Do you guys even realize that Spartans were the biggest cucks of them all? Would they have been SJW?

Do you guys even realize that Spartans were the biggest cucks of them all? Would they have been SJW?

>Another practice that was mentioned by many visitors to Sparta was the practice of “wife-sharing”. In accordance with the Spartan belief that breeding should be between the most physically fit parents, many older men allowed younger, more fit men, to impregnate their wives. Other unmarried or childless men might even request another man’s wife to bear his children if she had previously been a strong child bearer. For this reason many considered Spartan women polygamous or polyandrous. This practice was encouraged in order that women bear as many strong-bodied children as they could. The Spartan population was hard to maintain due to the constant absence and loss of the men in battle and the intense physical inspection of newborns.

Might as well compare modern society to the Klingon empire.
Not relevant

As a eugenics and strong society fan and I would prefer my wife to get pregnant by the best man possible. My genes are not unique or really outstandingly excellent, so.

Sparta is a meme Athens is where it's at


>no one but your mother knew of them before that one movie
>remembered for memes and throwing babies in pits

Well, mine are. Do you have a wife?

>have gay sex with underage boys
>anyone being shocked they're degenerate extends further

And as a result, Sparta's population declined dramatically, resulting in its downfall.

There are plenty of unique individuals here on Cred Forums, bud.

I knew all about the Spartans being austere, all about battle, and 'Laconic' since I was a child.
Blame your education, Torsten.

Spartan society fell for a reason .
Yes there were amazing warriors but every other aspect of their society suffered greatly for it. Closer to the end they started wars they could not win becuse war is all they knew. Eventually they were absorbed by Rome like the rest .
> shit at politics
> shit economy

The closest to modern "sparta" would be North Korea

You don't understand eugenics them. Mine genes are good: 90+ longevity, no mental health record, physically fit family, high intelligence and proper professions for the last two hundred years. Probably better than 85% of Whites. But if someone with genius IQ and history of 110+ longevity pops up, why shouldn't my wife get pregnant from him to better out race?

an excellent comment from the netherlands lesser known sibling. i too knew of them, but that still doesnt change that the majority of fucks didnt. made famous to the average person by a movie, threw healthy babies in pits, cucks, homosexuals.

who gives a single shit about them?

I do. She has two kids from me and three from other men.

>economy based on slavery
>war was 'national pastime'
Sounds like a bunch of SJWs to me.

>Sparta wuz the best meme

We get it, you liked the movie 300. You know Rome conquered them, right? You know they lost a lot of battles to a lot of enemies, right? You know that there were thousands of other Greeks at Thermopylae besides the 300 Spartans, right?

They were the "stormfags" of ancient Greece.
Any cruelty was justified as long as it "futhered muh Sparta", everything else was "weak" and "degenerate", despite Sparta not numbering enough by themselves to defeat anything but a rival polis from the early days of the city, their allied or subject cities being more of a support for their empire than a handful of inbred bodybuilder faggots.

Athens was like a mirror image of Sparta, likewise alien and disgusting to the Christian civilisation the majority of Cred Forums consciously or unconsciously mourn, only becoming a greater "symbol" of "muh western values" after the French Revolution and the whole host of perversions of humanity the ideas that spawned it wrought upon us after it.

The true model for civilisation is Rome; a system that had the better parts of both systems, stripped of excessive awe and simplified for optimising society.
You can trace Rome's degeneration by how their low and noble classes followed the trajectories of both Athens and Sparta. Too many plebs, too few nobles, who were no longer noble in spirit!
The middle-class freeholder is the foundation of every sustainable society.

You know what four letter word applies.

>bunch of communist gays who let other men fuck their wives



Race prosperity is above personal matters. She gave birth to two kids from me, my genetic legacy is secured. If we to make new kid it will be from another man again, because there are quite a few literally supreme men to breed her. I'm honoured to take care of their offspring and work for a better society.

desu any male and female below the current world average height and intelligence atm shouldn't be able to breed if we want to proceed further as species. marriage should be forgotten and anyone should breed with anyone for diversity between the übermensch. every child below avg iq and height should be castrated.

yeah, so you're a cuck

Underrated post.

Sounds about right.....

Disgusting. Eugenics is about as low and as superficial as you can get. Hellen Keller is guaranteed to be smarter than your typical "Eugenics approved breeder." In fact, she's even accomplished more than them too, likely.

Except they're not.

t. double digit iq negro from fatherless home
Those three men that gave her kids are quite notorious. One of them is even really famous

Sparta was killed by female inheritance. Above anything else.
Dumbfucks talking about Roman conquest of Sparta obviously don't have a clue on Roman "conquests".

Protip: they always came as an "ally" of a civil war faction, or as "liberators", only to transform over time into tyrants. From Iberia, Gaul, to Greece and Asia Minor.

>no one knew about Sparta before 300
>that's why there is plenty of movies and vidya that portraying Sparta and predating 300

just because you're an ignorant fuckwit with meme understanding of history does not mean eveyone else is equally retarded but what else could I expect from a scandi snownigger who is too afraid to even stand next to another human being on a fucking bus stop.

Nordics are so autistic holy shit.

you're a cuck

I honestly can't tell if this is bait or just someone who's actually retarded. The fact you're a tripfag makes me think it's the latter.

At one point technology will allow a hierarchic, meritocratic, eugenics based society. Hordes of useless Third World scum who whill never amount to anything but oxygen and nutrient waste, genepool pollutants will be removed.

And for the dipshit ridiculing eugenics, you might want to learn a thing or two how genetics and artifical selection works. In relatively superficial and comparatively primitive ancient cases of horses and dogs. If only you knew how far has the gene tech evolved at this point.

>>no one but your mother knew of them before that one movie
Norway must be full of black people. Except your mother.

Nah, we should kill defective babies and kids should not receive any medical assistance until they are past breeding age.


This battle is a symbol for the Europeans you nigger.

>experiencing the textures and tightness of other wife's vaginas

Why did this practice die out again?

There is no sex fetish involved. We have a procedure we went through three times. Mate arrives, we do the check, they leave for a month to a vacation where he fucks her and makes her ready, he knocks her up, he leaves. She's back at home and happy family life continues.
Inferior genes and races should be mercilessly cutted out. Progress at any cost.

how blue piled one faggot should be to call almost ideal society SJW?

top tier propaganda, they write projecting their modern cuck fantasies on them
reality is that chastity, like everywhere decent in the past, was a high virtue and that women themselves wouldn't just decide for themselves if they wanted another guy's dick

reality is that Spartan men were so tempered and ready to serve the state that if it was needed, they'd give their wife's uterus to someone if it was necessary to produce top tier Spartan males

>necessary to produce top tier Spartan males
And that's the whole thing about advancing race development. Getting your wife pregnant by male with superior genetics and raising his offspring as your own is a noble thing to do, when raising some trash with single mom who got pregnant by a drug addict is a dysgenic cuckoldry.

Why even have any concept of ''wife'' in the first place, shouldn't the top 10% of men out there get a harem since they are obviously much better than you and me?

You don't deserve your wife.

They were true men of Europa. Now stfu and slit your neck.

Arguably I'm better than 75-85% of other Europeans. Harem is a failure because you need a normal family to raise decent kids. Also, I can't call myself a genetic unworthy element as I breed some ladies myself. I just admit that there are superior genes out there and I know that it's my duty to bring them on to my wife.

This kind of eugenic is clearly unsustainable on a large scale as history taught us with Sparta, whereas large scale monogamous couple is clearly the correct way for a proper civilization.

You situation is in no way correct or compatible with a proper western culture, I'd kill any successful studs that'd attempt to ''breed'' my wife and her too if she cheats on me.

When you are married to a woman you have absolutely no duty to raise any other man spawn, it's beyond pathetic that you do. Goes against your natural calling as a man, there's nothing lower than a cuck.

There are some men raising mine, what's the deal? It's about race, not the personal feelings. I believe that there should be a Ministry of Eugenics that would arrange top 5% to breed 30-50% of women.

Because human cannot function on hard facts and logic, emotion play a larger role in fact if you see how today's world is ruled.

Good luck convinced a majority of men to get cucked in a place that isn't Europe.

Holy shit what a retarded leftist bastard.

You might as well kill yourself since there are already people with higher IQ than yours. Just make sure that when you're gone the one that substitutes you has better genes!

There were a Hell of a lot less women back then.
Nowadays every guy can afford to impregnate a bitch.
If you feel like the demographics are shifting in your country because of refugees then join the armed forces, they are all over the World impregnating bitches right now spreading glorious White seed.

>muh height

Lanklets will never learn

Yup, I agree. Lanklets who sperg about height are Nigger-tier.

Ministry of Eugenics with some rifle assistance can arrange that. People should naturally embrace that, it's a right thing to do.
It's not about IQ. Our three guys had exceptional genetics. Longevity above hundred years, universal personal excellence in the family over last few centuries, good looks. It's not about hating yourself, it's about creating a better race. I love my wife and my kids, we have a happy family, everything is good. Kids fathered by other men will never know if we won't tell them.

Body length and size is a factor of course but the wierd focus some people have with it speaks to there lack of emotional development,

they're still stuck in childhood where tallness was identical to competence because adults were so much taller.

Bigger people are stronger but die faster, they have slightly higher IQs and thats pretty much it

there is no correlation between varieties of healthy heights and longevity

>Ministry of Eugenics with some rifle assistance can arrange that.

Enjoy your resistance and rebellious movement that just doesn't end.

>healthy height

Exactly, about 5'7 to 6'1 for caucascoids

Daily reminder that men of average height have the most children

Daily reminder that tallness is historically correlated with degeneracy

The very moment eugenics are established half of Europeans would be banned from breeding. Many of those banned would see it as a liberation.

You have absolutely no idea how basic human psychology work don't you?

This. I had a friend who was tall, but also redpilled. Unfortunately that was all he could focus on and spiraled deep into degeneracy, now he's cucked by child support/alimony and working a shitty painting job, barely making ends meet. He quit talking to me after he found out I was going to college.

Half of those who deserve to be banned from procreation already don't or have one kid. Do you expect nu males banned from breeding rise up against alpha military? How do you imagine that?

Wait...Isn't that the same thing the United States has been doing?

Rome took the best bits of all the Greek city-states and combined them. They took democracy from the Athenians and the loyalty and sense of independence it inspires in its citizenry. To keep it from being the full-retard cuckfest that direct democracy is, they tempered it with the tyranny borrowed from the Corinthians. With occasional dictatorship, they could protect their freedom. The Romans started their city with the wife-kidnapping tradition borrowed from the Spartans. The Spartans also gave them the devotion to state and people above fickle things, as well as faith in martial ability. From the Macedonians they took the desire to fuck everyone up and build an empire that would make Alexander proud.

Rome failed because of multiracial make up

that was pushed by degenerates and jewish slave trading bankers.
I shit you not, even back then.

Also a ((((merchant)))) sold out Leonidas and the Spartans to Xerxes.

Yes but not really. Civilization reaching critical mass is inevitable. Those of lesser civilization will replace a more civilized population, either through violence, migration, or breeding.

Isolating your populace also has drawbacks.

Is there historical data on Jewish involvement in Rome?

Spartans were not very feminists nor romantics
>Can you borrow me your slaveboi?
>Can you borrow me your Kopis?
>Can you borrow me your wife?
Same shit



No one wants to exchange words with a cuck....

goyim, up breeding is what kikes do all the time. Why am I a cuck for benefiting my race?

Times were different back then. Child birth was a death sentence and every thing counted. You wanted clear evidence on good healthy women and clear healthy genetics so you don't waste time on failed children.

You mean THEBES don't you faggot?