Birth Rates

Why are White birth rates so low?

Cred Forums, are you doing your part to continue the White race?

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Believe me, I'd totally marry this cute christian girl who's been my best friend since childhood and fuck like rabbits, but I really am not in a financial situation to do that.

Because the more advanced a civilization becomes, the less children it has. Nohing to do with being white.

Nah they're too busy blaming the Jews for everything, calling people cucks, and memeing.

>whites breeding is racist

its a great thing to see the USA birth rates falling, darwin themselves out of existence

all that greed, and individualism, will slowly be taken over by the collective

>Alpha aryan with god-tier political awareness
>thick patriotic qt
>Affordable pick-up with utility and range
Wtf I love Horsey now

Working class whites simply gave up and quit giving a fuck about their countries sometime after 2005.

I remember how incredibly pissed people were about 9/11 and how much support everyone gave our troops as they came and went from the middle east.

And then sometime since 2005-2008 people just gave up and quit caring.

Female secondary education correlates with lower birthrates more than almost anything. The more educated you are, the less likely to have children. The best years of your life are wasted and you become closer to being infertile.

I don't disagree...maybe not for what horsey means though.

once I have a stable job and a pure qt
3 minimum, 4 optimal might go for 5-7 if I can afford since there's no fear of overpopulation here we're full though so fuck off

What is with horsey and projecting positive qualities as negative?


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Its not so much a white thing as much as 'civilized society' thing

Only third world trash that can barely be called human feels the need to have 5+ kids that they cant even properly care for.

after I die I don't give a shit what happens because a nuclear war is going to reset society anyways.

Its a libcuck defense mechanism. when you know you are pathetic and could never, ever live up to those qualities, its easier to make them seem like bad things rather than admit you arent good enough

Is Horsey a bigoted racist?

Is thick supposed to be good?


I'd been contemplating deferring having kids until I've established trust for their college education.

But the way things are going, I might just go ahead and have kids once I'm settled into a stable marriage, and raise them to be technologically and economically competent enough to not need to attend university.

Because the West has undergone a demographic transition, and large families are no longer called for - the economy values quality (a few highly educated workers) over quantity (masses of unskilled workers). This isn't a white problem, it's a developed countries problem - same is happening in Japan. Developed countries are actually "over target" in terms of population, and nature is trying to stabilize our population at a smaller size, but we're resisting it (by bringing in immigrants) because population shrinkage means, temporarily, an aging population, which hurts net productivity.

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white women hate white men and so does everyone else


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Its the most traditional form of bigotry.

It isn't like me, therefore its wrong.

it's a problem that faces any civilized people in the first world. a significant amount of people live a calm peaceful life where the only times we encounter happenings is from the other side of a LCD screen, our lives are so full of disinterest, safety, and material comforts that we no longer have to seek out other people for comfort. we live a life of apathy devoid of love, meaning, or sense of purpose. there's nothing to do but stay your place, never seeking conflict, never defending your place in society. just grooming as the world deteriorates around you

they are the beautiful ones...

minorities are R selected and whites are K selected

Dating is for cucks.

Until laws dramatically change and we get an apology for starters, fuck women.

men and women are being pitted against each other. immigrants and negroes don't really have any goals outside of fornication, so they remain mostly unaffected.

quality over quantity

I live in the south, and I love seeing large redneck families. The father is typically earning money in a trade, and the children are usually well-mannered and raised with a healthy fear of God.

If present trends continue, urbanite whites will continue to dwindle demographically. However, rural whites will continue to thrive and carry on their European genetics. As Hank, Jr. once said, a country boy can survive.

The rednecks will inherit the earth, and thankfully they'll be less faggy about it than their coastal WASP counterparts who handed their birthright over the mud people and the Jews.

Usually whites are far more educated and they take the decision of not have childrens till they have economic solvency the only whites making kids are the poor rednecks the one who make the master race look like shit

Our ability to think ahead will be our downfall.

Uh hey fag go outside.

1- stop all illegal immigration and immigration from third world countries (reverse the immigrations laws that were approved in 1965 and adopt the old one prior to ww2)

2- change laws regarding marriage and stuff, so men would feel comfortable getting married and won't be worried about getting fucked up if they ever happen to get divorced, making family ties stronger than they currently seem to be

3- ban the welfare system and replace it with some "welfare job system". Give people jobs instead of money from taxes, it will be healthier and uncivilized people will start being socially active instead of just democrat cannon fodder for votes.

4- financial incentives for "traditional families", i.e. the nuclear family. This will have major impacts on white families since the only minority group that is prone to have the nuclear family other than white families are the Asians. Getting the nuclear family back as the rule of thumb in America is the easiest way from reversing feminism and anti-white propaganda.

5- The government should regulate the media for selling this idea as a national priority.

6- start importing people from eastern Europe (i.e. Ukraine and all of those regions currently facing conflicts, the regions the US should be paying attention instead of importing Muslims from Syria).

This will have the same impact when it comes to votes that what the democrats do with non-white immigration. All non-whites vote democrat because democrats were the ones that let them in, the same will happen with eastern European immigrants if the party that happened to let them in were the republican party. They would be prone to vote republican and they would make America more white in the long run.

7- start putting those eastern European immigrants in non-white neighborhoods and cities like Detroit. This will be reverse third world colonialism and will inflate race conflicts in America, giving the whites the upper hand, since minorities will start chimping out.

Just shut down the power grid every other weekend!
People get bored, people start fucking.

pic for reference



That's pretty much the only form of bigotry. No one is bigoted against themselves.

What is "starters"?


I'm laying that one at the feet of the CIC. A country's leader should inspire its citizens. Like Trump does.

By advanced you mean atheist and post nationalist right ? Also conquered.

No, advanced as in having a primarily service based economy.

People are selfish and only wish to work hard for their personal gain.

We have 3 kids. 2 are at Uni and youngest is 14. You're welcome.

Very good plan. University is officially really expensive daycare, and will only get worse

Well, how about a loan that promotes marriage. Give you a loan for having a kid. The more you have the less you have to pay off.

Wasn't talking to you, but the whole service based economy thing is a globalist meme.

Scots-Irish are based and traditional, but they can turn into niggers at the drop of a hat.

Anglo-Saxons are cucked these days, but their traditional civility and protestant ethic is a model all other urbanized cultures in America ought to aspire to.

just saying that parallels between our society and Universe 25 can be made

Women are just very very nasty.

I grew up being told to see women as equals and what do I see in society?

Vastly unfair laws, men getting the rough end of the stick.

Women are nothing like how they are represented in media.

I expected kind compassionate creatures, not vile troglodytes.

Women won't apologize for all this cultural marxism shit until it's too late.

Spending fertile years in education and workforce, enabled by contraception which itself prevents births.

That doesn't answer the question. Is "starters" some slang term or women?

Wait, is that image looks negative?

Looks like he's portraying Trump supports as ultra-alpha male whites.

It's the Verhoeven affect, where he has become so out-of-touch with reality that his satire comes across as promotional material.

>implying people won't just keep to their own like in NYC enclaves

Learn from the niggers
Get gibs

Christ go read a dictionary you retarded American.

How have you never heard of "for starters"?

Every white person should have at least 4 children.

Fuck, what the hell happened to Takumi? Why is he alone in that filthy room? Why isn't he drifting and handing people's asses to them? Is it because of japanese policy on modded cars nowadays? Damn, all hope is lost.

What are the incentives of having kids to the average white male or even female in 2016 culture? Even in Christian circles, your marriage is more likely to fail then not. As a man you've then lost half your shit forever and as a woman your dating market value plummets - no incentives to try again. Now throw kids into that mix. Who wants to have kids in a divorce situation? It's shitty for you, the ex-wife, and especially the kids. The ideal family unit is a myth today - and anything short of that myth is misery. Not to mention the fact that 30 is the new 20 in the worst possible sense - people aren't growing up anymore. They try and act 18 as long as they can because they know a raw deal's waiting for them afterwards. Compare that to poor black communities where having kids is incentivized via more federal aid and whatnot and you really get the baseline - white people no longer find children to be a worthwhile investment in terms of time or money while black people are literally financially rewarded for popping out more. The other minorities are probably a bit healthier than both of them to be quite honest because they're not on the extremes of the cost-benefit spectrum - though not much.

whtie genocide is real

>implying people won't just keep to their own like in NYC enclaves

That's my point. They will stick to their own, but soon they'll start being the majority. They will do in those regions what the blacks did to detroit. If America reverse demographics in key states and regions that always vote democrat such as California and minority regions, then America will start being what it was in the early 60's.

If that happens, then you'll change things in the long run. But the way things are going, then it just won't change, cause obama is filling mid western regions with syrian refugees and the democrats are doing exactly the opposite of what I suggested.


High Taxes make it hard to raise children.

It's common in Europe and in Japan-Korea. Things are too expensive

Googled "verhoeven affect" and "verhoeven effect". What are you talking about?

Type in American couple

Prepare to be mindfucked

>OMFG there are black inventors in America!

Simply, this.

We have doomed ourselves unless we make a fourth reich of prosperity and simple joy of our folk.

Democratic economics and unionization cucked Detroit.

The people that remain are the descendants of those who lacked the sense/means to jump ship after the riots, and got sucked up into the welfare machine after big auto got raped by globalization.


Do it! The world needs more dank Finns

The problem is that those generational niggers (boomers) have made marriage and having kids a huge liability rather than a life goal. Those fucking niggers have made it to where you can get married, have your wife cheat on you, and you still pay alimony and child support for a child that's not yours. Not only that, but they made promiscuity the norm.

So now it's not worth it to get married and have kids, even though that's what most men want. In the end men are blamed for not settling down despite it not being worth it at all.

On the day of the rope boomers need to swing first.

Because high IQ populations can evaluate resources and contemplate whether or not they'll have sufficient funds and location and etc to give children a proper home and care and raise them in prosperity so they'll have the maximal amount of opportunity and won't bankrupt the parents. They have foresight and so they worry about their future and the future of their children. Hence why European and many Asian countries have crashing birthrates. This isn't actually a problem though, it just means the population will lower form what it was.

On the other hand low IQ populations don't have such concerns and are content to simply pump out children and get whatever scraps of money they'll be handed out to give the kid a waffle in the morning and a peanut butter sandwich for the school they don't pay attention in because their parents don't give a fuck how they do. Ironically the dysgenics of the welfare state means that the high IQ populations have their money and resources taken from them and given to these low IQ populations so that they can continue breeding without a worry while the high IQ tear their hair out wondering if they'd be able to put one hypothetical kid through college.

This comes to a racial crest in America since whites tend to have higher IQs than blacks and whatever the fuck you wanna call "ethnic" Mexicans and everyone south of them. So essentially you've got whites paying for the children of blacks and latinos and because they're footing that bill they don't know if they have the money for their own children.

If you combine this with now a couple generations of propaganda telling people there's an overpopulation problem you then compound the "Do I have enough money for children?" with "Should I not have children if the world is overpopulated? Am I being selfish?" and then further propaganda of "Motherhood is lame, being a housewife is lame, sell your ovaries for a career as a middle management paper pusher it'll be completely fulfilling!"

Women are children, they literally exist to follow.

And instead of following their husbands, they now follow the government. You cant really blame them they are the pawns. A huge step in undoing all this cultural decay is removing female influence from politics and most importantly, finance.

This entire system can ONLY be propped up by female consumer spending, they literally account for 83% of it. And most of that is not rightfully their money

>Google is a libfag company run by literal Jews
>"Wow! Why is it when I search for thing it gives me libfag results by literal Jews?"

You've never watched a Verhoeven movie? Not even Starship Troopers or Robocop?

Basically he's known for making satires that don't actually look like satires.


It's funny that the image shows rural people.

It would be interesting to see stats on this but my expectation is it's not rural people having this problem. They still get married and have kids in their 20s.

It's the city whites who basically fuck around but don't get married or have kids until their 30s, if ever.

Pass a law that mandates all white families receive 75k/yr if they have no job. Wait 50 years and see what happens.

He needs to clean that shit sty he's living in first. How could he ever bring a qt back to a place that looks like that?

Because White People pay for everything. All those nigger babies on welfare live off white man's tax dollars.

How is this cartoon even a cartoon?

Seems normal. Normal is satire to him?

You're missing my point, I'm talking about demographics changes, not Detroit.

America is changing, and soon things will be fucked up if nothing is done until then.
You already had a black president, you're likely to have a woman now (even though I hope trump wins, the impact of the demographic changes America went through for the last decades are already boiling up in this election) and the next after this election is very likely to be muslim.
A gay muslim transgender or whatever the hell it may be would be the most "progressive" choice by your current culture and collective mentality.

You can't change mentality if you lack demographics. You can't get non-white to think like white people. It's easier to import more white people and make them think the way you want them to think, in other words, just do what the democrats have been doing in the last decades with non-white immigrants, but from now on with white immigrants that will resurge the future of the country.

It's kind of harsh, but that's the only path I can see for America to save itself.
Or else, well, all the people rulling your contry will be non white and you'll start living in a foreign country in your own home, because you'll be misrepresented by thema and they won't give a fuck about your needs and your life because they'll only care about the recent non white immigrants that will start being the majority.
And that's sad as fuck.

The finnish people won't die whilst I live, I'll become the new literal hitler if that's what it takes

>all that greed, and individualism
Nah, those are fine.

Youre thinking of Alinksy.

Basically everything is imploding in the next 20 years regardless of what anyone on any side wants

Oh... Seen robotcop. Never heard about this, know any sources that explains what you mean specifically? I can't see how it relates to robotcop.

>are you doing your part to continue the White race?
Let it all burn, I have no legacy.

The wife and I don't want to bring a child into this world. I have no dog in this race.

Shits a mess so I'll trust your kids to have it sorted someday.

Until then, Ill keep voting down school bonds and police funding.

I also dump my used motor oil in my back yard.

Fuck your future.

Damn I would love to see horsey going full porn, I bet he is better at it then politics.

Never noticed the couple to the left

>Why are White birth rates so low?

> Welfare and social benefit policies financially reward the generally poorer non-White groups for having large broods of children. Preferential hiring policies set aside jobs for non-Whites. Lax enforcement of employment law allows non-Whites to undercut the wages of educated White American citizens. The appalling aspect of these trends is that most of these policies, such as welfare, food stamps, and free emergency medical care, are predominantly financed by White American taxpayers. These White American taxpayers labor under conditions calculated to bring about their genocide as the progressive income tax discourages the most productive White Americans from having children.

>Educated, self-reliant, and law-abiding White American taxpayers face the greatest disincentives to having large families. Instead, these White taxpayers work hard but are forced to financially support criminals, illegal aliens, and welfare abusers. The taxes paid by hardworking White citizens are transferred to illiterate illegal aliens to bankroll large broods of anchor babies that will produce an ever-increasing amount of welfare obligations and future criminals. The White American population dwindles while the non-White populations exponentially increase, further straining the welfare system, crowding prison cells, diluting educational standards, and destroying formerly safe White neighborhoods. White Americans face incremental genocide by design, which is precisely why so many fail to recognize the creeping trend.

its not that whites are abnormally low. its that muslims are abnormally high (part of their plan to take over the world).

Kill them all. Im not even white, but these leeches all need to go. Permanently.


For an ideology that supposedly champions the poor, Leftism does seem to have it in for poor Whites.

People like Horsey better hope that the gun-toting rednecks don't take Marxism to heart.

Well, Robocop for example is set in a dystopian future where mega-corporations run every single aspect of people's lives including police forces, but the negative aspects of it aren't really shown. Similarily, Starship Troopers glorifies fascism, in an over-the-top way.

where's the punchline?

Marxism never really did try to pander to "rednecks". They were always more about the urban working class.

Becuase their women are unemancipated, birth control is eschewed and patriarchy is upheld. Any insular religion like Orthodox Jews, amish and Mormons has these ingredients, Islam is just most prominent.

> You can't change mentality if you lack demographics

Sure you can. Modern Dems came to power during an era of civility, promising safety for those who fell through the cracks.

Now we live in a time of multigenerational welfare, drugs/poverty, and consequently crime, and increasing numbers of people across demographics are willing to go back to Republicans (specifically Trump) for jobs, order, and civility.

I'm all for limited immigration to only the skilled (and perhaps educated in an economically valuable field), but I believe cultural capital is more important than demographics.

Except perhaps Scandinavians/Germans, who turn everything they touch into modern Sweden.

Make covenant marriage the default in all fifty states. If you want an easy to throw away marriage, you'll need to sign a legal contract affirming that you have no intention of sticking around when things get rough.

>Covenant marriage is a legally distinct kind of marriage in three states (Arizona, Arkansas, and Louisiana) of the United States, in which the marrying spouses agree to obtain pre-marital counseling and accept more limited grounds for later seeking divorce (the least strict of which being that the couple lives apart from each other for only one year). Both proponents and critics of covenant marriage have described it as government inviting religion into the public square. Louisiana became the first state to pass a covenant marriage law in 1997; shortly afterwards, Arkansas and Arizona followed suit. Since its inception, very few couples in those states have married under covenant marriage law.

>Prior to entering into a covenant marriage, a couple must attend premarital counseling sessions "emphasizing the nature, purposes, and responsibilities of marriage" and must sign a statement declaring "that a covenant marriage is for life." In contrast to no-fault divorce's more lenient requirements for non-covenant marriages, a spouse in a covenant marriage desiring a divorce may first be required to attend marital counseling.[9][8] A spouse desiring a divorce must also prove that one of the following is true:

>The other spouse has committed adultery.
>The other spouse has committed a felony.
>The other spouse engages in substance abuse.
>The other spouse has physically or sexually abused the spouse or a child.
>The spouses have been living separately for a minimum amount of time specified by law (one or two years, depending on the law of the state).

Practically all niggers are dirt poor and receiving government aid, so they have nothing to lose by fucking and having kids carelessly.

White women have become poisoned by feminism and convinced that they shouldn't fulfill their roles as mothers. White men who have kids can be ruined financially and even put in prison by women who falsely accuse and biased family courts.

Because the cost of having a child when you are a civilized white person is some multiple of the cost of having a kid taken care of by gubment programs

absolutely nope. Don't care.

How would that increase birth rates though? If the marriage is harder to exit, it wouldn't make people more willing to have sex, they'd just end up being "married" in name only. The main effect would be to reduce the numer of people married.

> cant tell the difference between nationalism and fascism
> french

fascism is a SOCIALIST sub-genre, starship troopers didnt have anything to do with socialism, controlling the economy or suppressing dissent.

Protip: under fascism, the corporations are CONTROLLED BY THE STATE not the other way around.

seriously froggy, do you even read?

Women are supposed to be thick. They're supposed to have "motherly fat". Skinny bitches cannot nourish a child properly, nor bear healthy children.

This is true, every time there's a blackout or blizzard I'd do nothing but have sex all day. (sometimes even with a woman)

I don't know, do you?

Why bother. You've all woken up too late. Most of you spent the 2000s being collossal leftist faggots. Women are ridiculous treasonous filth and most white people are monumental scum just looking to cash in no matter the damage to their country. Boomers should be gassed. This whole movement is like pushing shit uphill. All your hopes are pinned on some dodgy property developer who probably won't be able to do shit unless he destroys parliament and becomes dictator. Most of gen y are still leftist faggots even though the result of decades of leftists policies are right in their face and are ruining their lives yet they're still these unbelievable scum useful idiots.

It's over.

Why bother putting effort into your marriage when you can leave anytime you want with a ton of court mandated parting gifts? Making divorce more difficult means people who have to put more effort into their marriage to prevent getting trapped into a bad one. Only feminists believe that all men will beat the shit out of their wives for fun while watching the Super Bowl.


We remain accountable for our offspring.

Horsey is such an insufferable fuckhead

because there are barriers that never existed before

the government, which is usually incompetent and corrupt let those barriers become massive by transforming family courthouses to slaughterhouses

> "i know you are but what am i?"
nice one mustafa.

defend your ignorance and stupidity by making a baseless childish accusation against your betters.

read mussolini, read mein kampf, read das kapital and you MIGHT come to understand that authoritarianism is a marxian ideal, and oppression is how marxists keep control.

Bonus Protip: mussolini (inventor of fascism) was an ardent marxist, a member of the forst and second cominterns, and editor in chief of the largest marxist newspaper in europe, "Avanate!" before he added a clever twist to marx's doggerel and created fascism, which is now re-branded as "democratic socialism"

> You can't change mentality if you lack demographics

>Sure you can.

I'm talking about permanent changes, not changes that will only apply in times of need.

People are currently leaning on the republicans just because the democrats have fucked it up.
They will start voting democrat once again as soon as the republicans solve the problems to a bearable extent.

You can't change permanent mentality without changing demographics, and the democrats have changed demographics for the american people have the permanent left wing mindset they currently have...

It's a hard truth to swallow, but I believe you can see my point. America can be whatever the hell it wants to be, but the "old classic america" that existed between its foundation until the mid 60's was a white america.
What is going on now is a different kind of america, and it's due to demographic changes

Post Horsey girls

its a combination of porn, education level, abortion and the economy

Even if it's over (which it isn't), you have no excuse from fighting until it is over. This is existential stuff we're talking about.

>change laws regarding marriage and stuff
if you think this is gonna change without a fight you are mistaken

Or people can just take the sane option and not get married at all. And while most men aren't abusive, it's dumb to take the chance. The main result will be a reduced number of marriages - even if marriages are more likely to be successful.

>white americans become cucked
>we need more immigrants to uncuck america

I'm on to you. Invest in Americans that are already here, and stop importing Eurocucks.

Even Slavs might not be cucked when they arrive, but nobody that comes here legally is. One generation later, they're just as cucked as everyone else. It's a systemic issue.


cause white people gotta pay for the kids they breed

niggers dont

Your diaspora are literally responsible for this. The divorce lawyers portion of the phone books is like a Tel Aviv tea party.

Marx literally called for a stateless society you absolute pancake.

>Women won't apologize for all this cultural marxism shit until it's too late.

>women apologizing

You can't invest estrictly in white americans that are already there because that will be "racist".

And if you do a baby-boomer policy again, non-white people will be prone to have more children than whites. It only worked after ww2 because america had a gigantic majority of whites back in the day, what doesn't reflect to the reality the country faces today.

But you can change demographics by importing more whites. You can pass that law by accepting only christian countries, and all of that. It's easier to filtrate non white countries if you take in only skilled workers, for instance.

>tfw Irish descent gf with blue eyes, auburn hair, freckles, and white as fuck skin
>tfw she wants 5 kids with me
>tfw Polish/German/Danish
>tfw we're both 29

I don't think I can have 5 kids if we're both pushing 30. I want to make sure they're not retarded and that I can have a home to myself in my mid fiddies.

I just want to say that the way you described the truck is hilarious.

isn't it funny that almost every courthouse on the planet follows the same pattern?

woman, as a whole. support these laws to the fullest. attempt to change these laws and woman will protest by the millions

>this is bad

Please stop, redheads are my weakness.

This is bigoted and racist.

Its clearly not over because we are communicating from literally halfway across the world and sharing ideas.

Take the defeatism shit somewhere else faggo

Jacking off into a sock every night

Look at how much money you get per year from the government and see how that helps you pay for diapers and shiet, I'll wait. It's not much is it? They don't have kids because they expect a ton of free money, they have kids because they don't know how to use condoms or don't realize just how expensive having a family is. It's stupidity not gaming the system.

It always surprised me how many kids Hispanic family has. 4 isn't rare, and I live in one of the expensive city in the US. How do they afford so many kids?

Horsey lost me on this one. He's trying to say white people having more kids is bad, I guess, but why.

A lethal combination of technological innovation and jewish media subversion tearing down white cultural mores

Boomers had a culture around them, and religion, forces that pushed them to marriage and children. Kids today have hamburger commercials. God is dead.

They don't. The government subsidizes their breeding.

T. Baby boomer

The lower the lifeform the larger its offspring because the death risk is too high therefore most advanced beings have less offspring

So naturally installing yourselves as sinecures has security.

>A-user, I've been reading some statistics and I'm concerned about the white fertility rate. What do you think we can do to stop it?



*fix it, not stop it lol

If you dont like it, you know where to find the door

>Desire to breed more intensifies.

is Horsey Biele?

I'm from a coastal WASP family. It's sad to see our decline.

mia sollis a cute

Also Gingers are even better.

We're not like you anglo cunts who whinge to their parents if they don't get the latest gaming console.
Anglo kids are spoiled af and anglos don't know how to save money

its no pols fault.

go tell tumblr or kos or whoever the fuck.

> Marx literally called for a stateless society you absolute pancake.

another fool who didnt read das kapital.

the "stateless society" comes AFTER the repressive and violent authoritarian socialist state has broken all resistance to "scientific marxism"

ill explain because youre clearly a dunce

1 : violent proletarian revolution
2 : bourgeoisie get shot
3 : revolutionaries are "de-radicalized" (that means they too are shit)
4 : Authoritarian Socialist State suppresses all dissent
5 : proles are "re-educated" in the glories of marxism whether they like it or not
6 : Authoritarian Socialist State exports "glorious revolution" to bourgeois states
7 : all world comes under power of Authoritarian Socialist State and The Party
8 : ??????
9 : NO PROFIT!!! (stateless utopian worker's paradise!)

it really is exactly that simple, and that retarded.

if you dont believe me, read Das Kapital for yourself

marxism is the islamic caliphate of economics

i would waste few minutes excoriating you for being such an ignorant cunt about the shit you claim to believe in, but why bother?

you adopted marxism without reading it's tenets, you are simply worthless and utterly inferior.

Any good videos on white genocide?
My wife is mostly redpilled via Black Pigeon and such but called me a conspiracy theorist when I started talking about race-mixing propaganda

This. Bone thin women and obese women are both things to manipulate you away from the true, 25-30% woman ideal.

You'll like JAB then.

Several Factors:

This generation has job shit for savings and rent and property prices have never been higher, it's ridiculous. Children are very expensive. This generation in general wants to party, fuck and travel way longer.

Sex is now very easy to get for an alpha male, and for the rest they would rather play video games and masturbate (the technology of which has reached an unprecedented level).

The western woman has become incredibly self centered and bitchy, stacked onto the 3rd wave feminist movement all Beta Males (80% of men) are terrified of being accused of sexual harrasment or worse-rape. Which has been made ridiculously easy and you are assumed guilty regardless and have your life ruined well before there could even be a trial.

Marriage is not longer worth it for the modern man, 80% of divorces are initiated by woman and more often then not they are forced into literal slavery with alimony and child support. There is apsolutely no reason for the woman to remarry as she would lose her 80% of her ex husbands income support while she shacks up with a guy half her age.

Basically that. Why have kids? Too fucking nightmarish for men. Hopefully the lower population will lead to lower rent prices.

Somehow just living life has become prohibitively expensive

Once you get enough money to make it, you don't want to lose it all by having kids. School's expensive as fuck now

The only people having kids are so low on the totem pole that they'd have no money either way, kids or not

>How do I into butts?

now post the REAL horsey comic and stop dragging this proud white nationalist through the mud

that is the real one
unless you mean the really real one

Theres a pretty hot edit of this image that shows the next panel where they fuck



Because Whites have become accustomed to a high standard of living, which can be diminished by having children. We have foresight, so we wait to have children in periods of uncertainty and before we are certain we can maintain a high standard of living. If our poor areas were safer, perhaps we would have more children, but they are infested with niggers, but even this may not matter too much, because Japan has safe ghettos and they still have low birth rates.

Either way, it's a combination of intelligence and social pressures. Even mice are capable of experiencing this effect though, so whatever.



I pay thirty fucking percent of my income in taxes. How can I have kids when I need to support Jamal and Pacos butt ugly children?


trump understands your concern

Marx did not believe that authoritarianism is the ideal form of government, he believed it was a necessary step on the way to a stateless socialist paradise.

>ctrl+f dilbert
No one fucking caught Dilbert in the background?

Four white kids, one on the way December 12.

I did my part.

Congrats. Got any pics of your wife's milky tits?

>I did my part
keep going, you need to offset the people only having 1 or 2, if you can.

I just hate it when women who are in that sweet spot go on about how fat they are and all the things they want to do to lose weight.

nobody cares about the details anymore

proud of you
christian or atheist?


Donate sperm

Even if non-whites use it, your whiteness spreads

Mexican here.

have kids with a white girl, have 2 beautiful pecan colored kids, a boy and a girl.

Stay mad faggots

Don't worry senpai. You can all go back.

Nah i think ill stay, i already have my citizenship. Thank you for the offer tho

we'll even pay for your plane ticket

Sorry senpai, your time here is numbered. Might be a year but you are going back.

Might be years*

You cant deport us citizens, sorry

t. nigger

It's better than the ones who say fuck it and go beyond that. The minimum for a healthy pregnancy is actually 18%, but the babies are generally smaller, but beyond 30% they are more likely to get a host of chronic conditions.

Not yet. Trump is a means to an end. He is the doorway to our fascist.
>implying you are not a white male

short answer:


It will be the death of the Western world


I'm white you retard.

Its ok just keep working and paying taxes so we can give welfare checks to the minority baby makers, thats their job not yours racist son of a bitch

Both are the same search in different languages. Foreign version was not updated to (((current year))); basically, the results on google are purposefully manipulated.

Definetly not a white man.

You trumptards really are delusional.

He wont even stick to his mass deportation claims, you think he is going to somehow remove peoples citizenships? Ive been a citizen for years now phamalam, let it go. And have some white kids if it bothers you so much.

What think guys?

Because of:
>no religion
>welfare state

I would fuck a t h i c c country girl so hard.

We whites understand that children cost significant time and money that the government won't cover for us. Minorities don't care and just want to fuck around because they have nothing of meaning in their pathetic lives other than fleeting orgasms and don't care about their children growing up in a good home.

>tfw no neo-feminism
>tfw barely any sjws
>tfw religion is irrelevant to birthrates here
>tfw no cucks here
>tfw welfare state is a positive here
>tfw leftists dont have any kids here
40 years
if russia or NATO doesnt attack us for 40 fucking years we'll be right wing as fuck


We got tired when Bush said "fuck getting back at the people who actually attacked us, let's send your sons to die in the desert for oil!"

Seriously, he said he did not care about going after bin laden 6 months after 9/11...wouldn't you just stop caring too?

Atheist, but not antitheist. My wife is agnostic, one of our daughters is pretty religious and goes to a Baptist Church. Religion just doesn't come up that much.

> giving pics of my wife's tits on Cred Forums and getting doxed


>tfw suicide rate high because no fun
Please let me in Finnbro, I am a right wing middle class 120 IQ fun Brazilian white guy

Every white couple should be having at least 3 children. 4 even, to make up for the decifit created by permavirgins, shut in NEETs, landwhales, etc.

Additionally, it would be good if beside having children within the family, white men impregnated brown women from time to time to be diluting niggers.

>doesn't care
most based option of them all
keep it up freedomfriend, keep it up.

if you like high suicide rates that much why don't you fucking kill yourself

I don't like high suicide rates, I'm just asking you to let me in.

tfw no redneck to save the white race with :(

Correction: socialist. Marx's ideal was for socialism to be temporary, communism would be stateless/government-less completely.

It is true, however, both Mussolini and Hitler spent their youth as fervent socialist politicians.

>That feel when sterile

Because the realise there is little demand for people. Certainly not enough for them to ensure a good chance at a comparable social class for their progeny as they had if they reproduce their own numbers. Umfortunately the larger slice of the American Pie of opportunity that should be the inheritance of these now fewer offspring is commandeered and given to immigrants who will ensure people are as cheap an valued as lowly in the US as they are anywhere in the world, the environment be damned. Let floods of human surplus swarm over the land like locusts.


this. Women won't apologize, they'll hide behind whoever offers them safety once safety is no longer guaranteed. That means ANYONE.

Our inability to live and let die is what will do us in.

Get her before she's gone

We don't prop up or tear down religion. I was raised pretty devout Catholic and my wife was raised hardcore Southern Baptist. Neither of us really care one way or the other about it. Oddly, we live in the most rural part of East Texas and nobody has ever given us shit for this.

Turns out, people don't really care if you're a godless apostate so long as you don't run around being a cunt about things.

Anyway, once this one is delivered, we are done. I get snipped or she does, depending on which is cheapest. Four kids is a motherfucker of a logistics job. You know that scene in Aliens when Alone is lining the Marines up to get them in the APC? That's me every fucking morning. I line them all up in the order they get in the car, make sure everybody has clothes, shoes and backpack (they fuck that up a lot), and when they're ready to go, I toss open the door and shoo them to the car my wife has pulled around. That's every day.

They'll probably end up with based negros then her kids will kill them

It has everything to do with women education

jesus that is almost exactly like my room, even the mattress in the middle of the room

> Govt regulate media...
Nope. Only close borders and surgical sterilization required to collect welfare benefits (where welfare is welfare and any of the other things they have renamed it in order to hide it)

Whitecucks would never beat Mexicans and Niggers.

Why does this guy hate Southern culture so much? Does he just think all Southerners are racist, or that he's better than them? I'm from north of the Mason-Dixon Line, and even I see why Southerners hate Yankees: Disenfranchising, elitist snob bullshit. It's not even a good idea, since they're giving up all their weapons and only good old boys are going to be left armed. Kind of like poking a bear in the eye.

>What think guys?

Think you're a fag.

Things in the west should be like in russian, in poland and in hungary.

Over there there are laws that prevent degenerate propaganda (i.e. homosexuality, etc) from getting into contact with people.

Degeneracy should be allowed (as it always have been), BUT NEVER ENCOURAGED.

That's the difference from the old conservative america compared to the hell you've been through today.

There should be laws against things that corrupts the nuclear family. The nuclear family is the core of western civilization.
The media-tycoon-jews have already managed to destroy christianity, but they should not destroy christian values.

Otherwise, things will go down the same road once again in the future.

>tfw all the old folks tell me about how horrible families above 8 are
>still would want to have over 8 kids if I just could afford it
>probably will have more kids than I can afford and drive myself into debt or constantly work overtime
I shall suffer so others must not and all that shit I guess

I fully support allowing all forms of degeneracy. Darwin will handle it as long as we don't pay for it or import it. Welfare is the state's interest in what people do in their private lives, and tge only serious force encouraging, and enabling the breakup of the nuclear family

>This entire system can ONLY be propped up by female consumer spending, they literally account for 83% of it.
This is true. Didn't consumerism first come about in the 50's with selling unnecessary shit to house wives?

And now it's women that buy into most of the consumerism market.

And if men do indulge it, it's because they feel they have to get involved in the increasingly crazy dating game, which is propagated by women.

They really are the wreckers of civilization.

I'll listen out what you got to say about that on your death bed. At least enjoy your life, it's going to be hell in your late years.

>its a coast fag thinks the midwest is all bunch of rednecks

Come to Omaha so I can punch you

No, this has been tried.
Didn't work, people would make revolutions here.

Every day that I am on here I'm reminded of the absolute fact that there really IS a pron for everything

Because of:

then* not here.

wtf? I'm a republican now!

>I really am not in a financial situation to do that.

Difference between shitskins and whites.

If degeneracy goes mainstream, people will consider it normal.
It always happened, but it never were the core of any society apart from sodoma and gomorra.

It became normal being a degenerate after the 60's, and what we face today is a result of that.

Even the welfare state, if you wanna know the truth. The welfare state the way it is today, would be considered a degenerate thing back in the day.

You can't keep people from being degenerates, I can agree with you on that, but you should never encourage it, it should never be what kind want to be when they grow up, and this is a reality in the west.
People don't search a healthy life anymore, and the government should change those impacts of cultural marxism in our everyday life.

The ideas the media sells are not paying up anymore. The "common" mentality the millennials share is the reason they are all fucked up today.

Political correctness has a lot to do with all of those problems.
If that's not changed in the future, then you'll just improvising and actually doing nothing for solving those problems once and for all.

The more reasonable you try to make your life, the less reasons you have to live.

Assuming you've consumed the modern day acceptable world view.

Birth control, abortion on demand, and the active cultivating of a sense that families are things you don't want to have in the minds of particularly young women by the Jew.

Holy shit, I just realize that my mom had a copy of that when I was growing up.

It's not easy, but it's rewarding. I work 48 hour shifts with 96 hours of downtime between, so for four days at a shot I'm the cook, cleaner and general manager. Usually, I end up sort of like a drill sergeant only nicer. It's amazing how many kids and random subjects I can address on one lung full of air:

"Get that out of your mouth, put your brother down, that's his shoes not yours get them off your head, leave my thermostat alone, if you don't get that homework done in the next five minutes you're going to be wearing your ass for a hat."

Probaby because
>African American
Is used a lot.


>Things in the west should be like in russian, in poland and in hungary.
>Over there there are laws that prevent degenerate propaganda (i.e. homosexuality, etc) from getting into contact with people.
If that was truth, we wouldn't have gay parades every now and then. The only banned things are public nudity (gay parades can still be organized as long as they don't swing their naked dicks and tits around in public) and public sex. The difference is that people here are too busy with work, trying to pay all the bills and shit to bother with 1st world problems like not liking your peepee or complaining no one likes your fat ass. People are so disinterested germany was sending their degenerates to attend gay parades in Poland.

Resistance to these parades doesn't come from normal people. Normal people kinda dislike it, but they don't have time with our slave wages to play crusaders on the streets. It's mainly skinheads who like to think about themselves highly, who think they're defenders of our values, honour and religion, but also like to gang up few on one, demolish trash cans, leave their spray shitstains on the walls and not be able to recite any prayer. They're also bad, but at least they keep worse stuff at bay, like infantry made of the dumbest citizens.
Some small part of resistance comes from old people (60yo+) who truly believe in god and have abundance of time since they don't work anymore.

Normal people either don't atend anything, or focus on attending patriotism-focused marches during national holidays when there's no work, like independance day.

Grounds for degeneracy simply aren't good there due to relatively poor people (not as many spoiled people with nothing else to do) and we aren't relevant enough to anyone care about us, except germany which uses us as cheap labor in their car factories and export market for their shit supermarkets.

Stop talking about stuff you have no idea about.

I'm not going to have children.

I won't be supporting the welfare state.

Good luck keeping the animals fed when the white people go away.

Thank you annon

I'm really glad you guys laid this out for me. I was in the military from 2004 to 2008 and when i got back, no one cared anymore

It was like the the whole country gave up. I can't explain it. Like when the snowden leaks happened i thought that people would finally fight back and correct the ship.

everything died in 2007

I masturbate into my bed sheet every night so there is a slight chance every night that if a white female burglar breaks into my room after I'm done and gets on my bed, the semen might soak it's way through her pants into her vagina.

>Stop talking about stuff you have no idea about.

>The Polish President, Andrzej Duda, has signed controversial laws enabling the new conservative government to appoint the heads of public TV and radio, as well as civil service directors.
>The treasury minister will have the right to hire and fire the broadcasting chiefs - a role currently in the hands of a media supervisory committee.
>European media watchdogs have protested at the move. The EU Commission suspects Poland may be jeopardising EU values.

I guess you're the one that knows nothing about, janusz.
If you didn't know about that, that was I was talking about.

And it's working, you know.
Hungary will get to vote to decide if they want to take in migrants or not, for instance. And the visegrad countries are going that way.

Is that a bad thing?
No one got to vote for it during the crisis.

I think it's progress in order to prenvent degeneracy. But that's just me, maybe I'm wrong, maybe watching miley cyrus semi-naked around would be better for our future...

A good plan.

Ride's over, lads. We've been cucked hard by potent counter-meme majicks. Balance has been restored to the cosmos. It had to end eventually.

One child now, planning on at least two more before it's all said and done. Anyone giving bullshit reasons as to why they can't have kids like money and time are failures. You will find both and make up for any other deficiencies you may have in time.

Horsey has to be either gay or Jewish. His contempt for Christian whites appears to be boundless.

Running a script using greasemonkey or whatever doesn't fucking count douchebag.

This link doesn't say anything about degeneracy, pedro. After every gov change parties put their people into high positions here. There are still fucktons of shady deals and post commies in polish elites. PiS siezes everything at much faster rate because due to PO massive incompetence and sellout of the country to germany they got enough seats to not need any coalition + president is theirs. They simply can pass anything they want now. And because parties in Poland are extremely authoritarian and Jarek lost brother in that plane crash (which could be either fucking accident, or sabotage from PO or some other puppetmasters from old military intelligence or other post commie leftovers), they might also hold personal grudge and aim to shut down as much opposition as possible.

I'm not telling our current direction when it comes to cultural stuff is bad, but the reason for this direction isn't what you think it is. It isn't some "savior of white race" miracle plan or anything, but just concidence. Even those christian refugees who were brought here by private foundation fucked off to germany overnight because social benefits here are delayed and very low.

No idea about Hungary, but according to Hungarians here, Orban also has lot of shitty past and he simply plays populist game. Just because someone is criminal doesn't mean he's stupid. You need some intelligence to stay on top, even if you're corrupt as fuck. He might see that western european elites are losing support left and right because normal people are fed up with this bullshit. You don't have to be rocket scientist to understand that if you do the same, you'll also lose lot of support. He doesn't have to care about people to let them vote on something he knows the outcome of. If I wanted just to keep my position and didn't care about my people, I'd do the same. Besides every referendum is also a way of pushing responsibility on citizens if problem is too complicated.


all me

Legal immigrants are just as harmful as illegal immigrants, they are taking a job from an American while adding 1 more person to the US which increases the cost of living.

It's a woman's mentality.
Move the top of the mountain to where you currently stand, rather than climbing to the top.

Full size


This. The fucks that meme
>but it's okay if it LEGAL
Should be taken out back and shot

> be white
> have to work at least one full time job, maybe have part time job on the side
> working to live, living to work

>be nigger or spic
> receive free shit from Obongo
> don't need to work as much as whitey for same shit
> sleep and fuck all day

It cannot be broken down any simpler than this.


I still think it works better in practice than what the west is currently doing.
Who am I to judge them if they still manage to do the right thing at the end of the day, even if they ended up doing it not intentionally?

The reasons they had for doing the things they did, both in the west and in eastern europe, wouldn't change the results. Even if merkel really had good intentions, that doesn't mean she did the right thing.

Nevertheless, I believe poland is doing great, by the way. Economically, specially. The country is growing faster than any western european country now. The government may not be perfect, but they are doing better than the west. I can see poland richer than countries like spain, portugal and ireland in the next 30 years, and I can see poland doing that without changing its demographic makeup along the way, because of what's going on with the visegrad group now.

I can't blame "populists" or whatever the hell people call them. I call them patriots, and even though they're corrupt politicians as anyone else in that business, I firmly think they think better for their citizens by listening to what they want in that matter than just throwing down their throats tons of muslim aliens with a medieval-kind of mentality.

You need more white stock to replenish white neighborhoods. This requires artificial growth.


Any time I'm horny I can just jack off to shit online and then do whatever the fuck else I want after instead of having to deal with some wench.

I've yet to meet a woman I can tolerate longer than 2 days.

I'm an athletic, high-ish IQ white guy. Got a vasectomy at 27. Fuck all you faggots. Western human reproduction is degeneracy.

Public was conditioned to accept a state of perpetual war in the middle east, after all it's been going on straight since 2001, for most people it's just a fact of life, Bush couldn't get the patriotic flame lasting forever, and neither will Trump, however the war is still raking profits for arms dealers and the such.

thicc as fuck

Is that Scout?

>If you want white children you're a retarded redneck
Can this faggot get any more insufferable?

>its goinna be hard to do and you aint got the right stuff to change stuff.

Let the demoralization begin Yuri.

So is global warming and civil rights. Keep on trucking brothah. Wake up them sheeple.

>chatted up a qt3.14 blond girl the other night
>will probably see her again this week
I-I'm gonna make it, Cred Forums

Whitey stop running. They will chase you down.

We need to kill feminist and make white babies in tubes

>Pepe save us from the shills

Ahh apethy at its finest.

Hows it feel to be absolutely useless.

Oh dont tell me, I already know.

You need a hobby.

>good prowhyte shit
Youtube keywords:
Anti racist is anti white song
This is europa.
With open doors
White rabbit radio: follow the white rabbit series.
Bob whittaker.
Walt bismark
Red ice radio

>Cucked by God

You must have been a Jew in your last life and this is your punishment.

>that fucking anal gape






>Right side picture
I knew he looked familiar. He's that blonde guy from the martian music videos.

Because white women are brainwashed. The only girls I get to fuck are latina.

Well I'm 19 and in college but if my autism is not to severe I will having a wife by the end of my schooling and I am planing on having a minimum of 6 children to save Christianity and conservatism.

i fucking loved those dude

>sadpanda full of jab
>search will omit actually searching for "jab" so you have to use alternate means to find them

This makes more sense.

Slave morality

So he was an idiot, yes? Once absolute power is given to a gov't there is no possible way to take it back.