Arnold Schwarzenegger supports Donald Trump

Arnold Schwarzenegger Supports Donald trump and his wall in this ad

Arnold says build now, then a wall appears out of the dirt in what looks like the Mexican boarder.


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pity bump

So this has to be an endorsement, right?

Seriously hoping somebody will end up putting his Trumps face over his and redoing this with new subtitles.

feeble bump

Literally all it needs is a "Trump Pence 2016" title card at the end.

>Seems like the enemy has hit a bit of the wall

kek, sounds like Trump to me

>Arnold Schwarzenegger supports Donald Trump
No shit he does, this isn't news.
He's always loved Trump.

When did he start supporting Trump?
This whole election cycle he's been a butthurt Romney-tier Kasich sabotaging faggot, and has criticized Trump on a variety of occasions.



>It seems like the enemy has hit... a bit of a wall.

>Build it!
> higher!

Based. Still wish he'd come out and endorse

Why does a shitty mobile game have such a high quality commercial?

Wow, another fucking immigrant taking a hard working American's job. When will it end?

>supports trump
>makes anchor babies with illegals
>takes Roids and destroys heart
>becomes a vegan and makes faggot commercials for stupid apps

sometimes some people should know when to die already

Arnold is pretty based.

Fucking Jeb tier. What the fuck are you doing Arnold.

You hillary shills really don't try too hard. Minimum effort for those sheckles hm?

I hope and know you're trolling. Arnold went from a boy who couldn't speak english and drove tanks to a professional body builder to the largest action hero of his era to a governor of one of the largest states. Only fagos would disrespect the ambition this man has

>could have any women in the world
>pollutes genes with a guac goblin instead
What the fuck is in commiefornias water?

It's not the mexitrolls fault, look at his other mess with a white woman

>the literal embodiment of the American Dream
>another fucking immigrant

>both wearing oneil shirts

what photoshop sorcery is this

Someone should edit it and put a trump/pence logo at the end in place if the game ad. make it go viral lmao

>he doesn't understand SoCal

Back to your flyover state

fuck off commiefornian shitskin

Is California truly full of commies?

To be fair, she was at his house already.

He was just fucking lazy.

These Mobile Strike ads are starting to get good.

I foresee a great new career for Schwarzenegger. Much like Billy Mays' except without the cocaine part.

Bay area here, literally a millionaire. Can confirm, everyone around here is a god damn commie. Especially the people making 300k or more a year. Its fucking crazy.


Califag here. I only see that shit in any of the cities that straddle the coast and it isn't always true. Orange County is the exception to the rule down here, everything else is Democrat but heading inland, everything becomes red. The commies are all huddled in universities, especially UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, and a few other state schools. Private schools couldn't give much of a shit about politics since they are entirely privately owned and funded, so they avoid the commies, just barely.

>last name = black nigger
>iq of nigger
>was gov of cali when enron fucked shit up
>is famous for sounding like a retard
>supports trump

This is bad for you trumplovers.

That's because the kikes swarm state schools for the free gibsmedats.

They're roaches and no coincidence they use the schools as commie indoctrination centers while they plunder the state for funds.

He supports trump, but he can't come outright and say so because libs will label him non-human

Why do libtards persist in telling everyone what is and isn't bad for them?

Kill yourself, faggot.

>not a libtard
>realize that the political system doesn't work
>trump is just another incarnation of (((them)))
>he's not going to change anything

Better him than Hillary, though.

I was actually think about the correlation between subversive thought and state funding... Don't you think it's interesting that the schools that receive funding are the ones most likely to preach ideologies that attack the state? It's like uroboros, the snake that eats itself.

Jews are at both ends of the snake. They control the ebb and flow of controversy by pushing students to revolt while tightening and relenting control in DC.

Not unlike how the economy is manipulated by the lowering and raising of interest rates, public dissent and submission is how you control domestic and foreign policy acceptance.

All those 'higher education' plebs with their shit arts degrees are just assimilated into the control program.

I was waiting for this he kept quiet on who he was endorsing but I knew he'd endorse trump

san mateo county reporting in. its fucking crazy how many far left you see here. this is also the only place where ive actually seen people with hillary bumper stickers

don't forget on the way he basically married American royalty, and he became millionaire even before the movies, by creating a construction company that hired only body-builders that were working without shirts

Says the one who immigrated to the sea.

Subtle. Based Scharzenegger.

I hear that Schwarzenegger just tries to be popular with the leftist/reddit crowd, so there's no way he would have supported Trump.

A shame that even the Terminator is cucked

Kek when he said "build now" I lost it

put sombreros on the choppers and "Trump - Pence 2016" at the end.

He doesn't support Trump though.

You can be a morally conscious person and support Trump. You can support social services for the out of luck Americans while chucking out the illegals. There's no contradiction there.

Yeah, but the reddit crowd is in moral panic mode over Trump so they can't all be reasoned with

That's hilarious

WHY THE FUCK IS THIS KID NOT LIFTING, HE INHERITED 50% GOOD GENETICS. Sure Arnold did a lot of roids but fuck.

that kids face looks like a (((bagel)))

looking at that kid makes me want to cry
fucking guac goblin genes ruin everything

>>supports trump
How is this a bad thing
>>makes anchor babies with illegals
You mean spreading his superior aryan seed after having aryan children of his own with American royalty?
>>takes Roids and destroys heart
Yes he roided, but he actually did it the right way, unlike the modern mass monsters of today. Most of them will be dead before they turn 60.
>>becomes a vegan
Hitler was a vegan too, whats your point?
>makes faggot commercials for stupid apps
hes probably making bank off of them for not much work

His son is growing stronger. The seed is strong.

>Arnold will never be your father
>You will never have Arnold as your personal trainer

That is why he cheated with his qt with that woman, he knew she would give him a strong son.

best thing ive seen all week

>superior seed

Have you not looked at the previous pics brah?

>he roided the right way

Hence his heart surgeries.

>muh hitter was a vegan too meme

Pic related

>making bank

Can't disagree. He's been a smart whore since the blowing weiders circumcised cock days

Honestly if he would just fucking lift and diet he would look a lot like his dad instead of a big fat Yeb-tier waste.

Did Arnie's bitch wife divorce him and take he kid? How did he fail to impart his discipline to his heir?

Shriver is ugly no wonder he fucked the maid

Arnold isn't full blown Vegan. All he said was maybe we are eating too much red meat in our diets and he agreed with some vegans about the mistreatment of some meat farms.

He only grows stronger

Hello I am new here, what is this bump? From what I have gathered it means "I have nothing of value to say so I will say this until someone comes along and says something better"
Is this correct?

schwarzenegger means "he of the black ridge"

I'll take the bait. Bumping moves the thread to the top of the catalog, helping keep the thread alive.

>Have you not looked at the previous pics brah?
The Kennedys havent been known for their strong genes of late. Even the best seeds can only grow so much in arid soil. The son he had with the borderjumper seems to be turning out okay.
>Hence his heart surgeries
To be fair, surgery. That was almost 20 years ago
Also, as said, Arnold didnt go full vegan. He is saying that eating fuck tons of red meat (re: multiple servings every day) isnt the best thing for your health, which he is correct about.
>He's been a smart whore since the blowing weiders circumcised cock days
And he ended up becoming the embodiment of the American Dream
Kek wills it

Ok, so posting anything will bump a thread, why bother if all you say is "bump"

I cant stand that nobody witnessed thee so I tracked this post down on my phone to do it even though Im banned


Arnold supports Kasich, not Trump

Shitty old washout commie endorses shitty old washout commie more news at 11

A European immigrant.
Who did what Europeans do. Work hard and help his community. Instead of deal drugs and make IEDs.

> Donald Trump
> Washout commie


Northern California still has a lot of hard working whites. But the brown invasion is just too much. Even the rural ares are flooded with squat little mestizos now.

Gets were taken away from us

That dude looks like he's about to die.
I don't care about vegans for what they eat. I hate them because they have a massive ego about it and think they should dictate what everyone else eats. Put into your body what you want, if you want to be a malnourished herbivore who needs supplements, go for it. I'll enjoy my animal protein.

he said he has a chest infection in a recent video
made fun of furious pete for getting cancer and a year later this vegan faggot gets a chest infection
he's a piece of shit

>You mean spreading his superior aryan seed
Have you seen his kids? Holy shit you are dumb

majority of these fucking leaf posters are so fucking leafy it hurts
makes minority of us white alpha males here in Canada look like extinct dodo birds
fuck you shit leaf posters

look at the child he had with the maid

This kid is aesthetic as fuck. If he took care of his body he'd be a pussi destroyer.

That beefcuck endorsed John Kasich a few months ago. Fuck that washed up faggot.

What do a manly Canadian's days consist of?
Pretty much the same as inna woods Americans?

based arnie

We're all gonna make it guys


>that chest

I swear to god every time I see it it's like the first time, prime austrian oak

>He ended up becoming the embodiment of the American dream

I remember when I used to think that about Arnold

>yfw you realize the American dream is about serving the interests of your master Jew to get ahead (Joe Weider and later Hollywood)

Arnold is a fucking degenerate, race mixing California heathen. From the moment he stepped foot in America, he worked for a ruthless Jew. Followed by another 3 decades of sucking Jew cock in Hollywood. Who knows how much Zionist cock he sucked to get elected Governor. He has only ever been about money and power. He's a degenerate. Had a good family with a Kennedy and threw it away to impregnate the worlds ugliest beaner.

Arnold was on gear since he was 16 years old. He would have likely been some no-name beta cuck living in Austria still but literally replaced his natural puberty stage to that of an Alpha male. His children show how truly shitty his genetics are

What a based hero

>Pepe save us from the shills

Shouldn't you be shitposting on /fit/ right now, you stupid robot.

i find the pants hilarious

Cred Forums is my home until January when the world is back in order

Half the genes are his, the other half are those shitty Kennedy genes..


>Arnold Schwarzenegger supports Donald Trump


Did you guys know that Arnold owns a fucking TANK?

It doesn't GET more second amendment than that.

his son looks weak as shit

can someone make the webm pls

to be fair, the US let Austria ship arnie's old tank because he's famous. I would have done the same if I had the money and fame.

I thought he endorsed Gary Johnson


>I thought he endorsed Gary Johnson

You thought wrong.

you on a permabulk, fatass?

He does , look at a recent pic of him . Dude looks alpha as fuck

>IQ of 135

you know I don't know why I even had to google that to tell you you're retarded

Maybe its just because Im probably twice as old as most here, but I never thought Arnold got the respect he deserved for his mind. He's so much deeper than most seem to appreciate and, for the most part, of good character too. He wouldn't have to have the humility that he does, but he has never been conceited.

He also inherited shitty Mestizo genes which are known to pass on flabby faces, woman hips, and weak jaws.

If that's not an American dream success story I don't know what is

You fucking Clinton shills fail to know the difference between LEGAL immigration and ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Arnold came to America legally. He didn't hop a fence then start demanding shit. He worked his ass off.

Why can't Clinton shills figure it out?

>what is Mestizo genes

>>is famous for sounding like a retard

I think people are underestimating his position in bodybuilding. He is to bodybuilding what Michael Jordan is to basketball or what Don Bradman is to cricket. Even if he didn't go into movies and politics, he'd still be known worldwide as an icon of his sport.

It's no secret Ahnuld has always had a huge hard-on for Ohio. He holds his classic in Columbus every year, so I wouldn't be surprised if Kasich held it over his head a bit. Then again, he really does fucking love Ohio so it's entirely possible he really does just believe in Kasich purely out of personal preference.

More info about this construction company?

>>last name = black nigger

>shitty genes

I'm so happy

He's already endorsed Kasich.