Rich, good looking, every girl wants him

>rich, good looking, every girl wants him
>marries a wog sandnigger


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would you marry a western slut? as a millennial, I can now see the appeal of muslim women.

Out in the real world, things are different.

tell me about the real world, burger-san

George Clooney has probably slept with hundreds of women. You don't do that without being somewhat redpilled on women and marriage. My guess is that she wasn't a whore in her youth because of her culture. That is a guess of course.

Yeah, redpilled like Johnny Depp?

well, I hope she divorces him and takes half.

Cloney is democrat supporter, I want to see him suffer like Depp and the other trash of ((Holywood))

well, it's not like she's ugly

Or like the redpilled mel gibson who's having his 9th baby.

Johnny Depp was married for years before he fucked up. New pussy can fuck with your mind. His daughter is almost 18.

Well he did diss Mr. Trump, so that isn't a good sign for him.

Yep, he's a globalist shill.

Mel Gibson is redpilled. He isn't legally marrying the new girl. He already got fucked in divorce court.

>implying he isn't a closet faggot

They both look like sandniggers to me

I can see that, look at this face and jaw structure.

90% of traps from /b look more feminine than this (so I've been told, I dont browse trap threads)

Kek, he's a libcuck. Why are you surprised? At least she's not a fat ass I guess.

He gay

George Clooney is literally a CIA asset

tell that to CNN's pepe obsession

he's gay
she's a beard

also, they're getting dovorved

Lebanese people were building civilization and writing theology while your ancestors were in the caves

She has a high IQ so their kids will be smart

Comes from a non degenerate non sloot culture

Gives clooney legitimacy marrying a leftist sand nigger human rights lawyer

Shes Beautiful for her age

Is a Wog himself

Theres plenty of reasons for Clooney to marry Amal.

>clooney is actually darker than her

He left kiebler for amal.


like every other Mockingbird stooge or like legit fullm payroll in the know asset

Lol, this.

Don't get the appeal of Clooney.

He has a good voice but looks like some swarthy Turk or Spaniard.

I could see that

Sandnigger women are actually hot. Their eyebrows are one of the hottest things about them.

It might be just me, but when I squint, I can kinda see Clooney's features in her face. Maybe he has such a high opinion of himself he wanted someone that looks like him

She clearly used to be a man. Look at those feet ffs

Why did he get married when he could have just went mgtow?

So as your wife and mother of your children would you choose

>a non-raostie highly-educated lawyer
>a vapid blonde model/dancer


he's paid to push a certain agenda. his wife is probably part of that

same with Leonardo "Global warming is real!" DiCaprio

Georges Clooney will be the democrat nominee in 2020

Screencap that

now that you say it..

>what is a suntan?

The kicker is that she's a possessive, controlling hellion, while he is a free-roaming kind of guy

He is a homosexual...she is bearding him. He likes penis because his mum was a failure.

At a am retain point of fame it's not about how a woman looks but about how she canstomch your chronic genital herpes outbursts.

Try tens of thousands.
When he was younger there were rumours he used to sleep with 2-4 women a day.

Not true, bisexual however is a strong possibility

This. He is the worst type of cunt

Jah he is a screaming faggot IRL.

He is 1000% gay. Many actors are actually screaming faggots IRL.

pretty sure he was never married to his first

I have an off the boat Japanaese girlfriend.
She doesn't cause me any headaches
She doesn't give me any shit
She goes to work, comes home, plays video games, cooks, and is very loyal

Western women are only for sex, not for relationships.

>He is 1000% bisexual. Many actors are actually screaming perverts IRL.


Fun facts Hans. Gay blokes don't fuck pussy- at all.

He is bisexual just like many other famous actors

Opposites attract

He is a homo.

Every male actor you see is a homosexual or has done homosexual acts to keep his position in hollywood.


It isn't a "one time thing" but something that is done over and over and over again.

Same goes with the female actresses and of course the music industry as well.

You want to sing on the mic? you better be good at sucking dick and taking it in the ass because that is just ONE of the prices you have to pay.

My great grandfather was an actor in the silent movie era. He was a big name and he fled hollywood and told my grandmother and mother he would rather see them in their box (grave) then for them to go to hollywood.

If it was bad when he was there in the silent movie era imagine what it is like today?

The guy is pushing 60 years old and probably has a 3 digit kill count, she's not bad looking either.

>90% of traps from /b look more feminine than this (so I've been told, I dont browse trap threads)
You can be honest, this is an anonymous board

>Western women are only for sex, not for relationships
I concur