What are the Cred Forumsitics of Sam Hyde & MDE...

What are the Cred Forumsitics of Sam Hyde & MDE? I know most of their shit is steeped in irony but I honestly struggle to tell if they are serious about the whole white supremacy thing and all that. I dig most of their ideas regarding women and society and shit but the whole white genocide narrative just seems dumb to me.

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Youtube Celebrities?
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>but the whole white genocide narrative just seems dumb to me.
That's because you have yourself.

he's a very staunch anti-semite and quite frankly a threat to civility among the many peoples of the world.

>adult swim

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Sam Hyde is anti-woman.
He tries to give it a cover of being anti-feminist, but you can see he is actually a woman-hater.

He believes in a good majority of what he says, just exaggerates it for comedic effect, like a comedian is supposed to.

Christ, Cred Forums.

You talk like a Fag. Sam did nothing wrong.

I'm cool with the anti jew thing I guess, just don't get the crying about the death of "muh race" thing. Honestly if white people were so great we'd fuckin band together and stop being such toothless mongs.

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i agree. im sure you've heard of gutta man. one of sam's many detrimental personas that he employs to make light of the hardships african americans face in todays society. the man's mind is truly twisted and demented.

>If propaganda, brainwashing, affirmative action, corrupt politicians and mentally ill traitors ruin your nation, you deserve it because if you were actually great you'd just defy democracy and make your vote count more ;^)

White supremacy =/= supremacy

Did you watch his Rutgers speech? He brought up iq stats, most of which favor Asians. If you're going to call any race a "master race", that's what you should call asoans and ashkenazi jews. Same just doesn't want Europe to fall to the brown hordes. America already got flooded with Spanish speaking Mestizos over the last few decades. The same white person replacement is going on in Europe, only 10x faster. I don't even know why you post here if you don't know the difference between supremacy and racism vs protecting your own people.

Imagine a Japan that is Japanese. Would you live in a white Japan? A black Japan? A latin Japan? Of course not. All of those scenarios are disgusting. Whites built American, not the warring collection of native tribes. We bulit Europe.

>inb4 we wuz white

Every ethnic group(s) deserves a homeland. Sam, at least on some level ironic or not, understands this.

Did you fuckin' see what he did in New York yesterday? Madman detonated the pressure cooker with wires from his apartment in rhode island.

Same is based as fuck, but a faggot still in our ruined society. He knows the truth and dances his silly fucking dance a little bit crazier than the rest of us.


fucking rogue Hyde. AGAIN??

Yeah I read his little rant at the end of the antiquing video. If it's all fucked then is he just a madman dancing on a burning little rock? Maybe we should all do the same.

MDE has a subreddit in which Sam explained his views more lengthily and unironically.

There's nothing mad about them, they're mid-tier redpilled reasonable views, "moderate" when you ask Cred Forums. He isn't actually racist or homophobic. He just calls out really obvious things. It's just so surprising to actually hear them outside of Cred Forums that you suddenly feel compelled to think "what a madman". 15 years ago, before the regressive left really got traction, no one would bat an eye at his stuff.

If you think that nothing is happening to "Whites" or that it's exclusively our own fault you're a fool.


>he's right about society except about race because it makes me feel bad :(

It is pretty obvious on his twitter too