This is your average american white woman in 2016. What the fuck happened?

This is your average american white woman in 2016. What the fuck happened?

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This pic, like all her other pics, is shopped to the extreme

this looks terrible like wtf

I don't think so. Hannah's pretty hot tho. I have a thing for dumb big tit bimbos

allies won

She may edit some of her pictures(like literally every other girl ever on social media) but that one obviously has very little if any edits

Got any more pics of this semon demon?

im guessing her knockers are fake?

yup filled to the brim with plastic

This disgusting whore needs to be hanged.

She's a meme. Her boobs and lips are shooped but everyone pretends they're real.

>all those calls for niggercock

Instantaneous positive feedback and people who give 3d women attention.

Creates a reinforcing cycle where women whore more and more for attention.

Take up tits and ass in another board, Cred Forums already considers women degenerate, so by definition, this is yet another shit thread meant to slide. There is serious shit going on and once again Cred Forums is presented with titty to distract them.

Paranoid schizophrenics need to leave

Why do you dipshits pay attention to this kind of trash?

Bimbo shit is only hot in two dimensions.

Still don't believe this is an actual person.
I'm convinced this is some guys ex and he photoshops her and makes posts about black cocks to make himself feel better about getting dumped.

U need to leave obvious shill

Is this one a psy op?

too many beaners and race mixing,Hollywood.

>iPhone 3

>Find literally the biggest whore in the entire world
>"Are all white women like this?"