What's causing all the Elk to become violent in Canada?

What's causing all the Elk to become violent in Canada?

There have been 20+ injuries and 2 fatalities so far.




I'll be pissed if I had to live with Canadians honestly. He dindu nuffin

Not all elk.

That is not very progressive of you to suggest such things Canada.

You judge all elks by the acts of a few? Thats such a micro aggression against the dear sub species. Don't you know it's current year?

Too many leafs

>Canadians are such cucks they get btfo by elk

They want the muslims out

ok leaf, imagine if your the elk. and A FUCKING LEAF walks up and sticks his dick in your ass. woudnt you be mad?

You don't realize what has begun. This is the start of the Great Elk War

They are getting sick of Canadian shitposting.


the weak are being killed off


Why is everything in the world so funny lately?

you redacted a newscast?


What the fuck? They're called moose here, eurotrash. GO HOME.

probably sick and tired of canadians trying to put a dick in their mouth

no ai gf

Somali Elks

Allahu elkbar

The fuck? I've lived in Canada all my life and have never seen an elk. Sounds like bullshit

they know how weak canadian men are

Thats an Elk you fucking retard. They are completely different animals. Kys

They know if you hunt them, they win.

Fucking christ. Die. In addition to the fact that that is an Elk, not a moose, there are meese in Europe fuckwit!!

The rise of faggotry.

Because you're all Canadian fags addicted to egg nog and maple syrup while getting enriched by your mothers husband, Ahmed.

>mfw Canacucks lose the Elk Wars

>What's causing all the Elk to become violent

I would be pissed if a canadian cuck tried to fiddle me.

Fuck Cancuks, hope all the elk cuck them.

Why did you censor the headline?

Maybe they're tired of PC bullshit.

Kek, massively underrated.

Plural of mosse is mosse like plural of water is water and same with bread. You don't say I has two waters or two breads. Bad grammar kys

>Animals fighting back against rape culture caused by goat raping muzzies

Elk are more uncucked then leafs

I thought it was usually the moose that the canucks have trouble with?


Canadians have become so cucked that the wildlife is reasserting it's dominance.

Muslim from Toronto detected

They smell weakness since you elected weedman. It makes sense they take advantage of the opportunity.

>You'll never fight in the elk wars with your qt québécois gf and your best friend Mohammed
Why live?

the reintroduction of elk in ontario in 1999-2001 was a resounding success, but they're too used to humans. They've acclimatized to people and some retards even feed them. Bancroft has this problem, other places not so much.

you're a fucking idiot.

we have all manner of Cervidae in canada.

The hunt was brought back two years ago. Hoping to bag one myself next winter.

They've had ENOUGH

It's falling apart. We honestly might be headed for whatever wall makes intelligent species not head out into the universe. Which explains no evidence of aliens.

Hands on your head britbong PUT DOWN THE PLASTIC FORK!

Also ban assault elks.

Elk can't take the shitposting anymore.

So, now Canada is trying to steal the "most cucked by wildlife" award from Australia?