What the fuck is her deal? Will she run for president one day?

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Fuck no. She might get a spot in someone's cabinet in the future.

She already is.

Hopefully multiple spots in a serial killer's cabinets.

Electing a woman controlled by the islamic terrorist as President? Not even Americans can be stupid enough to go full 'Homeland'

>"im a muslim"
>no scarf


She is directly tied to the Muslim brotherhood

She can have a spot in my cabinet anyday.

>Have sex addict husband
>Work crazy hours and don't do your marital duties
>He slightly messes up
>Act surprised and hurt and milk being a strong woman who don't need no man

She'd get it.

It's a man bro.

Sex changes are halal. They think it's the cure to homosexuality.

Of Iran maybe

She was trained to be Hillary 2.0, Anthony was supposed to Bill 2.0
The plan went to shit when Anthony had his Monica moment way too early, and then did it again ruining his mayoral campaign.

What are we, retarded? Muzzies close in the cabinet?

Her soles are welcomed to have a spot on my face

you idiots, she's running for president NOW.

Who do you think is going to run shit if hillary gets elected?

Already was there when hillary was secretary of state

>what is her deal?
she's a cuck

Not gonna lie, i would slam the fuck out of her face with the D XD


If its what you want.


Make it happen shad.

If only we took a look at what her mother has been up to...


Yo man, I try to be a normal person so hard sometimes, but deep down inside I know I am a monster.

Do it.

shes kinda cute tbeeh

Yeah! Really makes you think

My muzfu


I started at least three threads on it, and nobody responded, so fuck Cred Forums and fuck this thread

make her hair black tho

post the pic, i lost mine

That's fine too.

>when u work so hard u daddy doesn't get laid enough and decides 2 cheat

Kill yourself autistic neckbeard



her mouth is fucking huge holy shit
since when was she relevant enough to warrant making something like this

Looking at the replies I just knew one would be from a degenerate foot faggot. KYS

Only for shia. Any cross dressers in Saudi or a Sunni country won't have that. They will always be considered men.

She lied to the House Oversight committee. She's Hillary's fall girl

There is no proof she is linked to terrorism being one of the biggest Patriots in America.


The hottest horseface out there. And now available on the market. I'm in.

She's the left's Carl Rove or Dick Cheney. She runs everything from behind the scenes

Trump will have her deported once he's elected.

She looks like Emma Rossum

superfine Huma.

Hillary = Lemons
Huma = Lemonade

when life gives you....

Huma is bringing the horseface back. and it never looked so fine since SJP in LA Story. After that she fell off.

Huma is pushing mid 40's and is stillsmoking lunked that joo shitbag around.

Her sister is a looker too.

Not if I get her first

>She's trained to be hillary 2.0
Oh wow I never considered that
I mean she probably basically is hillary at this point. Hillary can barely keep it together so im sure Huma is pulling a lot of strings.

I'm glad weiner got labeled a pervert so soon to wreck her chances.


Until the next leak...

>What the fuck is her deal?
she is hate driven.
hate for white people ofc.

All I know is that I want to fuck Huma's footpussy.

Where are all the rare humas?

Who the fuck is this (sub)Huma(n) bitch, and why is she suddenly everywhere?

Is she Hillary's dyke bitch or something?

She doesnt have half the looks of mummy.

>liking women's feet
>disliking any part of a woman
>not a faggot

Whatever you say leaf

Yah, she does have nice inviting feet doesn't she ?

This is Huma's thing. You better be prepared.
Not kidding.

here today gone tomorrow

She is president, of my heart.

Sultry Siren

Yeah, I'd fuck her feet and then give her the Ole Jelly Donut

Saucy Seductress

Fuck are you on about?

Determined Damsel

Thanks for correcting the record

If Arabs not working for you he's working against you.

I'm into femdom and so the thought that she will be the power behind the throne gets me hard.


What are you talking about?

>Liking a feature on a woman's body is degenerate

Wew lad, here's your (you).

When will her nudes be leaked?

I would fucking bone her infinitely.

Requesting additional sauce on more of Huma's delicious MILF feet

shes an islamic state spy

>negrified dance

She will be the muslim brotherhoods ears and mouth within shillary's white house just like Jarret is for obammy




Watch the flag in the back, behind Huma.

Who is this?





>degenerate foot fagg

on Cred Forums

get out redditor

Lookout Lusty

how fitting


HeartThrob Huma

They truly are the worst. When the day comes to line them against the wall, I hope its swift.


can't imagine what kind of bitch she must be to be hillary's assistant

A Million Dollar Smile


Ivanka vs Huma

'24 will be the year of 34

>that gif
>troll level: grandmaster

Damn that Weiner is the Jewiest Jew who ever Jewed.


Explain. Proxy? Vacation? An actual poo in the loo muslim on Cred Forums?

why would you go anywhere near a farm dressed like that? just take one photo and leave?

dava foxxx

She's bangable but holy shit she's fucking shit at her job and can't do shit. She has as much a chance of getting elected as Hillary

been here for years m8, yes local and 'kinda Muslim'

>all these cucks calling her hot and attractive
kys yourselves you disgusting freaks


>Don't think this lady is Smokin'

Cheers m8, here's something that'll be more to your liking

Stand by Me

Warm down to earth people person, just like Hillery

Okay pschology people: How do you read that?

>Fuck you cunt get away from me?
>I don't like being hugged by fucking strangers?
>I'm too busy and focused on something else?

That's not Anthony Weiner's baby. It's Bill Clinton's. And he knows it.

She is ugly as fuck and looks like a nigger.

Why is it whenever I see Saudis or Gulf Arabs I get triggered? I really hope they're all ethnically cleansed.


i would hit that

That's right, because kikes are indistinguishable from Arab shitskins. The best proxy for Ancient kikes are Samartians and Levantine Jews -- which are indistinguishable from Arab shitskins.

Back to /lgbtqsvghutrmz/ board, you Fagatron

So burgers, explain again why it makes sense to grant citizenship to everyone born in US?

I read this like it was being yelled by someone who's about to fucking stroke out.

She looks like ugly as fuck. I hope Mecca is burned and all Gulf Arabs are indiscriminately slaughtered, including her. What's wrong with that?

What I say is true: Mesoptamian Jews are not the best proxy for ancient kikes, but the Samaritans are the best proxy for ancient kikes and they are indistinguishable from Arab shitskins.

Id fug her but she looks stuck up as all fuck

She has the ugliest face I have ever seen.

Rare and kek

>checks flag
sorry achmed

shes a muslim cum bucket you idiot
>b..b...but muh dick

she has something jewish in her look but her sinister gaze make her even more sexy

>ywn find a secular qt Muslim chick to carry your seed to term with a happy smile on her face

I would contribute a decent sum of money to the Clinton Foundation to get a guaranteed shot to bareback Huma.

She looks ok in photos, but in video her lips seem to wrap around too big teeth and gums and her face is like a greyhound or afghan dog.

It doesn't. More are coming out against it.


You did get to, but ya blew it in the end Weiner....

Bitch looks like a creepy insect alien weirdo, not even that pretty, she's just slender and dresses well. Some of you are just so starved for the female touch that even this wretch seems appealing.

i hope she becomes president of my dick.

that girl looks yummy

>What the fuck is her deal?
She just wants to cut off women's clits.

Milf About Town

She controls Hillary like a phlegm-spewing puppet. She already is running for president, and is hoping to spread Sharia Law.

Right this way M'lady

Back into space you go ET

>Fingers in the silverware compartments,

>Feet in a pair of Marc Jacobs stilettos on a shoe display in the closet

>etc etc etc

fund it

When she was running her moms muslim blog she said that marriage was between a man and a woman only. I feel like she is secretly redpilled and is either doing her job to Saudis or wants to undermine western powers from the white house.

No, I have seen her type before. They are like abused spouses, codependent with high test superiors. They have no ambition of their own, they just desire fleeting moments of positive attention from their masters. When Hillary leaves public life Huma will fade into obscurity.


Anthony Weiner. She let him walk all over her. But I can also see why he'd cheat on her.

I'd give her my eRectoral vote.

muh dik

Is that huma on the right?

>Huma will fade into obscurity

Wanna bet you'll see her as Congresswomen Abedin in your lifetime ?

On 9/11 She was working for both Hillary AND the Muslim World League, which was found to be funding Al Qaeda. She avoided the rope only because of intervention from the Saudi's.

She is the perfect "companion" for Hillary!

>that body language.
does hillary rape her?

>which was found to be funding Al Qaeda

that's like saying Red cross was found to be funding violence in Africa by providing food to anyone in's a Relief NGO mixed with religious propagation that's been investigated bunch of time without finding any evidence against them



maybe of egypt

shes done after this election, and will most likely be linked to terrorists in a year or two to further fuck the dems over during mid terms

She's got the face of those kids with microcephaly

>Linked to TerotRisom

When your most senior and influencial senators and x presidential candidates of GOP tells you to cut that shit out, you should listen and drop it...

>inb4 the saudis put a woman in charge of their operation to subvert the west because of taqiyya

got nudes



i don't know if huma really wanted to ever be president like hillary, but she definately wanted to be first lady. anthony weiner was the "liberal firebrand" who was also cozy to all the democratic corporate interests, so they were being groomed to be like the 1990s clintons v2.

i seriously believe they're either idiots or sociopaths though


This cunt has no business anywhere near American government. I hate this whore.

Well, she is a look alike. I would post nudes, but I would get banned for posting "pornographic material."

Sorry Mohammad, the Saudi's threw a lot of money at keeping them off the terror list, WikiPedo and (((Snopes))) have been compromised as fuck.
Nice try at correcting the (terrorist) record. .02 Rupees has been deposited in your account.

I just got them, this Brazilian bitch is 'meh would probly hit after six drinks' tier....

>it's a man

If Huma is a man then Hillary wouldn't be having sex with her.


Zyklon B. Garrison thinks so

Eleanor Roosevelt had her live-in dyke lover while she was first lady and after Franklin died.

yeah, but you see her ass spread man? I would eat it.