Cred Forums looks down on black people

>Cred Forums looks down on black people
>Women of color literally got us to the moon




Thats a movie. Whites people changed 4 diversity

What are you racist? race is just a social construct

What is it that they did? White women wrote the software for the apollo guidance system. What did the black women? Something equally dependant on intelligence and skill right?


They worked as "computers," which in 1950s meant women who were hired to do basic arithmetic so the men doing the actual work didn't have to bother with those details. But because the idea of "human computers" sounds like we're talking about geniuses in 2016 the makers of that movie play on this lack of historical context to make them seem like they were the secret architects of the lunar landing.

>We Wuz Queens n shit

Last I checked it was Nazi's like Wernher von Braun who got us to the moon


>me on da rite

Actual black women did basic arithmetic for the apollo missions? I'm actually impressed.

Yeah, i know it was just retardedly simple stuff, but still. That's something to be trusted with.

>That's something to be trusted with.

They weren't trusted. They had white women supervisors who checked their arithmetic.



I thought it was the Nazis that got us to the moon?

You've got to be shitting me.

Haha more like Apollo-gize! Roflmao!


>disregard everyone else and focus on some women doing a small part

Show don't tell. If their contribution had been that significant then it would be known already.

It's just going to be some idiot film that tries to make doing paperwork look so inspirational.

this is scy-fi movie rigth?

How do you turn that into a movie? 80 minutes of some form of "overcoming discrimination" sequences?


Moon sends his regards

Only oldfags will remember who that is

The main negress was an octaroon. Why did they cast a quadroon for the role?



If Moon Man is so anti-nigger, why does he talk to us via nigger music?

Cultural appropriation.

only newfags..

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>Wernher von Braun tries as hard as he can, but recognizes deep down that he simply doesn't have it in himself to figure out the moon problem
>Cries alone to himself in an empty NASA cafeteria with his papers on the table
>Sassy black female geniuses notice the papers as they're walking by, quickly correct all his mathematical errors, and add in the necessary steps he was missing so they can make the lunar landing a reality
>von Braun looks over to his papers, not having noticed the true geniuses who saved him, and takes credit for the work




Im pretty sure Stanley Kubrick was the one that got us to the moon faggot.

Don't forget the scenes where Wernher von Braun is wearing his full SS uniform in private and heiling Hitler... only to have the black women save the day due to his incompetent calculations.

Half black. But yeah. What was the extent of the math they did? I imagine it was more than basic arithmetic.


If it's true, they deserve recognition. These are the stories that need telling, not gangbanger bullshit.

Why do people celebrate half blacks like they are proof that blacks can be smart non-violent people? The fact that so many celebrated "blacks" need to be half-white in order to be successful in life just proves how shitty real blacks are and how it's not only about skin colour.

kek'd... a little

>got us to the moon



I dunno man. People conflate Ethiopians and sub Saharan blacks all the time too, like they're the same. One is dark skinned Caucasian, and the other has an IQ of 60. Stay woke.


I wonder when we'll have another moment in American history as moving as the moon landing. My father teared up as he recanted to me viewing Louis Armstrong, the first black transexual person to fight for minorities rights to vote, landing on the moon in 69.

>Louis Armstrong
La vie en mond

Hey guys. I'm new here. Is this a nigger thread or am I allowed to comment?

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Is that Laqueisha or Keanna?

Can you imagine the fucking apollo missions being done in an era with fucking diversity quotas?