Non-US Cred Forumsacks, why do you care so much for Trump?

I run a Students for Trump group on my university, and I am shocked to find international students who have joined the movement. They want Trump to be the next president of a country they cant even vote in. They want to come to the rallies and our groups debate watch parties. My question is: why?

Is the US that big of an influence to the rest of the world? What is in it for the rest of you? Trump will make america great, but what do you or your country get out of a Trump presidency? Why is there so much love from people who can never vite for him?

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Non-meme answer: Because he will probably kill TPP/TTIP.

He is the beast as depicted in the Bible

I think different answers for different flags. I think Sweden honestly thinks that Trump might save them, I think their are intelligent flags like Australia that see Trump is bringing down the Jew, and there are flags like Canada who juts want to pretend to know whats going on.

They see Europe and Merkel, and they know what will happen here and all over the world. If we don't help him.


Burger, but I have an answer. We are the current world superpower and a lot of countries follow us, if we elect a right wing president it will boost the power of the right wing parties of our allies significantly.

>implying liberal pc bullshit isn't destroying all of Western civilization

Nationalism (Trump) vs Globalism (Shillary).

It is my duty to be on a Trump train. I did not choose it, I got chosen.

No wonder Cruzlims hate him.

Trump do not want to invade Libya.
Because if people start to immigrate from Liby to europe... it will be 1000 time worst than syrian!

Also, trump would have god relationship with russia. Which is good for the world.

Finally, hillary represents this totally corrupt way of doing politic... It will be good if such a thing stop around the world.

Not even sure why Trumps exact policies are, but pic related

i see it more as a symbol
so hopefully we will stop takeing in all these immigrants and hopefully we can get back to dragging there boats out to the middle of the ocean

Your election is mentioned a lot in the Norwegian (((media))) and I just want to see the butthurt from the leftist here when he wins.

I am from France, studying in Canada and actively working to help a Trump election online.

Why? The same reason we all got excited for Brexit or for Höfer in Austria, or why we deem Marion Maréchal-Le Pen to be the "queen of Cred Forums"... because we are nationalists and that globalism is an international enemy that we all want to die.

We were hopeless alone in our own frames of reference, fighting an enemy far bigger than ourselves and whom size was so overwhelming we could barely distinguish its shape. Now we all are connected, we are catching up on decades of hard-core social liberalism and it's only the beginning.

The next fifty years are ours.

Personally, because during the time when Bill was president, they funded muslim terrorists in the balkans, they took Kosovo from Serbia to build NATO bases.

2 years after that the same mudslimes attacked my country.
When we had their commanders surrounded we could capture them or kill them but NATO threatened us if we do anything to them and declared them """""freedom fighters""""" and not terrorists.

If Trump wins mudslimes will lose their funds and support from USA and NATO.

Also shillary is corrupt witch who will most likely start WW3.

Who cares? We gotta stick together against the liberal complex.

I'll be driving to a state where it's illegal to check IDs and voting for Trump on election day.

>Non-US Cred Forumsacks, why do you care so much for Trump?
Dude memes lol

Trump winning is a massive triumph for nationalists across the world. I know it's ironic but nationalists are the international right.

Literally memes

If Trump wins it'll chance the political demographics for the west from the leftist monopoly wich is killing the west.

There is nothing better then a good old super power switching from full on democrat to this neo conservative system Trump will bring. And ofcourse Trump has shown that he is more than capable then any other nominee.

because you rule the world amerifat

Because we want you to influence us in a positive way instead of a negative way. Why is this so hard to understand?

It would be pretty cool to see a right-wing, nationalist uprising.

based leaf

>Global scale anti-globalist movement

Is Cred Forums spawning the most ironic political revolution in human history?

Isn't the beast supposed to be loved by practically everyone?

I mean yeah we could have stopped immigration at the border

But USA could've not been corrupt and shit creating/contributing greatly to destabilize ME, making million civilians flee

Oil and American dollar is intertwined, so my gas station and my local stores will raise prices if your currency goes to shit

US is biggest country and what you do is more important than what some things Sweden do politically

shifts politics to the right.

The globalists and bankers etc cant sit there pretending they are doing the will of the people when so many people voted for "literally the next hitler"

Like Brexit here shocked London as they realised not everyone was a faggot lib.

A trump win would open the flood gates for simialr policies and a resurgence of the west.

Our leftist leaders are a weak link right now.

If they continue doing what they're doing it's going to fuck a lot of shit up.

I don't though I do think he's the best candidate you guys have right now and he may fix your country which in turn may help other countries.

Hillary will end up starting WWIII and I just wanted to chill instead of being drafted back to the chair force of my country.

(I live 1km from a base).

I am without a doubt the greatest Trump supporter in the entire Europe
yeah, you got that right
Every debate, every speech, every word he uttered, every episode of the apprentice, literally everything, I followed it all
Also got pic related
Memes and preservation of western civilization

It makes complete sense. Populism vs Globalism. If Hillary wins, it's not just the US that's endangered of becoming globalist. The world is endangered. Take Brexit, for example. The only countires that don't want Trump to win are the shitskin nigger countries that want to merge with the US (ie, Mexico) or countries that have a vested interest in the US becoming globalist (ie, Israel).

The West needs an injection of Nationalism.

Why don't you ask them instead?

We welcome you with open arms, family.

His stance on TTP is very important to my country

Hillary is pro TPP

He argued for pro christian discrimination in immigration, what the fuck is wrong with you people?

I'm in it for the keks. He pisses off the right people, he's charming, he reminds me of Šešelj, and again, he pisses off the right people. Their salt is pure nourishment to me. Plus, the idea of Hillary losing it all to a ridiculous, orange, reality TV star fills my heart with warmth and joy.

yes it is a big influence

this is an email chain where our ex minister of foreign affairs reports to Hillary that we have successfully cancelled the construction of a new nuclear power plant, as per her instructions

and they tell him "Not bad work."

I think he has a job at the UN now..

He is against the TPP. Which objectively makes him the best US president for Canadians.

пpaтијa дa јa пpoчитaм

I can accept the wall if he really finishes with this goddam PC. The world will be WAY shitter if this still receives political endorsement of US State


>Is the US that big of an influence to the rest of the world?

It will set a new direction for the world, look how Obama ushered in extra cuck leadership, look at fucking Truhoe in Canada

A lot of other countries are aware that a new cold war is getting ready, but with China now. A strong America is a lot better for most countries than a strong china.

International students join clubs to network. They are more likely to want to have associations with pro trump students than bernie supporters,

Western notions like political correctness aren't found in many countries, but they admire strong leaders. Calling Trump Hitler would only increase an Indian students liking for Trump.

Trump winning will be the switch that lets a lot of them going right.

Personally I don't think a Trump presidency is enough to eradicate this suicidal bleeding heart syndrome the West seems to have contracted. Too many libs up in teaching positions, to many libs in politics, too many cuckservatives that won't stand up for themselves.

Sure, if Trump wins it'll be a sharp slap to the leftists' faces, and if he does a good job I could see a little more hope for the future, but anything less than propagandizing our kids to love America, capitalism, and general western values and reject marxism.... I'm just not seeing us coming back from this slope we're falling down.

At least raising kids would be a little easier on my bank account.

I think trump would reduce the chances of ww3 and would stop financing isis, unlike the retard and the whore that are now in charge. He is also against globalism, a huge plus


If Trump wins the war in Syria will change dramatically, the TPP will die and western nationalism will have legitimacy again.

It's also just really fucken fun family

Top kek. He pisses off the right people.

Because when America sneezes, the entire world catches a cold. Jesus Christ nigger how fucking stupid are you? Whoever is elected it will have major repercussions on the entire fucking world. Also sympathy to his views, you want people who share your worldview to win no matter where they are.

>Is the US that big of an influence to the rest of the world?
It's more about the US being a trendsetter and needing every white nation on our side.

Anyone but Hillary. I'm left but I'd vote Trump!

USA is the hegemonic power. We can not ignore what happens there because whatever USA does will be considered as a possibility elsewhere.

A good argument I use is at least Trump won't pass out with his finger on the button.

On the flipside, as a burger, I'm rooting for the AfD and Front National parties in Europe. Poland and Hungary already seems based. And as much as we pick on Sweden, I really hope they get their shit together.

Trump will treat the UK much better than Obongo ever did and Hillary will undoubtedly maintain a similar stance to him.

Plus the US is a big influence on international politics and a Trump Presidency will start the fire in the rest of the West, for now they are merely embers.

Also to Make America Great Again

Well, Swedish women are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen and I would hate to see that hidden by hijab.

each US political blunder brings the world closer to a WW3 and a nuclear holocaust. even if we get lucky and peace is restored, the rest of the world still suffers the consequences (2 million syrian refugees in europe). every single secular arab dictatorship with respectable living conditions that existed since 2000 has been eradicated by the US.

if Trump isn't elected, the only alternative is the eradication of all American people. for the sake of the world.

user YES

Because the US is the political powerhouse of the world at the moment
Whichever political orientation the current head of the US has, will potentially affect the rest of the world

So, basically Future President Trump's controversial right-wing ideals can potentially spark national uprisings throughout Europe, which in term can fix whatever globalism and cultural Marxism has broken

Canada is heavily influenced by the US. when america prospers from pro-nationalist / anti-globalist policies, hopefully it will inspire political change in Canada.

Or we could just let the Greeks takeover the IRS and the Fed and problem solved!

> I think their are intelligent flags like Australia that see Trump is bringing down the Jew,
Pfft ahahaha

Because the lefty tears will be incredibly delicious.

When the Cuckservatives won in 2015 in Britain everyone at my uni was on suicide watch it was the funniest shit on earth. Brexit was great too but it happened out of term time sadly.

Better Trump to win,then Clinton who wants to destroy my country,plus the American Dems are supporting Albanian Terrorists

Trump will rock the world. The west is going mad and we all need him

Trump could stop that crazy immigrations
Could break the EU
Could stop the endless semi-cold war with russia

Trump will be amazing. Im telling you ; this will be the most important election in our lifetime

>I think their are intelligent flags like Australia that see Trump is bringing down the Jew


I know canadians are terrible but calling australia intelligent is pushing it

Either bait or you are a special type of moron

Shits and giggles

>intelligent flags like Australia
nice here's a you!

Clinton might start WW3 with Russia
NATO will become more retarded under Russia
Trump will help the rise of nationalism across Europe
Trump will stableize Syria, removing the excuss for economic migrants
A Trump presidency will inflight endless anxiety among leftists here

Cause it's nice to pay attention to your neighbours.

Seriously.. what do you think?

I just love the butthurt he causes and to all the right people. Also, this presidential campaign has been entertaining as hell and he comes across as a likable guy.

>Is the US that big of an influence to the rest of the world?
> What is in it for the rest of you?
Political and cultural influence.
> Trump will make america great, but what do you or your country get out of a Trump presidency?
Trump will stop the SJWs at least for a while, and give us a respite of the leftist shit that the jews put in your media, like all the afrocentism shit, feminism, etc.
> Why is there so much love from people who can never vite for him?
Because he is based and at least not a polician bent in stealing from the public`s coffers.

Why not? To be honest the Clintons fucked us over with NAFTA harder than it fucked you guys. I vandalize my college bathroom and studying tables with pro-Trump message. One individual respond with; "Trump es la ultima esperanza para Puerto Rico", basically what you guys are saying.

>Australian intellectuals
I like it.

1. Trump has said he will give Britain a trade deal and speaks positively of Britain (unlike king nigger who has consistently snubbed Britain)
2. Trump wanted Brexit
3. Mass deportations and border walls will set a precedent
4. Fuck Hillary "I want to start WWIII" Clinton.

>"Mr. Trump, reports have come in that a nazi frog named Pepe has endorsed you, do you disavow?"

I live next door. A kick ass USA means a kick ass Canada.

You are our biggest trade partner.

The USA is fun to explore and people have been kind to my wife and I all over your country.

>Is a superpower in a state of flux really that big of an influence on the rest of the world.
makes me wonder

America is a global superpower, and the US president is pretty much the cultural leader of the West.

>he's going to bomb the shit out of ISIS
>no unnecessary interventionism like Bush and co. (which contributed to the rise of ISIS and the refugee crisis)
>the defeat of cultural marxism (or at least humiliation and tears)

Enjoy your stay!!

I hope for Trump too and I hope for those 50 years to be radiation free. Hillary scares the fuck out of me.

Can we do that shit?

I'm hoping this. The TPP is worse than a fucking wall. Sadly my countrymen can't stop being offended about Trump and are ignoring how that is going to fuck us over hard.

I think Trump is bought off by the Rothschilds, so...

Christ sakes!
Are you really from the Faroe Islands?

Mexican here. I support all nationalist leaders. Even if Trump ends up fucking Mexico, a leader should do whats best for his country. Also Trump is less likely to keep destroying other countries like Hillary did and may help to end the war in Syria, beat ISIS and stabilize the middle east.

you still have to register to vote, so visit a local cemetary now and look for a fresh grave

We need to ride the Trump wave back to the island of conservative prosperity

no and revelations is fanwank nonsense
it's the equivalent of "canon" fan fiction.