Are these alt right Internet personalities the most red-pilled people on the planet?

Are these alt right Internet personalities the most red-pilled people on the planet?

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>banana faggot

Top right???

I'd literally kick your ass if I knew who you were.

Who the fuck keeps up with these faggots, much less spend the time to make this shit? Stop trying to solidify this alt-right bullshit with what we do behind the scenes.

wow so the alt right is a bunch of atheists and outcasts who say contrarian shit on youtube

this sucks

Chris Ray Gun

>alt right

Expected to see a leaf posting garbage like this. I'm disappointed.

Actual autism

Aren't they all centre-leftists?

chris ray gun probably

None of the people are alt right.

kill yourself for watching any of those

>hai guise, I'm alt-right
>give my kiketube channel more views

Keep it up boys


>alt right

>a bunch of faggot atheist "anti-sjws"

no. Alt-right is specifically anti-egalitarian and pro-white. If they don't believe that AMerica should be a white country, then they aren't alt-right

They're not "alt right." I don't think a single one of them identifies as "alt right." Most of the people on Cred Forums don't even identify as "alt right." Alt right is just something the democrat party came up with because they thought it would sound nazier than "nazi," which they've already worn out because they squawk about nazis every election cycle.

>Banana atheist
>Cuckon of akkad
>Coalburning on head

Don't even know the others.

I will fucking melt your face with a heat ray if you ever utter or even imply anything this stupid again.

Once again OP has proven himself to be a irreversible faggot, a terminal faggot if you will. And with who's only cure is the release of death.

fuck you.

Is he gonna share some of that bleach?

He should share some of that bleach.

>social lolbertarians

Nice try, jews.

I've always wondered this. Who the fuck has the time or inclination to follow these faggots and keep up with their shit?

Kill youself, my man

as if there was anyone stupid enough not to sage.

after looking at the amount of american flags here there probably was though.

None of those people are alt right.
Being anti-sjw doesn't make you alt right. It makes you a generic YouTuber.
If you want actual alt right, go to The Right Stuff

Fuck any and all 'personalities' on the internet.
Especially those that claim to represent my views.

All these jewtubers pretending to be fence-sitters, but they're borderline marxist when it comes down to it

Undoomed and Sargon are okay, but not redpilled.

all I recognize are banana man
>no Molyneux

I don't think any of those are alt-right. I specifically remember Sargon saying that he would work to destroy the alt-right, just that SJWs are a more pressing issue.

>Don't even know who any of them are
>Except for Bananafag, which makes me doubt the validity of all the others
Oh well.


>Literal neckbeard
>Don't know who the fuck that is
>Quarter Nigger
>Coal Burner

Youtube is TV for the internet age

Try to keep up, grandpa

Richard Spencer is a faggot but I'm pretty sure he's not a Democrat.

TJ is a liberal you dummy.

Someone made this.

This fucking world.


These faggots would probably get triggered to death if they ever listened to the daily shoah


I still want porn of Shoe.

He endorses Trump tho

Who's the black haired girl with a shoe on her head?

>a bunch of lefty pussies
>alt right exists

Yeah... No

Those people are all cucks
> Sh0e the coalburner


these faggots aren't alt-right at all. they are just anti sjw. stop mixing the two you underage bitch nigga. also

>banana bernie supporter

fuck off


>those are all blue pilled faggots pretending to be redpilled


They may be anti SJW but they are not on our side.

There are plenty of reasons to dislike SocJus zealots while still being a left wing cuck.

That doesn't make you alt right.
Alt-right is a movement in favor of white nationalism and a white ethnostate.

Lifeless shells that need to fill the void. Like this faggotLearn something productive online instead of wasting your time watching "tv" and cuck videos.


In the most backhanded way possible.

Alt-right but never talk about Jews or White Nationalism?

>defecting against a literal neocon

wow, so brave

No, I am.


>Alt-right is a movement in favor of white nationalism and a white ethnostate.

No one talked about the alt-right in this way before the Dems started saying this shit. Fuck off shill.

I'd say they are more of your 'classic liberal' type, and probably not redpilled. I'd say Sargon of Akkad and Shoe are reasonable, open-minded people. The other two are edgy faggots.

stop using words you dont know

one off

nice proxy maple boy

Alt-right leaders are attention-seeking faggots and their followers are all autists.

In this moment, I am euphoric.

hello leaf

I find it endlessly amusing how on Cred Forums 20-somethings who are supposed to be on the cutting edge of internet culture have trouble understanding the popularity of things like Youtube/Twitch. Like a bunch of geriatrics.

Banana man can gtfo.


Not a shill. Even actual Alt-right people like Richard Spencer and the guys at The Right Stuff will tell you that the movement is about white nationalism.
Fags like Milo are not alt right.

>african civilization
now that's an oxymoron

>alt right
>every single person there is left/center left

true they existed but they was still savage shitholes

BEHOLD!!! please watch till the end...ALL of it..

We should call them Ctrl-right to separate us

>fedoras and goobergaters
I hope people start calling these fedoras, coalburners, and faggots alt-right. It'll be so hilarious if they steal your gay label.

Why are people calling shoe a coalburner? Isn't armored skeptic white?


how new are you?

I like their stuff but they are definitely not Alt Right. Nice b8 though

They already have the name 'Alt-lite'

I don't know a single one of those

>against sjw faggotry means alt-right

TAA, Sargon, AS, and even Shoe aren't alt-right at all. TAA is even a retarded SJW himself and Sargon is left leaning. People like Jared Taylor, David Duke, and Chris Cantwell are the closest qualifiers to being representatives of the alt-right.

lets see

literal coal burning whore
>armoured skeptic
literal 30 yo manchild playing with swords like a fucking autist
>amazing atheist
as far from alt right as you can be, and he's a faggot that likes to shove bananas up his ass
literally 1/4 black

don;t know who the other two faggots are but I'm sure they are faggots

Name a white nationalist that was considered a profilic member of the "alt-right" before the Dems started talking about it

>Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor thinks hispanic is a race

A man who blames the Spanish man for mestizo crimes is not a real white nationalist

David Duke

I understand it and want no part of it unless I get something good out of it. I dont need to watch over opinionated people online push their agendas and visions. When I watch a video its to fucking learn changing my spark plugs, or learning other languages, welding....stop blowing your time watching minecraft videos with NEETS speaking nonsense the whole time.

What a spicy meme OP

oh yea, sargon is LITERALLY a cuck
there's one comment of his when he yells on his fans to behave or otherwise he will ban them because they cost him money blah blah, and in the comment he says something like "I have to make money to support my wife, my wife's daughter and blah"

you can't make this shit up

couldn't make it more than half way

>Name a white nationalist that was considered a profilic member of the "alt-right" before the Dems started talking about it
That has to be bait, since the alt-right wasn't "prominent" until Hillary mentioned it. Unless you meant "prominent within the alt-right".

95% of all TV shows are complete garbage for morons too. You should not be surprised at all that the most popular content on Youtube is retarded.

richard spencer

now kill yourself


Richard Spencer coined the term alt right ages ago. And others adopted the label way before this report.

>"prominent within the alt-right".

That's what I meant. The most profilic person I know of before the dems mentioned it is Milo.

Milo is not alt right.
He is a coalburning faggot who doesn't acknowledge racial differences or the Jewish question.


Guess I should distance myself from the alt-right if these kinds of mongoloids are in it



Well that was confusing.
What was up with the person they castrated and dismembered? Enemy tribe or something?

>5 Atheists that belong in gas chambers.

what is this massive autism, and why the fuck is it saved on your computer?


The Amazing Banana's rant about how his tranny gf left him. One day I'll finish reading it.

Why is this so fucking gay?

And still you post the autist rabbit.

Sargon is a cuck and a proud communist.
AAtheist stucks bananas up his ass and pours hot oil on his micro dick. He's also a lefty cuck.

Those are the only two i recognize but I can assume theyre all faggets.

I honestly don't know any of them except for banana fag and I still don't watch him. If the rest of them are anything like him then nobody on that list is alt right. AA is literally far left SJW + the woman hating

yes you should, you anti-white faggot

Who are there? Sargon of Akkad, Amazing Atheist, Shoeonhead (?)... Who are the others?

TJ is not an alt-rightis but a faggot.

David Duke. Milo's just a gay nigger loving fag

I spotted the faggot.

and Jew

Are these alt right Internet personalities the most red-pilled people on the planet?

Sargon is a "classical liberal" that believes in equality and all that.

im just gonna be a fucking nazi i guess
i cant be associated with these fucking cringe trannys and atheists

> TJ
> Sargon
> Armored Skeptic
> ShoeOnHead

None of these people are right-wing.

I made it through the first few paragraphs before I became extremely angry that the person writing it didn't get shot. I will never finish reading it. Fuck that guy.
before autists spend too much time listing white nationalists, I'll just TL;DR and say ALL WHITE NATIONALISTS were prominent in the alt-right, because all the alt-right is is a front for white nationalism, and that's all it's ever been. There is no other meaning to alt-right except the coopted meanings they just started trying to give it this month.

>if you're not a white supremacist you're anti-white

You do realize that behaving like children is not a good strategy if you want people to take you seriously, right? You argue like a feminist.

Pewdiepie isn't on that picture so no.

>a white supremacist
white nationalism =/= white supremacism. Also, people who virtue signal when there's no audience to give them good goy points, are idiots.

I want to hang the faggot that though drawing this would be cool

Richard Spencer is considered a white supremacist and it sounded like you're his buttbuddy

I can name all of these people. Should I kill myself?

Actually you got it wrong grandpa. Yt is dying since 2011. People who are still watching it are the backwards normies. Twitch is already dominating YouTube when it comes to gayming shit and even that is so 2014. I'm not even gonna mention what's the meta of 2016 cuz redditors on this board would ruin it. Get with the times grandpa.

it sounds like you're Milo's buttbuddy faggot

Aside from (who I'm assuming is) Amazing Autist, I have no idea who any of these are.

>Richard Spencer is considered a white supremacist
By who, the SPLC? It sounded like you only take circumcised cock up your prolapse.

Because the media thinks nationalism = supremacy.

Ok whatever, he's a white nationalist then. Doesn't make him any less retarded.

Cancer squad!

>"yeah goyim, nationalism is dumb. Go waste your time with milo instead"

I guess sweden's faggotry is starting to seep into nearby countries as well now

None of them are alt-right. All of them are classical liberals

Alt-right website:

>if he's not on my side he must be a globalist kike!

There you go behaving like a child again. It's like you cretins can't think in any other mode than "us vs. them". Exactly like feminists.

Well you are defending a gay kike

>letting stormweenies anywhere near something
It's like you want everything not neocon cock garbling to be considered nazism

He isn't right wing in any respect. All he is is just anti-sjw like the faggots OP posted. He's simply apart of that crowd for attention and because it's the cool edgy thing.

What did kek mean by this?

How did they even come to start seeing each other anyway?

>Amazing bannana faggot...
>Liberal Marxist Sargon of Cuckkad
>Shoe is nice but she was coalburner... at least she changed... and started dating Armored Autist...
The only one i personally like is Chris Ray Gun
I like his humor and personality.

Who gives a shit if he is motivated by money. He is still doing the world good by being anti-sjw in the public sphere. 1000x more good than any random faggot on Cred Forums who might be "authentic" but doesn't actually do anything to change the world.

>1000x more good than any random faggot on Cred Forums who might be "authentic" but doesn't actually do anything to change the world.

Implying it isn't Cred Forums's high energy that keeps meme magic running.

>The amazing atheist

None of them are alt-right, nor redpilled in any way except hating those stooopid sjws or islam people. They act under the idea that (((classical liberalism))) is a thing, but they're still as nearsighted and gay as normal leftists. Like good (((liberals))) they always need to proclaim how intelligent and well informed their ideas are.

>literal 30 yo manchild playing with swords like a fucking autist

I don't know who the fuck that is, but he sounds like one of us.