Does anyone on Cred Forums have any experience with black neighbors?

I'm home this weekend from college and some black people have moved into a house down the street. There are more than a dozen cars parked outside. They've been partying, playing music, and pissing everyone off.

What does this have to do with politics? Well, my relatively liberal parents are now slowly figuring out why those evil, evil "racists" are so anxious about black people. My parents can kiss their biggest investment goodbye, or it's value at least.

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Program the local police non-emergency number into your phone. Whenever there's a legal infraction of any type (disorderly conduct, music too loud late at night, people driving drunk away from the party) call it in.

For bonus points, try to discreetly look for vehicles illegally parked or vehicles without current tags. Figure out how to contact parking compliance and make complaints. Also, depending on the city, code enforcement may be your friend. Also, don't forget to regularly complain directly to the landlord. To find the landlord, you can search country property records.

Document everything. What you are looking to do is build up evidence for a small claims case that they are interfering with your right to "quiet enjoyment" of your own premises.

Document exactly how many hours you have spent for each thing. For your damage claim, multiply the total amount of hours spent by $100. The judge may adjust this but he probably won't.

File your claim against the landlord, pay for a process server, and show up in small claims court and present your evidence. Even if you lose, guaranteed those motherfuckers are out of there.

yes i have a black neighbour

we eat ribs and whatnot

This is the kind of anal retentive Anglo Saxon Protestantism that built the west!

I used to live with a black Frenchman. He was annoying in that he left afro hair in the bathroom and you couldn't really tell if it was from his head or his nutsack and he played a fucking saxophone in the house, but he was a nice guy.

>They're having fun

Nigger detected

>Fun is for niggers

I live in an all black neighborhood. Next door the 81 year old widow offered to suck my dick if I helped to move her couch.

There is a large swarm of Muslims next to her.

People pop fire hydrants for their kids on hot days and generally litter everywhere.

This weekend someone changed their oil into the sidewalk and left all trash on the giant oil stain.

call the police for sound violations

A black family lives next door. I really never see or hear them aside from one of the kids playing basketball outside and when I happen to see one of them getting in/out of their car.

Yeah, overcharged for regs. But, eventually quit charging and would just call to smoke. Tried to sale me wet shrooms though. Pretty good guy all in all.

> 81 year old widow offered to suck my dick

How was it?

>black guy in apartment above me
>can hear him walk
>was my first apartment
>two rooms tiny and shitty
>he walks between rooms over and over for six hours straight
>girlfriend can't sleep
>means I can't sleep

Other times

>same guy
>has sound system
>woofer directly on the floor
>plays music all day
>shit like "you are my sunshine"
>with heavy bass
>complain a few times
>then we drags me into his apartment
>two other niggers over
>claims one is a cop
>other is a nigress in a leotard and cat eye contacts
>they all argue at me for awhile about how pointless it would be to call the cops
>I leave and shit off their breaker box
>do this everytime he plays music
>find a case of expired slim fast in a dumpster
>pour it on his car
>never get confronted
>music stops

do you have girls in your house?

>black guy in apartment above me
>plays music all day
>shit like "you are my sunshine"
>with heavy bass
Holy fuck reading this made me lose it. Thanks user.

I lived in a shitty apartment complex a few years back, it had about 15 haitian families in it.

I watched them catch the stray cats and pond ducks, roast them on makeshift spits in their own living rooms with the doors and windows open, and eat them on the landing of the staircases.

I know all i need to know about black neighbors.

a few, but they are free to leave any time I chose

I grew up next to a family of ethiopians, they would babysit me

thing is the dad was really smart, he got sent to the ussr to study medicine

yes, they have 5 kids. Apart from the horribly loud evenings and the European white genocide they arent bad neighbours.

Do they play reggaeton?

Research your local noise ordinances and then call the police on them. Say you overheard threats of violence and that you don't want to be identified for fear of reprisals. It worked for me. Twice.

i have some colombians in this floor. sometimes they put the stupid reggaeton music, but no more than 3 songs. they are pretty conservative for what i know they usually do. i hate their accent.

>move into an low income housing to save money because tight fisted
>two elderly niggers always sitting outside below my apartment
>one elderly nigger babbles at me incoherently
>can't understand what he is saying
>other elderly nigger turns as he is going into his apartment and repeats
>"thats a bad man"

Back To Fucking Africa!!

I've lived next to 2 niggers in my life. One was a 75 year old army vet who flew the American flag proudly and hated other niggers. The other one was a drug dealer and was robbed and shot 25 feet from my front door but he unfortunately lived.

J-Witness black family across the street. Mother/Father and son. Kid was intelligent, mother was attentive, constantly on alert of suspicious activity while constantly getting more education and the father was a polite hard working family man. Good people.

I guess I was lucky since every other black person I've known is on some hardcore bullshit.


worst part about niggers moving into any white space is that they want to be conspicuous about being niggers in a white space. they want everyone to know that they're niggers and they were able to get into the same space as whitey by being niggers. it's like the beverly hillbillies except with niggers so way worse.

Play Hitler speeches louder than their music

>this thread
man, i knew there was something i hated about living in a lower-class neighborhood: poor people love making everyone else listen to their music for some reason


You have dehumanized your neighbor to 'black neighbor'

He has dehumanized you to 'white neighbor'

Neither of you will have any kind of mutual respect for each other as long as this stays that way.

Make contact and be COOL.
Don't walk over with a stupid-ass, appropriate, white friendly-neighbor smile.
Mind the pitch of your voice, keep it low and don't let it fluctuate (no inflections).
Mind how wide you open your eyes when something is supposed to be funny or surprising; you need to look calm and un-amused by everything.
Don't laugh too much either, if you can help it, replace your laugh with a smile when jokes are said.
Don't dress dressy when you introduce yourself.

Do these things when you make contact and you will be fine.

Just keep convo simple:
You: "I see y'all just moved in, where you from? (no inflections)"
Neighbor: "(some place)
You: "Oh yea? I've got a buddy who lives out that way" (even if you don't, say it so he thinks you're relating)
Neighbor: "alright cool"
You: "Alright yea, I just figured I'd come over say what's up, I'm OP btw"
Neighbor: "Jamal"
You: "Cool, I'll see ya around man"
Neighbor: "fo sho"

Then things will be smooth. You don't need to say anything again. This just makes you appear like another to human to this person, rather than just another 'white-person' neighbor.

Remember, no inflections.

I have the opposite problem.
My black neighbor is a retired fella who gave me a long speech about keeping the volume down and taking care of my lawn when I first moved in.
He said he'll call the cops on us if we are too loud, lol.
Not all blacks are niggers.

lol faggot

>same apartment
>one day have to go outside to turn the water on because the water department is run by niggers
>one nigger walks up to me asks me why I moved in
>his mom says i was there because of something he is doing
>asks me if i am a narc
>says I am crazy moving into low income housing
>tell him I am not a narc
>doesn't believe me
>rest of my time at that apartment was uneventful

Not in my backyard. I loved it when they built section 8 housing next to my liberal Jewish lawyer uncles house and they moved the next day. They still worship Obama and think trump will end the world. Unbelievable virtue signaling

I had some negro's in the apartment below me who partied loud, drank constantly and got into fights that would last all night. I just called the cops on them every single night till they got kicked out basically :^) only problem is some blacks moved in across the hall from me. They keep to themselves though and just smoke weed every so often so I don't really care.

ive had black neighbors before op it sucks because none of them work and they party until 4-5 in the morning. I kept calling the cops around 2 am and they would scatter like the cockroaches they were. Eventually the owner got arrested and the parties stopped and the house was sold. Just keep calling the cops but make sure its for loud parties and after 12.

Thats something you will never see a liberal living next to the blacks they are so proud of.

Not everyone is an autist. And op wants to get rid of them, not befriend them.

I had a black neighbor in my apartment complex.

He was always blasting loud music in his place. Eventually he got evicted because he didn't pay rent or his utilities.

This post is amazing.

I don't get it, every black neighbor I've lived near has been so fucking obnoxious and playing music so loud
Do they not understand the concept of peace and quiet?

i think it's an income thing. rednecks blast country and rock, beaners blast beaner shit, and niggers blast rap

>Not all blacks are niggers.
Yes they are. Nigger is a racial slur, not a descriptor of behavior. You don't get to change the definition just because of your feels. That's the same stupid shit as when retards claim "blacks can't be racist because racist equals prejudice plus power."

Good thing i'm a shut in muslim nerd that isn't interested in partying and shit like that. So i'll move into usa just fine

Yes I've had black neighbors.
They're people. They're human beings. Most of them are perfectly decent folk, now and then you'll stumble on a prick. Expect anything more or less, you'll probably be disappointed.

Lived across the street from a black family once. The boy was about 11: compulsive liar, would just make stupid shit up. Must have pissed his parents off because his back was covered in belt marks. I'd hear them shouting a lot. Would not recommend for neighbours.

Alri Tyrone

You know what I wish?

I wish that links posted here would be clickable.

What's this have to do with black people?

So do they.

If you're referring to my suggestion as that of an autistic's, then fuck you.

If you're referring to OP as not being autistic and knows how to talk to people, then fuck you.

My roommate was black, all his friends were black. I once lived an urban version of, "Dances with Wolves." My advice is valuable. I learned a lot from those days...

>black neighbor thread
>tfw black

I feel like Cred Forums would either hate or enjoy living next to me. I've gotten at least 3 noises complaints and cops called on me once. All from white girls, I never wanna live next to a white woman again. White men are just the right amount of laid back I can appreciate as a neighbor

its not the color. its workers and non workers.

if you live next to workers it is a great experience.

non working neighbors suck, I had white non workers and they were worse than any non-white niegnbor i ever had.

then add a layer of educated and non educated for social interaction.

but worker / non-worker is the key with nieghbors.

That guy lived next to the sex slave guy, they should have nuked that whole area.

>walking on eggshells
They aren't human.

>tfw this nigger didnt even save the girl
>tfw this nigger stole the glory from the spic that actually kicked the door down

>My parents can kiss their biggest investment goodbye, or it's value at least.

Your whole existence is cucked by the (((banks))) let that sink in. We can talk about the nogs after you realize that.

There was a group of people that lived in an overcrowded house down the street a while back. They had tons of cars parked outside all the time, multiple families living in the house, cops showed up regularly.

Truth be told I wasn't too bothered by them, they were actually pretty nice people and their kids were sweet.

Hopefully a fire doesn't breakout.

>My parents can kiss their biggest investment goodbye
Lots of good neighborhoods across the country are going downhill ever since Obammy started relocating the riff raff.

>moving into college apartments
>Jamal Tyrone and Toby moving in next door
>immediately start blasting coon tunes
>oh they're just moving in and want music to motivate their lazy nigger selves
>the same fucking jungle music is playing 24/7 the rest of the year
>thank white Jesus my room was on the other side of the apartment
>it becomes like a noise we didn't even hear anymore cause we got so used to it
>be move out day
>what's that...sound???
>the sound of silence
>cried because we could only enjoy it for that day

See I really only played my music from my speakers during day time only. There was a brief period where I knew none of my neighbors or roommates were home since they were in class. So it was a little me time for about two hours then head back on campus.

Never did blast at night, that's just rude.

I've got a tale from when I lived in Phoenix
Black people know no limits

>be 22 with gf and dog
>have black neighbour
>new in area so try to make friends
>carpool with him to work (my car)
>continues as normal for 2 months, he pays for gas
>he's about to move out and announces he's gonna bill me for all the gas I made him pay for
>just cause he saw I had a few points on my license and thought I 'wasn't safe or responsible'
>fuck off m8
>cunt starts knocking over my bins and shit, after a few days he throws a brick at my window (I assume it was him or one of the nigglets)
>he is leaving in a week
>go to talk to him and tell him I'll pay half of the bill if he stops smashing my front yard up

cuck I know

>he agrees and the next day I go to him with a cheque
>he asked for the money in cash cause it's 'easier'
>I complain but do as he asks
>he tells me he needs something else too, and steps up to me balling his fists
>I back away and trip over
>look around and there's no one else on the street
>I need about tree fiddy

It was then that I noticed my negro neighbour was a 6 storey tall plesiosaur from the mesozoic era- he had been the loch ness monster the entire time!

Black guy moves into my apartment building. Immediately my hallway becomes a waiting room for black women waiting for the neighbor to show up. Every black woman ignores me and avoids eye contact. Become friendly with black neighbor. He laughs about his stream of black women. Laughs even harder when I tell him about their copping an attitude and refusing to acknowledge my existence because I was white.

Also, try to get more than one person/family to call in. Otherwise you can be dismissed as a crank.

I was explaining to OP how to be cool.
The advice there, is for anyone wanting to come off a little more alpha.
You can use this same advice when talking to women (except dress nicer than previously mentioned when talking to women)
Unfortunately, a lot of white men aren't held to a social standard of appearing hard. These skills need to be practiced.

Kek... At my mom's in my old neighborhood atm (used to be super white, filmed part of back to the future here, currently white/spic/chink mix) anyway nogs have began to move here from (no kidding) Compton... Mom's new neighbors are 2 fat af nog lesbians who seriously no joke sit on their porch singing and being loud 24/7. My brother leaves for work at 4am usually unable to sleep and the land whales are STILL outside eeking and ooking since 10 pm the night before. My mom can't sleep either, I'm only here temporarily thank god. Fooking beasts mang...

God damnit.

>just moved to Seattle
>currently looking for a house
>in the mean time staying with relatives in the Kent area
>they have/there are two black neighbors:
>house one: dude is in his early 60's and always high as fuck. Walks with a pimp lean and dresses like he's in the hood
>house two: black family moves in about a week ago. 3 kids. Kids literally sound like they're murdering each other in their backyard all day long
>as I travel in and around the area there are literally cracked out niggers walking around on the sidewalks, or riding old beat up bicycles
>I've seen maybe five black people operate a vehicle in this area, the rest are literally niggered out on the sidewalks everywhere

You need to move, it's what we do in ATL.

Think of them as zombies.

>live in pretty black part a city
>mom has spent YEARS cleaning the trash out of the street just to be nice
>many white familes moved away a while ago
>nigs keep putting their basketball hoop into the street
>mom keeps moving it closer to the curb
>black she-boon mother loses her shit at my mom because she can't even comprehend building a normal neighborhood.

i keep seeing you around. hi unknown flag guy

Encountered plenty in college, they are always the worst or coolest guys. The awful ones will play music all night long while you're trying to study or some shit, but there was also a pretty based gay black guy and another one who was just the most lovable big weeb who sang bass in choir. then again this was college.

>same apartments
>have some other nigger neighbors
>worse than the next door niggers
>throw giant african tribal coon party
>underage niglets trying to act hard
>fight ensues
>chimp pulls out a gun and shoots in the air
>hundreds of monkeys fleeing and screeching like banshees in all directions
>knew it was gonna happen any second
>chimp with gun ran to a car and laid down in the back seat
>like 15 cop cars show up
>respectable white neighbor tells cops nigger boy is in car
>cops surround car, rip chimp out of vehicle and put him in a cage where he belongs
>nigs that threw the party get evicted the next day

Nope. Cops get called if blacks are seen in my neighborhood. Yet lower income homes across the street

>be me
>family moves into suburbs
>black guy moves in across from us
>he's a businessman and plays golf with my grandfather
>everything went better than expected

why does every fucking reggaeton song sound exactly the same
fucking hate that bullshit


My somali neighbor is friendly and chill, but apparently has no intention in getting any kind of degree let alone a job.
I am also unemployed for change but at least I want a job.

It's because of pussies like you that the British lost their empire.


I don't have a link but a few days ago Yahoo news posted an article about how new science regarding crime is making them "nervous." The article only explicitly mentioned race once and never directly made the connection, but for anyone who can read between the lines it was clear the article was drawing a correlation between race and crime and genetic factors.

Honestly, why are white people so obsessed with black people? Is it jealousy? Were you the smelly shut in NEET and you're sad that you were bullied in your highschool years? Stop being obsessed, you just sound weird. If your nigger hating ideals ever got out to the public you'd be shunned (i.e "le hide mai powarr level" meme) Go smell like cheese or fuck your dad like you fags usually do.

FPBP literally

I'm not racist but I could never live with a black person. The smell must be unbearable.

Live in a middle class neighborhood with a black family down the street

Father is still with the family and the mother works from home

so basically unicorns


Lmao why do you still live with your parents NEET? Underage b&


Black neighbor in my apartment is an ex marine. He is a good guy and we go out to the bar togethers sometimes with my gf and his. We actually watched the giants game today and had a few beers. Hes from the south so maybe thats why he is better than most blacks and acts respectable than the blacks in NY. Brian if you are reading this you are a bro.

You don't want to say "Around blacks, never relax" that would be mean and racist- even though it is scientifically proven.

Probably smells like an old hamster cage in her room/house.

I had a nigger neighbour once, stole some vinyls from me

That's why it's really a particular subculture that's the problem, not "blacks".

Kinda like...
Whites have a redneck subculture and a hipster subculture and a goth subculture, etc, etc.

Blacks have, well, I guess we could just call it a nigger subculture. We need a better word for it, really, but everyone would know what you mean if you said that. I kind of think of it as the "African American subculture" because generally when someone uses terms like "African American" instead of "black", they are part of or endorse or support that subculture.

Like black people from Africa aren't in that subculture. I meet a lot of them around D.C. and have yet to meet one that wasn't cool. Literally they have all been chill people and fun to chat with.

But that "African American" subculture is the fucking worst and nobody who has to put up with their shit comes out of that unscathed.

It's why there are so many racist whites from Georgia and so few from Vermont. It's easy to not be racist when the only black people you ever see are in TV sitcoms.

obsession, fucking hell man. Did you get bullied that badly?

in the early 90's when i was about 10 a black "family" consisting of a mother and 2 niglets around 10-13 moved into a house down the street from us. literally the only black people for probably 8 miles.
one day i was riding back from the little neighborhood market thing on my bicycle after hanging out with the normal white kids, aka friends.
the nigs were standing in the street waving at me like they wanted to talk.
so being the naive sheltered white kid in the white community i was, i stopped to talk to them
the older one came up and shoved me off my bike, took the bag of candy i had and rode off with my bike laughing about it.
when my dad came home i told him what happened and he walked me over to their house, confronted the "mother" who of course went off on a "dey dun didnt do nuffin at awe dey good keeds" tangent.
after her calling me a liar for about 2 minutes we walked around the side of the house and guess what was sitting in their backyard?
my blue bike that my dad was smart enough to etch our last name and phone number onto the fucking frame.
he walked back there and grabbed it and as we were passing back past the front of the house my dad yelled out
>found it bitch, next time i call the cops.
on the walk home he told me to stay away from them and that "they are no good, theyll only hurt you and get you in trouble. stay away from those types"

they were consistently absent throughout highschool, both were held back at least 1 grade, and one of them got caught selling weed.
im lucky enough to have moved out to where there are 0 blacks in my neighborhood, but i still have to see them at my job unfortunately

My room smelled like cocoa butter

Relax bro, it's sunday they'll be wrapping it up soon, they have work in the morning.


holy shit man that's comfy

none, my state is only 6% of my state, about 4% in my city

i never see them except at college(lol)

Nah. Well hang you muzzie

>being loud and abnoxious is for niggers


I'm saying you're thinking way too hard about it. Why would you go through the effort of putting on a persona and lowering the pitch of your voice (lol wtf?) Around blacks?

Be yourself and if they don't like it, fuck em.

Better yet avoid talking to them or living with them

>Red Highlights for important info!!11
What retard made this picture lol

Absolutely. But the general problem with that is you can't use it as direct evidence, since your eventual claim is that they're interfering with YOUR quiet enjoyment.

Generally speaking, being very polite with dispatch and any responding officers you may come into contact with goes a long way. If dispatch wants your name, give them your full name and phone number and always say that the officer is welcome to call you directly.

After about 3 calls, the officers may decide to talk to you. When they do, be very apologetic about your use of their time, but unfortunately this is really affecting your sleep schedule and job, parents, kids, neighbors, etc. You just wish the problem would go away and thank you so much for coming out here, the neighborhood appreciates it, etc.

The key to not being seen as a crank is to never waste their time. Measure average durations of things and use it to your advantage. For example, perhaps you know that when a certain car is there and the music is loud that they go around 3 hours on average, and it takes the cops on average 1 hour to get around to the complaint. You'd dial that shit in at the very start of the music to give the maximum window for the cops to catch them at it.

Once they've been caught at it, it's hard to be labeled a crank unless you are seen to be embellishing your reports. NEVER EVER embellish.

the only black fella in any close proximity to my house is a semi-retired guy with his own smallscale landscaping business

he flies 3 flags in his yard; US flag, USMC flag, and Confederate flag

that guy is on fucking point, and he BBQs like a madman

i also live in a log cabin on a freshly-paved road with 3 other log cabins tho

>I live in an all black neighborhood. Next door the 81 year old widow offered to suck my dick if I helped to move her couch.

Did you let her mate?

Mine are okay enough. Most aren't criminals, they're hardworking people with jobs. The young scumbags who used to hang out next door throwing dice and smoking weed turned out to be involved in a prostitution and car theft ring. I had the great enjoyment of watching their asses get arrested recently. And then they were evicted. So now there's just the middle class blacks.

BUT there is always the noise thing and the dog thing. The couple on one side have tiresome pit bulls--of course. They do control them quite well, but it's still an eye-roller. Older black guy across the back alley actually has a cat, amazingly enough, but he also throws these loud BBQ/parties every weekend. They gun their motorcycles, play music and laugh and cuss loudly, in a shared, semi-private quiet zone which is what the alley is. The other neighbors loathe him (even the black couple with the dogs, which is funny.)

Why don't they do this in his large, comfy back yard? My theory is niggers just love attention. It makes them feel important. I'm glad it's not worse--at least he doesn't play rap or smoke crack.

Haha you're not coming here anytime soon

This is excellent. Screencap it.

I have a Puerto Riccan family in the appartment in front of me and a Jehovah Witness black family next to me.

They're actually both extremely present. The apartment under me houses a black woman who is always watching fucking CSI shows at all hours of the day and at just loud enough for me to hear through the walls.

If the majority were like him, I wouldn't be a racist

Black peoples' idea of "having fun" always goes bad sooner or later. Always.

>tfw no BBQ master Uncle Thomas neighbor
Feels bad man

This is just a great post. Like a Tarantino film but much better. Those cat eye contact lenses, kek.

and since the niggres has her door open i never saw the turks have open doors again.
so blacks are the ultimate turk killers.

Amazingly, no.

You forgot the part where you drop on your knees and take his balls. Remember, no inflections.

My family is moving from a home we've lived in for 30+ years because we had a black family move in and they've immediately made the entire neighborhood feel unsafe from how many times the cops show up due to them. SWAT has shown up twice now, and they've only lived next door for 5 months now, this shit is crazy white flight is real.

Torched KFC? Pouring out grape soda?

OH. Took me a second. TOPKEK

I do. Oh boy. He's a dude who's dating (and living with) a white lady and they're both extremely nice, very happy folks. We even hang out and do couples dates. So what's your next question?

Cubicle neighbors...



Actually, they don't, unless you're in the hood. If you are, then you're fucked anyways.

IMO, this is actually the #1 misconception. You need to think of these people more like dogs than humans. They do stupid shit, cops show up. More stupid shit, more cops.

It's basic Pavlovian conditioning. Consistency is key. These "people" hate the cops more than they love their lifestyle. They always change their lifestyle to avoid cops. It's either that or after their 2nd noise warning one of them gets hit with a $250 fine or whatever and we all know that has a decent chance of turning into a bench warrant.

Sounds comfy desu
jk never relax

lol her face looks like they photoshoped the eyes and mouth upside down

don't get me wrong, there are plenty of unsavory melanin-enhanced gentlemen around, but they chimp out to themselves; just a few streets/blocks in the small town I live in that are charmingly thought of as "the ghetto" when realy its just a bunch of subsidized housing that black folks trap out of selling weed and have parties and shit

i'm also a 120lb 5'11'' absolute twiggy skellington and i've had no problems whatsoever when going into those places to visit the aforementioned trap for certain products, i'm not easily startled or scared and pretty affable as well, but i would have figured that at least once i'd have some trouble or something

don't be too jealous of me though, check out Georgia's white birthrate lmao

LOL no. Best thing you could do, if you MUST do this, is bring them some baked goods. Tell them "my wife/gf made these to welcome you to the neighborhood."

Leave it at that; an occasional "hi, how ya doin'" when you meet in passing is more than enough though. Always keep up the sort of stolid, tough, watchful persona though. They do respect strength. Don't act like a pussy, ie eager to please. Don't fucking ever do that with niggers.

>had college buddy that was an RA
>there was this one guy who was always getting noise complaints on his floor.
>RA buddy had to go to his room to discuss the complaint problems
>HUGE black dude
>his side of room decorated with snap shots of black girls he'd fucked showing their pussy or tits ducktaped to wall. Used panties ducktaped to wall.
>black dude's roommate: nerdy looking white kid
>basically black dude was a 18yr old that looked 30 and the white kid was an 18yr old that looked like he was 15.
buddy said that the whole time he was talking to the black guy about all the complaints that the white kid never said a word but his eyes kept saying, "PLEASE HELP ME!" Sometimes I think this might be Cred Forums's worst nightmare.

This is truth. I lived in housing commision and it was hell. All white non workers and there was never a moment of peace now I'm in a private rental surrounded by workers in absolute peace.

nice one, fag. remember, no inflections.

I wonder what color this manchild is?

>Thats something you will never see a liberal living next to the blacks they are so proud of.


People like this can't stand being alone with their thoughts, if any.

fixed it.

>used to own a house I rented out
>get told I "have" to rent to section 8
>meet nigger family
>mom, grandma (about 50) 3 kids
>have my tenant agreement all doctored up
>tell them that I may drop by unexpectedly from time to time to make sure the house is staying semi clean
>they don't even read the agreement, just sign it

A month passes
>drop by for an inspection
>knock on the door
>grandma answers no shit the first thing out of her mouth is "Who you?"
>the owner
>sucks wind through her teeth tries to get me to go away
>explain to her that I'm coming into my house weather she wants me to or not
>she laments and steps aside
>enter my house
>disgusting nightmare, grease stains on the ceiling of the kitchen, trash everywhere absolute squalor holes in my fucking drywall
>go through entire house, same shit everywhere
>tell the grandma she has a week to fix the holes, clean the house up, the works or I'm serving an eviction notice
>starts giving me some sob story I'm not even listening to
>look her dead in the eyes as I'm leaving and say "One week"

The week passes
>come back to my rental
>get inside
>grandma apparently hadn't even told the mother I had been there, or my ultimatum
>not my problem
>house is still a mess
>go to my car and get eviction paperwork (I had it written up because I knew this would happen)
>grandma starts sobbing, kids start sobbing, mom doesn't know what the fuck is going on
>serve the notice to the mother and explain what is happening
>she skims over the paper work and CLOCKS the grandma
>again not my problem
>tell them they have a month to get their stuff together and vacate the property

A month passes
>come to the property
>mom answers the door
>"Today is the day"
>she starts complaining that I gave her more time
>don't even hear it, call the cops immediately
>laugh to myself as niggers try to explain to the cops and the cop just looks at the paperwork says "This is the eviction date"

Moral of the story is never rent to blacks

So how heavy was the couch?

>living in apartment complex near college town, but mostly college grads in the work force
>black girl moves into apt nextdoor
>she has a pitbull that barks all night
>i can hear all her conversations, sometimes her black boyfriend comes over and fucks her, i can hear her black boyfriend babysitting the dog while shes gone and talking shit about her to his friend on the phone, kinda funny
>a gay guy with a shaven head moves in across the hall from this black girl. the gay guy dresses all punk rock
>black girl confuses her for a skinhead neonazi, which i can see why tbqh
>gay baldy starts yelling "shut the fuck up" and stuff at the dog, calls the cops
>cops come and knock on the black girl's door
>black girl gets in argument, gay bald punk rock guy has his door open watching the cops about to own this woman, audible laughter
>property managers arrive on scene
>black girl points at the gay bald punk rock guy and says "i dont like you people, you people shouldnt have rights in this country, you should go to prison just for being you" (thinking the guy is a neo-nazi)
>the gay bald punk rock guy replies "my people? gay people? what the fuck is wrong with you that is so ignorant"
>i put in an anonymous complaint the next day complaining about the noise and "rampant homophobia" from her
>she gets kicked out, and i can hear her complaining to her friend on the phone about getting kicked out and suddenly hear her say "i think i can hear my nextdoor neighbor laughing"
>i put my face in a pillow, laughing even harder, she eventually continues her conversation

god bless you user

>get told you have to rent to section 8
fucking disgusting, too bad you arent legally allowed to summarily execute niggers the second their eviction date arrives if theyre not off your property.

Holy shit user, We need to make this standard operational procedure for dealing with nogs

>nigger next door neighbors in first apartment after college
>vacuum every fucking night at 4 AM
>go over and ask that they stop
>continues vacuuming
>every day while at work play the hamster dance song as loud as possible on home stereo system
>nigger comes to door when music stops
>they never vacuum again

Fuck niggers.

Go to settings at the top of the page and you can make them clickable.

kek. youre a retard if you think "acting hard" will get you anywhere in life, m8. stop watching so much TV you braindead faggot. i feel sorry for your wifes son with the amount of retarded faggy advice youre going to give him.

>Be this cuck's wife's son, first job interview
>"H-hi, user-dad. I need some advice for my first job interview"

>Walk in there confident, but not too confident. dont make eye contact. Remember, son, no inflections. Dress nicely, but not too nicely. Keep your voice to a low monotone, and calmly tell him that youre the top of your class with over 300 confirmed kills. That way your boss will know that youre "hard". Remember, no inflections.

fag. congratulations on being so awkward that you started a new meme you retard, i hope you feel like the cuck that you are every time you hear someone say "remember, no inflections"

Try it bitchnigger

loud, speak coon gibberish,

put their nigger chicken boxes in the pet poop trash, typical nigger shit.

Got tons of stories.

>Senior year of HS get moved down to south because of my dad's job
>My dad has his doctorates so he has a decent job govt clearance etc.
>move to a white suburb
>everything seems okay until I go to school
>niggers everywhere
>not paying attention in class
>race mixing to the max
>idiot niglets running around and only seem to excel at getting expelled and playing ape hoop
>hate my life
>get into a decent college out in middle america
>go there for two years
>get expelled for (((sexual misconduct)))
>move out to St. Louis
>run into more niggers
>suffer for two years working at a firm downtown
>finally move to Memphis, TN but wayyyy out in the burbs where mostly whites live
>get GF, get married, have kids, get house in burbs
>niggers start showing up in neighbor hood
>fast forward to today
>every other car on the street has 40" rims and is from the last millennium and has retarded exhaust
>wake up at 6am every morning to hear retarded rap music and loud cars leaving the neighborhood
>silently waiting in my house every night for the chimpening to occur in Memphis so I can kill some worthless niggers.

To all the young people reading this thread,

This is why you invest in yourself to get educated in a STEM field and get a high paying job.

So that you can live in a white neighborhood, and not have to deal with feral niggers.

Live in the best neighborhood you can afford and move at the first sight of a nigger infestation.

Ultimately you will end up in a neighborhood where niggers are not welcome, these neighborhoods can be conservative or liberal, as limousine liberals sure as hell will not tolerate living next to these filthy animals.

Do you know who hates niggers the most? Black people, they have the most contact with them.

Same experiences here except for one time we had to move to a relatively bad area for a month or two , where 2 black teens tried to get in to rob a latter and my 65 yo grandma pressure hosed them out .

also remember, no inflections

That's not the entire story. Let's here how much damages you had to come up with to get your house back on par. Did the state assist or throw you under the bus?

>Good thing i'm a shut in muslim

Loner muslim, I can almost hear the ticking

>limousine liberals
This is so true. They agree with the rest of us on race, but they're too "enlightened" to admit it. Niggers are other peoples' problem.

How sweet. Now she is smiling!

>Be me
>deliver pizzas in "dark" neighborhood
>Be really tan so I don't get treated like I'm white by niggers
>every Friday and Saturday night
>niggers get their stereos out on their porches
>some nigs go all out having what look to be custom made "stereos"
>12" subs dotting every porch
>one guy has 4 15" subs on his porch
>can't hear anything in the music, everything is bass
>the whole neighborhood is just one mess of bass mixed together into something indistinguishable
>never get tipped but constantly get smoked up

Fucking weird ass people. I think these giant speakers on everyone's porch is some nigger form of "keeping up with the Joneses". I don't see this shit in other black neighborhoods either. It's really entertaining to watch them, it's like a human zoo of sorts. They all think I'm mexican because of how tan I am so they never fuck with me. Funny thing about that is that my Mexican friends hate niggers more than I do.

got a good giggle out of my chops m80

united kingdom flag, must be scottish

You realize you're going to get called racist and people will shame you for note being "tolerant" of their rich and diverse "culture". And you're such a little bitch you'll probably fold immediately under the pressure, and spend the rest of your days afraid of being called racist while they fuck your women.

>old man and woman across the street. Woman dies. Old man getting sick. Old man's son hires a nigress to be his in home aid and sheit. It makes the old man sign checks to her, tries to get power of attorney from him, and steals from him in general. It also used the old man's car without permission and crashed it. Finally got rid of it. The son hires another nigger to take care of his father. This nigger was too stupid and lazy to try anything like that, but would spend all the food money on itself and give the old man soup. Old man dies. Son agrees to let the nigger live in the house for a month rent free because now it ain't got no job and shit. I thought, "oh boy. this will turn into six months at least." It did. It lived there for probably a year before the house was sold. Never left or did anything. Who bought the house? NIggers. The wife used to sit outside in the car on the phone system in the car and had it so loud you could hear the conversation inside. They also never leave the house and do God knows what in there.

the dominicoon upstairs is a drug user and has until Tuesday to get the fuck out. I don't think it's moved anything out yet. The cops will probably haul it's ass out of here. They are loud as fuck all day and used to have who the fuck knows living there against the lease. One was some batshit crazy woman that had the cops called on her four fucking times in a day before enough was enough and she was forced out.

TL:dr have nothing to do with niggers

Except that you and OP are fat autists who wouldn't even consider trying to face the family in court.

In Florida there is a Jew way around not being able to rent to section 8. I used to do it when I owned rental properties, but I sold them because the market is ballooning again.

But seriously, fuck section 8.

Don't walk on my grass either fucker.

There was no reasonable way to salvage it, but I sued the city and forced them to buy it from me at the same price I bought it. It would have cost me an easy 20k to fix the damage the fucking niggers had caused, they let the water heater leak all over the carpet of the basement and it had basically rotted out the wooden structure of the lower level. Shit was a nightmare

If you ever get a lawyer make sure he's Jewish, he'll know people and if you promise him a decent pay day he'll go the extra mile

It's easy to love niggers when you don't ever have to be around them.

Holy fuck. Reading some of these comments, I can't imagine having to live next to these fucking animals.

The fact that any majority black neighbourhood or city is a complete disaster should really say something.

The excuses liberals come up with to excuse their behaviour are down right embarrassing.


I like how you made the conversational piece using nigger lingo as some vain form of flattery or placation.

It's disgusting, or in your terms "shit be whack, yo."

Exactly. Are southerners "racist" or simply realistic? Maybe they know something the rest of us don't.

I have an asian liberal friend i speak to frequently who lives in Boston. He's convinced that racism is still a thing and that white privelage is also a thing as well etc etc.

he seems to think I am a racist for getting mad at my neighbors for listening to rap music in their cars for 20 mins in October as their car "warms up" (which has flowmasters on it) which wakes my kids up 3 hours earlier than they have to leave for school and wakes my wife and myself up as well.

I swear the second my tax stamp for my can and SBR comes in I'm going to put 10 holes in those engine blocks and claim innocence.

I can confirm that old black men are always so fucking redpilled.

nigga pls

if anything most areas where you actually want to live are getting gentrified

The influential people that control your country don't mind my existence. You're just a minority that people don't take seriously, so my dream about living in nyc will never be stopped by anyone

>being loud and obnoxious is not fun

Yes I do. They aren't horrible niggers, but I still have to deal with shit that I dont with white neighbors. For example, the fucker parks his shitty ass work truck on the street directly behind my driveway.

I had two black flatmates in a student apartment I lived for a few months in Helsinki. They were immigrants from Africa, so they're probably a lot different than American blacks. The other one avoided me and seemed to take influence from American blacks with the rap arrogant attitude.

The other one was from Kenya and he was pretty nice, he was cliche "happy African". He fucked some things up in the kitchen because he didn't know how thigns work, but atleast he was always thoughtful enough to let me know about it.

Then there were Somali neighbours who were awful, they tried to get into our apartment once, made noise at night and a had a lot of guests upstairs. I complained to the Kenyan about them. Apparently other Africans are not so fond of Somalis.

>not black
Spotted the person who has never left a white country.
Russia is full of 'diversity'

Unless you're rich and can afford to live in a high class neighborhood, you're going to have niggers in your neighborhood thanks to Obama allowing HUD recipients to use section 8 housing vouchers to live wherever the fuck they want. The nigger population in my neighborhood has increased tenfold in the last two years.

>be me
>in college back in 2005
>work study program because rich parents said I had to learn the value of making success on my own
>get assigned to cafeteria duty
>boss is a Morbidly obese Texan black man who cannot walk under his own power and sits in a rolling office chair all day and then uses a walker to get out to his car at the end of the day.

>One day go into work in the middle of summer -working extra shifts etc to save money for fall sophomore semester.
>Extra hot this day, getting watermelon slices ready for afternoon faculty and student lunch
>Black Fat Boss calls me over

>"Mr. user.... can you plleaauuuseee cut me a slice of that water melon?!?"
>sure thing Mr. Fat black man boss
>"ohh thannnk you mr. Arnon, you know... black people will tell you that they don't like watermelon but back in my day you'd find black boys hiding behind the general store face deep inside a watermelon. don't let them boys lie to you Mr. user!"

RIP Mr. Fat Black Boss Man.

Funny that the cities that brings your country to greatness are the diverse ones


you don't have to act like a nigger to have fun

If you hate it there, trying going to nashville and look up williamson county. Amazing area where the blacks haven't attacked yet. Pretty expensive area, though.

there's a saying from some decades ago; i forget the source but i have heard it repeated more than a few times:

"One black person may be a delightful dinner guest; 20 black people makes a ghetto"

On an individual basis, folks are perfectly content to treat non-whites as equals, or at the least with some degree of decorum and respect

When useful discrimination comes in handy is situations involving groups of non-whites.

Lol America is turning into a third world shit hole in the cities precisely because third world scum like you inhabit them.

I have a liberal family member that I got into an argument with. Told him how blacks make up 13% of the north american population and commit over half of all violent crime. He didn't believe me. I provided sources and told him to look it up for himself. He then proceeds to mock me and say the sources must be false.

Liberals will only believe what makes them feel good. Anything bad or scary must be a lie by the evil right wing. I'm completely done with the left. Not wasting my time or energy trying to converse with children.

Kind of.

He's the guy I pay rent checks to. But he lives in the basement and I live in the attic, so...

Yeah of course, compare a white city in alabama to LA

Why do you live there? Are you a hipster or an artist? A poor white person whose family was too stupid/stubborn to move out of the neighborhood when all the other whites did?

I honestly can't imagine why a white person would willingly live in a black neighborhood. The small city I grew up in was like 45% black, and that was too much for me. My parents, who are very liberal, moved the family out into the country when I was a teenager. I could never understand why they did it. A few years ago, I asked my dad why he moved the family and he said "Because your mother was worried that your sister was going to start dating blacks." I gained some newfound respect for them that day.


Correlation cannot imply causation by its mere presence. I would argue that diversity is neither inherently beneficial nor detrimental. I would also argue that most forms of contemporarily-labelled "diversity" are detrimental although not by nature.

Cultural relativism is fucking cancer. Certain cultures and the traits that identify them are superior to obtain certain objectives.

You could say that aboriginal culture, for example, is superior for raw pleasure. That doesn't mean that someone with more than a couple brain cells to rub together desires large swathes of the population to imbibe fucking gasoline and pass out in the road.

>>"Mr. user.... can you plleaauuuseee cut me a slice of that water melon?!?"
>>sure thing Mr. Fat black man boss
>>"ohh thannnk you mr. Arnon, you know... black people will tell you that they don't like watermelon but back in my day you'd find black boys hiding behind the general store face deep inside a watermelon. don't let them boys lie to you Mr. user!"

I read this in my head like it was a minstrel show.

The Only broken down, neglected piece of land in the street.

Go ahead and compare the violent crime stats.

I used to argue with liberal idiots. I'll sometimes explain to people I know who are just clueless why they're wrong - and they listen and are surprised liberalism is wrong.

The only time I argue with idiots anymore is when I'm too drunk to care and usually end up leaving mid-conversation when I get bored and tired of being insulted.

I actually visited Nashville recently for a friends wedding. Really not that bad down town but it's getting exactly how Portland was getting before I moved out of there. It's a bunch of fucking transplants ruining what made the city great and inviting more niggers in to shit the place up all in the name of diversity.

This is exactly why you should never try to argue with them or convince them of anything that doesn't fit their narrative. You need to lead by example and example only. Your words will only fall on deaf ears.

And you're 100% correct in assuming this. Mr. (RIP in pieces Mr. Fat black man) was a good boss and a country bumpkin black man through and through. That nig loved his swiss and pepper jack cheese though - probably what killed him but who was I to say no to a man dying of old age while simultaneously being crushed under his own weight? Good boss, redpilled as fuck and a great cook but god damn he could have taken better care of himself.

yes they're sexy

anyone else not really racist but full on /white supremacist/ here? like I don't particularly dislike niggers, I just want to be privileged for being white

cities that are racially divided in their own because their so big. LA in itself is in the double digizzz in towns and cities. its also a county u fuck. and dont go to the black part of town

Idk i mean when talking about diversity, i mean diverse skin color, not culture. If i want to go through all the pain to get into the us of course i'm ready to leave my old culture and adopt american culture and mannerism. And you guys seem to be so irritated about the presence of nonwhite skinned people however good and assimilated they behave.

The best blacks are the most bass-ackwards and the intelligent ones who realize PC crap is bullshit. The closer you get to the middle of the bell curve the more niggardly they get.

It doesn't matter. What matters is how the city looks and how the people looks and how the independent art scene looks like. I'm from Cred Forums and /fa/ so you must know how i judge a society and people

>tfw pic related is starting to happen in my neighborhood

Feels bad man. My neighborhood is super quiet, but ever since a pack of niggers & their nigglets moved in, people have reported their cars being broken into. The nigglets even tried to go swimming in the pool next door to me; the house it belongs to has been abandoned for almost 10 years & is fucking disgusting. The pool is dark green & full of frogs, mosquito larvae, & god knows what else. They are actually willing to trespass & swim into it, though. Fucking retarded animals.

That fat Cuban sure fooled a lot of people didn't he? People still don't realize it was a goof by an aspiring actor/director.

Trap and rap music is so important to america, that's all i'm gonna say. No one dislikes black people, real people try to be black because it's cool and alpha. They dabb, or try to dance black, etc etc

>he doesn't agree with my points of course he's fake !!


Well hurry up and hop on a bus or something, you're supposed to take people with you.

The blacks are on their way out. Its interesting to go into South Central and see Mexicans working every industrial shop and the only blacks are usually at the bus stop.

Fuck off cuck

Used to have nigger neighbors a while back, always loud and annoying. Then a random car started parking in front of my house every night at 1-3 am. Called the cops on the fifth night, turned out it was a nigger sneaking in to the house to fuck his baby mama. The real kicker: he had a warrant. That was a good night.

His name is Jorge Eugene Moran. You've got the Google machine at your finger tips. Do your own homework.

Lawyer. Agree with building up evidence but also decide now whether you want to push for injunction (i.e, get them to stop being nogs) or file for damages.

In nuisance cases like this it's best to just look for injunction, but if it's affecting your parents' work schedule or if ANYTHING on your property/other neighbors' properties you can sue for file a class-action suit for monetary compensation.

When I was a kid, maybe 12 years ago, my family lived in an apartment complex and my upstairs neighbors were black. My parents were using some mail order DVD rental service (this was before Netflix and shit) and one time they got a notice in the mail saying the DVD was overdue but my parents never got it sent in the mail. Turns out the niggers mustve known it was movies that we were getting, so they stole the next one right out of the mailbox and threw the packaging in the bushes. My parents found out when they started asking around after wondering why they were getting charged for a movie they never rented, and while looking around they saw the empty ripped up package in the bushes next door. Fucking niggers

Reason I ask is that I keep hearing these Section 8 nightmares where some dude, usually a white guy, has an extra property that he's renting and is some how coerced by the state to rent to section 8 only to have the property completely and utterly ruined by niggers. Every time I hear this story it is the same exact outcome.

>live in apartment in upper middle class area of my city
>for first 3 years its fine
>first black neighbors move in across the hall
>constantly fighting, slamming doors, stomping up stairs
>always wearing nigger fraternity clothes or church clothes
>eventually get evicted for failure to pay

>months go past
>another nigger family moves in, one floor down
>"nigger pete" as I shall call him is constantly sitting on the stairs smoking black and milds
>always leaves them on the landing or stairs
>ashes everywhere
>never moves when i or my family are going up and down stairs
>complain to office multiple times
>nothing ever changes

Im waiting for my pre approval paperwork to come back cause Im buying a house and getting as far away from this nignoggery as possible,

I have black neighbors. They are homeowners and polite respectful neighbors. 10/10 would live next to again.

>old black man does 'details' for car lot
>always talks nice
>comes to lot for someone to pick up car he's finished work on
>I'm available to go with him to drive car back
>get into his car for ride to his place
>notice bb king tape on seat of his car
>mention how much i respect bb king music
>he say's
I just keeps it in here for when some nigger rides with me
They like that kinda music
>can't be sure if he's calling me a nigger or denying he's one...

Only way to do that is to have acreage. Suburbia will not spare you. You've got to go rural.

I'm glad i was raised by rich and good-mannered parents. So i would fit in just fine when i move to the US.

I couldn't care less about anything you think about anything.

If it has a chance of escalating into you calling the police don't confront them personally.

That can work when you are friends with a neighbor but if it's randos that you call the police on later it will just make them hate you and possibly get revenge. It's better for them to wonder you calls the cops.

No you don't. You are the nigger.

I live in Florida my man, no way to get land down here. Like, the Hispanics are generally not bad to live around- they don't act like utter savages but the niggers?

It's like I live in the fucking Congo.

How can people live in a rural place ? Like, there's no cool record store, no designer boutiques, you can't impress anyone because they don't dig the stuffs you're superior in, no metropolitan buildings and cool vegan juice places and indie music concerts and everyone is inferior to you.

>I never wanna live next to a white woman again.
Even white men hate dealing with Americanized white women so don't feel too bad.

As for me, the blacks around me are all middle class workers in DC so I have no issues and get along fine with them. For some reason they Hate Virginia with a passion though.

I'm just saying that crime states don't matter. Without cool music scene and cool people that dress like you, you'd be dead inside however safe the city is.

that's pretty gay mr. spooky alien

I don't fuck other guys so i'm sure i'm not gay.

Only thing else to add.
I had black neighbors, and I got robbed TWICE in one week. Both times my Mossburg told them to fuck off.

Oh I see. So you're an idiot. Great you'll fit right in in NYC. Enjoy the pollution.

Mexican neighbors are exactly the same

>loud music
>cars parked on both sides of street
>use garages as party pads/man caves/drug dens
>loud rap music all day and night

>niggers literally stealing bikes

The memes are real

I lived in hell as a younger man, now I live in a rich, white town.

I remember and feel sorry for you but I would never go back and thank God, my white town would never allow them, nor could they afford to move in.

>get accepted to Shit State University
>need to find housing but everything is no vacancy
>finally find a vacant apartment
>read lease, pretty standard stuff with fees if you transfer rooms or sublet, etc.
>get into new apartment after signing
>walk in, 3 niggers are my new roommates, hooray
>throughout entire year, not one moment of silence, kitchen and common area constantly disgusting
>I'm constantly berated by nigs when I'm not around or they assume I can't hear
>occasionally nigs get notices on door that they're going to be evicted because they haven't paid rent
>things are just constantly bad
>couldn't ever get anyone to sublet (a contractual condition for leaving the apartment)
>should have read the lease better

One example
>go to kitchen one day
>notice that mystery nig has put a baked chicken breast in a tupperware container
>don't know how he learned to bake chicken, but it's there nonetheless
>next time I walk by kitchen to room and notice it's still there (maybe an hour passed)
>2 weeks pass
>chicken is unmoved, steam has filled the inside of the container
>throw that shit out

They're animals. All of them.

This. My Mexican neighbors literally have a fucking boat on their front lawn

I will enjoy it just fine. I love fashion week

> face the family in court

Can you even read? You face the landlord in court.

And how exactly are you going to get here from Andorra.

I don't have any black neighbors but I do live in a gentrifed neighborhood and it gets hood real quick after a block away. Nobodies messed with me yet. I'm more pissed off at my white neighbors who never pick up their dogs shit.

I got lucky I lived across the street from the nicest black family growing up. They hated niggers and made sure their kids did well in school. Was best friends with the son my age not a bit of nigger in him. Always a plate of delicious southern soul food for me when I came over. Great family, great people.

We have a racoon that lives around here, always gets into the trash and always shits wherever he pleases. Nothing like getting blamed for not picking up dog shit that is actually racoon shit.

Fuck you, at least you know its dog shit instead of coon poo.

remember, no inflection

>it had about 15 haitian families in it.

NYC or S. Florida?

I think this is bad advice. By going small claims on the landlord, you avoid lawyers and can state your case in plain language to a judge directly.

If he awards you damages and the landlord refuses to pay, you can put a lien on his property. So basically, they have to pay if you win.

Again, regardless of whether you win or lose, the landlord will evict the tenants.

Dealing with lawyers/injunctions/etc is stupid, just hit the landlord in the wallet, or at a minimum waste his time making him defend himself (which usually, he cannot or you wouldn't be there in the first place).

Call the cops every time you see a negro.

Uh airplane ?

I wish I met blacks like this. I know they exist but I've never met them. There used to be a really nice black family at the church I went to a few years ago. The father taught Sunday school for the teens and the mother was in the choir and the kids went to youth group all the time and went on the missions trips. Great people. I wouldn't doubt if they were BBQ masters as well, but I cannot confirm because I've never eaten food they've made

Yeah, a black family moved in across from me about 3 weeks ago.

When they moved in, I routinely saw the father, who looked to be in his late 50s, carrying an infant in his arms as he slowly walked around his newly built home. The days afterwords I saw him tending to some gardening and I waved hello to him as I picked up my mail and he shouted hello back.

Pretty boring.

No, I have only seen like 5 niggers in my city.
Some of them were Hondurans.


Rule, Britannia.

Loud, unkempt, never bathed, and was thrown out a month or two after moving in by my landlord who has no shred of backbone and has some of the worst gout I've ever seen.

Landlord then began to profusely apologize to me about him, even though I never lodged a complaint

You must only meet them in NW DC.

Go to SE DC and you will find your African American subculture.

So true...

Have had a black family leave 3 doors down from me for at least 20 years, maybe 25+. No problems, nice people. The husband is a dentist. Nice area.

Had a black roomate in college. No problems, nice guy (except from me partying to much)

When do you get to the prepping?

ignore all the replies to this. this is pretty solid advice.

dude do you have bird bones or something
how are you that much of a skellington

>Buy fourplex in worst neighborhood in shit town.
>Other owners and PMs keep telling me that the garbooni in one unit are moving serious weights of smack.
>Decline to renew lease, legally they have 60 days to move out.
>They stop paying rent and refuse to leave.
>Eviction completed months later.
>Three loads to the dump, five used syringes dodged, some rehab, and ready for new tenants.
>Tell seller that he gets to cover all the costs and lost rents because he knew they were dealing and failed to disclose.
>Seller talks to his lawyer, sends me a cacheiers check for the full amount.
>Month later one dies in an auto accident and the other two get busted for dealing at the local 7-11 and get long prison sentences.

>My theory is niggers just love attention. It makes them feel important.

This is why, when you get more than a few of them together, they can not speak at a normal level and instead try to yell over each other.

The one thing I forgot to mention is my black roommate had like 15 loofahs in the shower. Literally, 15 loofahs around the shower head. I have no idea why. Did he use one for each body part? Is this a black people thing?

I have one loofah.

No but I went to an all black middle school called Landon in Jacksonville, FL, it was absolutely horrible, one day some nigger bitch and a white girl got in a fight, and that caused a fucking chain reaction of fights, niggers are so fucking subhumans and always trying to fucking prove how manly they are, perhaps this is an insecurity that has its roots in the fact that niggers truly know deep down that they are pathetic less than men subhumans who have the degenerate minds of 14 year old children.

This past summer my neighbor's cousin, who grew up in what you could call an "inner-city urban environment", came in to visit him for a while... then his visit transformed into a prolonged stay. Apparently he is going to be staying with them for some time, so the couple who lives there decided to enroll him in my school and we have been going there together for the past two months.

In this relatively short amount of time I've noticed his overall attitude towards education is so backwards. He thinks if anyone tries to teach him anything they are somehow the enemy. He is always trying to get out of hard work any way he can. Half the time the teachers and administrators at my school can't even do their jobs because my cousin is so busy singing and dancing like a fool in class. Worst of all if I try to say something about his behavior, he just goofs on me for trying to "act white". As much as my parents and I try we just can't seem to get through to him.

Sometimes I wish they would just send his princely ass back to Philly.


Pretty much this. I got out of the council estate and into a place where everyone works and visiting family always remark how quiet the place is on a weekend.

Rule #1: if you buy weed from your new neighbors, they will be your friends

Rule #2: Just because they are your friends, that doesn't mean they won't steal from you, so lock your doors and try to avoid letting them in your house or borrowing things

Q: What's the difference between a racist and a tourist in New Orleans?

A: Two weeks.

Liberals always swing right once they have to live amongst the consequences of their policies. I'd feel smug about it if I didn't still have to live with niggers.

I have black neighbors. One is a quiet older home and the other ones are nice but they weren't at first. They were smoking out in the driveway, blasting the bass, throwing rocks at dogs...but our neighborhood nosy old lady called the cops, code enforcement, and landlord about everything they did. They completely changed and calmed down because the rent is cheap and everyone else is quiet here.

I think they came from an area in town where more people were acting like that. They have mostly assimilated.

Considering that most activities niggers find fun are illegal, yes, how dare they

Niggers don't shower, so that really is odd

Yeah, ignore this dumbass.
None of that is going to stop Jamal's friends from fucking with you when they're partying and it's definitely not going to make them turn down the volume.
Just call the cops and don't be a pussy cuck like this user here.

>This is the kind of anal retentive Anglo Saxon Protestantism that built the west!

Hear hear!

This is not your first time catching niggers.

Screencapped for future reference and public edification.

Screencapped, this may be useful when me an the gf move to out new house that is near a dindu neighborhood. Our block is old whites and senpai but you never know....

wow what I cunt. I have black neighbors that party too. But they aren't that bad. When its past ten it goes from loud to dead quiet. But to be this much of a bitch fucking talk to them. Don't listen to this passive aggressive pussy.

Most black people are incredibly entitled and have no regards for anybody but themselves. They're like fucking animals.

I hate niggers more than anything so when my uncle who lived next door to us for 25 years decided to move, I was furious when I heard my new neighbors were a black family. However to my pleasant surprise, it was an old couple who drove nothing but a newish volvo suv and a honda pilot. They also bought the house outright at $500k+. Extremely quiet people, they don't talk to anyone but neither does anyone else and so far they seem to fit right in.

The mexicans who "live" in the house down the street however have been the bane of the neighborhood. Parties every week and at least 8 cars at any given time. ALL of them broken down civics. Spilled oil and coolant all over the street and they create a huge blindspot when they park on the road. Also snow removal is a bitch thanks to them because they block the trucks.

I still hate niggers but spics are really contending for that #1 spot.

>that obvious projection

Holy fucking autism


But I actually had the best experiebce with them, because our neighbor sold us pot at the time (we no longer partake, we're parents now).

These people had our backs, when we went out of town, they watched the house and made sure nobody tried anything. When I was the only one home, they always made sure one person was next door, just in case.

We never saw any trouble until the day they moved and bunch of non-English speaking beaners moved in instead.

But that is the only good experience I've had with black beighbors. Everytime after that any time blacks moved near us they were niggers.

>implying my neighbors beforehand weren't niggers
They were. But they respected us and never tried to fuck us over.


I've worked with Hondurans (and went to school with one) and they always fall into one of two groups
>nicest people you'll eve meet, never complain, never act like niggers, don't even get angry or upset
>addicted to drugs, lazy, attracted to underage women, loud, steal shit

My classmate and three of my coworkers fall into the first category. The rest of the Hondurans I've met all fall into the second category. Apparently the age of consent is 11 in Honduras, so to them 11 and up is fine. I knew a 36 year old fucker with a 15 year old girlfriend in Honduras. Another group of them would spend hundreds of dollars a week on cocaine and always told people to call them different names when we saw them.

> Parties every week


> at least 8 cars at any given time. ALL of them broken down civics
> Also snow removal is a bitch thanks to them because they block the trucks.

Parking enforcement / vehicle abatement dept

> Spilled oil and coolant all over the street

Code enforcement (perhaps even some kind of special hazmat dept)

It's all right there for you, user. You have the right to quiet enjoyment of your surroundings, but you have to assert your rights and learn to use the levers that have been given to you.

Think of it as a fun game and as amusement, not as a burden. Nothing is sweeter than your eventual success.

u mad jamal?

t. Carlton


I'm just saying, with black neighbors like yoru describing, you can do WHATEVER you want and they wont say shit. Theyll just think your "crazy white people" at worst.

don't know man; probably about at 125 these days but that ain't much of a difference

i can do plenty of pushups/pullups/situps etc, although my cardio is absolutely fucking shit from smoking more than I should

my appetite has been a bit fucked lately so I'm probably not intaking 2k+ calories each day, but I've never in my life been more than 125-130 even eating 3k+ a day

my pops was around 140 when he married my mom, and he's 6'1'' with pretty fucking big biceps from working manual labour/maintenance

don't know m8, never broken any major bones aside from most of my fingers multiple times playing sports and doing mission work in mexico, although I have dislocated a knee once or twice

fucking magic lad

Fuck me, that was insane.

I know a few people that hava a bunch of rental homes and they have told me how to screen for niggers when renting out. Negros have welfare and due to some section 8 bullshit they can get a rental in a white neighborhood and like a virus inflict themselves on the white neighbors and one by one they all leave and are replaced my more negros. Sad truth. You also can't refuse it if they are section 8 shit.

>be me
>living in rich white neighborhood
>have two black families on my block
>family one has really strict father who raise their son and daughter like millennial children; always doing SOMETHING and no free time to just run around and have fun
>total fucking squares and absolute narcs
the mother was really nice but the father was kind of an ass and it rubbed off on his kids.
>family two actually moved in since the father's father (grandpa of the family) couldn't live on his own but refused to to go a nursing home
>occasional spectacles whenever they dialed 911 for the grandfather since it brought all emergency vehicles to the street
>father eventually dies
>husband and wife are nice, children are nice and never get into trouble
>invisible fence for their dog who never misbehaved
>fucking extra candy and full sized candy bars on Halloween
that was the nicer part of my town
on the not-so-nice part of town (which was still wealthy)
>post-nigger families
>families of single black mothers who managed to bust their ass, get their kids out of the ghetto, and raise them right
I can remember two families
>both mothers and heads of household were strict and didn't take bullshit from their kids or anyone else
>smacked kids if they did poorly in school and put them through college
>most of the kids still turned into half-nigs
half-nig as in their got into a little trouble, but nothing too serious, and they're not really "ghetto" even if they try to act like it.
I hung out with one of their kids and he kept saying "nigga," which his mom hated. so, in response, I would say "nigger" - in the presence of the kid and his mom - until he stopped saying "nigga." his mother actually approved.

my experiences in the ghetto areas of my city are way different, though.

that's really interesting
im a full foot shorter and only hit 100 recently because i keep building muscle, mostly on the legs, also keep forgetting meals
feels bad having absolute midget parents and having a weird scrawny upper body + large thighs but people always get freaked out by the amount of cardio/ab shit i can do

>Neighbor: "Jamal"
>You: "Cool, I'll see ya around man"
>Neighbor: "fo sho

If "having fun" involves breaking the law, fuck them in every orifice. You might not mind living among filth, but others tend to have standards.


Certain Africans are okay. Nigerians are great people. So are Ethiopians. Somalians and Sudanese are garbage though.

My current roommate I am with is a fuck up, but not a nigger
>Finishing up last year of grad school degree
>roommate "should be a senior but has a year and a half to go"
>Probably "Getting a communication or gen ed degree"
>Smokes weed all the time
>Drunk every night
>Blast nigger music on his phone and talks like he's hot shit
>Only one girl came over and that was for free weed, she left not 10 minutes after she smoked

It makes me think, really it does

>move into white neighborhood
>no parties
>keep lawn clean and house in good condition
>keep to ourselves, send our children to private schools in the area

>kids forgot their house key
>sat around on the front porch for a few hours waiting for someone to get home and let them in
>someone called cops on them for "loitering"

>found out from a neighbor that FBI was going door to door investigating a tip of suspicious activity at my house

>buy a dog
>dog barks occasionally, just like the other 20 dogs in the neighborhood
>years later, dog dies
>3 months after the dog died, a neighbor comes over to complain that my barking dog is keeping her awake at night

it doesn't even matter how we act, every time it rains you'll blame the closest nigger you can find. daily reminder that over 60 million white people have double-digit iq's.

>niggers act out
>make the 0.01% of civilized blacks look bad
>black blames whites


see I liked my black neighbors

So it's not your fault that your kid is an idiot and forgot their key? Sure, it sucks that someone would call the police that quick but that could've been avoided by not forgetting the key.

About the person complaining about the dog, just tell them you don't have a dog... problem solved. How is that difficult?

If you want to dispel the thoughts of blacks being terrible people, you have to get all of them to act like your post. But you can't achevie that so the alternative is to make your name known as a good person within your community so no one will question your character.

not technically a nigger, but he was damn straight bill clinton level nignog

>be me
>be kid
>grandmuh's house
>sitting on back porch
>car alarm goes off
>it's the house next to us
>trailor door swings open across the street
>it's the former sherif who's daughter got knocked up at age 15
>he's in his fucking underwear
>no socks no shoes no shirt
>only a handgun
>he fucking bolts across the street
>into the black man's yard
>car with alarm going off is parked behind this ratty generic 80s nigger van
>he walks up to it and stares at it
>black guy isn't even home
>this fuck walks around in his yard for 5 minutes with a pistol in his hand
>goes home
to this day I am not sure what kind of autism I just watched

this fucker to this day lives in my neigborhood please make him go away holy shit

How does one park "behind" a driveway, user? Explain yourself.

>remember, no inflections
Thanks for the new meme buddy *puts it in meme bank* heheh i'll get many good posts out of this... ;)

You live in a trailer park?

This is exactly what I would expect from a lawyer. Trying to involve other lawyers when they're not needed, and even suggesting the biggest scam of them all: a class-action lawsuit.

hol up senpai, I fixed it :^)

>So it's not your fault that your kid is an idiot and forgot their key?
Are you saying that the residents of my house do not have the right to sit on their own front porch for as long as they please?

>About the person complaining about the dog, just tell them you don't have a dog... problem solved. How is that difficult?
It's not difficult retard. I'm saying to consider the ramifications. It wasn't even the first complaint we'd received, but I'd always given them the benefit of the doubt and assumed that somehow I just didn't hear it or whatever. It wasn't until the dog was dead and apparently barking into their windows from beyond the grave that I suddenly realized the true nature of their complaints

>It's either that or after their 2nd noise warning one of them gets hit with a $250 fine or whatever and we all know that has a decent chance of turning into a bench warrant.

Haha, truest statement in this thread.

Let me make it worse for you. I already told my (((HOA))) everything and they just said to call the county office because they technically didn't own the street and they just outright ignored the fact that I told them that at least 4-5 families are living there.

Somebody has been complaining though because my elderly neighbor just got a message in her mailbox that said "fuck you" and now the mexicans are knocking door to door, warning of impending parties in a probably futile hope to mend relations.

I pay $400 a year and my HOA hounds me on everything, but they don't do anything about them because they're renters. I want to move so badly.

>being this retarded
When I lived in the city and got robbed by fucking niggers, I didn't blame white people.

So when I face passive-aggression from my white neighbors in the suburbs, why would I blame niggers?

When I lived in the city and got robbed by niggers I didn't blame white people.

Nothing but shit in your skull, I see. Kill yourself