Tfw Pepe may be lost to us but at least Moon Man is still unspoiled by the normies

>tfw Pepe may be lost to us but at least Moon Man is still unspoiled by the normies.

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True. Fuck niggers.

>Pepe may be lost to us

Did you somehow miss this shit?

did he really say that's gonna require dank memes?



This is my point. Pepe is now longer ours. He's gone mainstream.

Anyone have any decent links to a proper moonman mask?

Willing to pay up to 200. I need this for Halloween.

a while back one of the Originals got sold, i think it was 2K Dollars, not sure tho.

I think Moonman is great but I can't stand that it's all in that shitty-sounding text-to-speech nonsense. Is there no smooth-voiced user who can do Moonman justice? this one has good reviews.

there is that professional voice actor that sometimes makes request threads and posts the resulting vocaroos... on Cred Forums or Cred Forums or Cred Forums

Pepe is alive and well.

Moonman is a forced meme that has only ever been a lesser demigod even at his height.

Who is moonman?

Fuck you. The Voice on Moonman is right just the way it is!

That looks like shit, but it will do.

I might go like this for Halloween. Fuggg, just got a black suit recently.

these beats are so /catchy/
I was thinking about doing the same thing

Yeah, CIA Agents usually have some Black Suits laying around
this is the best moonman song

One race, one senpai, one Moon, one Man
One dick in the butt like damn

CIA, I'm Dr. Pavel.

Of course you did.

You're a big guy

I identify as moon man tonight

for you

If repeating numbers kek will get our of the worm hole thingy

I can't wait until Maddow reads moonman transcripts on his show

We need a smug moon man


A silly fucking frog meme is influencing public opinion in the US election and fooling national media. Pepe is apparently a symbol for white supremacy

This surreal.

By any means, Dad.

Moonman is the future kek

How does this shit get out? I thought Pepe was just a dumb reaction image that comes in many forms.

Last I heard Katy Perry posted it now it's what everyone's talking about in the election.

What the fuck happened?

Why cant msm pick up on this? I want to hear richard maddow read these lyrics.

No. He was mainstream and everyone was using him. Now he's associated with White Nationalism.

memes always leak from here, always have, only now we're weaponizing the drip to mock people into professional irrelevancy and/or death. Remember, a meme isn't just some random funny image, it's a mind virus that spreads electronically and verbally.

If you truly love someone, let them go.
comes from july

>just got a black suit recently.
of course you did

My favorite Moonman

best track

Serious dark Moon Man is best Moon Man

forgot link

It's Right Wing Death Squad time.

Moonman will always be solely ours. He's the embodiment of Cred Forums. It's a shame that he's not more prevalent.

Alternative version of that event

I hate that hag

im so glad this jewish dyke is here to set things straight on nazi racist white supremacy



Don't forget Hugh Neutron.

I think that's at least the THIRD time Maddow does "her" show on Dick Spencer.
Do you guys think "she" wants to do >implicit things with him?

>Kate Perry posts Pepe
>r9k freaks out and makes gross edits to scare normies away
>Nothing happens anyway
>Cred Forums turns Pepe into the agent of memes god
>Starts actually affecting a US presidential election

wew i like this thread

Pepe is not some happy little meme like Doge

Doge was a funny little image that got taken by mainstream media

Pepe is not an image. It is a flood.

It runs deep and its depths are unfathomable.

The recent revelations of pepe have been but cracks in a dam. The normies cannot withstand the flood that will ensue if they pull back the curtain completely.

Sure enough, Hillary will stop talking about it because she will realize that she unleashed the flood upon the world

I got one for $20 on Amazon. I've got a leather coat and a bat as well.

Hope I don't get thrown out of uni


Moonman is definitely our finest creation. It's a much more cohesive meme than Pepe. Co-opting nigger raps into our monstrous HATE SPEECH with this old McDonald's mascot.

It's just so fucking absurd, and more attention grabbing. I would have loved a reality where Moonman had gotten the entire media's attention instead of Pepe. Maybe he still can.

Google, how does it work?

If they really wanted to make us look bad, they would've picked moon man.

sooooo why wasn't maddows twitter feed spammed with 911 redpills?
oh wait, I know. No one watches msnbc or 'her' anyway.

>lost to us

>10 minutes of this shit
Is this real life?

Ode to India. This shit is fire


Pepe is mine and you can't have him



Post your IRL collectible Moon Man memorabilia that you've collected since he became popular in the fall of 2015!


They see pepe in the avatars of people on twitter that flood mainstream hashtags. If we all changed to moonman instead of pepe they'd pick up on it.

I for one, enjoy these new moon man memes

Hey, look, everyone, it's Khonsu!

>Egyptian god like Kek
>moon god with a moon on his head
>one of the time-keeping gods and would therefore have an excellent sense of rhythm and beat
>violently takes out wild animals and enemies of the pharaoh and eats their entrails

you guys should really check out twitter

its bursting with anti-semites



Fugg I have that same car somewhere in storage

They want us to let go of Pepe because they know how powerful he is. Hold onto him and don't let go.

It's so wonderful watching the mainstream media squirm so much over these things they don't understand. All these evil racists on the internet are making them sweat. Anything they don't get is just KKK NAZI HATECRIMES
It's like listening to the paranoid ramblings of an old Jewish man.... oh wait.

What I like the most about him is that everything in Moonman is illegal. The songs are stolen, the lyrics are hate-speech, the character was taken from McDonalds, his voice was stolen from AT&T, and the result is uploaded to youtube, violating their terms of service
Moonman was created by ytmnd though