecessary poo in loo comments...

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They shit on sidewalks, German sidewalks

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Can't say I've ever seen anyone shit in the streets, but I guess there's a first time for everything, eventually.

How do you think they are able to nourish themselves in such a poor country?

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I feel bad for you guys I did try to defend you but to no avail I feel the pain you must go through daily with low cast people shirting all over the place I don't blame you guys for wanting to move to Brampton

6 out of 100

That's how India ended up with like 80 religions.

US is 3/100

Maybe it's just something in the water.

This is the real answer.

nothing has changed, Pajeet


On mobile. Can somebody gif this?


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lmao really strange hate concentrated specifically from Canadadaland

not a "pajeet," just here often. Figured the grammar would have easily given that away. Obviously you've interacted with few people from India.



Charles II begs to differ


This shit is why I refuse to have kids. Even fucking autism and you're stuck wiping its ass until you die. Fuck that bullshit. Not even remotely worth the risk.

Wtf. I knew it "the thing" was based on a true story.

Hello JIDF.


I'm not Brazilian pajeet