What are Cred Forums's plans for Halloween?

What are Cred Forums's plans for Halloween?

Please no NEET replies.

>no NEET replies

>Cred Forums

>going outside

Dress up like Moon Man.


1.Dress up in my normal ghost costume
2. go boggin in my truck with some friends
3. burn a cross on some niggers yard
4. Go party in a cornfield with a bunch of people with johnny rebel playin

> If only I had a Trump mask

my stupid sister wants to have a birthday party on halloween and I fucking hate halloween so it's either go without dressing up or don't go at all.

Sounds like a slag already desu
Honour kill her already


I'm going as dying Hillary, complete with coughing fits and seizures.

I'm not a NEET, still don't plan on leaving my house.

Absolutely sickening levels of cultural appropriation.

I'm a NEET but I'm turning 19 this year so I don't know if I should go trick or treating this year

Would support/10

nothing because i have no friends

perhaps you should find a halloween party or stay home and hand out candy?

Handing out candy to the kids in my neighborhood.
I have two bowls of candy. Skittles for niggers and king sized Reeces for whites.

I give spics American flags. They don't deserve candy.

Wallow in crippling depression and social awkwardness

Gonna play halloween event in dotes just like every year before. I don't really into being social and social connections and in my country nobody really celebrates Halloween, instead maybe in clubs (which I furiously hate).

There was an american guy who said that he would kill himself instantly if he find out that his country don't celebrate Halloween with that kind of atmosphere of 90's american sweet Halloween movies.

Yes, that's how I feel right now.

Going to watch horror movies and probably make brownies or something.

I'm dressing up in my tactical gear with a guy fawks mask. I'm going to put "super hacker Cred Forums" on my chest.

The internet needs a Halloween movie event.

Do a bunch of ecstasy at a rave

probably dress up in costume, get drunk as shit, go to friend's house and shoot the shit

maybe go drunk trick or treating with them or go sneak into cemetery or some abandoned former army locale nearby

Sit inside playing video games while eating half the candy I bought for the neighborhood kids. I haven't actually gone out for Halloween since high school.

If I weren't so lazy I might dress up as the Emperor of Mankind with a Trump mask.

Hopefully fucking a drunk slut, which will be hard to do if I go as Ted

Not sure if my city even hosts anything for that

So if nothing, guess I'll just do the yearly appearance at the cementary with my family near the grave of ny ancestors and shit.

Optionally get drunk later.

akkor mit csinálnál, Peti?
azzal mennél ki mindenszentekkor gyertyát gyújtani anyád sírjára?
egyet légyszi az én nevemben is, szopott annyira jól, hogy megérdemelje

egg normie houses

Getting out my favorite ghost costume and gonna hand out candy before taking the kids trick or treating.
The wife will handly candy afterwards and I've done my annual candy segregation.
High dollar candy for white kids.
Shit tier candy for niggers and beaners.

Loudly play doom and black metal all day

Streaming horror movies for my internet friends